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Have fun playing together! Babies and children need to play - it’s how they learn about our world. Talk with your baby or child while you play - it will help them learn to talk to you. Watch and listen to your baby or child - let them lead the play. Don’t worry if your baby or child only plays for a short time, it will still have been a positive experience.

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working together for health & well-being


Watch out for….. 1. 2. 3.

Always keep a careful eye on your child. Create a safe place for your child to play (check regularly for broken toys and sharp edges) Watch out for small objects that can be swallowed.


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Somer Valley Children's Centre Services Play Ideas

Why play with construction materials?

Playing together… • Watch what your child is doing and make a similar model • Add model people, cars, animals etc. to the models • If possible, when your child moves to another activity, leave the model so they can play with it later • Give them time and opportunity to make their model – it can take a lot of concentration!

• Playing with construction materials will give your child the opportunity for creativity and to use their imagination • It can also help them to develop control of the muscles of their hands and arms • They can learn about size, colour, shape and balance

Construction What can I use?

Talking together...

Duplo Sticklebricks Wood blocks Nesting cups Natural objects like sticks and stones • Cardboard boxes, tubes and masking tape (easier to use than Sellotape)

• Once the model is made, tell very simple stories about it • If your child comments on what they are making, respond with a simple, appropriate sentence. • If they are not concentrating too deeply on making the model, ask for suggestions about what the model is and what it can do

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Play ideas from Somer Valley Children's Centre Services.