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27 March 2014

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Thursday, March 27

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This Sunday is Mothering Sunday. The cynics might say that it’s just an excuse for the greetings card companies to get a bit more cash out of us, but actually there’s years of tradition associated with it. Centuries ago it was considered important for people to return to their home or ‘mother’ church once a year. So each year in the middle of Lent, everyone would visit their ‘mother’ church – the main church or cathedral of the area and many historians think that it was this which led to the tradition of children, particularly those working as domestic servants, or as apprentices, being given the day off to visit their

EDITORIAL Lynne Fernquest mother and family. But whether you’re a cynic or not there’s nothing wrong with making the effort to spoil your Mum. After all whether you’re young or old, you’re Mum is always someone very special. It’s easy to take parents for granted so it’s good to show them just how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you. And I for one will take great pleasure in showing my Mum just how much she means to me on Sunday.

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01225 322211


Emma Dance

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Sam Bradley

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Liza-Jane Gillespie Laura Tremelling

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Jayne Bates

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Tracey Rodaway

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Celebrity style in the city


he power of celebrity association can never be under estimated and has an immediate impact on high street sales. When the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out on Valentine’s Day in that electric blue Detroit L K Bennett dress, the store saw an enormous spike in sales. Fashion coverage of both the Middleton sisters is relentless and the fact that they champion affordable high street fashion has been hugely beneficial to brands like Whistles, Reiss and Hobbs. Grazia magazine online even runs a Kate Middleton Look Book. The official engagement portrait of Kate Middleton featured a flattering cream dress by Reiss which was re-released and 1,000 dresses sold out within minutes. Earlier this year, Pippa wore a pair of “Alice” boots by Somerset brand Seven Boot Lane who operate their only store in Milsom Place in Bath. The suede boots, disappeared from shelves within a day of Pippa’s appearance in them. Sebastian Edwards, who founded Seven Boot Lane with his wife Mais, said: “We were delighted to have Pippa Middleton wearing Seven Boot Lane. Pippa’s natural style embodies the Seven Boot Lane woman perfectly. “Alice has always been a popular boot but the impact of Pippa wearing them has been extraordinary. The boot sold out online in about 12 hours – overnight basically – and nearly half the orders we have taken came from overseas, particularly the US. When someone with Pippa’s influence is wearing your product it opens up a whole new audience, all over the world. Because she dresses in a way that is effortlessly



Nicky Hancock from Bath in Fashion 2014 tracks the impact of celebrity endorsement on high street sales

stylish, people find her looks to be very accessible and therefore they trust the brands that she wears.” Speaking about how they coped with the overwhelming demand Pippa has created for the Alice boot Mais said: “We are very proud to work exclusively with one independent shoe factory in Spain. They are small a family-run company – like us – and we share the same passion: making high quality products using traditional materials and methods. Being small often means you can be more flexible, so we worked together on our production to satisfy the increased

Zpohuuh h{ Zp}ly Qzshuk

demand.” Roland Mouret who was among the celebrity guests at Bath in Fashion 2013 is no stranger to the Kate effect as she has worn his glamorous gowns in the red carpet. He only dresses ‘A list’ celebrities and creates beautifully crafted fashion for the rich and famous. Super models also work alongside fashion brands to create a buzz. Kate Moss collaborates with Topshop, Chilcompton firm Mulberry now has a series of bags dedicated to Cara Delevigne, and the current campaign for Burberry stars Kate and Cara together. Super models attract as much attention on the FROW as they do on the runway. And the arrival of Harry Styles creates as much attention as Anna Wintour from American Vogue. Who will be in the FROW at Bath in Fashion’s catwalks this May? Unlike the London Fashion Week which is staged exclusively for media and celebrities, in Bath anyone has the opportunity to watch top quality shows created by John Walford who has curated shows at LFW for Vivienne Westwood among others. Demand for Superdry rocketed when Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham were seen wearing their sweatshirts and Beckham created a stir in 2012 when he modelled underwear for H&M. River

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Island collaborated with Rihanna in 2013 so the boundaries between fame and fashion are becoming blurred. Bath’s resident, Manolo Blahnik has dressed the it crowd for many years but the brand was thrown into the spotlight in Sex in the City and ultimately Carrie Bradshaw AKA Sarah Jessica Parker worked on a collaboration with the famous shoe designer. This year, Bath in Fashion is once again working with top names in the world of fashion, with guest speakers including managing director of Topshop Mary Homer and Meadham Kirchhoff which has a cult following at London Fashion Week. They say that “high street fashion has never looked so good as for spring summer 14” so maybe now is the time to get out and shop with or without a celebrity to lead the way. Book your tickets for Bath in Fashion at Other celebrities with fashion lines: Kelly Brook lingerie at New Look, Twiggy Collection at Marks and Spencer, Tulisa at BANK, Coleen Rooney at Littlewoods, Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton at, Sam and Billie Faiers from TOWIE’s GraciEve collection at House of Fraser




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You are fabulous: Ally Barrington

Every month, we are inviting you to nominate a woman from Bath or the surrounding area who you believe to be ‘fabulous’. You could nominate someone who helps you out but never asks for anything in return, someone who works tirelessly for others always putting themselves last on the list or simply someone who is a fabulous friend and always there when you need them most – it’s your way of showing your appreciation for them, and our way of giving them some recognition. This month’s winner, Ally Barrington was nominated by her boyfriend’s Mum, Mary Surry. For a long period of time, Mary has suffered with mental health issues and Ally always makes time to support her through the difficult times. “For a young person, Ally has shown amazing empathy for my situation and it’s been such a help knowing that she is always at the end of a phone, text or email if I’m having a bad day…” says Mary, she goes on to say “Ally has traditional family values which is both encouraging and refreshing in comparison to the image often portrayed in the todays media.”



The Weekend Magazine has teamed up with the jewellery store Fabulous to offer a special prize every month to Bath’s most deserving women

Mary’s son is a professional golfer and consequently spends much of his amount time abroad, “Ally is very supportive of his chosen career and has fully immersed herself in the world of golf, which before they met, this was a completely unfamiliar territory to her.” Ally is a student at Bath University and spends many a long hour working hard to gain her qualifications but despite all of her studying, Ally still finds time to support Mary in her hour of need. When university term-time breaks allow, Ally caddy’s for her boyfriend and has travelled to South Africa twice, both funded by her part-time job, and has built strong relationships with his peers and those around her on the golf tours, both at home and abroad. Mary says “Ally is one of the most selfless people I know which is remarkable given that she’s only 22 years of age” Mary goes on to say “Ally is thoroughly deserving of some wider

recognition and a treat for herself and this is the reason why I put her forward for Bath’s most fabulous women’ nomination.” - Well done, Ally. How to Nominate: In 200 words or less, tell us who you are nominating and why they are fabulous. Include your daytime contact details. Entries should be emailed to with You Are Fabulous in the subject line, or you can enter at One winner will be selected each month, chosen by Lynne Fernquest, editor of the Bath Chronicle, and Jo Stroud, owner of Fabulous, Bath. The Prize In addition to seeing their story and picture featured in The Weekend Magazine, the winner will receive a £50 Gift Card to treat themselves in Fabulous with a glass of bubbly and styling tips while you browse. The winner will be revealed on April 24. Deadline for entries is 9am on April 7. Entrants must be 16 to enter. For full terms and conditions see the Bath Chronicle classified section or visit

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             THE WEEKEND



Facing the facts of looking great


he average woman allegedly spends £18,000 on products for their face during their lifetime. But can you achieve a youthful look without expensive creams or surgery? Danielle Collins has the perfect face. There’s not even a hint of a line or a wrinkle or a dark circle under the eyes. Her skin is smooth and taut (so much so that you might even think she’d had Botox, except that it moves in all the right places) and it has that lovely sheen that you usually only see in heavily airbrushed pictures in magazines. It’s the flawless face that every woman dreams of, the secret of which cosmetics companies across the globe are trying to find and cram into a bottle to sell to women in eternal pursuit of endless youth. But Danielle has already bottled her secret – or at least packaged it into a DVD. Because Danielle believes that there is only so much creams and serums can do to prevent the signs of ageing she encourages people to try her Face Yoga programme – a combination of face exercises, face massage, face acupressure and face relaxation which take



