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Winter 2012


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PLUS! 2012 Film Guide - It’s a Dress, Not a Yes - Cheap Bath




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SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012


Juna Abrams Jenny Banks Helena Cole Andy Farquhar Claire Goldsworthy Greg Henley Phil Smith Luke Taylor Twitter: @SpaLifeSU


ello and welcome to the wonderful world of SpaLife Magazine. It’s almost Easter and for those of you in second and third year, this might be the time when the panic sets in. Well, never fear! SpaLife once again has you covered with a massive features section detailing just what it is you need to do to avoid the dreaded return to your parents’ basement after graduation. And there’s more good news: if you’re still riding the freshers wave of leisurely abandon, we’ve got a handy-dandy film guide for the upcoming year. It’s got everything from The Amazing Spider-Man to The Great Gatsby and all that’s good inbetween. Exams are looming and second term deadlines are just around the corner, so I’ll keep the rest of this short and sweet: Sit down with a cuppa, read SpaLife and let everything else fall into place.

Juna Abrams Head Editor

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A Cheap Day Out

Empty your pockets and get ready to see Bath without making your wallet weep. by Luke Taylor



Tea Time

What’s it like to sleep with something sinister? Find out in this flash fiction about sex, stalking and tea. by Helena Cole


Student Spotlight on Line Up Film Fest and Short Film Competition The upcoming film festival is run by third year Film and Screen Studies students, and anyone under the age of 25 can enter the short fim competition. by Juna Abrams


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012



Time is Running Out

Our resident third year journalist gives out some advice for the not-so-organised. By Helena Cole


Careers: Your Future An overview of the bite-sized workshops offered by Careers -- and why you can’t afford to miss out on them. by Andy Farquhar





24 28 29

Most Anticipated Films of 2012

SpaLife’s guide to what you should be watching this year. by Jenny Banks


The Ex-Factor


Lecturers go Bowling with the Unions


Women Empowering Women

Changes are happening on this staple of television, but does anybody care? by Greg Henley

An examination of the pension strike and how it affects you. by Phil Smith

A Study in Sherlock

The BBC TV programme and film adaptation go head to head as we ask: which Sherlock reigns supreme? by Jenny Banks

Review: A Flash Flood of Colour

A breakdown of Enter Shikari’s third album. by Greg Henley

The social awareness campaign ‘It’s a Dress, Not a Yes’ seeks to change society’s ideas about rape. by Claire Goldsworthy


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A cheap day out...


As one of the most prestigious cities in the country, Bath is known as the most expensive for shopping and dining outside of London! However, if you know where to go and where to buy, then you will be very surprised at how cheap Bath can be!

by Luke Taylor 8

SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

second walk from the expensive Boston Tea Party, you can purchase a take away Hot Chocolate for only £1.90! Across the road, Al falafel offer cans for only 50p, whereas Sainsbury’s charge an extra 20 pence! If you’re looking for an outfit for a night out, then H&M has great deals for men and woman. With their spring fashion coming out soon, T-shirts are priced at £3.99, and a blouse will only set you back £7.99! For those themed nights out, Sixes and Sevens have a

great selection of fancy-dress for everyone. Looking for a bite to eat? Baths ‘big’ Sainsbury’s, being the second most expensive

In The Tub


f you like to start your day with a cup of something hot, then why not pop into the Egg Theatre Café? Located only a twenty

in the country, is a hot spot for every students food shopping. Yet, however overpriced it is, for a spot of lunch, the Sainsbury’s meal deal is both affordable and filling. For £3.00 you can choose from a variety of sandwiches combined with your choice of drink and snack. You can also purchase your food at Sainsbury’s local in the town centre, and enjoy it whilst you sit in the Abbey courtyard listening to the buskers.

You can also purchase your food at Sainsbury’s Local in the town centre, and enjoy it whilst you sit in the Abbey courtyard listening to the buskers.



Bath is bursting with cheap and affordable fashion.


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012




fter lunch, work off those calories and hunt down Bath’s hidden fashion gems! What many people don’t know is that Bath is bursting with cheap and affordable fashion, with the real labels! Bath’s Save the Children charity shop opposite Waitrose, often has clothes by Ted Baker and D&G. Across the road, every Saturday there is a vintage market held, selling fur coats at affordable prices, and

the very best fashion from decades ago at tasteful prices. Shaw Trust opposite Moles has fashion labels such as Prada and Gucci, and next door in Oxfam, you’ll be sure to find many more!But if you want this fashion at even better prices, then a 10 minute walk from Waterside and Charlton Court is Moorland Road, where you can pick up a full outfit for under £10.00!

