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28/09/2011 05:43

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My Laptop Won’t Charge | Laptop Battery Usage Tips My Laptop Won’t Charge | Laptop Battery Usage Tips 

Laptop Battery Not Charging Problem Solved

I plug it in, it won’t. I bang it hard, it still won’t. Bah, for reasons totally unknown, my laptop won’t charge or turn on at all. Does this tale sound any familiar? Let’s unlock the answers.

Remove the Battery

Chances are, your laptop is a dupe of all the above three, for mine certainly was. Laptops are a pain sometimes, I tell you. The first few months foist upon you a glimpse of heaven. However, it is after a  while, that, slowly and gradually, moments of annoyance become much frequent. Either the battery goes off, or the display vanishes. Either the power cord loosens, or the keyboard doesn’t respond. Don’t you just hate technology, sometimes? I’ve had my share of upshots with technology, when my laptop won’t charge even a bit, and eventually, I’d conclude that I, repel computers. Nevertheless, if your folktales anywhere resemble mine, following is an extract of my experiences with a laptop battery not charging even a bit, no matter how much you knock yourself out.

Sometimes the battery may get dislodged from its chamber due to some movement. This will inadvertently mean that the battery will not charge since it is not placed in the right position. Removing the battery and then placing it back in its place properly will show you if this was the reason why the laptop battery was not charging when plugged in. There are a number of connectors that work in tandem when the battery is being charged, and the displacement of even one of these components leads to the laptop battery not charging problem.

Replace the Battery In all likelihood, the reason why your laptop battery is not charging is that the battery has worn out. Like all electronic components, the laptop battery is also culpable to deterioration over time, and due to this it may not be getting charged at all. In such a situation, you have no choice but to simplyreplace the battery with a new one. This will solve all your problems and also give your laptop a new lease of life. You may wish to know more about how batteries work. See Also:

Plug in Power This is an elementary cause for laptop battery not charging

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28/09/2011 05:43

My Laptop Won’t Charge | Laptop Battery Usage Tips

when plugged in, but it is something that happens occasionally. Ensure that the power cable is plugged in properly, because if it is not, your battery will not receive an adequate amount of power supply. When the power cable is plugged in, you must check the bottom right corner of your desktop and click on the battery icon to see if it is getting charged. If you find the laptop battery not charging, then maybe your cable has not been plugged in properly.

Replace the Charger If you are absolutely certain that the cable is still not charging the battery, in spite of being plugged in properly, then may be you need to replace the charger itself. Chargers for laptops are easily available and are not very expensive, so you will not have to spend too much money as well. Just like the battery itself, the charger too is prone to deterioration.

Seeing the laptop battery not charging should be a cause for concern for laptop users all over the world, as this makes the laptop work like a desktop computer. Moreover, this raises a very high possibility of a person losing some important data when the laptop battery dies completely.   CloudTag: Laptop , Charge , Laptop Battery Usage Tips , Sony vgp-bps2 battery , Compaq n610 batteries , Dell gw240 batteries , Acer batbl50l6 battery Tags: Acer batbl50l6 battery, Charge, Compaq n610 batteries, Dell gw240 batteries, Laptop, Laptop Battery Usage Tips, Sony vgp-bps2 battery

Refresh the Battery Some manufacturers of laptops provide the option of refreshing the battery after it has been used for a period of time, in order to enhance and prolong its life. Read the manual that you received with your laptop and check if this service is available to you. This can be carried out by entering the BIOS or the CMOS setup, and the instructions for this will also be provided in the manual for your laptop.

If all these options fail, and you still find the laptop battery not charging, then you should visit a computer repair store and have a professional help you out with the problem. This may be an expensive option and it may even take some time before you get your machine back, but these stores will ultimately be able to tell you what is wrong with the laptop and how to fix it.

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