Emma Dance comes face to face with Danielle Collins from Bath, creator of Danielle Collins Face Yoga

just 20 minutes a day – which she has developed to not only help prevent the signs of ageing but also improve people’s general health and wellbeing. “There are 57 muscles in the face,” says Danielle. “And just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, the 57 muscles in the face and neck also need to be exercised. As they become stronger through exercise they are lifted and firmed and the skin attached to the muscles is also lifted and tautened, therefore reducing lines and wrinkles. As the muscles are much smaller than those in the body, it takes a lot less time for them to increase in strength and tone. “By regularly massaging the face using the techniques from The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, you will increase the circulation, lymph flow and remove toxins. This will reduce poor skin tone, puffiness and dark circles and allow the skin to look healthier and more youthful. The massage techniques will also increase the collagen and elastin, the natural plumping agents which will mean a firmer and healthier complexion. “Acupressure is an age-old technique which works by pressing on certain points on the face. This can increase the flow of the subtle energy or prana in the face. This therefore reduces tension, increases circulation and gives a healthy glow to the skin and by learning to relax tension in the face this will help to reduce and prevent the deep sets lines and wrinkles caused by stress, squinting or grimacing. The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method allows you to relax the face correctly giving it a more open, youthful look.” According to Danielle there are things that we do in every day life without even thinking that could be speeding up the signs of ageing.

Stop the clock

3 popular exercises ‘ ’


‘ ’


“Chewing on a pen lid, smoking, chewing gum are all bad for your face,” she says. “They can cause tension in the face which can also lead to things like headaches and migraines, and they use some muscles a lot and others not at all.” Although Danielle may look like the picture of health now, it hasn’t always been the case. “Soon after I finished university where I was training to be a primary school teacher I was diagnosed with ME,” she says. “I was bed ridden for a long time, and the doctors told me there was no cure and I would have to live with it for the rest of my life but I was determined to get better. “I started researching about relaxation techniques, nutrition etc and applied what I had learned to my life and within 18 months I was better. “I wanted to share what I had learned and help other people so I decided to retrain to teach yoga and nutrition. “Yoga is fantastic for strengthening and toning the body and also for relaxation but people were saying to me ‘why does it stop there? Why can’t it be applied to the face as well?’

“That’s when I started devising the Danielle Collins Face Yoga method, and that’s why it doesn’t only focus on exercises but also relaxation and wellbeing techniques as well – I believe you should look at things holistically.” Now Danielle not only teaches Face Yoga from her Larkhall home, but she also has a DVD and the Danielle Collins Face Yoga method is taught around the world, with more than 100 teachers across the globe, and Danielle has appeared on countless TV shows talking about the benefits of Face Yoga including, most recently, The Only Way Is Essex. “It’s lovely that I can reach out to people and make a difference to their lives,” she says. “Face yoga isn’t just about looking better, it’s about feeling better too. Creams can do a certain amount, but they can’t get below the skin to help the muscles, and they can’t make you feel better.” For more information about the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method visit Danielle will also be holding a workshop at Yoga Bodhi on Bartlett Street on May 31 from 2pm to 3.30pm.


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Great gifts for Mother’s Day


Spoil your mum silly on Mother’s Day with a pampering treat. Lisa Haynes wraps up the most indulgent beauty buys Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what your mum means to you. So say it with flowers, fashion or pampering, in the form of beautifying indulgences. One in 10 mothers think that we put less thought and time into gifts as we get older,

according to a recent survey of 2,000 mums. Raise the stakes with a present to surprise her on Mothering Sunday. If you fall back on the same old gift idea, think outside the box with these beauty marvels.

Spa break £




■ ’

‘ ’ ■ £ “

£ ’

” £

£ ■



■ £

Flowers ■

’ ’ £



£ ■ ’




ovtlz £



See your rooms in a whole new light


hey may conjure images of royalty and riches, but there’s no reason why chandeliers can’t illuminate more down-to-earth homes too. In fact, forget six-figure price tags and humongous fittings dripping with crystals (though those are fine if that’s what you fancy!), the chandeliers of bygone eras have inspired a wide range of chic and contemporary versions. Whether you’re after a design that’s replete with ornate gold arms or boasting bold art deco charm, chandeliers can be the leading light of a room. Lucy Powles, director of luxury design service Cocovara (, is a big believer in using a fabulous fixture to really make a statement with lighting. “If you want to add a wow factor to any room, I always recommend using beautiful and unexpected chandeliers,” she says. “They become decorative elements as well as functional, and will add glamour to any size of space.” And size is all-important when it comes to picking out chandeliers, according to Powles. “In general, I’d say opt for bigger rather than


Nothing says grandeur like a chandelier, but these statement fittings don’t have to be reserved for palaces. Keeley Bolger puts dazzling displays in the spotlight smaller,” she says. “You can always hang the piece slightly closer to the ceiling so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming,“ With such a flashy focus to your room, it pays to keep an eye on the type of lighting beaming out from your stunning centrepiece. “When it comes to creating a relaxing ambience, soft lighting is key,” explains Lucy. “Make sure you install dimmer switches on every chandelier in your home, so you can create the mood and offer a more flattering light.” Chandeliers may be a bold choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe and stick to just the one. “Don’t limit yourself to just one chandelier either,” says Powles. “In a very large room, two slightly smaller fixtures can add an individual interest, while looking just as chic.”


ovtlz £

Lovely lamps


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Pritchards E S T A B L I S H E D

1 7 8 5

Chapel Plaister, Box

Widcombe Crescent

Semington (Bath 13m approx)

An intriguing Scandinavian styled property set in approx 3.5 acres. Panoramic views. 3 stables, triple garage, paddock. Int area: 2975 sq ft/277 sq m.

An impressive garden apt enjoying stunning views & fabulous walled garden, just a short walk from amenities in Widcombe Parade & Station. (1609 sq ft/149.5 sq m).

A delightful G II 3 bed house believed to be the original Village Manor Hs. Bursting with character. (2346 sq ft/218 sq m). Mature gdns. Double garage & parking.

Bespoke open plan kitchen/dining/living area, study, utility, 5 bedrooms - 2 en suite & bathroom. (Additional land available by sep. neg up to 0.6 acres).

Hall, lg kitchen/breakfast rm, sitting rm, study, 2 bedrms, bathrm & shower rm, dining rm/bed 3, garden/store rm. Delightful garden (SW). 3 vaults. Parking permits avail.

Lg hall, splendid drawing rm with inglenook, dining rm, kitch/breakfast rm, sun rm, study, utility, 3 bedrms & shower rm. Superb loft space (poss further accomm subj to nec regs).

