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Welcome to Armstrong Woodhouse bathing, a { L U X U R I O U S } haven to captivate and inspire you. Our range of elegant baths will sweep you into a pampered world of sumptuous decadence and timeless elegance.

O I N E T T E } { A N T exquisite luxury


Bringing sensual textures and

indulgent drama into your life these

wonderful baths will { C A P T I V A T E } your spirit. Their characteristic smoothness and finesse is utterly sexy and genuinely breathtaking .

desire E T O N } { B Rexquisite luxury

N V Y } { Eexquisite luxury


Decadence surrounds this stylish design that is effortlessly { C H I C Accent is given to the sophisticated textures that dazzle and shine. Dress the bath in one of our beautiful { L E A T H E R S } for it to contrast with the sultry metallic interior.



S S I O N } { P Aexquisite luxury


Just as you would be intoxicated by a

provocative perfume this

sensuous bathing beauty will hold you { E N T R A N C E D } with its tempting curves. This bath will entice you with its charms. AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF SUMPTUOUS LEATHERS

S O H O } { exquisite luxury

excite This clever combination of

provocative drama contrasting

with { S U C C U L E N T } textures will create a focal impact , leaving you captivated and entranced . AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF SUMPTUOUS LEATHERS


B R A C E } { E Mexquisite luxury


indulgent , so relax and luxuriate in these { S U M P T U O U S } baths. With a lustrous This is the perfect excuse to be

all copper or copper exterior and contrasting tin inner, a warm glow exudes from these wonderful artistic pieces.

relax B R A C E } { E Mexquisite luxury

P T A T I O N } { T E M exquisite luxury

T R I G U E } { I N exquisite luxury

N G E L } { Aexquisite luxury

love ANGEL Designed to


you, the game of { S E D U C T I O N } commences

when you both first meet. The magical silver finish creates a rich impact allowing it to fit into both contemporary and classical situations.

HALO This bath will { C A P T I V A T E } you with its effortless style and

elegance . The glamourous external gold finish will bring a sophisticated refinement to your lavish lifestyle.

A L O } {H exquisite l u x u r y





bespoke freestanding basins are simply { D I V I N E }. With each one hand made and totally unique . All our bowls are fired using a sustainable coppice wood to further enhance their individuality.


Continue the theme with our { V E N E T I A N } glass wastes,

embellished with silver and gold leaf.

Dark rib

Dark antique

Dark sand

A S I N S } { B exquisite luxury

Natural copper

Dark band

Thin band

White rib

Porter: glazed blue

Porter: glazed natural

Aragon: matt brown

Aragon: matt green/blue

Aragon: matt green

Aragon: matt white


Porter: glazed green

Porter: glazed red


A S T E S } { W exquisite luxury






Chocolate fudge

Black crocodile

Peat crocodile


Ocean blue

A T H E R S } { L E exquisite luxury

Cream ostrich

Rust ostrich


We have available a

luxurious leather swatch to assist you

in deciding from our range of { S U M P T U O U S } hides.




T A I L S } { D Eexquisite luxury

COPPER BATHS External measurements L: 1700mm Max H: 800mm Max W: 750mm (Please see price list for individual measurements). Armstrong Woodhouse baths are made from pure copper & have a seamless finish. Please note these baths are supplied without an overflow, if you require the option it can easily be fitted contact us directly for details. All polished surfaces are sealed with an impact resistant finish that requires no polishing. All tin surfaces are supplied unsealed in their pure form to facilitate the development of the quintessential patina now so synonymous with these period style baths. All Armstrong Woodhouse copper baths can be supplied with a matching waste. Armstrong Woodhouse supply many styles of tap and bath filler to complement our products, we will be happy to recommend and supply your requirements. SUMPTUOUS WHITE BATHS External measurements L: 1770mm Max H: 590mm Max W: 820mm (Please see price list for individual measurements). Clad in water resistant natural leather these baths exterior finishes are hard wearing, durable & spot resistant. Please care for the interior using non-abrasive products. Please note that a ÂŁ50 deposit is required for all swatch requests. COPPER BASINS Freestanding copper basins are sealed with an impact resistant finish that requires no polishing (please see price list for individual measurements). STONEWARE BASINS W: 410 x H: 190mm These basins are freestanding. Individually thrown in the UK and fired in sustainable wood-fired kilns. No one Armstrong Woodhouse basin is the same. (Pease see price list for individual measurements. Please note that due to the hand made nature of the above products sizes may vary +/- 1%). BATH & BASIN WASTES Armstrong Woodhouse supplies a range of bath and basin wastes to complement our products. Matching copper and tin finishes are available alongside exotics such as Venetian glass or polished nickel (please see price list for individual details).

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Armstrong Woodhouse catalogue  
Armstrong Woodhouse catalogue  

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