In The Tub

Purchase your snacks and drinks from anywhere BUT the cinema.


ith a day spent on your feet, a well-deserved trip to the cinema is in order! Purchase your snacks and drinks from anywhere BUT the cinema, as you’ll be paying twice the price once you are inside the Odeon. Hidden behind BHS, the Little

Tickets cost students only £2.50 on Orange Wednesdays.


Theatre Cinema also offers Orange Wednesdays, and its prices are almost half the price of the Odeon. This month, a viewing of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel will cost students only £2.50 on a Wednesday, as with every film screened here on Wednesdays! And even if you don’t go as part of the Orange deal, all film screenings cost only £5.00 per person. But if you fancy a cheap night out, a pint in Beau Nash is only £1.00 on a Monday, and Ponana costs £3.00 for men on a Thursday and is free for girls. So, a day out in this extravagant city need not come at London prices!


Creative Writing


TEA TIME By Helena Cole


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012


think of is “ AllhowI can I have to get out right now.

decorated with endless hearts and smiley faces. I feel sick, find myself flicking through the book they fell out of. It’s thin and flimsy with lines on it, like the notebooks we once used in school. I find my uni timetable, photos of me with female friends printed out from my Facebook, only she has Photoshopped her head onto theirs. There are copies of text messages we exchanged, a used tissue in a sealed sandwich bag and an early draft of an essay I vaguely remember writing about a year ago. All I can think of is how I have to get out right now. I slip on my trainers, stumbling on the laces as I race to the door. She opens it just as I’m standing there, beaming smile, tea tray in hand with decorative teacups on saucers and assorted biscuits with napkins. No wonder she took so long. “I have to go,” I say apologetically. “I just remembered I have a…thing.”

Student Art Showcase

t’s not until she’s gone to make tea that I can really take in the situation. I am in her room, that strange but beautiful girl. She has left me standing on her spotty pink rug, not sure what to do next. Do I sit on her bed or the desk chair? Or is she expecting me to be forward with her, maybe take off some clothes and sprawl out on the covers like a true stud? I shuffle over to the mirror, check my hair, teeth, breath. Everything is perfect. “Do you take sugar?” she calls from the kitchen, no doubt waking up her housemates in the process. “No thank you,” I yell back. If things go as planned we won’t even drink the tea. I take off my shoes and decide to put them neatly on the floor next to hers. My belt catches on the corner of a book by the bed, and it slides to the ground, loose sheets falling like feathers. I gather them up and try to put them back. Then I realise what they are, and see my name. Pages and pages of conversations, every one I’ve ever had with her online since we first met at the beginning of term. Each page is marked up with red annotations and I find highlighted fragments in fluorescent yellow. Phrases like It was nice seeing you and are you going to the lecture tomorrow? with scribbles of nonsense written by the side, like he loves me! and wants to see me!


FOR YOUR DIARY: LINE UP FILM FEST AND SHORT FILM COMPETITION Bath Spa’s Film and Screen Studies third years have got your entertainment covered this spring. In its third year, the Line Up Film Festival hosts a series of films in venues across Bath, culminating in a showing of student short films.

By Juna Abrams


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring Winter 2012

Students’ Union News

The Festival


Student Art Student Art Showcase Showcase

The pubs will play host to a diverse film festival list that includes the likes of Gladiator, In Bruges and Chicken Run.

he Porter, Victoria Works, Green Park Tavern – what do these pubs have in common? Besides being good for a pint and a spot o’ snooker, the pubs will play host to a diverse film festival list that includes the likes of Gladiator, In Bruges and Chicken Run. ‘We set up an entire film festival from scratch,’ says one of the festival coordinators and Bath Spa student, Michelle Rowe. She and about 30 other students are involved in a third year Film Studies module that has put on the festival for the last two years. Starting with a small sum from the university, the class organises the entire event, from fundraising to venue hire to marketing. ‘This year, our theme is competition, in light of the Olympics and everything,’ Michelle says. Competition junkies can get into Invictus, Fight Club and Cool Runnings, but if the Olympic spirit doesn’t get your blood pumping, then rest assured that your ticket money goes to a good cause: ‘It’s for charity!’ Michelle says. Specifically, any additional profits go to Forever Friends for Royal United Hospital and the Knowle West Media Centre.


