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The Power of Parents to Mentor

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Volunteering Promotes Positive Leadership

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Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



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May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

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J YThe RON WA L K E R Dunham School Class of 2015



Principal’s Honor Roll List (All As) 2012, 2013, 2014 National Honor Society member

The University of Pennsylvania in the fall

Spanish Honor Society Award National Spanish Exam Award



Institute of Leadership at Dunham, Inaugural Class

Pre-AP Pre-Calculus Honor Award US Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award – 2014

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Tulane University Book Award – 2014


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Youth Leadership Award

Football: 4 year Letterman Team Captain (2 years) 2nd Team All District Quarterback/Defensive Back (2014) Basketball: 4 year letterman Team Captain (2 years) All District, Honorable Mention (2013) All District 1st Team (2014, 2015)

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Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015


Christian Table of CONTENTS Baton Rouge

Feature STORY


Faith, Family, and Football = A Great Foundation by Beth Townsend

Feature Columns


faith LIFE Victim or Victor: Accepting the Journey and Walking Towards God by Krista Bordelon


FAMILY LIFE Parenting IS Mentoring by Steve Fox Marriage Moment: Refreshed by Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis

22-24 25 26-28

Learning FOR LIFE Shaped by Belief, Inspired by Talent

Inside Each Issue

5 14-15

review by Cheri Bowling

Publisher’s letter

PAstor’s perspective

by Dr. Kevin McKee & Pastor Donald Hunter



BRCLM Lagniappe


reading for LIFE OVERWHELMED: The Life of a Single Mom

Praise for god’s healing touch by Diane Nystrom Mouk


healthy LIFE Volunteering Promotes Positive Leadership by Kristen Hogan

Pennington Biomedical Researchers Guide Children and Parents to Healthier Lives by Stephanie Ryan Malin


Mentoring moment

by Coach Dale Brown

The Kairos Difference by Susan Brown


May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine


issue 2, volume 1 MAY 2015 PUBLISHER/Editor Beth Townsend

printed by RR Donnelley / Memphis, TN contributing writers Krista Bordelon Steve Fox Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis Dr. Kevin McKee Pastor Donald Hunter Kristen Hogan Susan Brown Cheri Bowling Stephanie Ryan Malin Diane Nystrom Mouk Dale Brown ASSISTING EDITOR Kelli Knight COVER PHOTO Corey Webster and Family: Tekleanna Webster; Corey Webster II Coren Webster; (Colyn Webster in the oven) LAYOUT & DESIGN BY Illuminated Designs Studio CREATIVE CONTRIBUTIONS DiChiara Creative Advertising Agency BATON ROUGE CHRISTIAN LIFE MAGAZINE 9655 Perkins Road, Suite C-133 Baton Rouge, LA 70810 225-910-7426 BATON ROUGE CHRISTIAN LIFE MAGAZINE WEBSITE BY Mark May /

Publisher’s LETTER


The Great Commission.

Whether or not you are a Christian, you’ve probably heard it too. It’s commonly referred to as Christ’s final directive to those who walked beside him. Go, make disciples. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And, surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20, New International Version (NIV) From those Scriptures hospitals have been built in Haiti, schools instituted in China, water systems framed in remote villages in far corners of the earth. Homeless shelters have been founded in cities big and small. Here and there and places in between, people have “gone” and continue to do so. May is mentor month. We thought it would make an excellent theme for each of our articles this month because of the passion of our cover story person, Corey Webster. You’ll enjoy reading how his football career left him with an understanding for the need to mentor within our community. Good news! After all, mentoring is discipling. It’s leading others, meeting needs, identifying those who could use a hand and helping connect that person with someone who can help. Ultimately it’s the work of Christ. While a simple act of kindness can seem small, it can completely change the trajectory of another person’s life. Read each story inside, for in them you’ll find hidden treasures. Through the eyes of a high school student, you’ll read just how important mentors have been to his success. Through the pain of a mom, you’ll read how she grieved the tragic loss of a son, only to find herself helping others process their own pain. Pastor’s that come together to help one another find themselves in a friendship like no other.


Family life offers the expertise of a counselor from a perspective of a father and grandfather who suggests practical ways to mentor at home. Healthy life discusses volunteerism and it’s role in a healthy community, as well as vital information about diet and exercise from research from Pennington Biomedical. Plus several other surprises that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy! Our goal is that we will spur even more mentoring within our community. “You can’t teach what you haven’t walked,” is a phrase I read and refer to often. As tough as it may be, our journey heals best when it’s used to help others. Often our passions are driven by our compassions. Use your life to invest in someone else. Go, make disciples. Far away or next door. Next month, we will be “focused on families.” They come in all shapes and sizes. All are dear to God and we have great stories planned. Stay tuned, keep in touch, and pray for our community to come together as a united body of Christ in such a way we stand-in-awe of our God and his presence in and around our city.

In the fullness of Life,

Beth Townsend Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Faith LIFE

Victim or Victor Accepting the journey and walking towards God

by Krista Bordelon

“When someone chooses to be a victor instead of a victim, God will use that.” - Kelley Perret, leader of the Healing of Damaged Emotions outreach at Healing Place Church.

Graham Benjamin, named after her son Benjamin with Granny’s flowers

Kelley Perret knows a great deal about making the choice to move from being a victim of circumstance into walking in victory. “Life was good. We had been living our lives, serving God. Then, suddenly, we fell into this gaping wound.” To hear Kelley speak is to know her passion and dedication for God. 6

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

“She doesn’t try to be humble, she is humble. The humility about her is just awesome.” Chad Dinkel, leader of the New Beginnings ministry at Healing Place, exclaims. “When people share their past and their pain that is being very generous.” And Kelley does indeed generously open up about her story each

week to a group of what is now fifty women as she helps them move towards healing. “We provide an avenue for people to make the choice to be a victor. That is where the rubber meets the road, in the choice,” she explains. For 10 weeks twice a year Kelley, along with her “armor

Faith LIFE


bearer and assistant”, Karen Phillips, and other small group leaders, walks women through an intense journey of reaching into their core, revealing their wounds, and bringing them into the light and into healing. “It isn’t easy. God is our healer, but we have to go through the process. God’s word is a balm, but you need to understand what needs to be healed in order to give it over to Him.” Kelley admits it took her 2-3 years to work through her own grief. “One day my son was there and the next day he was gone, exactly one month before his 20th birthday. The very thing we had prayed over and believed was a gift from God had taken his life. We were left with a decision to make, did we believe God was still good?” On January 16, 2002, Kelley and her husband of 36 years received the phone call every parent dreads. The voice on the answering machine was that of their son’s friend, “Mr. Perry, Mr. Perry, Benjamin’s truck is on fire and he’s inside and we can’t get him out.” For two hours Kelley waited with her friend while their husbands were at the crash scene. She never saw Benjamin, a 19 year old sophomore at LSU studying Mechanical Engineering, again. The casket remained closed to shield her and others from the brutal truth that he had lost his life in the fire that resulted from the crash.

