Batson-Cook Corporate Brochure

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GIVING BACK Batson-Cook’s commitment to giving back to the communities in which we live and work began with our founders, W.C. Batson and Edmund Cook. They helped the people of West Point, Georgia rebuild their lives and homes following two natural disasters - a tornado and a flood - which occurred not long after the company was founded in 1915. Over the ensuing century, the BatsonCook family has honored its founders by being as passionate about giving back as we are about building. We strive to live by our core values of doing the right thing and caring about people. Our employees are leaders in their communities, and our company does not step away from an opportunity to help improve life for those around us.


Clays for a Cause, Gay, GA

“We strive to make meaningful contributions; and we embrace our company’s civic conscience.” - Randy Hall, President & CEO


100-Year Anniversary Day of Service, Atlanta, GA