Price: £1.25 million

Price: £625,000

Price: £550,000

11 Quiet Street, Bath BA1 2LB


Tel: 01225 466 225


Eggs-cellent Easter prize To kick off our lovely Easter prize, the lucky winner and their guests will be welcomed to the hotel with a chilled glass of Champagne, which they can enjoy in the hotel’s Conservatory Bar. The three-course Easter lunch will follow, served in Cloisters, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant set in the vaults of the beautiful Mansion House. Offering modern British cuisine and excellent wines, Easter Sunday lunch at Bailbrook House Hotel costs just £30

\olyl ~pss il hu Mhz{ly lnn o|u{4 ~p{o nvvkplz opkklu hyv|uk {olJhpsiyvvr Pv|zl Pv{ls

The Weekend Magazine has joined with Bailbrook House Hotel to offer one lucky reader the chance to win Easter Sunday lunch for four in the hotel’s beautiful Cloisters restaurant per person, or £15 for under 12s. Menu choices include ‘Pot roasted shank of spring Wiltshire lamb, pea fricassee and jersey royal Lyonnais’ and ‘Seared fillet of wild salmon, pan fried scallop, dill crushed potato cake, beurre blanc and watercress salad‘, with treats such as ‘Rhubarb crumble tart with Cornish clotted cream‘, or ‘Vacherin of soft fruits and blackcurrant coulis’ to follow. After lunch, guests can join in the hotel’s Easter egg hunt, with goodies hidden around the Mansion House, or are welcome to stay and enjoy the hotel, perhaps taking time to read the Sunday papers in one of Bailbrook House Hotel’s three Royal Lounges, offering views over Bath. Regardless of how many eggs you find, each Easter Sunday lunch guest will also receive one of chef’s homemade Easter

Eggs to take home with them. Those not lucky enough to win our prize are invited to book early to secure their Easter table. Cloisters is open for dinner seven days a week, and for Sunday lunch. Visit or call 01225 855100 for more information or to make a reservation. To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize all you have to do is answer this simple question: What is the name of the fine dining restaurant at Bailbrook House? Answers should be emailed to by 5pm on April 7, with Bailbrook competition in the subject line. All entries should include your full name, address and telephone number. For full terms and conditions see the classified section of the Bath Chronicle or visit houserules.



mvvk / kypur Pigging Out

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Sweet dreams are made of this

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aster may still be a few weeks away, but already the shops are full of tempting displays of chocolate. While eggs may traditionally be the Easter treat of choice, these days there’s all kinds of quirky confectionery on offer. And no-one knows better how to hit the sweet spot, than Diana Short who, along with her husband Matthew, founded Lick the Spoon chocolatiers in Corsham. In seven years the company has grown from Diana making truffles on the kitchen table to sell to local stores, to a nationally renowned company which supplies high profile stores such as Selfridges and Harrods. This year, Harrods even asked them to produce an elaborate 50cm tall egg in the style of the famous Faberge eggs which were crafted for the Russian royal family. The giant egg took Diana four days to make, and despite a few nerve wracking moments as the two halves were put together, it is now on display in the famous London store. “We are well known for our filigree work and something like that is very much our style,” said Diana. “So I think it

was natural for Harrods to come to us for something like that.” Easter gives the chocolatiers chance to have some fun with their creations. “A lot of what we make at Easter has real charm,” said Diana. “It can be a bit kitsch and has a real fun factor. “Every year we try to do something different, as well as the firm favourites like the chocolate honeycomb eggs. “This year we are making Monster eggs, and we have the character snow globes with a bunny, lamb, pig or a chick. “There are other companies that make animals from moulds but I don’t think they have the same charm. “Because we make them all by hand they all have different expressions.

mvvk / kypur

That’s the joy of Lick the Spoon, no two pieces are entirely the same.” There may not seem to be a natural link between fashion and chocolate – after all, there aren’t many supermodels who look like they regularly scoff down a bar of chocolate – but Diana says that the relationship between the two is stronger than you may think. “Every season we look for new things to do, and I will flick through the new fashion collections for inspiration,” she said. “Things like that will often influence what I am doing.” And just as different styles of clothes come in and out of fashion, it’s the same with chocolate. “Salted caramel and flavours like chilli and chocolate have become more and more prevalent,” said Diana. “But I think they will stay around for a while. “Our best sellers are still the more traditional fresh chocolates though.” Around four tonnes of chocolate passes through the Corsham chocolate factory every year but it is only Diana and one other member of staff, Tina Ingamells, who actually make the products. “It’s hard work,” said Diana. “People think it’s like Chocolat, but it’s not. The chocolate goes everywhere. “The rewards come from developing something new, and when you see it come together and see people getting excited about it, that’s the best thing.”



mvvk / kypur

Chocolate sunny delights These beautiful sunflower cupcakes are sure to bring a touch of sunshine to your Mother’s Day. They may look complicated but they are surprisingly easy to create so the little ones can get involved too.

Method ■


■ ■

How to make it Cake ingredients ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

’ ■ ■


Decoration ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ ~~~6jhrl5hunlsz6jv6|r



28th March 2014


01225 481188



mvvk / kypur

Tipple treats for mums It’s Mothers Day, and thoughts turn to flowers, cards, chocolate and … wine. Whether it’s as a present, or to serve with a Mother’s Day brunch or Sunday roast, The Weekend’s wine expert Angela Mount offers a few hints

Spoil your mum with a bottle of fizz – there’s nothing like flowers and bubbles to make us mums feel special. Here are a few ideas – mainly pink, to go with the roses.

£ ’

Gifts on a budget



£ ’

’ ’ ’

Wines for lunch £ –

’ –

– ’

Oyhoht Jljr4 Jy|{ Zvzl £


£ ’ ’

Uvyypzvuz [pnuh{|yl Xpuv{ Oypnpv Js|zo


mvvk / kypur

Something Sweet ’

Push the boat out

£ –


£ ’

– –



’ ’



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Mum’s the word


other’s Day looms, and shops all over Bath are selling out of floral displays, sparkly bath bombs and Adele CDs, while restaurants crank up their lunch prices and offer a free glass of prosecco to anyone who’s ever had womb tenants. I’ve been a mother for 21 years now, and it has (mostly) brought me great joy – but in recent times, I can’t help noticing that being “A Mum” has become something to boast about. It’s as though having children suddenly elevates perfectly ordinary people into a new realm of smugness, where every comment begins “as a Mother ...” There are now thousands of blogs written by Mums, about nothing more interesting than their own experience of wiping bottoms and pureeing spinach; and endless debates on the giant sites such as Mumsnet about bottle vs breast, school-gate style, and all the other things that no one used to worry about before being “a Mum”

No-one would claim that being a parent is easy, but is motherhood itself something to be proud of? Flic Everett has her say.

became less biology, more lifestyle choice. When I had a baby, I was 21 and had previously never carried anything more significant than a six-pack of beer. I was so young, I had no idea what I was doing wrong, so I just bought a Penelope Leach book on childcare, and hoped for the best. He’s now at University, so all those days spent playing Animal Pairs and reading Harry Potter paid off. I’m very proud of my son – but I can’t say I’m proud of being a mother. That’s just something that happens or not depending on luck, chance and nature. Yet to read the Twitter biographies of 30 and 40-something women across the Western world, you’d think they’d devised a cure for cancer whilst flying single-handed across the globe in a biplane. “Super-Proud of being a Mummy” “Exhausted but amazing!” “juggling life and loving it!” Oh, calm down, I think to myself. By all means, give yourself a mental star after a tough day, but nobody asked you to have four kids and a demanding job. I’m all for feeling positive about yourself, but not to the extent where having a baby becomes a feat akin to scaling Everest in a bikini. Childbirth has been happening for a long time now, and pre-internet, women just got on with it, without a round of applause for every status update. For non-mothers, too, the constant fetishisation of motherhood is painful and unnecessary. The default question at social gatherings used to be “What do you do?” Now it’s, “have you got kids?” Nobody wants to start a conversation with a stranger than begins “actually, we couldn’t,” or even “no, we don’t want them,” and risk being either pitied or judged. And of course, the downside of all the pro-motherhood rhetoric is the guilt. Going to work? You’re letting strangers raise them. Staying at home? You’re not teaching them that women can be successful. We’ve somehow turned mothering into a competitive sport, with winners and losers, crowds of onlookers and triumphalist chest-beating (or breast-feeding.) And it’s not necessary. Most mothers do their best. We all love our children more than anything. We have nothing to prove. Happy Mother’s Day. And happy non-mothers day, too.



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Hardeep is your love?


omedian, writer and presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli is coming to the city as part of the Bath Comedy Festival and while he is accustomed to entertaining, either on stage, on screen or on the radio, Hardeep is your love is his first foray into stand up. “It’s my first stand-up show,” says Hardeep. “It’s all about falling in love as a middle-aged brown man. “It’s very honest. Maybe too honest, but I think that’s what people like. I would like to say it’s about my romantic successes but I’ve never had that many.”