“One day my son was there and the next day he was gone, exactly one month before his 20th birthday. The very thing we’d prayed over and believed was a gift from God had taken his life.” worshiped.” The thought of worshiping in such a moment is unfathomable to many, but Kelley’s explanation is a simple one, “Do

I understand why it happened? No. But I do know that Satan’s goal is to get me to walk away from God and I will not walk away.” It still wasn’t easy for Kelley after

“Did Benjamin make it?” She asked after two hours of waiting. “The moment I heard the word, ‘No’ there was a voice in my spirit that said, ‘Heaven and Hell wait for your answer,’ and it stopped me. I don’t remember much from the shock, but I remember that voice clearly.” Kelley said she was brought to the Scriptures of Job where God had allowed Satan to kill all 10 of Job’s children in one day. “According to God Himself, Job was the most righteous man on Earth. When Job lost everything he tore his clothes and he worshiped God. So I Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Faith LIFE

the crash. “For months I couldn’t drive. I was afraid, nervous, I would shake with shock. I was weak. I think I was having withdrawals from Benjamin. He had been in my life for close to 20 years, and he was gone.” Kelley’s main message to all who desire healing is this, “Accept what God allows to touch your lives whether death, divorce, sickness. God promised that in this world we will have trouble, but He has overcome the world. You don’t want your past to define your future. We have to release the word ‘Why?’ because we may not get answers this side [of Heaven] to the unaddressed wounds in our life,” and she continues to spread this message.

was given was, “God is a just judge” from Psalm 7:11. “I thought it was an odd verse, but I wrote it down anyway. I found out on January 16th why that was my verse for the year. No matter what, God is sovereign. He wears the crown, and I do not.”.”

Kelley and her husband, Perry, have traveled extensively overseas including living in Kuwait and Malaysia. She also has a daughter, JoLyn Howard, who has

Krista is a passionate writer, speaker, and mother. Outside of writing, her life includes homeschooling, leading worship, training for a fitness competition, and lots of adventure. She uses her blogging at The Mommy Calling and many others as a ministry to share her heart with other moms and the world. Krista’s goal is to spend each day turning the ordinary Krista Bordelon into the extraordinary!

It can be difficult to find God in the midst of our most difficult circumstances, but that shouldn’t stop us from seeking. Each year, Kelley prays for God to give her a Scripture to carry her through the year. In 2002, she said the verse she

domains • website hosting 8

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

been married for six years to her husband, Jonathan, and has two grandchildren, Graham Benjamin and Hannah Jo. Kelley will be a breakout leader at the very first Single Mom’s Conference in June hosted by The Life of a Single Mom Ministries led by Jennifer Maggio, and she will also be hosting her own Healing of Damaged Emotions conference weekend in July. She has podcasts of her teachings available at

Faith LIFE

Praise for God’s Healing Touch

I bow down before You, my God of Glory and strength My fragile self evaporates like water on a scorching summer day. You alone bring healing to my brittle bones and uncertain steps. Oh Lord, guide me toward a simpler, honest life. May I bend in total surrender to Your Eternal Love, forever bathed in Your Grace. As I cherish memories of earlier days, I accept today’s realities of life and limb. My song is ever lifted up to YOU, my strength and my Redeemer. Amen. Diane Nystrom Mouk

A More


Diane Nystrom Mouk “Surrendering to the frailties of life and the use of my cane. I now lean on Christ.�

COMPLETE Education

Non-discriminatory admission policy

More than just another Baton Rouge college prep school, Dunham students experience a more complete education education— one that prepares them to thrive in a complicated world.

- | Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Family LIFE

Parenting IS Mentoring by Steve Fox


hen I think of mentoring, I think of a process that involves two people: the “exper t” and the “novice.” The exper t is experienced and successful in an area in which the novice wishes to excel.

But when it comes to our own families, we often shy away from the idea of becoming a mentor to our kids. After all, parenting is tough enough. We often feel inadequate and unsure of what to do and how to do it. We are certainly not experts at this parenting thing. Besides, once our kids become teenagers, they will listen to advice from almost anyone else but us. Regardless if we realize it or not, they are listening, watching, observing us. Over time, their memories create recordings of what we say as well as how we act in different situations. Our own adult children still remark that they often “hear” our words in their heads as they struggle with decisions, relationships or their walk with Christ. Whether we accept 10

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

this role or not, we are already mentoring our kids in the most powerful and effective way – by living life together. Perhaps our family devotions have become so routine that it becomes something that our kids just endure. Or perhaps our kids have learned our tone of voice when we are about to go into one of our “lectures on life” and they have learned how to turn off the sound. In our house, our kids began to number my lectures to save time, since I apparently was predictable!

...parenting is tough enough. We often feel inadequate and unsure of what to do and how to do it. We are certainly not experts at this parenting thing. So how can we mentor our children – from the time they are old enough to recognize our faces to the time they are leaving adolescence?

Family LIFE Lectures don’t work. Taking them to church and church-led youth events may help, but God’s plan requires more of us: “Love the LORD with all your soul and with all your strength. The commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” (Deut 6: 5-7). Wow! In other words, we are to mentor our kids all the time. And although we know that we have not yet “arrived” (God is still working on us), we can show them how we walk through life as we grow in our faith. Our most effective mentoring often takes place when they see us struggling. It provides them with first-hand knowledge that this Christ-life is often not easy. But we can model for them how the truths of Scripture can impact our “real life” faith on a day-to-day basis. So what are some practical ideas? For our children from birth (YES! I mean from birth) to grade school, think about when they most want to talk. In our house, it was bedtime. They are willing to do anything else other than turning off the lights and going to sleep. Think of it, these are built-in nightly “teaching moments.” We can use this intimate parent/child time to read them a Bible story book that presents both the story as well as Biblical truths. For our kids, they had three or four of their favorite stories that they wanted me to read to them over, and over, and over, and over again. Tedious for me, but it etched in their memories who God is and how He works. Then I would model for them how to pray. While they were very young, they simply repeated after me. But as soon as they could understand both the praises and petitions of prayer, they would begin to form their own prayers. And then I would sing them to sleep.

