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FLESSA 316 by Gessie

With its creativity and the style, Gessi has been able to instill a completely new feeling into steel. This material is usually perceived as technical and “cold�, and yet Gessi made it look and feel warm and decorative. Gessi in fact has made the body of the tap rich in esthetic and decorative, as textures and patterns developing different themes to cater to different tastes. Decorations go hand in hand with differentiated length handles, glamorous finishes and a contemporary and innovative system of modular sinks.


The AXOR Showers include overhead, side and hand showers, shower systems and shower sets. Whether round or squareshaped: they transform the shower into a place that you can truly appreciate. Their exceptional design and outstanding technology make them an absolute must in the shower. For example: the AXOR 350 Overhead Shower. Unique in every dimension. Its majestic size makes it the new archetype in the shower. Each of its jets is a homage to the precious element of water: ranging from revitalising water jet through to PowderRain, the latest innovation from AXOR. The finest silicone nozzles transform water into silky rain. Softly enveloping. Perfection.


Bathroom + Kitchen Today

Bathroom + Kitchen Today : Vol. 2 / 2018  

Bathroom + Kitchen Today : Vol. 2 / 2018

Bathroom + Kitchen Today : Vol. 2 / 2018  

Bathroom + Kitchen Today : Vol. 2 / 2018