Look out ladies, Hardeep Singh Kohli is coming to Bath and tells Emma Dance how he’s looking for love. But he’s hoping that laughter could lead to love. “Why do you think I’m doing the show?” he laughs. “I’m hoping to get a girlfriend out of it. “I’m looking for someone between 5’3 and 6’2 and preferably with all their own teeth, although we can work around that. “And someone funny who loves food –


not a vegetarian!” Food is a big part of Hardeep’s life. Previous ventures have seen him combining comedy and cooking with him whipping up curries while entertaining the audience, and he has become almost as well known for his culinary skills as his ability to entertain. “The secret of a good curry is love,” he says. “You need to love what you do and eat the curry that you want to eat. It’s the same as a relationship. “People go out with the people that they think they ought to go out with instead of the people they really want to be with, and people eat the curries that


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they think they should eat instead of the ones they really want. “My favourite curry is a lamb bhuna. I’m a sucker for lamb.” But although he loves cooking he has no regrets about turning his back on the kitchen. “I was doing so much cooking on stage and in my life, but I never wanted to get to the point where I was doing too much and I always hankered after doing a stand up show. “There’s nothing to hide behind now though. If I’m not funny on stage I can’t just go back to cooking. It’s great fun though. “It’s very much an interactive show and it’s different every night. “It keeps me on my toes, but that’s the joy of it. I never want to get to the point where I’m on stage and I can’t remember which city I’m in. “I want to make the shows personal for the people who live there.

“It’s very gentle though. I’m not ripping people to shreds or anything and people just end up telling me things. “The other day this woman pitched up to a show and told me her mother was a dominatrix. “It was hilarious, but it’s a strange one because you need to complete her experience on the night and give her closure. You need to explore it and luckily because of all the interviewing work I’ve done I’m quite good at that.” Hardeep may be on tour but he is still continuing his presenting work. “That’s always on the go,” he says. “It’s hard to do everything but it’s a nice hard. It’s a better hard than waking up and not knowing where your next meal is coming from.” Hardeep will be performing at Bath Cricket Club on Saturday. Tickets cost £12/£10 concs. Call 0800 4118881 for details.



G discover.


GUILDHALL MARKET Visit Bath’s Historic Market. Enjoy the shops, architecture and history of The Guildhall Market.

Stardust Design

Roll up roll up, it’s time to get down to the Guildhall Hall market for their monthly raffle. You can enter by simply buying any product for any of the participating stalls in the market to receive a numbered ticket. Then, at 12 noon on the last day of every month a public drawer will take place in the centre of the market with the winner receiving £100 in cash.

We have tried to keep it as traditional as possible and there are to this day a colourful group of stall holders successfully operating from this jewel of Bath.

Bath Guildhall Market is famous for being the oldest shopping venue in the city, having traded on the same site for the last 800 years. Nowadays the Guildhall Market boasts a colourful group of 20 or so stallholders trade in this jewel in the heart of the City, just 80 yards from Bath Abbey. It’s always service with a smile and the personal attention you can always expect when dealing with a family run businesses.

} something

for everyone at a great price

Necklaces Bracelets Earrings


Competing with chain stores throughout the city is not an easy task, with many of the old fresh food providers shutting up shop given the arrival of the city’s many supermarkets. But the market has moved with the times and still prides itself on having something for everyone at a great price, with organisers hoping that interest in the many unique independent stalls will be further increased by entrants hoping to win the prize money.

Catering for virtually everything you need under one roof, no one will be left out. The house proud, the hobbyists, the foodies and the fashionistas among us will all find their wants and needs catered for. So why not come on down to the Guildhall Market and support a wealth of unique local businesses, all the while being in with a chance of winning yourself £100 cash.


Bath humBug Shop

Bath Chaps have returned!

Sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets and more SWEETS! 26 THE WEEKEND

For the perfect lunchtime snack or picnic hamper treat pop in and see our range.

8 Guildhall Market, Bath, BA2 4AW 01225 427195


WIN £100 CASH in The Bath Guildhall Market

s e W

It’s fun to play and easy to win!

Wools y ribbons buttons crafts y haberdashery and much more!


how to enter.

Simply purchase any products from any participating stall and you will receive a unique numbered ticket to the FREE Prize Draw!

how to win.

At 12 noon on the last day of each month a public draw will take place in the centre of the Market. The winning ticket will be displayed from the first day of each month on every stall and published on &


FREEr! GETth1is vo uche

• Great selection of modern paperback books for sale. • Latest “must reads” to the older “always wanted to read”. • Buy a book, enjoy it, share it and even lend it! • We also sell a range of mats & rugs at very affordable prices!

seW n seW 11-18 stalls, guildhall market tel: 01225 482648

Moisturisers Soaps Shampoos Deodorants Healing Reiki Aromatherapy

Bath’s Oldest Cheesemongers Established For Over 35 Years Traditional British & Continental Cheeses


We provide our excellent cheeses from as little as 250g of your favourite up to our amazing cheese wedding cakes.



Visit us at 22 Guildhall Market, Bath Open 9-5.30pn Mon-Sat 01225 460808

All Natural Skin & Body Care Hand Made in Bath

s e W


Always the BEST DEALS IN TOWN Greeting Cards Balloons Fancy Dress & Flags...

Stall 36



Tel: 01225 463 133

01225 339 638

53 Guildhall Market, Bath, BA2 4AW 01225 460213



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Ora et Labora As from today Excursions to Downside Abbey will begin every Thursday morning. To book or find out more go to

Illustrated Talk Bath Society of Artists and Landscape Artist Alan Cotton will talk on his Everest Adventures, 7.30pm. BRLSI, Queen Square, Bath. Admission £4 on the door

Baby Time Free support for parents ofunder-1s, 10am-noon. Barnardo’s Children’s Centre, Kings Avenue, Corsham

German Culture & Civilization Talk in German. Robert Grozinger - Richard Wagner und sein Ring des Nibelungen, 7.30pm. BRLSI, Queen Square, Bath

IVC - the 40+ Social Club Meet at The Bear, Wellsway, Bath

The Historical Association Bath Branch England’s immigrants, 1330-1550, Prof Mark Ormrod (University of York), 7.30pm. Friends Meeting House, York Street, Bath


I zwljphs zlyplz vm zjplu{pmpj {hsrz vu lulyn€ ilnpuz {vtvyyv~ h{ {ol Jh{o Zv€hs Tp{lyhy€ huk [jplu{pmpj Qupz{p{|{pvu pu Y|llu [x|hyl Twerton Big Sing 10.30-11.30am. Carrswood Day Centre, Cleeve Green, Twerton, Bath

Rubber Bridge (ACOL) 2-6pm hosted by Dennis Bernard in Weston. Stake 50p a hundred. 01225 484523

West Bath Bridge Club

Bath Bridge Club

1.45-4.45pm, Chicago bridge, friendly group. Mixed ability. Weston Parish Hall, Weston, Bath. £2

Duplicate Bridge with Masterpoints, 7.15pm. Bath Football Club Rooms, Twerton High Street, Bath. 01225 310326

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Bath Branch For all levels, 1.30-4.30pm. Bathampton Village Hall

Mr Wilkins’ Shilling Women’s Northwest Morris 8-10pm. Methodist Church Hall, Northend, Batheaston. New dancers always welcome. 01225 869086

Bath Good Afternoon Choir No auditions, everyone welcome, 2-4pm. Argyle Hall, Central URC, Grove Street, Bath. £2.85

Daytime Singing Group 11am-12.30pm. Rush Hill United Reformed Church, Frome Road, Odd Down, Bath. 07592 016878

Bath Healing Drop-in Centre 11am-1pm. United Reform Church Hall, Grove Street, Bath. Donation basis

Knit Club at Great British Yarns All knitters welcome. 7-9pm. Unit 9, Brassmill Enterprise Centre, Brassmill Lane, Bath. 01225 462776

Songways Community Choir Fun, rewarding and open to all, 10am-noon, term time. St Swithin’s Church, The Paragon, Bath. £8.