Not the simple nursery songs, but hymns, Bible verses to tunes, choruses, and even some popular Christian songs. They often memorized the words with the tunes, long before they could understand the spiritual truths. And when they did ask what the words meant, it gave me an opportunity to answer their questions about what they were interested in. For Pre-Teens and teenagers, the challenge is quite different. What worked for my wife and me was to talk about what we had learned in the sermon, experienced during the worship time at church or in our own private devotions. The conversation was not directed at them, but our teens naturally were curious about what we were saying. It opened conversations that a lecture would simply shut down. For many families today, dinner together becomes a rarity. We need to purposefully schedule our children’s activities as well as our own meetings and other responsibilities (for us) in a way that the dinner time becomes almost sacred. It soon becomes a natural time for everyone to talk about their day, what they thought, and how they felt. The simple technique of asking each child the “high point” and “low point” of their day creates a way


to get the conversation rolling. And in the process, we (as parents) can respond in ways that demonstrate how God’s sovereignty, compassion, and love are real, every-day realities. I think that each of our four adult children would tell you that one of their fondest memories growing up was our “table time.”

So parenting IS mentoring. The key for us was for our Christian life to not simply be a part of our conversation, but to be intertwined with it. Often we try to have God as a type of dressing sprinkled over our lives and conversations to give it a spiritual tone. But God wants our Christlife to become a marinade. So the taste of it so saturates who we are, that our children can not help but want to learn more. After working as a Chemical Engineer for 36 years, Steve Fox took early retirement so that he could focus his full-time attention on helping others to discover how to improve or repair their marriages as well as other family relationships. Steve also helps others begin to “dream” about what will help them become fulfilled in their career and life. Steve earned an MA in Counseling from LSU and is now a National Certified Counselor and Counselor Intern with Crossroads Professional Counseling. He has worked with couples on a ministry basis for over 20 years and has a counseling focus with couples, families, career coaching, and addiction counseling with families.

Where ever it fits the schedule, the simple technique of asking each child the “high point” and “low point” of their day creates a way to get the conversation rolling. Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Family LIFE

arriage oment: M M

R efreshed

by Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis

The most important investment that you will have in life is marriage. Think about it, this is the person with whom you vowed to spend the rest of your earthly life with. Marriages can become routine, going to work, picking up the kids, cooking dinner etc... In the everyday stresses of life we lose sight of what is truly important in our lives. We become complacent. So marriages need to be recharged like our smartphones. When we go all day without charging our phones we are at 20% when we should be at 100%. Make time for each other. Date nights are important. On date night there shouldn’t be any mentioning of bills, work, the kids or most importantly no checking emails, text or phone play. Get back to courtship, the reason why you both fell in love in the first place. Find out where those butterflies went and command them to come back.

Proverbs 11:25 says; A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Here are 7 things to help you recharge you battery.

1 God is #1, not your spouse or children. (God, spouse, children, everything else) 2 Pray daily for and with each other. (Make time) 3 Give each other respect. (Everyone’s task is important no matter how big or small) 4 Be consistent in encouragement and motivation. (Build your spouse up daily) 5 Pay attention. (It is not just about you, it is about the 2 of you becoming 1) 6 Be honest and apologize. (own up to your mistakes, problems, mishaps

and just apologize)

7 Appreciate and Forgive (please and thank you goes a long way) Always remember the equation, Love + Compromise = a Solid Foundation.

Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis is a Certified Marriage/ Relationship Educator, author of The Refresher’s Course and Still Being Refreshed and owner of The Refresher Course, Inc. The Refresher Course is a course designed to enhance marriages spiritually, emotionally and physically through practical exercises. She teaches on adapting to one another’s love language, character st yles and mastering the art of forgiveness. She lives in Baton Rouge, La with her husband Harry Jarvis, sons, Markel and Allan.

industrial * welding * safety * marine * janitorial

Serving Louisiana since 1978 12659 South Choctaw • 225-272-5680 12

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

Mentoring MOMENT


The Importance of Spiritual Formation in Families

by Coach Dale Brown

I don’t profess to be an expert, but as a coach and teacher for 44 years and as a parent and grandparent, I asked myself what values or virtues were the most important to me in guiding young people. I came up with a whole list of adjectives. But the two that stand out for me as the foundation of a truly Spiritual life are Love and Faith. Without Love there can be no compassion, patience, generosity, honesty, integrity or loyalty. Without Faith there can be no courage, persistence, discipline or hope. Faith is what binds us together. It directly affects how we view ourselves and how we will relate to others. Faith and love is what grounds us and sets us free to live a truly authentic and peaceful life. 1955 South Morrison Blvd Hammond, Louisiana Conveniently located at I-12 and Hwy. 51 CALL 855.851.1184


Hours of Operation Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm

Sunday: Closed

Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015


X Pastor’s Perspective

Who’s Mentoring Who? From Dr. Kevin McKee, Sr. Pastor The Chapel


eeting Donald has deeply enriched my life. My first and most impressionable conversation with him was while working side by side. Our churches were helping paint and repair a home of one of his founding members, Mrs. Allen. Everyone that had helped was gone home and we were left cleaning. I was sweeping and Donald mopping. Actually, I don’t remember what we said or laughed about, I just remember how he worked that mop! Powerfully. I would learn it is how he does most things. In it a saw his passion for life and for those in his church that he loved. All that while sweeping? Yep! We’ve worked together in various ways, prayed together many times, and have supported each other consistently through many issues. Our relationship is unique. While we’re both from Louisiana, we’re different races and come from different church traditions. But our relationship is like so many that are first founded in Jesus. We are brothers and fellow servants of Jesus Christ. As such, our hearts break over the same things, injustice, violence and the need of Jesus in our city. Additionally, our hearts break over the demise of the families of those we serve. While the issues that bring the demise are different, the results are similar, broken homes. So with united spirits and united hearts, Donald has not only encouraged me, but has sharpened me as “iron sharpens iron” (Prov. 27.17). Our prayer is that we grow as men, but also that as our church families increasingly join-together in prayer and service so Jesus would be seen and proclaimed in Baton Rouge! We know that this will not happen without prayer, trust and love. So we pray together as churches once a month and serve our city and churches together when we can. As we do, I see Jesus profoundly put on display. Jesus said all people would know we’re his followers by the way we love each other and our neighbors.

Dr. McKee developed a great love of discipleship and taking the gospel to the world at the Chapel during his student years at LSU. After marriage and some seminary, he worked with the youth and college ministries of The Chapel during the 1990s. He was a Teaching Pastor in 2002 and from 2010 he’s served as Senior Pastor.


May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

Pastor’s Perspective


Who’s Mentoring Who?

