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Battery Protection The battery protector disconnects battery non-essential consumption, before it is completely discharged ensuring power needed to start the engine. Surge Protection to protect sensitive instruments surges, the battery is disconnected automatically when the voltage exceeds 16 or 32V. Contactless switching Static switches using MOSFETS relays instead of eliminating any risk of arc Electric. Alarm deferred action. An alarm contact is activated when the voltage battery is below the level established during over 15 seconds. Thus, any claim of high power, albeit short-lived (engine start), will not cause an alarm. The alarm contact is a negative output normally open to a maximum intensity of 500mA can be used to activate a pilot and / or buzzer. Disconnecting deferred action The disconnect action is deferred to be occurs only in situations unchanged. This is necessary that the alarm is activated for more than one minute to cause disconnection. Yes during this period, the voltage rises (e.g. after merely to start the engine), there will be disconnection.

Battery protection