The Competition


pen to anybody under the age of 25, the Line Up Film Competition aims to showcase

films by young people in and around Bath. The limitations on submissions are few: ‘The only stipulation is that it’s got to be a short film – so less than ten minutes – and it can be about anything.’ It may come as no surprise, then, that last year’s shortlist featured a triptych-style animation and an edgy film noir biopic about a contemporary greaser. This year’s submissions are no exception to the competition’s reputation for variety. ‘One is a family animation,’ Michelle says. ‘The other one is about somebody’s battle with drugs and the other one is a gay love story.’ The competition shortlist will be screened on 24 March at the Love Lounge at the Bell. Information about entering the competition is available at

Line Up Film Festival and Short Film Competition


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

directed by young people from all over the South West – will be shown on the final day. When? 23-24 March 2012 Who? Third year Film and Screen Studies students, aspiring directors and film lovers. Where? Venues all over Bath including the Porter, the Bell, Vicky Works and Green Park Tavern Why? To support budding filmmakers, fellow students and local charities. Plus, what’s not to love about grabbing a pint and watching Fight Club?

Student Art Showcase

What? Screenings of competition-themed films in venues across Bath. The short film competition shortlist – made up of ten films

Tickets are £3 at the door. More info available

Last year’s shortlist featured a triptychstyle animation and an edgy film noir biopic about a contemporary greaser.

At a glance… Friday 23 March Invictus at Bath Rugby Club Run Lola Run at the Porter Gladiator at the Victoria Works In Bruges at venue TBC Saturday 24 March Chicken Run at venue TBC Life is Beautiful at Chapel Arts Centre Cool Runnings at Green Park Tavern Fight Club at the Porter Film competition – ten finalists of short listed films, Love Lounge at the Bell Check for up-to-date times and venues.




It’s crunch time, and your career plans aren’t something in the distant future anymore.

Distraught students have turned to playing book jenga.

Advice for the not-so-organised 3rd year student. By Helena Cole For most 3rd years it’s starting to dawn on them that there are only a few months left of their student career. While obviously the most important thing is to put as much effort as possible into getting the grades you deserve, now is also the time to be figuring out what you want to be doing in six months’ time and how you’re going to make it happen. Here are a few things to be thinking about to make sure you’re not living in your parents’ basement for the next decade...


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

MAKE A CAREERS APPOINTMENT Odds are you’ve had a few of these forced on you in your teens and they may not have been particularly useful. Well now it’s crunch time, and your career plans aren’t something in the distant future anymore. You’ll find a careers appointment is actually exactly what you need to get to grips with what you need to be doing to organise yourself, whether it’s further education, a graduate job or something else that you plan on doing.


PUT TOGETHER YOUR GRADUATE CV A graduate CV is aimed specifically for your chosen career, and you tweak it for each job you apply for. If you already have an up to date CV then half the work is already done, you just need to adjust it for your chosen profession. Guidelines can be found at www.bathspacareers. com or, but ideally work through it in person with someone in careers.

You can make a 45 minute appointment by going to or by speaking to someone in person. If you have a quick query, 10 minute drop-in appointments are available between 12.00 - 1.30pm Mon-Fri. Just pop into Careers in LY.101 (upstairs in the Library).

WRITE A SPECULATIVE JOB APPLICATION Did you know that nearly 70% of graduate jobs aren’t advertised? Your best bet is actually to contact the employers you want to work for with a covering letter and CV. What’s the worst that could happen? There are some great guidelines on how to do this at

DON’T PANIC Yes, it’s scary as hell how quickly university flies by, and it’s even scarier that in six months’ time you will be out in the big wide world. The most important thing is to not make any hasty decisions and make sure everything is clearly thought through. Don’t forget, you can always change your mind.


Do you want your opinions on your student* experience to be heard? Take part in the National Student Survey. It’s quick to complete and you’ll be helping prospective students make the right choices of where and what to study.

Scan here to take part in the survey

*You are eligible for the NSS if you are a final year undergraduate or are on a flexible part-time programme. If your final year cannot be easily predicted, you will be surveyed during your fourth year of study. If you were due to be in your final year in 2012, but have withdrawn or are repeating your penultimate year, you are also eligible to take part.

Designed by Tom Holmes, Staffordshire University - NUS Promotional Poster Competition Winner


THE THE THE FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE by Andy Farquhar in collaboration with the JobShop


eing at University, it’s incredibly easy to ignore the outside world and happily enjoy life in your own little bubble. However, at the end of your degree you will probably, unless you’re ridiculously lucky, have to enter the scary world of work. This in itself is a daunting prospect, even for first years. There are also the more committed of us who are looking at supplementing our degrees with part time jobs or volunteer work. So, in order to make this more achievable, Bath Spa University provides us with the Careers Department, ‘JobShop’. This facility caters to all Bath Spa students and enables them access to

workshops which should lead to an increased understanding in presenting yourself as a more employable individual. The JobShop provides interactive workshops at the University. You may have seen these advertised in the library as throughout the first term they’ve played host to many throughout the first term, including: graduate CV’s, applying to Oxford and Cambridge, ethical careers, careers with your psychology degree (which is available to staff as well) and autumn PGCE personal statements, which is so popular at that time of year it tends to require a waiting room.


