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By Dan Daniel -

Until recently, only a few people know That there is such a thing as bathtub lift chair. Bath lifts are designed to make bathing Easier, and for old people, to make it possible to bathe Independently. It can be very tough for the elderly to cleanse in the bathtub . They have to walk on the slippery bathroom floors, and then find a way to enter the high- edged tub, and then lower Themselves on the bathtub floor.

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For old people, puede Easily turn into a very stressful experience That They instead take showers than enjoy a warm and relaxing cleansing ritual. However, taking a shower requires them to stand for a long time, making them prone to accidents like slipping or falling. To avoid this, family members hire someone to help the elders When bathing .

Old people do not have to go through These traumatic experiences and embarrassing . Bathtub lift chairs allow seniors to live Independently. These specially designed seats safely raise and lower a person into a bathtub. Lift chairs Use a rechargeable battery to lift and lower the user. Intelligently made, These chairs will not lower the seat Unless there is enough power to lift it again. The units are secured to the bathroom floor by strong suction cups and do not require any drilling on the floor. Plenty of bath seats are available Depending on the elder's needs , taste , and budget. For a relaxing bath, you can look at the Reclining Bathtub Lift Chair by Neptune. Of course, nobody would want to sit up straight while taking a bath. Even persons without special needs want to comfortably sit and lay one's back while cleansing.

Even if the seat is reclined , Neptune's lift chair will still fit in your tub. Its design Allows more legroom for the user while Allowing Also the chair to recline. The suction caps on the chair 's feet are wider than standard models, Allowing for better fit.

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Until recently, only a few people know that there is such a thing as bathtub lift chair. Bath lifts are designed to make bathing easier, and...