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Capacitor banks of Energy Core The Energy core capacitor banks are used for reactive power compensation in low voltage installations. Allowed: 1) Reducing Electricity bill. 2) Improving the efficiency of the installation, saving on investment protection and line extension boards in general. 3) The reduction of the energy required for the operation of enterprises contributes to the improvement of the environment, to be less than the quantity demanded to the network. Electrical Enclosure • Material: Steel sheet washing, degreasing and painted RAL 7035 epoxy embossing. • Protection: IP 31 • Dimensions: according closet in mm. • Lower or higher depending closet Rush. • Screens methacrylate against direct contact, even with the doors open. • Constructive Standards: UNE -EN 60439 1-2 • Modular rack for easy removal from 100 kVAr. Control circuit • Control transformer 400/ 230 (attack only internal phase + earth from 60 kVAr). • Halogen- frees wiring. • Forced ventilation with turbine extractor and minimum thermostat from 100 kVAr to ensure air circulation inside the computer... • Thermostat over temperature maximum safety, to avoid operation of the capacitors against high temperatures. • Terminals for SIEMENS maneuver Alpha Fix model.

Capacitor banks of energy core