CareersHub is another service provided by the careers department at Bath Spa University. Here you can use the online service (found at to browse available jobs, check graduate programs, research placements, upload and update a CV and many other important skills. On top of this, CareerHub is easy to use as it has a filter system which takes into account your degree and what campus you study at in order to improve the relevance of your search so that it’s tailored to your needs. You can also book appointments and gain consultation from the careers department. With the beginning of a new year, and a new term, Bath Spa’s careers department have some exciting new future prospects. Make sure you get down to the department so you can pick up the ‘Little Blue Book,’ the essential guide to planning your career. On top of this look out for Bath Spa Plus sessions throughout January and February which will range from writing a CV to finding a placement or internship.


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012


THE JOB! Don’t miss our essential top five bite-sized workshops happening at Bath Spa Careers this term. These are just some examples from our exciting Bath Spa Plus programme at Newton Park. We also provide a comprehensive range of creative careers workshops at Sion Hill. Please see CareerHub for further details.





CREATE EFFECTIVE COVER LETTERS AND ENHANCE YOUR SPECULATIVE APPLICATIONS. In the competitive world of job hunting everything depends on first impressions and a well written letter can help you secure an interview.


STAND OUT IN APPLICATION FORMS. Putting pen to paper can be the hardest part of the application process, but practice makes perfect and with a little preparation you can learn how to market yourself effectively to employers. This workshop will show you how to use the job description and person specification to make a positive impact.

CV writing looks like it should be easy to do. However anyone who has tried it will know that selling your skills and doing it well is more difficult than it seems. This workshop will help you create your CV in the most positive and compelling way.


YOU’RE HIRED! PRACTICE YOUR INTERVIEW SKILLS. Arm yourself with the tools you need to get that job, can you afford not to? The chances are that you don’t enjoy job interviews – who does? This practical workshop will identify some of the most common interview questions, and helps you turn tough questions to your advantage.


MAXIMISE YOUR JOB SEARCH USING NETWORKING AND SOCIAL MEDIA. To ensure highly desirable jobs don’t slip under your radar you need to take full advantage of these networks and become active on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This workshop will give you insight into the benefits of networking and social media.


Most Anticipa


Have a buddy with Orange Wednesdays but not a clue what to see? Fear not! SpaLife is here to help with our top picks for films in 2012. by Jenny Banks Skyfall

Bond is back. Daniel Craig’s third outing as MI6 spy James Bond is released in October. Directed by Sam Mendes, other cast members include Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem and Dame Maggie Smith. Not forgetting, of course, M played by Judi Dench and a young Q, actor Ben Whishaw.

The Dark Knight Rises

The final film in Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy is out in July. Featuring a stellar cast including the likes of Christian Bale as Batman, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman, The Dark Knight Rises sees Batman taking on Gotham terrorist Bane (Hardy), who is intent on ruining Batman and Gotham. As the film’s poster states, ‘The Legend Ends.’ What will become of Batman?


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

ated Films of What You Liked, What You Didn’t

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This prequel to the Lord of the Rings franchise sees Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman, journeying with a group of dwarves to reclaim a treasure from the dragon Smaug. Another great cast is assembled including Sir Ian McKellan and Cate Blanchett.

The Amazing SpiderMan

If you didn’t think three Spiderman films were enough, you’re in luck. Spiderman is back for another reboot, showing us how Spider-Man came to gain his powers, in what is billed as ‘The Untold Story.’ Brit Andrew Garfield replaces Tobey Maguire as the lead.

Les Miserables

From stage to screen, the musical based on the novel by Victor Hugo features paroled prisoner Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) creating a new life in 19th century France at the turn of the revolution. The cast also includes Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter.


The Avengers

Imagine what it would be like if Iron Man, Thor and Captain America hung out. Imagine no more. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) has brought together each Marvel hero to form the Avengers and save Earth. Perhaps the ultimate crime fighting squad.

The Iron Lady

2012’s films aren’t all action and men in superhero attire, but this lady is just as tough. The Iron Lady features Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in a biopic of the former Prime Minister’s life, a role that has seen Streep nominated for a Golden Globe.