Golden Oldies


2.30-3.30pm. Community Room, Swainswick Gardens, Larkhall, Bath

Mothers’ Day Candle Making

Duplicate Bridge, 7 for 7.15pm. Southdown Community Centre, The Hollow, Southdown, Bath. £3 table money

With natural beeswax and Plant a Pot seasonal seedlings and bulbs will take place throughout the day. To book or find out more go to

Rubber Bridge (ACOL)

Messy Church

Hosted by Dennis Bernard, stake 50p a hundred, 2-6pm. 01225 484523

An all age activity. Variety of crafts, painting, cooking and stories is provided, 11.30am-1.30pm. Bath Elim Church, Charlotte Street, Bath. £1 per child, adults free

Avonside Bridge Club

Reiki Courses Weekly For all levels, 2 day courses. Reiki Treatment also available, 10am & 4pm. Corsham area. To book 01249 715179


Bath Spa Band

Line Up Film Festival 2014

Brass players and percussionists welcome. Rehearsals 8-10pm. Elim Pentecostal Church, Charlotte Street, Bath

The Incredibles, 11am and Catch Me If You Can, 7pm both at St Michaels Without and Children Of Men, 8pm at The Bell Inn


Line Up Film Festival 2014

Walk to the Old Crown pub in Kelston

Bath Cycling Club 9.15am from Cadence Bike Shop, Chelsea Road, Bath and take in a circular route of 25 easy miles

Bath Organic Community Garden Beginners and experienced gardeners welcome, 10am-1pm. Royal Victoria Park, Bath. 01225 311699

Nature Club/Daycare

Setting off from the roundabout at the bottom of Lansdown Lane, Weston at 11am. In support of the pub during the road closure

Animals to care for and enjoy plenty of countryside activities for 8s and over, 10am-4pm. Carlingcott, nr Peasedown. To book 07595034383


Priston Festival Backs Rural Cinema

Reiki Courses Weekly

Professor John Davies - What Exactly is Energy? 7.30pm. BRLSI, Queen Square, Bath

Showing the film “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”, 8pm start. Priston Village Hall, Tickets

Run, Fatboy, Run, 7pm and Looper, 9pm both at St James Wine Vaults, Natural Born Killers, 9pm at The Bell Inn

For all levels, 2 day courses. Reiki Treatment also available, 10am & 4pm. Corsham area. To book 01249 715179

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Ten things to do this week 1








\hss|sho Zvzl Nsv~ly [jovvs

3 £







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’ £

Bath Saturday Antiques Flea Market Antiques, collectibles and vintage clothes, 7.30am-5.30pm. Walcot St, Bath

Green Park Market including Baths Farmers’ Market 9am-1.30pm. Green Park Station, Bath

Slyy€ Ovkspthu

Bath Cycling Club (Mother’s Day) Wells - Starbucks Cafe, 8.30am. Club run starts from Cleveland Bridge, aim to return by 1-1.30pm. 01225 426467 or 07944550933

Dry Arch Growers

Cotswold Voluntary Wardens Walk

Bathampton Community co-op producing food for the local area. Volunteers and helpers required, 11am-4pm. End of Holcombe Lane, Bathampton. 07972 564641

Monkton Combe, Midford, Iford, Freshford, Limpley Stoke, 5.5hrs, 10 miles. Meet 10am Dundas Marina car park

Spiritualist Meeting 6.30pm service. Corston Village Hall, Sanctuary of the Cross Spiritualist Church

Farmers and Artisan Market

Quiz Night


10am-2pm. Lamb Yard, Bradford-on-Avon

Bath VA Vintage & Antiques Market Green Park Station, Bath

Cross keys, Midford Road, Bath 8pm. In aid of Dorothy House

Reiki Courses Weekly For all levels, 2 day courses. Reiki Treatment also available, 10am & 4pm. Corsham area. To book

01249 715179

Social Bridge

HumBugs Singing Group

1.30 for 1.45pm (not bank holidays). Museum of Bath at Work, Julian Road, Bath. 01225 310232


Love to sing? Bring your baby or toddler along too! 9.30-10.30am term-time only. St Saviour’s Church, Larkhall, Bath. 07940 597427

Masonic Museum Guided tours throughout the year, also on Wed and Thurs, 11am or 2.30pm. Sat 2.30pm only. 12 Old Orchard Street, Bath. 01225 462233

2nd Bath Girls Brigade Meet every Monday, 6.30-8pm. The Ascension Church, Oldfield Park, Bath. 01761 416515

Bath Spa Band Brass players and percussionists welcome. Rehearsals 8-10pm. Elim Pentecostal Church, Charlotte Street, Bath

Bradford Bridge Club Come and play duplicate bridge, 7-10pm. The Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon. 01225 865669 or 01225 863072

Meditation Classes in Bath 7-8.30pm. John Williams Room, United Reformed Church, Grove Street, Bath. £6 per class

Sing & Smile Creative Links Singing Group 2-4pm. United Reformed Church, Grove Street, Bath. 01761 438852 to book

Tuesday Mum2Mum

Barnardo’s breastfeeding support

group, 10-11am. Church House, Church Street, Corsham. Tel 01249 716254 for details

Philosophy Simon Farrow - Philosophy as a way of life: Two modern writers on ancient ethics, 7.30pm. BRLSI, Queen Square, Bath

Build a Dream Self Build Association Talk Talk by Mike Roberts of Hab Housing, for anyone interested in custom building, extending or self finishing, 7.30pm. The Huntsman, Bath

Monthly deafPLUS Activity Group Variety of presentations, outings, plus teac/coffee social meetings, 2-4pm. Green Park Station, Bath

Arthritis Care Support Group 11am-1pm. Hillside Hall, Oldfield Park, Bath. Tel Tracy 01225 471070 for details



kh€z v|{

As one exhibition closes another opens ’

– – ’

■ Golden Oldies 2.30-3.30pm. Hanover Court, Salisbury Road, Larkhall, Bath

St John’s Hospital Spring Fair Crafts, bric-a-brac, tombola, cake stall, 12.30-3pm. Chapel of St Michael Within, St John’s Hospital, Chapel Court, Bath

Salsa Classes Complete beginners, 8pm. No need to bring a partner. Revolution, George Street, Bath. £7/£5

the Textiles Room, noon-4pm. American Museum, Claverton Down, Bath

Singing for the Brain Singing to bring people with dementia and their carers together, 2.30-4pm. West Free Church (Moravian), High Street, Weston, Bath. 07540 921035

Songways Community Choir 10am-noon, term time. St Swithin’s Church, The Paragon, Bath. £8.

Sakya Buddhist Group

Sing Alive Community Choir

About applying the remedy for our problems, 8pm. The Museum of Bath at Work, Julian Road, Bath

10am-noon (term time). United Reform Church, Bradford on Avon. All welcome

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Bath Branch

Bath Organic Community Garden

For all levels, 7.30-9.30pm. Ralph Allen School, Bath

Beginners and experienced gardeners welcome, 10am-1pm. Victoria Park, Bath. 01225 311699

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Art Group Age UK B&NES

7.45-9pm. Funky Monkey Studio, 18 St Peters Terrace, Lower Bristol Road, Bath. 07516 500 569

10am-noon. St Michaels Centre, St Michaels Place, Bath. £1.50 per session. 01225 484510

Quilting Bee

Duplicate Bridge, 7 for 7.15pm. Southdown Community Centre, The Hollow, Southdown, Bath. £3 table money

Quilting groups from all over the region demonstrate their talents and chat with visitors in


Avonside Bridge Club

Bridge Club 1.15-4.30pm. Village Hall, Bathampton. £1 per session. 01225 462965

Bath Bridge Club Duplicate Bridge with Masterpoints, start 7.15pm. Bath Football Club Rooms, Twerton High Street, Bath. 01225 310326

