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February 20, 2012

Basic Tips to Monitor and Optimize your Laptop Batteries Life Basic Tips  to Monitor and Optimize your Laptop Batteries Life CloudTags: battery , batteries life , Battery Optimizer ,  Monitor , nc10 battery , Dell latitude d630 batteries , Acer aspire 6935g Is your laptop’s battery life too short?

Are you looking to monitor your battery’s performance and get the best results? 

The Answer to your Laptop Battery Woes? A smart, all in one Windows utility program called Battery Optimizer from ReviverSoft. At first glance, it appears to be a simple utility program to help you optimize your laptop’s battery life. However, there’s more to the name, than the basic functionality you would expect from the program.

The Basics With laptops getting faster and more portable, their battery life becomes an important factor in terms of usability. Ideally, you should be able to get the best battery backup from your laptop, by using your laptop’s features and functionality wisely.  In doing so, you stand to reduce the power consumption of your laptop, increase its battery life and work longer when you’re on the go. It is crucial that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the charge and discharge cycles to slow down the wear rate of the battery. Laptop batteries, like other rechargeable batteries, start losing their maximum charge capacity over time. The older your battery is, the lesser your battery backup time from a full charge (100%), eventually leading to a dead battery that cannot hold the charge.  

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Battery Optimizer is an advanced laptop optimization utility that uses advanced diagnostics and testing to determine the status of your laptop, the battery and help you optimize the battery life in a few easy steps. The program also allows you to create custom power saving profiles to help you switch between them, as and when you need the extra bit of battery life or performance. ReviverSoft also claims that the Battery Optimizer program offers features that no one else does: - Accurate estimates on how much battery life can be gained/lost by changing laptop settings - Advanced monitoring of battery usage over time


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February 20, 2012 Basic Tips to Monitor and Optimize your Laptop Batteries Life

Ready to see the difference?

- Shows exact time left on your battery - Easy battery usage management

ReviverSoft offers a free diagnosis to help laptop users determine the Health of their battery and the Potential battery life with all optimizations enabled.


What we like about Battery Optimizer A quick look at the host of features included with the program: 1. Accurate indication of your battery’s charge level and status

2. Real time diagnosis of your laptop’s battery life (Quick and In-depth scan) 3. Determine your Battery’s Health and Current Battery Life 4. Get accurate estimates on Potential Battery Life With Maximum Optimizations and Potential Gain In Battery Life With Maximum Optimizations

Although, you will need to sign up for a license to completely unlock the program and use it to get the best out of your laptop’s battery. Battery Optimizer is perfect for Laptops, Netbooks and Windows Tablet computers. Online discount laptop battery store : http://www.    Did you enjoy this post? Why not leave a comment below and continue the conversation, or subscribe to my feed and get articles like this delivered automatically to your feed reader.

5. Carry out a number of optimizations in a few easy steps (Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Peripherals, Brightness, Mem/CPU consumption etc.) 6. Intelligent profiles to facilitate quick changes in optimizations and settings 7. Create custom (user-defined) battery profiles for different environments and situations ; instant access to these profiles when you need them 8. Battery usage warnings to warn you when your battery usage extends beyond a certain level 9. Advanced monitoring of battery usage over time 10. Light footprint and super easy to use  

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Basic Tips to Monitor and Optimize your Laptop Batteries Life