Michael Fassbender has also been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as a sex addict, whose life in New York faces upheaval when his younger sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) comes to stay with him.


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

What You Liked, Wht You Didn’t

2012 The Great Gatsby

Carey Mulligan also stars in this adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel set in America in the 1920s. Tobey Maguire is Nick Carraway, neighbour of Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), who finds himself embroiled in Gatsby’s wealthy and mysterious life.

Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina – Keira Knightley stars as Anna, the heroine of Leo Tolstoy’s novel about a young woman whose loveless marriage causes her to set out and find herself a better life, only for things to get more difficult.



SHERLOCK by Jenny Banks


herlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was released this winter coinciding with the second series of BBC’s Sherlock. Which Sherlock Holmes, master of deduction, comes out on top? A ‘I see everything. That is my curse,’ states Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) in the recent sequel. Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes is mischievous, stuck somewhere between a petulant child and an action hero, while Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock in the BBC television series – has a rather different approach to the character. His arrogance often makes him detached from normal rules of society: ‘Don’t try to trick me. You know who I am. It doesn’t work,’ he says. Both are


obviously eccentric, clever and brilliantly written.

Downey Jr is mischievous, stuck somewhere between a petulant child and an action hero.

While it seems impossible to conclude which Sherlock Holmes depiction is the most accurate, perhaps the methods established by Holmes’ creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle should be utilised: observe and deduce. 28

SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

Both are obviously eccentric and brilliantly clever.

What You Liked, What You Didnt


Above: A Flash Flood of Colour album cover.

They’ll have you moshing one second and wobbing the next.


n album number three, St Albans mob Enter Shikari have given everything that makes them who they are a fine-tuning, and in doing so have made themselves masters of creating Ibiza club bangers for rockers and metalheads everywhere. Rory Clewlow’s fat guitar sounds flawlessly merge with frontman Rou Reynolds’s synths to the point where it’s hard to tell the instruments apart, whilst drummer Rob Rolfe and bassist Chris Batten are able to to hop

by Greg Henley

from tense breakbeats to all-out hardcore aggression with ease. Literally, they’ll have you moshing one second and wobbing the next. More praise has to be given for the presence of smooth atmospheric tracks as well as Reynolds’s clear, commanding social commentary that is prominent throughout the record, striking a firm balance between total chaos and a serious message. The leadership trophy for dance-rock hybrids resides comfortably with this lot, and will do for a long time.



The Ex-Factor The decline of TVs once popular music competition. By Greg Henley


n December 19th, 2011, this year’s XFactor winners Little Mix reached the UK number one spot with their cover version of Damien Rice’s Cannonball. It sold 210,000 copies, but despite the victory, it was the lowest selling winner’s single since the show began in 2004. Combine this with notable campaigns for other songs to reach the top of the charts at Christmas time and an answer can be found: more and more of us care less about X-Factor.


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

Before I continue, allow me to clarify – I am not a fan of the programme. I grew sick of seeing individuals wailing through songs by established artists in front of some judges and a camera crew and being crowned a ‘winner’. I’m all for discovering talent, but winning a competition does not entitle you to a number one single nationwide. In December 2009, it was clear that many individuals across the UK shared my grievance. A successful online campaign

took Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 single Killing in the Name to the Christmas number one spot, ending the X-Factor’s several year hold on the seasonal position. Subsequent campaigns in 2010 and 2011 may have been unsuccessful, but have proven that the fight back isn’t over. If you are a fan of the show, this must seem like a narrow-minded rant. However, research record sales and viewing figures over the past few years (printed right) and you will see a clear pattern of decrease. Surely you’re all becoming less and less fussed about it as well. You might just favour the process of eliminationtype shows. If this is the case, may I recommend you try Big Brother or The Weakest Link instead?


•December 2009 - Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name beats Joe McElderry’s version of The Climb to Christmas number one, selling 502,672 copies. •December 2010 - A Facebook campaign for The Trashmen’s Surfin’ Bird reaches number three in the Christmas charts, selling 70,000 copies.

Even if someone is lucky enough to win a singing competition, they’re even luckier if their fame lasts beyond 15 minutes. Remember Steve Brookstein? No? Point proven.

Even if someone is lucky enough to win a singing competition, they’re even luckier if their fame lasts beyond 15 minutes. Remember Steve Brookstein? No? Point proven. Even he supported the Killing in the Name campaign (that’s one of X-Factor’s own). There is no bigger blow to the system when a product distances itself from its manufacturer and rebels against it. “I had a Number One and I got dropped 12 weeks later,” Brookstein told in December 2009, successfully acknowledging mainstream media’s flavour of the month operation. Those involved in artificial programming are ready to stand against it. I believe we should do the same thing.