Wednesday Play Session

Free Barnardo’s fun for under-5s and their families, 10.30-11.30am. Crumpets Cafe, Rudloe. Tel 01249 716254 for details

SouthGate TG Street Pastors speaker Jenny Noakes, 10.15am. Manvers Street Baptist Church, Bath. Tel 01225 405267 for details

BiPolar UK Bath Meeting 1.230-2.30pm. United Reform Church, Grove Street, Bath

Oldfield Park Community Knitting Group 10am-noon. Upper Room above the Office at Ascension Church, Oldfield Park, Bath

Jane Austen Dancers

All abilities welcome to dance Regency and late Georgian Period dances, 7.45-10pm. Bath Central United Reform Church, Grove Street, Bath. £4 per class

Bath Gynae Cancer Support Group Meet for coffee between 10am to noon. The Boathouse, Newbridge, Bath. For details Tel 01225 310375

Scottish Country Dancing For beginners and improvers, 7.30-9.30pm. New Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath. 01225 319991 for details

Sahaja Yoga Free meditation, 7.30-9pm. 2nd floor URC Halls, Grove Street, Bath

Drop-In Meditation An opportunity to learn a simple type of meditation which helps finds a calm space in the midst of our busy lives, 10.30am. Museum of Bath at Work, Julian Road, Bath. £3. 07966 365633

Social Duplicate Bridge 7.15pm. Randalls (Bath City FC) Twerton Park, Bath. All welcome, visitors table money is £4

Bradford Bridge Club Come and play duplicate bridge, 7-10pm. The Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon. 01225 865669/863072

Boules/Petanque 11am to 1pm Queen Square (off when raining). Just turn up and play

Whist Drive 7-9pm, £2 including a raffle, Weston Parish Hall, Weston Village, Bath

Knit Club at Great British Yarns All knitters welcome, 10.30am-12.30pm. Unit 9, Brassmill Enterprise Centre, Brassmill Lane, Bath. 01225 462776

Greensprouts Parent and Toddler Session Craft, singing, storytime, snack and lots of play, 10am-noon. Laurel Farm, Carlingcott, nr Peasedown. £3 a session. 01761 420204

Bath Welcome Choir No auditions, everyone welcome, 7.45-9.30pm. Upper Hall, Culverhay, Bath. £4

Fri 4 April 2014

St Swithins Church, Bath, 7:30pm Pre-concert talk at 6:45pm

VIVALDI The Four Seasons TAMSIN WALEY-COHEN, violin JASON THORNTON, conductor and PAUL CARR Now Comes Beauty AARON KERNIS Musica Celestis ANDRZEJ PANUFNIK, Landscape Tamsin plays the ex-Fenyves 1721 Stradivarius violin. She will be giving a special pre-concert talk about her Strad at 6:45pm.

Tickets £26/20/15 all unreserved (no under 16s in balcony)

Bath Box Office: 01225 264462




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New gin that’s just the tonic The Canary Gin Bar on Queen Street was packed for the launch of its new Bath Gin. Hosts dressed in period costume greeted guests and posed for photographs outside, while inside revellers enjoyed sampling the new gin accompanied by the dulcet tones of a harp. On each Saturday during April The Canary Gin Bar will be holding a series of Bath Gin Tasting events. The Canary will be open from 11am and Bath Gin tastings will be held throughout the day.

Zpjohyk Ismvyk huk Vhvtp Xv|uk



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Upjohls Xopsspwz4 Khyvspul O|lz{ huk Tlvu Nvy{

Pictures by Ferla Paolo Photography. Visit Email




Street of a thousand stars The stars of Stella Street, one of the most famous residences in British television comedy, will be making a return as a new show comes to Komedia Bath next week, as part of the Bath Comedy Festival. Creator Peter Richardson (of Comic Strip fame) will present a special version of the legendary BBC Two comedy, followed by a rare stage appearance of two of the show’s favourite characters performed by character comedy legends Phil Cornwell and John Sessions. Stella Street is a cult British television comedy programme, originally screened in four series on BBC Two between 1997 and 2001, before demand saw the

Fri Mar 28 The Porter - Comedy Club 8-11pm. The Porter. Tickets £5 on the door

The Bell Playgroup Funny Song Special 8.30-11pm. The Bell (Love Lounge). Free

Opening Night Gala starring Nick Harper, Tina Turner Tea Lady, James Alderson & Arthur Smith

release of a feature-length movie in 2004. The TV show has not been seen for more than a decade and never been staged in any form, so Komedia is proud to announce a world premiere Stars Over Stella Street screening, followed by live appearances from some of the show’s characters. Komedia Bath’s director, Richard Daws, said: “We are delighted to be able to host this world premiere at Komedia during the Bath Comedy Festival, and I expect that many fans of the most famous residents of Surbiton, and their ever-suffering cleaner, Mrs Huggett, will be as excited as we are!” Stella Street’s creator, Peter Richardson, was looking forward to

It - Death, Anorexia & Other Funny Things 8.30pm. The Assembly Inn. Free entry (£3-£5 suggested donation)

Jody Kamali - One Man Variety Show 9pm. GPT Smokehouse. Tickets £5

Sat Mar 29 Arthur Smith - The Evil Ghost of Alexandra Park

Tickets £14/£12

Krater Comedy Club with Stephen Grant, Ola, John Hastings & MC Nick Page 8.30pm. Komedia. Tickets £18

Dave Chawner & Robyn Perkins - Over It - Death, Anorexia & Other Funny Things 8.30pm. The Assembly Inn. Free entry (£3-£5 suggested donation)

6.15pm walking tour. Meet at Alexandra Park main gate. Tickets £5

Sun Mar 30

8pm. Bath Cricket Club. Tickets £15/£12

Hank Wangford & Brad Breath

Hardeep Singh Kohli Hardeep Is Your Love?

1.30pm. Bath Cricket Club. Tickets £5

8pm. Chapel Arts Centre, Lower Borough Walls. Tickets £16 adv/£17 on the door

6.30pm. Bath Cricket Club. Tickets £12/£10

Dave Chawner & Robyn Perkins - Over


Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden 8.30pm. Bath Cricket Club.

Martin Mor - Funny Stuff For Happy People

The Unrelated Family Unrehearsed Blackadder 2.30pm. The Bell. Donations to Comic Relief

reuniting with the cast of the show. He said: “It’s hard to remember when watching Stella Street with all its residents of film stars, pop stars, cleaners and gardeners that it’s played by just two people – and every time I view it I think what geniuses Phil Cornwall and John Sessions are. I can’t wait to see them as Mrs Huggett and David Bowie live on stage in Bath.” The show at Komedia Bath takes place on Friday, April 4 and will run for 90 minutes and includes a producer’s introduction from Peter Richardson and Best of Stella Street film, followed by Phil Cornwell and John Sessions performing live as characters from the TV series. Visit

Larry Dean - Scottish Comedian of the Year (+ support) 5pm. Natural Theatre Studio. Tickets £5

Sal Monello - Comedy Gladiators Grand Final 7pm. Zero Zero. Tickets £10

Matt Price Turkeygate, Tinky Winky & The Turkish Mafia

Martin Mor - How Do You Like Your Blue-eyed Boy Mister Death? 9pm. Natural Theatre Studio. Tickets £8/£7

Mon Mar 31 Carey Marx - Intensive Carey 7pm. Natural Theatre Studio. Tickets £8/£7

7pm. Natural Theatre Studio. Tickets £8/£7

New Act Competition - Heat One

Knock Knock with Joe Robinson

8.30pm. Victoria Pub & Kitchen. Tickets £5

8pm. Revolution. Free

Gary Colman - ChUNT (The verb to grumble)

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre...And So Am I

9pm. The Assembly Inn. Free donation (donation on exit)

9pm. Natural Theatre Studio. Tickets £8/£7

saturday 12 april


bohemian legends philharmonia orchestra International soloists with Bristol and Gloucester Choral Societies perform one of the most joyful and moving choral works of all time Conductor Jakub Hru ˚ ša Piano Lukáš Vondrác ˇ ek