From Pastor Donald Hunter, New Beginning Baptist Church


od has ordained certain people to be an ingredient in the makeup of life for each believer, for those whom he has foreknown he has ordained. I believe that Kevin has been ordained for this time in my life. God has prepared him with a heart for the work we are presently doing. If we were not working in God’s Kingdom, we probably would not have met. Pastor Kevin comes from a larger white, mostly affluent environment with more resources. In contrast to his church, my pastorate is a new ministry of 13 years, which is located in North Baton Rouge with a small, mostly Black congregation of believers. Working together requires humility and obedience to the call of Christ, who is our Lord and Supreme Savior. Specifically, humility allows us to embrace each other and obedience has helped us to have oneness in Christ’s body as the fruit of the Spirit. This is a quality that has given me strength, encouragement and peace when I did not have answers. Kevin is appreciated for his humility towards New Beginning Baptist Church Ministries, Black Family Initiative, and Glen Oaks West Home Owner Association Projects. In the name of Christ Jesus, he has embraced this small black congregation of believers and me. Together, there is a word he and I use that represent our journey and relationship; it is a word that’s most often used in scripture in reference to the early Christian church. It is a word or state of being that must exist before the Holy Spirit will dwell with us, that word is homothumadon, the Greek for One Accord or One Mind. We are united in our submission to Christ and the work of His ministry. We were brought together by one of The Chapel’s devoted families and since that time, we all have not ceased in praying, planning, and working together in Christ’s church. We are thankful to Kevin and The Chapel church family.

Become involved in praying for one another. For New Beginnings Prayer, we alternate churches and meet together to pray once a month. The next meeting is May 1 at Chapel in the Oaks. Following that the meeting is at New Beginning Baptist Church on June 5. Anyone interested in attending or to get more information can contact Ed Wroten at 330-322-0369 or

The Rev. Donald Hunter Sr. is pastor of New Beginning Baptist Church and is the founder of the Black Family Initiative which strives to strengthen the family in all areas of relationships.

Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Feature STORY

Corey Webster

Faith, Family, and Football = A Great Foundation


Beth Townsend

“Life is about action, if you are not taking action, you are not living.”


orey Webster is a man-of-action. Having played sports most of his life, he is on the move for all the right reasons. You could easily say he is a man with a “Giant” heart.

“To me it doesn’t change. I started athletics at a young age. In Louisiana, sports is almost like a religion,” Corey chuckles. He recalled many teams over the years required going to church and how that consistency shaped who he was as an athlete. “My Christian faith was shaped by the people around me, by the community. I enjoyed that process of growing up and understanding God and what God meant. To me, it was always something that was a much bigger picture.” Webster is a 2004 graduate of Louisiana State University where 16

they won a national championship title in 2003, and a two-time Super Bowl champion for the New York Giants. In 2007, Webster established The Corey Webster Foundation as a vehicle to offer support and financial assistance to other community organizations in Louisiana, New York and New Jersey.

Corey Webster played for the LSU 2003 National Championship football team, then went on to play for the NY Giants and is a two-time Superbowl champion with that franchise.

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

Growing up in Vacherie, Corey was raised in a large Catholic family. “My family was also a big part of shaping my life. Over the years I read about different religions, and realized it’s important to have faith that is your own, and have something you believe in. We should strive to be getting better in a positive way every day, letting the good out way the bad.” Corey was clear in his belief that faith deepens over time. “People have different likes and life pulls you in different ways. Yet we can still grow and become stronger together.” This core belief is the driving force behind the vision of his foundation. That solid foundation helped as his football career escalated. “It was my senior year when I planned to go to LSU. I was blessed to be recruited at that high of a level. Coach (Nick) Saban had a plan for me and wanted me to grasp that plan. It was months before I realized that I could actually go and play at a school like LSU!” Webster recalled that as a defining moment.

Feature STORY

Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



X Feature STORY

Marcus Randall of the Corey Webster Foundation reads to children gathered for Dr. Suess’ Birthday.

Having a steady stream of mentors in his life taught Corey to believe in the need for mentors within a community, especially in building a stronger body of Christ. Corey acknowledges that growing as an athlete is also a process, much like growing in your faith. “It’s all about God. You pray before games, after games, and at the college level you go to Chapel. It evolves. The Saturday ritual always included Mass or church sessions. That doesn’t get reported, but it happens. You go through this process with guys you go to war with every day, building bonds with these men. You don’t see color, you don’t see religion. On this battlefield all you see is the ability to play sports.” It’s widely known that playing sports brings with it many worldly temptations. Corey agreed it can certainly be a 18

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

distraction. “I have many vices, I’m far from perfect. That is one thing that my friend Michael Phillips of the “All In” movement ( says, ‘never perfect, always real.’ The key is staying grounded. That comes from the solid foundation and knowing where my faith comes from at the end of the day.” Corey continued, “Anything that makes me happy may not be what is good for me. When we have kids, that changes everything. You see things through their eyes. To me, even my nephews, when they look at how I’m living and they are inspired or motivated to do something positive, that helps me stay focused.

You can’t hide things, you have to be transparent, that is what kids respect.” Webster is transparent in recalling the lifestyle on the road and as a famous athlete. “There are things I had to over come. In college there are alcohol, drugs, and females on a daily basis. Money, agents, yes; it’s a crazy lifestyle. Yet I learned to manage it. I know my faith in God, I’m dedicated, I know how to be disciplined because of other lessons sports has taught me. There are adverse situations that you come through, but as long as you overcome those situations it makes you stronger.”

Feature STORY He laughed while discussing playing pro ball. “The ultimate goal at the end of the day, everybody wants to win and everybody wants to be a champion. While some beliefs get set aside, no matter what you practice you have to be all in.” Corey recalled with fondness his time in New York. “Some of my greatest friends are in New York. I’ll have relationships with them for a lifetime. Those nine years were beautiful. It was all based on my faith and belief. Everything didn’t go perfect, but we fought for each other and we were committed to one another. And we always gave the praise and the glory to God at the end of the day.” Gratitude for the memories seemed evident as he elaborated. “Thats what makes our faith stronger. You win the Super Bowl, you have success. It’s when we keep our head on right knowing what got us there. In a nutshell that is my time with the New York Giants. I was blessed.

People ask ‘how was your career?’ and the only word that comes to mind for the rest of my life? Blessed.”


“I mean, I’m raising men! And a daughter! It’s only right for me to want my generation to be better than me. This is my own blood, so I have to do the right things. They are watching like sponges everyday, soaking up what I do. Any move you make they see. This world can be a difficult place; you don’t need to put them in any situation that would lead them to a bad place. It’s hard for them to listen to you when you say what to do when you haven’t done those things yourself.”

