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MAKING PAPER Mrs. Flowers-Atkins Johnson STEM Magnet School Kindergarten 2010-2011

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Technology Students collaborate in the use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity. Mathematical Reasoning 1.0 Students make decisions about how to set up a problem: 1.1 Determine the approach, materials, and strategies to be used. 1.2 Use tools and strategies, such as math tools or sketches, to model problems. 2.0 Students solve problems in reasonable ways and justify their reasoning: 2.1 Explain the reasoning used with concrete objects and/or pictorial representations. 2.2 Make precise calculations and check the validity of the results in the context of the problem. Earth Science Students know how to identify resources from Earth that are used in everyday life and understand that many resources can be conserved. Investigation and Experimentation 4.Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations. As a basis for understanding this concept and addressing the content in the other three strands, students should develop their own questions and perform investigations.

Procedures •

Objectives: After working with and observing different properties of wood, students investigate paper. We have explored several types of paper, read about how paper is used in everyday resources and researched different ways paper is recycled or reused. In this lab, students question; How can I recycle 8 sheets of toilet paper?


Materials: plastic bottle, sponge, water, wax paper, toilet paper, 2 screens, color paint and a basin.

Thinking Maps

Recycling Paper

• Step 1: Add 8 sheets of tissue to an empty plastic bottle. • Step 2: fill the bottle 3/4 with water. • Step 3: Shake the bottle for 5minutes.

Recycling Paper

• Step 4: Filter the pulp using a screen. • Step 5: Use a sponge to soak up extra water. • Step 6: Let paper dry over night.

Kids in Action!

Kids in Action!

Making Color Paper

• We followed the same process, but instead added color paint to the water mixture.

Recycled Paper

• “I can make pulp with old paper and water,” Shania B. • “ Paper comes from wood on trees,” Jaylen H. • “ You can add color to the water to make color paper,” Tamera M.

Information and Resources California State Standards BrainPop Jr / BrainPop Videos: MACBook, Digital Camera, Document Camera and projector, Student Computers, MSAP Workshop/planning. MSAP Coordinator Science Resource Teacher : Mr. Michael Cook Curriculum & Planning & Tech Support Reba Gordon Matthews Computer Lab Teacher/ Site Ed. Tech/ NASA Explorer School Team Leader Engineering Engineering Lab Teacher Marisa Ramirez Technical Support Site Network Technician MR. Dondi Jones


Children in room 1 learned about recycling and how to recycle old paper. They also learned how to make colored paper.

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