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Have fun playing together! Babies and children need to play - it’s how they learn about our world. Talk with your baby or child while you play - it will help them learn to talk to you. Watch and listen to your baby or child - let them lead the play. Don’t worry if your baby or child only plays for a short time, it will still have been a positive experience.

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Always keep a careful eye on your child. Create a safe place for your child to play (e.g. check regularly for broken toys, sharp edges and small objects that can be swallowed).

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Somer Valley Children’s Centre Services A guide to Treasure Baskets

What is a Treasure Basket •

Playing together…

A treasure basket is a collection of everyday objects and materials for babies to play with. Babies learn by looking, touching, sucking, licking, banging, and picking up and dropping. It gives babies the chance to explore and decide for them selves what they want to play with. Babies curiosity about the contents of the treasure basket often means that they will concentrate for longer and longer periods of time.

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Make sure your baby is seated comfortably and safely, with cushions for support if necessary. Give your baby time to lead the play sit nearby and watch to give your baby confidence. Let your baby choose the items rather than passing things to them. Let them play for as long as they want with their chosen item rather than trying to encourage them to look at other things.

Treasure Baskets Stay Safe

What can I use? • •

Fill the basket with objects— the fuller the better. Try to include items that can be explored with all your senses; smell, taste, sound, touch and sight. A basket could contain; shells, feathers, pebbles, corks, cardboard tubes, nail brush, hair brush, spoons, pegs, tin lids, whisk, different fabrics and other household equipment.

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Babies often want to put everything in their mouths. Make sure everything you choose for the basket is safe. Do not include items that could be easily broken or choked on. Watch out for items that have small parts. Check the contents of the basket regularly, cleaning objects and removing any damaged items.

A Guide to Treasure Baskets  
A Guide to Treasure Baskets  

A guide to treasure baskets from Somer Valley Children's Centres.