Having a steady stream of mentors in his life taught Corey to believe in the need for more mentors within a community, especially in building a stronger body of Christ. “I think about those who have been successful,” Corey recalls. “Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher, Tom Coughlin. We fought together and had much in common. We will have that bond forever that will never be destroyed, that fraternity is rare. I can’t say anything other than to echo the many men who’ve been a part of my life, and try to leave my mark so I can be a positive person to all those men who see how I’m living my life.”

Corey continued, “I feel like to whom much is given, much is required. So being a man of faith and committed to God I felt it necessary to start the Corey Webster Foundation. We began by helping other organizations that were already established by building relationships with them. Now that football is behind me I can be more hands on. Realizing strong mentorship is what many young men

That is exceedingly important as Corey is a husband to Tekleanna and the father of two boys with a brand new baby girl. His passion was ignited when speaking of raising children.


Great Stories Need Telling!

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Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015


X Feature STORY

need, it’s a perfect fit for me. To be able to give back, I want to make a difference in the next generation. I think people want that, most just don’t know where to find help. So I want to be accessible for others. It took time to get established, but 2015

Learning from his football career, Corey recognizes that building the foundation requires a commitment to process, just as it does in sports. “We will use an extensive process just like we would do any football interview process. We’re

striving to do an intentional job of picking young men with strong character that we may be able to help.” Discussing effective ways to bring together the body of Christ in Baton Rouge, Corey had some practical insight,

“So being a man of faith and committed to God I felt it necessary to start The Corey Webster Foundation. We began by helping other organizations that were already established by building relationships with them. Now that football is behind me I can be more hands on. Realizing strong mentorship is what many young men need, it’s a perfect fit for me.” is going to be a very exciting year and a great year for the Corey Webster Foundation.” One key component to this foundation is identifying those young men they can best serve and how to identify them and get them involved in the process of mentorship. “Some are sports related. Guys who have taken time to go to college, maybe have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. For guys that are African-American, there aren’t a lot of them seeing positive role models. Thus I want to highlight the men who are doing the right things and identify them as I’m out in the community. There are some people that may just need recognition or support. That is how the CWF may can help, to be able to shine more light on what they are already doing.” 20

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

“I think we can’t get caught up in the hype of society. I talk about social media a good bit because it’s so big. We live in an information world where we can get information in a snap. I understand that can be good, and that can also be dangerous. Being able to obtain information, we still have to keep it sane and keep the good values. We should want to do better not just for yourself, but seeing the bigger picture. If everybody would just do their part in making the world a better place I think ultimately we would end up in a better place.”

How you can help Corey and get involved. The CWF embarked on a mission to create hands-on programming that would make a lasting impression on the communities it served. In the summer of 2012, the foundation unveiled “Suited for Success” to the Baton Rouge


community. Suited for Success seeks to motivate, inspire and empower students through an image and character-building model designed specifically for the program. Suited For Success empowers college students through its signature model to go back into K-12 schools to mentor students. Another key component to the wellrounded foundation is the “Give Greaux Campaign.” It is dedicated to creating and preserving a culture of giving among former LSU athletes. The Give Greaux Campaign was created to unite LSU athletes, across all sports, to serve a twofold mission. The first goal is to create fundraising initiatives to help sustain old and create new athletic and academic centers for all athletes. The second goal is to create a community giving-initiative that supports surrounding non-profit organizations and community programs. The Give Greaux Campaign was made possible through a partnership between the Corey Webster Foundation and the Tiger Athletic Foundation. Both non-profit organizations will mutually cooperate in the identification and development of former LSU athletes with a goal of creating a culture of giving among former LSU athletes. CWF and

TAF will mutually cooperate in the establishment of a committee, primarily composed of former LSU football athletes and chaired by Corey Webster.

requests to motivate, inspire and empower students! Currently, requests are limited to residents in Louisiana only, subject to scheduling availability.

Webster also partnered with LSU Football Alumni Relations and the Cox Center for Student Athlete Success to encourage former players to return to college and finish getting their degrees. Corey thinks the body of Christ is called to being the change that it wants to see in the world. As a part of being that change and empowering and encouraging others, Corey accepts a limited number of

Special thanks to LaTangela Fay and Cumulous Media for hosting our interview!

A House “SOLD” Name! 337-4663 First



Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Learning for LIFE

Shaped by


Inspired by


It’s said that the cream rises to the top, which is the case with outstanding student Jyron Walker. Graduating this spring from The Dunham School, he will be moving from the comfort of his hometown to begin his Ivy League education at the University of Pennsylvania.

The quarterback of the football team as well as the point guard of the basketball team, Jyron is a humble young man with a track record of sound decisions and an understanding of just how important an opportunity can be. Prior to attending Dunham, Jyron attended a Catholic grade school and was an athlete as a young boy. “I played sports since I can remember, and excelling there and in the class room became important early on. When I came to Dunham it deepened my 22

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

faith because they teach us how to have a real relationship with God.” His family is from Port Allen but relocated to Baton Rouge a few years ago. His strong family foundation was the start of an early understanding of how to make right choices for right reasons. His parents, both engineers, were a great deal of help. “My dad always said no matter how good I am at sports, I couldn’t go to a big college if I didn’t have the grades. So even if I was a top athlete and wanted to go to Duke or a school like that, I wouldn’t be able to get in.

I would have to have the academics go with it.” His older brother is currently a senior at Baylor University. Walker came to Dunham to attend a basketball camp in seventh grade. It was then he met basketball coach, Jonathan Pixley. That relationship continued and grew through seventh and eighth grades. “Then I shadowed the school for a day in eighth grade and enjoyed Dunham. Soon I met with Mr. Eagleton and took the entrance exam. I decided to come here.” His smile was filled with contentment.

Learning for LIFE Jyron explained how the atmosphere at Dunham helped shaped him as an athlete. “I came knowing I would play basketball and football. After eighth grade ended I started summer work outs with the high school team. It’s a different experience coming from middle school to high school. Being with guys 17-18 years old, they taught me a lot. I was a little teenaged, 14year old boy playing with grown men. It was very different, the pace, the speed of the game. I had to get used to that.”


After a pause, he mentioned a season of testing of his faith and commitment. “Actually, I got hurt. I broke my ankle the third game of the year. That was a big learning experience for me, because I’d never sat out and watched before. It ate at me. I was out for six to eight months. It was full year before I was 100%.” Walker recalled having to redirect his attention quickly due to his injury. “At the same time I got put into honors classes. Due to my injury, I didn’t have practice every day, so it allowed me to focus more on school and do well in those classes. I think that was something God had opened up and allowed me to do.”

