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Top 5 Ways - You Prolong Your Acer Aspire 5515 Battery Life Does is it seem your battery does not keep charge no matter how long you charge, your computer is always out of power? It might be a good time to replace your battery and more so to learn how you will take care of your battery. Having invested in Acer aspire laptop, you should never get any difficult in replacing its battery so that you will get the best services out of your laptop. No doubt, laptop battery power storage capacity diminishes with time, but you can slow down degradation by following simple steps from the first time you buy battery. It is time to replace Acer Aspire 5515 battery when it cannot store charge for more than 1 hour. In good condition, battery can keep charge for more than 3 hours. Here are the best way you can take care of your battery. When you buy battery the first time, let it to completely charge. You should charge it for atleast 2 hour without using. Acer Aspire 5515 battery is a lithium Ion battery and if you fail to completely charge it, your will kill cell and thus you will compromise power storage. If you plan to store a battery for more 6 months, ensure it is 50% charged. Don’t store battery when fully charged or when it is completely discharged, this may render it unable to recharge or may compromise power storage capacity. Place your computer on hard surface. Avoid placing battery for Acer Aspire 5515 on a soft surface such as mattress, pillow or your lap. There is a direct correlation between temperature and the rate of battery degradation. Heat build will hasten battery degradation and placing laptop on soft surface causes heat build which ruins battery power storage. Nevertheless, try to limit number of applications and programs running at a go. It is good to switch off any program or application that is not in use. For example, if you are not using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ensure they are always off. The more programs and applications you are running at a time, the more power you are drawing from, and thus the more you are compromising your battery power storage capacity. It is good to ensure you use the correct Acer Aspire 5515 adapter. Chargers power input and output varies and using different adapters will ruin your battery by charging at very high power input or low power input. In essence, ensure you only use the correct adapter. It is good to check power specification before replacing charger.

Top 5 ways you prolong your acer aspire 5515 battery life bsau 0507  

Does is it seem your battery does not keep charge no matter how long you charge, your computer is always out of power? It might be a good ti...

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