•December 2011 - Little Mix reach number one with Cannonball one week prior to Christmas. It is the lowest selling winners single since the show began, selling only 210,000 copies. •December 2011 - Military Wives become number one on Christmas day, selling 556,000 copies of the single Wherever You Are. •December 2011 - A campaign to make Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit number one at Christmas reaches number 11. •Ratings for the X-Factor television finale in 2011 were at an average 13.1 million, compared to 17.2 million in 2010.



Bath Spa University lecturers go bowling with the unions by Philip Smith


tion really necessary? Or are the Unions right to resist the cuts? Unions argue that government reforms will leave lecturers working for longer, contributing more, and receiving less than under the current pension system. A key part of this argument is that lecturers will no longer retire earlier than private sector workers but retire in line with state pension age, and it is true that lecturers will have to contribute more to their pensions. However, on

Was strike action really necessary?

SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012


n Wednesday 30th November 2011, several Bath Spa lectures and seminars were cancelled or disrupted as lecturers joined around two million workers from the UK public sector in strike action against the government’s pension reform plans. Chancellor George Osborne deemed the previous pension system ‘unsustainable’, whilst Lecturers and University Unions fight against cuts to what was promised them. But was strike ac-

Left: photo, mondopiccolo.

private sector pensions. Some might point to this fact and suggest that for too long have public sector pensions been ‘gold-plated’ (disproportionately better than in the private sector). The government, faced with a vast budget deficit, has been making cuts across the public sector and introducing new means of raising revenue, as discussed in my previous article on raising tuition fees (SpaLife - Autumn, 2011). Ministers say there is ‘no more money on the table’ for negotiation, and Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, considers current proposals ‘a fair deal’ for the University unions. But if lecturers when recruited were promised certain pension benefits, should these be protected against government cuts?

The gap between private and public pensions is widening.

the final point, statistics show that a lecturer will earn less in pension if retiring at 60, the same if retiring at 62, and more if retiring at 67 (Source: John Wright, 28th Oct 2011 - BBC Online). And so as life expectancy continues to rise, perhaps raising the retirement age for the public sector in line with the private seems fair? An ACA (Association of Consulting Actuaries) report on the 3rd January 2012 warned that ‘the gap between private and public pensions is widening’ amidst a ‘seismic collapse’ in

The issue is certainly provocative, and one perhaps empathises with both parties in the dispute. In a time when the UK’s economic future is uncertain, perhaps the university lecturers and their pensions ought to make sacrifices as many others are doing. At the same time, if lecturers were promised certain benefits upon joining the profession, perhaps these should be

Above: photo, Nick Efford.

guarded through the sanctity of a contract. If you were one of the Bath Spa University students whom had a lecture or seminar cancelled that day because of the strike action, perhaps you feel due a tuition fee refund from the university for that day?




to say

by Claire Goldsworthy

Man Alive!

Women and men in their thousands have been rallying behind the ‘It’s a dress, not a yes’ campaign that has swept both sides of the Atlantic in the last 12 months. Following comments made by a Toronto Police officer that ‘women shouldn’t dress like sluts’ to avoid sexual assault, the campaign aims to tackle the idea of a victim of rape being to blame because of how they dress.


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012


This campaign encourages a positive stand.

that they are not responsible for what has happened to them. Both women and men suffer pain and humiliation in the aftermath of such attacks and the message that this campaign encourages is a positive stand against those people who prey on young people that are just trying to have fun on nights out. While many may feel that this message is one of little relevance to them, it is important to remember that anyone can become vulnerable and that no-one, regardless of who they are or how they dress, is to blame for being

Left: Sparked from a crass comment by a Canadian Policeman, SlutWalks have been staged across many American and British cities. Image: KasiaCia

Above: One of the movement’s many aims is to shift responsibility of preventing such crimes from the inflicted to the inflictor.

victim to a crime. With attacks happening within our own city it never hurts to minimise the risk: when out at night make sure that you go home with people that you know and trust, try to keep enough money aside in order to get a taxi if necessary and keep an eye on your drinks to avoid incidents of spiking.

o speak out against those who feel that women are ‘asking for it’ by dressing in a short skirt and high heels, the movement has held a series of walks across America, Britain and Australia known as ‘SlutWalks.’ Proudly bearing placards emblazoned with slogans such as ‘My clothes are not my consent’ and chanting messages of liberation and body ownership, women are marching together dressed ‘as sluts’ in defiance of the idea that an outfit is an excuse. These walks are just one of the powerful ways to put forward an important message both for men and women who fall victim to harassment and sexually motivated crime. As much as this movement is about women empowering women through mass action, it also encourages victims of these awful crimes to release any guilt and shame that they might feel and to realise

Everyone, regardless of the situation has the right to say no.