Steve Eagleton, Jyron Walker and Coach Jonathan Pixley

He continued. “Then basketball season came back around and I sat out half the year while in physical therapy. I played the second half of that season. That basketball year was especially fun because we had a group of older guys that mentored us. That season was memorable because that team did a lot no one expected us to do. We tied for district champions,” laughed Jyron. Headmaster Steve Eagleton offered his perspective of seeing Jyron mature over the years. “I look at the impact on Jyron. Not only can he talk about what is happening on a basketball court, but if he is struggling in a class or wondering how to approach a problem, he can ask for help. Dunham is small by design which makes that feasible. Jyron has always been a confident athlete and student. But, to be able to be pushed to achieve the highest college placement possible, I credit not just his teaching staff, Coach Pixley’s influence and his coaches, but the whole Dunham community.” Mr. Eagleton continued. “People understand he is not just an athlete, he is a student athlete. This family has taught him well. He has always thought academics was the most important even though sports is a factor. Without those two emphases he would not have the opportunity to go to an Ivy League school. When you are the quarterback of the football team and the point guard on the basket ball team you run the show. And, he has done that very well.” Most students leaving home for a college at such a distance face challenges. Jyron is aware of adjustments that will be likely. “It’s challenging. One, it’s far away. I’m not going to be able to go downstairs and talk to my mom. The University of Pennsylvania, compared to many other colleges, is relatively small. A team environment will help with that transition. I’ve already met the incoming freshmen and when I visited I met a handful of current Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Learning for LIFE

players. They all shared their phone numbers and offered to help in any way.” His dream job is on Wall Street. Therefore, he is plotting his strategy already. “I’m going to major in math and take some classes in the Wharton School of Business,” he grinned. After a pause, he added, “I know that where ever I go I can pray and lean on God to help me and show me what I need to do. I’ve learned that here at Dunham.” Mr. Eagleton also added. “He is a testimony to his family and their commitment to Christian education. You can choose many schools for academics, but their commitment to Christian education, Christian role models and Coach

Many would believe those character traits to be a God-given gift, but his coach offers insight. “He does have a strong support system at home. But, I’ve seen others with the same thing but have not taken advantage of it. He embodies what his parents want him to, but then steps out of his comfort zone into leadership positions. He carries himself in such a way that commands respect.” Coach Pixley offered sound advice to youngsters based on his years of teaching students. “You have to acknowledge the gifts that God has given to you and use them on a daily basis. Once you figure out what you are

“...he stayed the course, was consistent and positive. Our team fed of f that, and it encouraged our coaches as well.” Pixley as his coach. That choice has been rewarded, and the sacrifices they have made have been rewarded at the highest level. Consistent messages from home and school makes for a good solid education.” The principal influence for Walker has been Coach Pixley. “He’s been a big part of my mentoring because he’s been my leader and basketball coach for four years,” Jyron smiled. “We think he is the best coach in the city of Baton Rouge, not only as a coach but as a man. He is the ultimate role model because I see the way he leads his family and his daughters and how he respects the women in his family. That’s always stuck out to me. I’ll carry that for the rest of my life.” Coach Pixley shared the affection. “He is the only kid that I ever went and watched play a middle school basketball game, because I had a relationship with his family prior to that. I saw the potential for him to influence this entire campus, not just as an athlete. I was recruiting the person. He has changed the landscape of this campus in his four years as to the standard that can be expected of individuals and what can be attained. Doing things the right way, working as hard as you can, maintaining an even keel approach. He is the standard for what young people strive to be on this campus.”


May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

interested in and you are passionate about, then to commit fully to it even when things aren’t going as you expect it.” Linda Spear, Director of Admissions, commented on Jyron’s growth as well. “Jyron? He is potential fulfilled. We recognize his strength of character. That is what sustained him. Yes, God gifted him with talent, but he was strong academically. We take students in that don’t always exceed standards, but he did year after year. For me there was great satisfaction that he was who I thought he was, and will become more than we thought he could. He is not perfect. He is still a kid, even though he’s a great kid. He is grounded, he is stable. He suffered injuries, he overcame them. They never got him down. You just don’t get all that wrapped in one student very often.” Phyllis Alexander, Director of Communications, added. “He is leaving as much with us as he is taking with him. We all believed in him and he took advantage of every opportunity. He is a humble spirit. The measure of a man is he is grateful.” The final mentor to comment was the head football coach, Neil Weiner. “He was pretty much shaped when I got here. He was receptive early on. I was hired early last year. Jyron was

in basketball season at the time. He could have said, ‘let me focus on basketball.’ We met with our quarterbacks starting in February at 6:30am, and hour and a half before school starts. He was always there with a great attitude. He is well respected and his quiet confidence, just a cool about him and the guys would pick up on that. Especially as quarterback, he stayed the course, was consistent and positive. Our team fed off that, and it encouraged our coaches as well. He’s a blessing to have.” Coach Weiner believes Jyron has a bright future. “He has a vision for his life, doing what he needs to be doing. You can tell by looking at his high school activities. Whatever he has been committed to he has given his best. That doesn’t mean you always win, but he does everything with class. Going into Ivy League will be a big change and present some challenges. But, he will see those as opportunities and will have a plan in place to be successful.” (Publisher’s Note: Given that Peters Wealth Advisors chose to do a special advertisement to congratulate this student, we thought it fitting to share his story in our Learning for Life segment. Since our May theme is mentoring, we talked not only to the student, but those who mentored him while excelling as a high school student about to embark upon the new world of an Ivy League education.)

Reading for LIFE

A Review of


Overwhelmed: The Life Of A Single Mom hreview by Cheri Bowling


his book is written to encourage all single mothers: divorced, unwed, and widowed. The more I thought about each of these separate groups, the more I realized that no matter how you arrived at single parenthood, this journey is going to be similar,” Jennifer Maggio, author of Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom Powerful, poignant and practical, Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom is a must read for every single mom. Already in its second release, Jennifer Maggio’s riveting account of overcoming personal tragedy, abuse, promiscuity and poverty through faith in Jesus, provides a step by step, biblical approach for others to follow her example. “A long time ago I was faced with a decision of whether or not to continue to live in the misery that was my life. I chose to change it. I praise God for the strength that I needed to do that. I prayed daily for strength and it did not happen instantly, but when it did, I seized it.” Baton Rouge resident Jennifer Maggio’s rise from an impoverished, teenage single mom to international ministry leader leaves readers with little doubt that God’s favor has been upon this young woman, working all things together for good so that she might effectively lead others into freedom and fruitfulness as well. Her passion to uplift and encourage the single mom is currently impacting women in 19 countries through her non profit organization The Life of a Single Mom.