0844 887 1500

Smetana Overture to The Bartered Bride Dvorˇák Piano Concerto Janác ˇ ek Glagolitic Mass

+$<1(6 , 1 7 ( 5 1 $ 7 , 2 1 $ /

02725 086(80

Get up close




{olh{yl In the spotlight ■




Ground-breaking tale hits the stage


idely recognised as a 20th century classic, Errol John’s Moon on a Rainbow Shawl, performed by Talawa Theatre Company and the National Theatre and following its critically acclaimed London run in 2012, comes to the Theatre Royal Bath next week. Acclaimed actress Martina Laird (Casualty, Shameless) reprises her role as Sophia with Jude Akuwudike (The Faith Machine, Royal Court) as Charlie, and Ray Emmet Brown (A Raisin in the Sun, Royal Exchange) as Prince all once again directed by Michael Buffong. In Port of Spain, Trinidad, the snatches of calypso music, hymn tunes and drums are interrupted by the raucous celebrations of troops returning from war. Here, neighbours drink, bawl, make love, look out for each other and crave a better life. But Ephraim is no dreamer and

nothing, not even the seductive Rosa, is going to stop him escaping his dead-end job for a fresh start in England. Written in 1957 by Trinidadian actor-playwright Errol John, Moon on a Rainbow Shawl was described as “ground-breaking” and “a breakthrough in Britain for black writing,” and has been produced and revived worldwide since its Royal Court premiere.


{olh{yl On the screen –

\ol _p{jolz vm Mhz{~pjr ’

\ol _p{jolz vm Mhz{~pjr ’

Jh{o Wwlyh{pj huk Lyhth{pj [vjpl{€ wylzlu{ \ol _p{jolz vm Mhz{~pjr

A devilishly good show


embers of Bath Operatic and Dramatic Society are counting the days now until the opening of their latest show which is the musical comedy, The Witches of Eastwick. The show, adapted from a novel by John Updike, opens at the Theatre Royal, Bath on Tuesday April 8 and runs until the Saturday. “I love playing the witch, Alex”, says Emma Puddick. “She has so little confidence in her looks and Darryl brings her out of herself. “I also can’t wait to fly as I once broke my leg jumping off a table in Tinkerbell

wings trying to fly. I then broke the cast trying to do the same thing!” “I definitely relate to the witch Sukie”, says Jennifer Lavender: “especially with her difficulties in speaking. I had a similar struggle since a young age, although those who know me will tell you that it hasn’t put me off talking now! “I am also very much looking forward to flying: it’s going to be a great experience”. Sabrina Messer who plays cello-playing witch, Jane Smart says:, “I can’t play the cello, not entirely sure of it’s shape to be honest. “This became apparent when I began miming a cello during ‘waiting for the music’ and realized it looked like I was

playing a tiny violin strapped to my chest! The flying really excites me but I’m terrified about trying to sing in a harness.” Maisie Carter says: “Playing Jennifer is such fun, she is desperate to be independent but is always under the watchful eye of her parents just like all kids about to go to university (like me!) I love that she is innocent on the outside but underneath there is a real naughty side (not like me!)” Richard Pugh, as the devilish Darryl Van Horne says: “This is such a change. Last time I was in the show, I was the vicar. It’s great to play the reverse” Tickets for the show are on 01225 448844.




Edgy new performance art State of Emergency, choreographers Colin Poole and Alesandra Seutin, and Grammy-nominated composer Steve Marshall. The show is targeted at young people, though accessible to all. Exposing myths and challenging preconceptions, Love&Sex has been created to entertain and inform without judgement.

A hard-hitting new dance theatre show from State of Emergency comes to Bath’s egg theatre on Wednesday. Boldly exploring themes of love, sex and consent, Love&Sex examines the emotions, pressures and comedy of sexual relationships through dance and music. Love&Sex is a collaboration between Theatre Royal Sawclose, Bath Tel: 01225 448844 To Sat Mar 29 Pygmalion Starring Alistair McGowan, Rula Lenska & Jamie Foreman, Mon-Wed 7.30pm, Thurs-Sat 8pm, matinees Wed & Sat 2.30pm. Tickets £17.50-£33.50 Tues 1-Sat April 5 Moon on a Rainbow Shawl Tues-Wed 7.30pm, Thurs-Sat 8pm, matinees Wed & Sat 2.30pm. Tickets £17.50-£33.50

Ustinov Monmouth Street, Bath Box Office 01225 448844 To Sat April 5 The Big Meal

Stories, jokes, adventures, age 8+, Fri 10.30am & 1pm, Sat 11.30am & 3pm. Tickets £7.50/£6.50 Wed April 2 Love&Sex aka Per-mission The show highlights the connection between sexual health and emotional well being, age 13-25, 7pm. Tickets £7.50-£6.50

The Rondo Larkhall, Bath Tel: 01225 333844 To Sat Mar 29 A Doll’s House 7.30pm. Tickets £10/£8

An exhilarating story that takes five generations of a modern family on a rollercoaster ride through life, from first kiss to final goodbye, Mon-St 7.45pm, Matinees Thurs (not Mar 6) & Sat 2.30pm. Tickets £19.50/£14.50

ICIA University of Bath

the egg

A range of exciting and eclectic classes and workshops in music, dance, theatre and visual arts for all levels, aged 16+. Book on the above number

Sawclose, Bath Tel: 01225 448844 To Sat Mar 29 Mouth Open Story Jumps Out


Sexuality, peer pressure, emotions and the influences of social media are all in the mix and the show has been developed in partnership with Brook (The UK’s leading provider of sexual health services and advice for young people under 25), Z Arts, Manchester, The Station, Bristol and the University of Durham

Bath University ICIA Arts Theatre Box office 01225 386777

Mission Theatre


To Wed April 16 Art Classes in Bath

Corn Street, Bath Tel: 01225 463362 To Sat Mar 29 Betrayal by Harold Pinter


Explores a seven-year affair involving a married couple and close friend, 7.30pm. Tickets

22 to 23 Westgate Street, Bath. Box office 0845 293 8480 Fri Mar 28 Ministry of Burlesque: High Tease Age 18+, 8.30pm. Tickets

£45/£27/£16.50/£10 Sat Mar 29 Krater Comedy Club Comedy, 8.30pm. Tickets £45/£28.50/£18/£14.50/£10 Mon Mar 31 The Open Mic Night 8-midnight, 18+. Free entry

Escorted Holidays 8 £769

6 £889

days from

days from

per person

per person

Capri, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast

Moscow & St. Petersburg

Featuring half-board accommodation in Sant’ Agata, this wonderful holiday includes escorted visits to Pompeii and the enchanting Isle of Capri, and a breathtaking drive along the Amalfi Coast.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see two of the world’s must-see cities in one unforgettable week. Red Square, the Kremlin, Victory Park in Moscow, and the Hermitage, the Admiralty and Peter & Paul Fortress in the ‘Venice of the North’ are just some of the highlights of this wonderful holiday.

Departing June to October 2014

Our price includes: • Return flights to Italy from Bristol • Seven nights’ half-board accommodation at the threestar Hotel Delle Palme, Sant’ Agata (upgrades available for a supplement)

• Escorted excursions to Capri, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast • Coach travel and transfers • One suitcase allowance per person • The services of a tour manager

Day Trip from

£499 per person

Departing July to October 2014

Our price includes: • Flights to Moscow from Bristol, Moscow to St. Petersburg returning from St. Petersburg • Two nights’ bed & breakfast • Two nights’ bed & buffet breakfast accommodation at the Park Inn accommodation at the Holiday Inn Pribaltiyskaya hotel, St. Petersburg Suschevsky, Moscow • Guided city tours • One night in a first-class compartment • The services of a tour manager on the overnight sleeper train from




days from

£869 per person


N! *

Santa’s Lapland Day Break

Corsica and the South of France

Join us for the most exciting, most magical and without doubt most unforgettable day ever, flying beyond the Arctic Circle to enjoy a host of funfilled activities, and of course, a family meeting with a very special person.