These walks provide a message to all that no one deserves to be a victim but especially a victim of the out-dated idea that ‘if it’s on the plate, you can eat it.’ The message behind these walks is one that everyone should remember.


SU News...

See what the SU’ Come along to the SU on Wednesday 7th, 14th and 21st March for this year’s Battle of the Bands. Thebands are competing for a chance to play at the Summer Ball #exciting The Final of Battle of the Bands is on Friday 23rd March! Come and support your favourite act. #letthebestmanwin!

Remember, it’s open mic night at the SU every Monday night! Come along and listen to some live music. Old Boys rugby is on 17th March, come up to the top field to support – come on spa! There is a Football 5’s Tournament on 29th April, email to enter a team

The annual Jon Ball Rugby 7’s Tournament is on Sunday 6th May, there will be a fancy dress night at the SU too! Get your costumes ready.


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

Stressed !%&*!?.... Chill Out, 14th - 18th May is Stress Relief week. Now Relax. Exams are looming #bestofluck Tackles. Mud & Try’s - The Old Boys Rugby game is on the 17th March at the BSU pitches. Show Your Support! The Easter Bunny is a tricky one to catch for third years with dissertations, so best of luck. #HappyEaster Crikey - where has the academic year gone! Remember its not too late to get involved in the SU!

Want to get involved in SpaLife for next year? Well sign up at the SpaLife Freshers’ Fair Stall 2012/13 - It couldn’t be easier!


’s been tweeting.

Come Clean campaign 18 Apr: Lobby of Parliament to educate our MP’s on the HE bill and the affects it could have on students. Athletics Union Diner 18 May for all those who play a sport or are in a club What can I say, I look 4ward to this every yr #cigarsandbowties *Summer Ball 2012* 1st June with the line up still TOP SECRET this night sums up your year at BSU not to be missed!

WOW - Get voting it’s the SU Elections #bigdecisions The CEO Interviews for the SU are fast approaching, its all very exciting!

SLAW Disability Awareness Week - 8th -11th May, Check it out.

This summer the building work starts at NP the contractors roll in 6/6 and the demolition starts 18/6 RIP Nevill + Hungerford

A service level agreement and Code of Conduct between First bus and BSU is being agreed to ensure the bus service is up to scratch. By now the SU will have agreed on a new CEO to lead the Union. watch this space exciting changes to come!

Have you voted in the SU elections? Voting is the most democratic thing you can do! Make a difference BE PART OF IT! Richard + Amy ran in the Bath Half Marathon 2012, with ambitious times to beat and fund raising targets to reach ask us if we’ve achieved it. Come Clean campaign 12-16 Mar: The govt may have shelved plans for an HE Bill but the fight to stop the Govt from selling off our ed goes on









NOMINATIONS OPEN Mon 20th Feb | 9am NOMINATIONS CLOSE Fri 9th March | 4.30pm

CANDIDATE MEETING Fri 9th March | 4.30pm Newton Park Students’ Union Meeting Room | 4.30pm

SION HILL CANDIDATE Q&A Mon 12th March | Cafe Sion | 1pm

NEWTON PARK CANDIDATE Q&A Tues 13th March | Barspa | 1pm, (Lib Reps, SpaLife Reps, and School Reps will not need to take part in Q&A)

VOTING OPENS - Wed 14th March | 9pm CLOSING - Sun 18th March | 11pm VOTE AT THE UNION OFFICE 9.30AM - 4.30PM OR ONLINE | 24HRS A DAY


Bath Spa Into the Woods

Thursday 15th - Saturday 17th March – Univeristy Theatre – 7:30pm – £5 BSU students

BSU Choir, Orchestra and Wind Band

Tuesday 20th March – St Swithin’s Church – 7:30pm – £5 BSU students



Line Up ·Bath · SU Events · Bath Spa Plus·

Gamelan Concert

Wednesday 21st March – Burdall’s Yard – 7:30pm – £5 BSU students

These Beautiful Things Friday 23rd March – Burdall’s Yard – 8:00pm – £5 BSU students

EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble cjggbella

Wednesday 28th March – Michael Tippett Centre – 8:00pm – £6 BSU students

The Ice Book

Saturday 24th March – Burdall’s Yard – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – £3 on the door


