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Offshore services Lifecycle Services for the Offshore Industry

Lifecycle Services for The Offshore Industry • • • • • •

Shipbuilding Equipment Fitting Maintenance Service Hiring out of labour

After more than sixty years in the industry, we now possess unique experience and expertise as partners for the offshore market. Through the years we have developed our services and products in close interaction with the market. In this way we have been able to grow strong together with our customers. Båtservice Group consists of several Companies with an international presence today emerging as a comprehensive supplier and natural partner for the offshore industry worldwide.

At the same time, we are always looking for new solutions to further satisfy customer satisfaction in the future. Daily we live up to meet the demands of our Customer, deliver high quality on time, from idea to nished product.

Our Mission Statement • Risk management • Strict HSEQ-standard requirements HSEQ are equally important in all our primary business areas. To safeguard both human, physical and environmental conditions is essential for efciency and success in any business.

Lifecycle services Survey / Studies

• • • • •

Condition reports Measuring Inspection of maintenance status Review of requirements in regulations Preperation of survey/study reports with recommended measures


• • • •

Vertication of requirement 2D and 3D design E&I engineering Strength calculations

• Establishment of functional descriptions • Control system design • PLC programming • Preparation of manufacturing spesications • Purchasing • Safety analyses


• Pre-qualication of suppliers • Establishment of procurement documents and specications • Establishment of Purchase Orders • Surveillance Bulk Material Procurement: • Construction Steel • Piping • Cables and cable trays • Aluminium

Procurement Equipment Package Procurement: • Pre-qualication of suppliers • Establishment of procurement documents and specications • Establishment of Purchase Orders • Surveillance Bulk Material Procurement: • Construction Steel • Piping • Cables and cable trays • Aluminium Sub-contracting of Steel Structures: • Pre-qualication of suppliers • Establishment of procurement documents and specications • Establishment of Purchase Orders • Surveillance

Construction Ships • High speed light craft • Special service vessels Fabrication of modules: • Steel structures • Aluminium structures Supply of construction teams: • Multidiscipline construction teams Mechanical Completion Checking: • Verication of MC status • Establishment of punch lists • Punch list closing Commissioning: • Supply of commissioning team • Verication of Yard milestones:

• All equipment mechanical complete (Including electro and instrument) • All pressure tests performed on all pipelines • All ushing performed • Cables loop checked (Megging performed) • All applicable load tests performed • Commissioning medium ready • Commissioning utilities available • Performing of ”Hot loop test” • Functional test on equipment • Flow and capacity test on systems dened in P&ID’s • • • • •

Prefab Mechanical, hydraulical and electrical assembly Surface treatment Testing/control/verication Preservation/packing and shipment

Operational preparations Modications to t operational parameters: • Engineering • Procurement • Construction • Installation (during rig transfer) • Commissioning • As-built updates Punch clearing during transfer: • Supply of punch clearing team

Weighing services, dynamic force measurement and instrumentation Specialists within weighing and force measurement have joined our team. On our location in Stord we offer the following services: • Weighing services up to 1200 tonns. • Repair/calibration/certication of dynamometers/load indicators and other electronic weighing equipment • Rental of weighing equipment and dynamometers with instrumentation and logging units. • Consultancy–engineering services and trouble shooting for measuring strain and mechanical stress with strain gauge techniques. • Multidisciplinary personnel and project management. • Development, production and sale of equipment for weighing, dynamic force measurement and instrumentation. Our product range extends beyond standard equipment. We also design and fabricate specialised equipment based on specications from our customers. Our engineers have extensive experience with the harsh environments in which our products are frequently employed. We deliver equipment that meets the demands of all environments. We have service personnel with detailed knowledge of our products, capable of servicing/repairing our equipment within short time frames.

Modules & Structures Steel and aluminium

Advantages using aluminium

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

Strong Ex approved if necessary Living quarters Rov hangars Gym moduls Driller cabins Workshops Paint store Gangways Stairlases

Less maintenance 100 % recyclable Weight saving No corrosion Non-combustible Does not spark No swell, chip or rust

Crew supply vessels • • • •

Versatile Safe Fast Latest technology

• • • •

Reliable Comfortable Cost efcient Fuel efcient

Optimized for transport of Crew, fuel, stores and spares Passengers/stores capasity to customers requirements

A complete supplier

Repair yard • • • • •

Maintenance Upgrading Service Deep water quay Spare part supply

• • • •

Modication Rebuilding Machining Engine overhaul

Propulsion Efficiency Beyond Belief Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™ offers a number of advantages for high-speed craft. Our all-inclusive approach makes our concept more efficient than any other known propulsion concepts on the market. It enables the most economical operation, generating immense savings for the owners of the vessel without compromising speed and regularity. Lower fuel consumption also saves the environment from harmful emissions.

Servogear as, N-5420 Rubbestadneset

Tel: 53 42 39 50

Fax 53 42 39 99

Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM gives better fuel economy and reduced NOX and CO2 emisisons. Eco for improved economy and ecology. Flow for optimum waterflow in our unique propeller tunnels.



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