Jennifer Maggio’s personal story of homelessness, abuse, and multiple teen pregnancies has been featured in countless media venues. Her expertise in single parent family issues allows her to minister to both single parents and those who work with them. Here are just a few of the places she’s been privileged to share: The New York Times, Moody Radio Chicago’s “This is the Day”, The Baton Rouge Advocate, Single Mom Chat on HPC WebTV. Cheri Bowling is the owner of Cadeaux, Inc., a multi-faceted communications company.

Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Healthy LIFE

Volunteering Promotes Positive Leadership by Kristen Hogan


he Y was founded by volunteers, and still today volunteers are just as important as they were in 1844. Across the United States, more than 500,000 business leaders, community advocates, parents, teens and individuals who want to give back and support their neighbors volunteer at the Y. This is due to our presence in 10,000 neighborhoods nationwide where we have the partnerships to not just promise, but to deliver positive, personal and social change.

With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, Y volunteers give men, women and children from all walks of life the resources and support they need to be healthy, confident, connected and secure.

“I started volunteering for the Y because I supported the Y’s mission of healthy living.”

Lance Kinchen, YMCA Metro Board Chair

Here at the YMCA of the Capital Area, our volunteers are an extension of our Y family, and we truly couldn’t serve the community as effectively as we do without the help of such dedicated and passionate volunteers. In 2014 alone, 1,885 YMCA volunteers 26

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

Healthy LIFE gave 13,427 hours of service to the Y. It is with the support of these volunteers that the Y is able to serve more than 300,000 individuals each year. There are opportunities every single day to volunteer at the Y. Here are ways you can get involved:

Volunteers of the Y: • Serve on our Boards of Directors or serve on one of our committees • Raise funds to ensure the Y is accessible to all members of the community • Coach one of our youth sports teams • Motivate and support youth in building the character strengths, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health, smart life choices, and the pursuit of higher education and goals • Extend a hand to help adults who want to do more, be more or live healthier • Advocate for the Y’s efforts to influence policies and initiatives that positively impact societal issues of importance to the nation, and your community • Participate in opportunities to give back and support neighbors • Assist with one of our special events, like our Gingerbread Jog, Healthy Kids Day, Beyond The Green Golf Tournament and more

Serving as a volunteer is about changing the lives of others but what you may not realize is that it will change your life as well! Here’s what some of our volunteers had to say about their experience at the Y: “I started volunteering for the Y because I supported the Y’s mission of healthy living. The Y had just opened a branch downtown by my office and joining the board was a way to support downtown and the Baton Rouge community. However, I have continued to volunteer and serve on the Y Metro Board because I have learned about so many other good things the Y does for our community, such as supporting youth development and social responsibility. I am excited about the new diabetes prevention program the Y is working on because I think it will change many people’s lives for the better.” Lance Kinchen, YMCA Metro Board Chair


“I volunteer for the YMCA because I see how lives are changed through the services and activities of the Y. Because my life has been blessed in many ways, it’s important to me that I give back to others. It’s not just an organization - it’s a family! It’s strange how in giving of your time, treasures and talents you are the one richer for it.” Machaela G. Golden, Volunteer for the Paula G. Manship YMCA. No matter how you choose to serve the Y, we can assure you that you’ll make a significant difference as you work with others to create a feeling of connectedness in your community. Please consider giving back to an organization that has given so much to the community for over 97 years. Do Something Good! Volunteer at the Y!

“I volunteer at the Y to give back to our community. I hope to be a positive role model for the kids I coach. I encourage kids to learn the sport and understand that competition is healthy and will lead to great memories. I enjoy teaching game skills, sportsmanship and building character.” Nickolas Pizzalato, Volunteer Coach for the C.B. Pennington Jr. YMCA

Town CounTry Furniture


YOUR SPECIAL ORDER STORE Over 3500 fabrics and a million design options 6545 Airline Hwy. LA 70805 (225) 355-6666 Mon-Fri 10-6pm l Sat 9:30-6pm Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015


X Healthy LIFE Pennington Biomedical Researchers

Guide Children and Families to Healthier Lives

by Stephanie Ryan Malin Media Relations / Writer


tarting a weight loss journey can seem like a daunting task, especially for families with young children who are looking at a lifestyle overhaul. There is a lot to take into consideration: what foods should you buy at the grocery store? How should those foods be prepared to maximize nutrition? What foods should you avoid? What should you eat when you’re away from home on vacation or on the go to soccer practice or piano lessons? If you’re at home, how much screen time— television, phone apps or videogames—is healthy? What kinds of exercise can kids do that are fun? And, that’s just the beginning. With one out of every two children in Louisiana overweight or obese, researchers at Pennington Biomedical, led by Dr. Corby Martin, saw the need to offer in-depth mentorship programs to families in the Baton Rouge area to help make these healthy lifestyle changes. “What we know is that being overweight or obese can lead to some dangerous chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and we’re starting to see more risk factors for these diseases in children,” said Martin. “The DRIVE study is truly revolutionary in that we are taking our expertise into families’ homes to partner with them and provide a fresh perspective on incorporating healthier habits into their everyday lifestyles.” Importantly, the DRIVE study provides weight loss services to the parent, if they wish to receive it, and it helps foster healthier eating and activity 28

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

patterns in children. During the course of 15 in-home visits that last about 30 to 60 minutes each, dietitians and behavioral therapists will talk with families to get a sense of their routine and to help tailor a weight loss and activity program around what works for their specific needs. “We’ll talk with the parents and kids about what they like to eat and then figure out healthier ways to prepare those foods. Our dietitians will help modify recipes that families already love and can provide new recipes. They’ll even help assess a family’s refrigerator and pantry to determine what we can add and possibly remove to lower temptation,” said Martin. With his background in psychology,

Dr. Corby Martin

Martin knows it can be a tricky process to make lasting changes, especially for young children. His team will offer assistance through tips on how to address food cravings, how to help youngsters try and accept new foods, and how to involve children in the cooking process. Dietitians will also discuss easy ways to work in physical activity and how to discern between child-sized portions of food and adult-sized portions of food. “Our mission at Pennington Biomedical is to help create a healthier community by preventing and treating chronic diseases, and we think the DRIVE study is one more tool in our toolkit to helping kids get on the right track earlier in life – and helping their families engage habits designed for lasting impact,” said Martin. If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the DRIVE study, contact Pennington Biomedical at 225-763-3000 or go to

The KAIROS Difference by Susan Brown


oing to prison was something Dianne Stilley never envisioned herself doing – ever. But over a decade later, she says sharing God’s love with inmates has been the experience of a lifetime. At the insistence of a friend, Stilley, a member of University Baptist Church, agreed to help lead a four-day Kairos Weekend inside the state women’s prison, a ministry that emphasizes God’s forgiveness and friendship. She was terrified - of the big, iron gate closing behind her, of her ability to relate to those whose experiences were so different from her own. Today, Stilley tells a different story, of God’s great compassion and His overcoming love, of warm spiritual friendships.