Line Up ·

Calendar LINE UP

Friday 23rd March Invictus

The Rec, Bath Rugby – 4:00pm

Run Lola Run


The Porter – 6:30pm


Victoria Works – 8:00pm

In Bruges

Malloy’s – 8:30pm

SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

Film Festival


· Bath · SU Events · Bath Spa Plus

Saturday 24th March Chicken Run

Venue TBC – 9:00am

Life is Beautiful

Chapel Arts – 12:00pm

Cool Runnings

Green Park Tav – 12:30pm

Flight Club Film Competition

The Porter – 4:00pm The Bell – 7:30pm


Line Up ·


Bath Spa


Maximise your job search using

SOCIAL MEDIA Promote your enterprise with public relations

Meet the employer: Superstars cybrarian77

Monday 19th March – LY.102B – 12:00pm

Get the lowdown on postgraduate study

Monday 19th March – LY.106 – 1:00pm

A guide to grammar and punctuation Wednesday 21st March – SU Meeting Room – 12:00pm 42

SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012


Friday 16th March – MH.G15 – 9:30am

Support for int’l students: Referencing and plagiarism Wednesday 21st March – LY.106 – 1:00pm

Options with your business degree Thursday 22nd March – LY.106 – 3:00pm

Support for int’l students:


Wednesday 28th March – LY.106 – 1:00pm




· Bath· SU Events · Bath Spa Plus

Monday 26th March 2012 – LY.106 – 1:00pm Opportunities Abroad Thursday 29th March – LY.106 – 1:00pm

Referencing refresher session

Wednesday 25th April – SU Meeting Room – 12:00pm

Intro to InDesign - part 1 Monday 30th April – DY.G03 – 10:30am

Preparing for exams Wednesday 2nd May – SU Meeting Room – 12:00pm

Successful freelancing in the creative industries Wednesday 9th May – Board Room, Sion Hill – 2:00pm

Intro to InDesign - part 2 Monday 14th May – DY.G03 – 10:30


Calendar GIGS EVENTS and

Line Up ·

Bath Digital Festival Moonwatch

Bath in Fashion

Brendan Lally

Saturday 28th April – Sunday 25th March - Sunday Victoria Park in front of No 1 Royal Crescent – 8:00pm 1st April – FREE – See www. bathfashion. for more details

Bath Comedy Festival

David Norfolk

Ongoing – Royal Photographic Society – FREE 44

SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012


Friday 30th March Monday 9th April – See for mroe details

Bath Shorts: Hidden Treasure

Saturdays – Beau Nash – 12:30pm, 3:30pm

in the Thursday 15th - Sunday 25th



· Bath · SU Events · Bath Spa Plus

March 2012 – Central

Bath – See

Bath Shorts: Antique Antics

Saturdays – Beau Nash – 2:00pm, 5:00pm

We’re Here, Where are You?

Doctoring Practice Symposium

Friday 27th April – Sion Hill Lecture Theatre – 9:30am – £10 students

Joe Plocki

Tuesday 13th-Sunday 18th March – Walcot Chapel – 11:00am-6:00pm

Painting the Planets Through Monday 16th April – Herschel Museum of Astronomy – See www. bath-preservation-trust. for more details



Line Up · Bath · SU Events · Bath Spa Plus·

What’s on at the Students’ Union Open Mic Night

SU Election Voting

Wednesday 14th – Sunday 19th March – SU Office and online – All day, every day

Battle of the Bands: Finals

Friday 23rd March – SU – Evening

Armadillo Commander


SpaLife Magazine │ Spring 2012

Robert Bejil

Mondays – SU – Evenings

Football 5s Tournament

Sunday 29th April – email su-activities@ for more details

Disability Awareness Week

Tuesday 8th - Friday 11th May – Newton Park Campus

Athletics Union Dinner Friday 18th May





SEE IN THE World!”

Mahatma Gandhi



OPENS - Wed 14th March | 9am CLOSING - Sun 18th March | 11pm



LEAVERS 2012 HOODIES Embroidered University logo one side of the chest and YOUR choice of Name, Course or nickname on the other.


1 2


A.Name Nickname My Course


Embroidered University logo one side of the chest.

YOUR choice of Name, Course

2 or nickname on the other.

A.Name Nickname My Course







Black / Grey / Navy / Royal Blue / Red XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL



CHEST 34 - 36” 36 - 38” 38 - 40” 40 - 42” 42 - 44” 44 - 46”

SpaLife Issue Two