“If you ever want to really take God’s love to a place where they’re so ready to receive you’ll be blessed beyond measure,” she explains. And when she says it, she glows. Stilley and fellow long-term Kairos volunteer, Paula Laird, were honored on March 26 as Volunteers of the Year at Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women at St. Gabriel, south of Baton Rouge.

“If you ever want to really take God’s love to a place where they’re so ready to receive you’ll be blessed beyond measure.” - Dianne Stilley Kairos is a Greek word that means “God’s Special Time.” It is an international prison ministry led by volunteers from a wide variety of Christian denominations. The local Kairos ministry originated from First United Methodist Church in downtown Baton Rouge. Laird, a local CPA and member of Healing Place Church, became involved in Kairos after sensing the need to serve the


community rather than “serving ourselves” inside the church. She made a logical decision to obey Jesus’ admonition: “I was in prison and you came to visit me.” (Matthew 25:36). “I had never seen something happen that could really make a difference in someone’s life, and it could make a difference in three and a half days. And I just couldn’t get over that,” Laird said. She realizes that God draws people to Himself in His own way and time. “So my job is to open that door, hopefully give them the right example of God’s love for them and that we care for them, she explains. “And sooner or later, I’m convinced, that regardless of who it is, regardless of what they did before, what they do at the prison, what they do later, sooner or later God is going to bring all of that back to their memory and they’re going to step up and do what they need to do.” Stilley also recognizes that many inmates have left a trail of hurt behind them, but that God has called others to minister to those needs. But, she says, God’s love and forgiveness are unconditional. “To be a mentor you’ve got to be one that will not care what they did, to love them anyway. Love them as Christ loves them.” “I had never seen something happen that could really make a difference in someone’s life, and it could make a difference in three and a half days. And I just couldn’t get over that.” - Paula Laird

“To be a mentor you’ve got to be one that will not care what they did, to love them anyway. Love them as Christ loves them.” - Dianne Stilley

Susan Brown began her career in radio news in Mississippi and Louisiana. She was news director for WJBO/WFMF radio in Baton Rouge and a journalism instructor at LSU. She holds Master’s Degrees from LSU and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and served as a chaplain at Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women where she continues to volunteer. She currently works in multi-housing ministry in conjunction with River Community Church and serves as a KidsHope USA mentor through her home church, Chapel in the Oaks. Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine l May 2015



Opportunities for LIFE

Calendar of Events

MAY 1 and 15

MAY 15

RANDOM ACT OF KINDESS Women in Business Group ALL DAY FREE bottled water La Madeleine’s Perkins Rowe 8a.m. - 9a.m. Conference Room Office of Dudley DeBosier • 1075 Government St. Discussing Biblical principles for success. Get there early if coffee or breakfast is desired. MAY 15 Youth Peace Olympic Opening Celebration MAY 1-JUNE 16 5p.m. - 8p.m.BREC Perkins Road Park @ Kenilworth CAMP IN THE CITY REGISTRATION May 16 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. Youth Peace Olympic Parade: Pine Cove’s day camp (June 29-July 3) for kids K-5th. Held BREC Hartley-Vey Gardere Lane Park; 11a.m. - 3p.m. at The Chapel in the Oaks, Siegen Lane, Fun activities, great Youth Peace Olympic Camp: BREC Perkins Road Park staff, life-changing ministry! Register at May 30 10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Youth Peace Olympic Camp: BREC Perkins Road Park @ Kenilworth MAY 1 and 8 free water safety class MAY 14 5:00 p.m.-5:45 p.m. for ages 3–5 3rd Annual Impact Luncheon 5:45 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. for ages 6-12 11:30a.m. Crowne Plaza • 4728 Constitution Ave. ExxonMobil YMCA, 7717 Howell Blvd. Hosted by The Life of a Single Mom Ministries Please contact the Y to register to attend the free water safet y classes. Special guest speaker, Julio Melara of 225 Magazine and emcee, Shauna Sanford of LPB. Special presentation by MAY 1 and 15 Mayor Kip Holden. This annual event sheds light on the free water safety class challenges single moms face, what the community can do, 5:00 p.m.-5:45 p.m. for ages 3–5 and amazing transformations of single mothers whose lives 5:45 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. for ages 6-12 have been changed by The Life of a Single Mom. For more Americana YMCA, 4200 Liberty Way, Zachary Please contact the Y to register to attend the free water safet y classes. information, visit


Women Praying for Women Annual Spring Prayer Luncheon 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. • Boudreaux’s 2647 Government Street Speaker Kim Jones of the musical group Forever Jones! Cost is $25.00 Visit for more information.

MAY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

free water safety class 9 a.m. for ages 3-5 9:30 a.m. for ages 6-12 Paula G. Manship YMCA, 8100 YMCA Plaza Drive

Please contact the Y to register to attend the free water safet y classes.

MAY 3, 12, 23

free water safety class 2-3:30 p.m.; 5:30-7:00 p.m.; 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. A.C. Lewis YMCA, 350 South Foster Drive

Please contact the Y to register to attend the free water safet y classes.


Gardere Initiative coalition meeting 9-10a.m. • 8425-A Ned Ave. For more information visit: relay


Relay for Life 4p.m.-10p.m. • Highland Road Park For more information visit: relay 30

May 2015 l Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine

MAY 22

Women’s Business Luncheon 12N Healing Place Church • 19202 Highland Rd. / $20

MAY 29 - 31

cYT PRESENTS RAPUNZEL, A Magical Musical BRCC Magnolia Theater • For Info / tickets go to: Recovery Support at Addis is a ministry of First Baptist Church Addis for individuals seeking freedom from destructive habits. Men meet Fridays at 7pm Contact James (225) 218-5630 Women meet Sundays 6pm Contact Ellie (225) 776-1652 6781 LA Hwy 1 Addis, LA 70710 There is no fee for attending. For more info: (225) 749-3756 Sports Quest Baton Rouge needs volunteers to provide meals for the athletes and coaches who lead camps June 18-28. Also need assistant coaches, registration volunteers, nurses, and first aid volunteers. Camps run June 22 - 26 from 5-7 in Gardere. Need several volunteers!

MAY 1-30

8th Annual YMCA SwimSuit Drive

Drop off new or gently used swimsuits to any of the 9 YMCA locations.

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