This wonderful holiday combines two nights on the fabled Côte d’Azur and five on the spectacular island of Corsica, with included tours of sparkling Nice and the island’s beautiful north coast.

Our price includes:

Our price includes:

Departing 23 December 2014

• Return flight from Bristol to Pajala, Lapland • Transfers to ‘Santa’s Home’ • Thermal clothing • Snowmobile safari, Reindeerdrawn sleigh and Husky Dog Sled rides

• Private family meeting with Santa Claus • Two-course lunch and hot drinks • Fun activities • Friendly Lappish hosts and Santa’s helpers

Departing May, June, September and October 2014

• Return flights from Brisol to Nice • Coach travel and daytime ferry crossings from Nice to Corsica • Two nights’ bed and breakfast accommodation at the three-star Campanile Nice Aeroport Hotel

• Five nights’ half-board accommodation at the three-star Saint-Christophe Hotel, Calvi • Nice walking tour • Guided tour of Corsica’s north coast • The services of a tour manager

0843 487 5822 Quote WWN Calls cost 5ppm from a BT landline. You may also be charged a connection fee. Mobile and other providers’ charges may vary. Operated by Newmarket Air Holidays Ltd. ABTA V7812, ATOL protected 2325. Prices are per person, based on 2 sharing. Subject to availability. Single supplements apply. Terms and conditions apply. These suppliers are independent of Local World. When you respond, the holiday supplier and Local World may contact you with offers/services that may be of interest. Please give your mobile or email details if you wish to receive such offers by SMS or email. We will not give your details to other companies without your permission. *Discount applies to bookings made by 31 March 2014. Please quote code FVU8ZC when booking.Offer may be withdrawn at anytime. Price shown



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£ ■



A spectacular city of sound


£ ■

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£ ’



he biggest free party of the year takes place in Bath city centre on Friday May 16 to officially launch this year’s International Music Festival. The party takes the form of a joyous celebration of live music and theatre set in, around and against the city’s famous Georgian townscape. Hundreds of musicians performing everything from classical and folk to rock and pop will fill buildings, venues and pubic spaces around the city. And you can wander to some of them or all of them and all completely free of charge. And this year the Party in the City is even bigger than before with the city’s museums and galleries joining in the fun. Meanwhile, the festival itself is a cabinet of curiosities, a voyage of discovery and a celebration of both the familiar and the unfamiliar. The music is set against the backdrop of the very human themes of sleep, the seven deadly sins and war. Alongside internationally successful musicians like Jan Garbarek, The Hilliard Ensemble, Stacey Kent and the Harlem String Quartet there are a catalogue of unusual ensembles and artists. You can see Simon Thoumire, the

virtuoso magician of the concertina, Pipers 3 with the unfamiliar ensemble of the oboe trio, Martynas Levickis the recent classical chart-topping accordionist and Gabriella Dall’Olio showcasing the music of sleep and dreams for harp. There are unique sounds from the world of jazz with Finn Iiro Rantala and

t|zpj Xpj{|ylB Mypj Zpjotvuk

Iiv}l4 Qzvils J|johuhu huk4 ypno{4 Zv~hu Plssply the dynamic ensemble Brass Jaw. The festival celebrates the 80th birthday of the Master of the Queen’s Music Sir Peter Maxwell Davies and this year’s line up includes several pieces of his work with Sir Peter himself joining the festival. If you are still looking for something to tempt you try a young children’s choir which will perform Sir Peter’s Kirkwall Shopping Songs or the Gould Piano Trio which will play his Piano Trio alongside the world premiere of a new work by James MacMillan. Or what about listening to the a performance of Restoration ballads under the cryptic title Death by Custard performed by the inimitable Musicians of the Globe? Exploring the theme of sleep means there are special late night events and these take place at the Old Theatre Royal on Old Orchard Street. Still exploring the idea of slumber there will be a special showing of the Hitchcock film Spellbound at the Little Theatre Cinema.

Over the bank holiday weekend of May 24 to 26 there is a special three days of jazz with some of the top names in the business.

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Tearjerkers & toetappers You can join Hank Wangford and Brad Breath tomorrow for an evening of tearjerkers and toetappers, sweet harmonies and twangy guitars to mark the opening night of the Bath Comedy Festival. British country music’s guilty conscience Hank Wangford has teamed up with saddlepal Brad Breath, aka Andy Roberts, to bring you a honkytonkin’ emotional rollercoaster of an evening. If Daniel O’Donnell is the brightly scrubbed face of British country music then Hank Wangford is its guilty conscience, its dark and troubled grubby soul. Hank has picked at the miserable underbelly of country music for twenty eight years, with carefully crafted songs full of wit and poignant observations. Apart from the ground breaking Liverpool Scene and Plainsong, Andy Roberts has played with The Scaffold, Roy Harper, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, Kevin Ayers


Acoustic Oak Music Club 8pm, Singers night. Floor Spots. The Royal Oak, Corsham. Entry £2

Bath Cantata Group Evening practices, 7.45pm. New singers welcome. St Stephen’s Church, Lansdown, Bath

Karaoke With DJ Jay, 8pm-3am. Mandalyns, Fountain Buildings, Bath

The Derrick Oldroyde Trio plus Special Guest Andy Barrett, guitar, 8.30pm. The Inn at Freshford

Blues Night 8.30pm. Swan Hotel, Bradford-on-Avon. Free admission

Andrew Foster Chapel Arts Centre, Bath. Tickets £8 adv, £10 on the door

Scout Killers 9pm. The Nest, Bath. Free entry

Jazz at the Vaults Ben Waghorn, Sax with the JazzHouse Trio plus DJ Tony Clark, 8pm. St James Wine


and Kirsty MacColl amongst many others and can be often spotted as guest guitarist with remaining original members of the legendary Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Expect songs and stories of love and loss, pain and despair. They know that laughter, tears and music are the greatest healers we have – which is why they love Country music.

Vaults, Bath. Tickets £5/£4

Lunchtime Recital 12.30-1.15pm to raise funds for Julian House. Manvers Street Baptist Church, Bath.


The Very Big Cheese Whilst Moles is out of action Komedia will be holding the best of pop anthems from the 60s/70s/80s/90s & 00s, 11pm-late. Komedia, Bath. Tickets £4/£3

Implode Live Music Night

Tickets £16 adv, £17 on the door

Pound, Pound Pill, Corsham. Tickets £10/£9

Moonlight Saving Time

The Cheaterslicks + Ruzz Guitar

Award-winning jazz performers, 8pm. Burdall’s Yard, Anglo Terrace, Bath. Tickets £6/£4

Four piece rockabilly band and guitarist Ruzz, 8.30pm. The Royal Oak, Bath. Free admission

Marcus Farnsworth, Baritone, James Baillieu, Piano

Sunday Open Mic

Classical, 7.30pm. Wiltshire Music, Centre, Bradford-on-Avon. Tickets £18/£17/£9

Every Sunday, amazing acoustic music, all performers get drink and food offers, 7-10pm. The Tramshed, Beehive Yard, Bath


Blues Jam

Every Friday from 9pm. The Huntsman Inn, Bath

Ultimate tribute to ABBA, 7.30pm. Forum, Bath. Tickets £21/£19

Bath Philharmonia

Park Lane Big Band Dance Night

Bath Community Gospel Choir Concert

8-11pm. Conygre Hall, Timsbury. Tickets £10. Donation to Kenyan Orphan’s Project

An evening of lively and uplifting gospel tunes, 7.30pm. St Swithins Church, The Paragon, Bath. Tickets £10. Raising funds for Time2Share supporting disabled children, young people and their families

8.30pm every Friday. Belushis, Bath

Live Music

Open Mic Night 8pm. The Village Pump, The Lamb Inn, Mortimer Street, Trowbridge. £3

Hank Wangford & Brad Breath 8pm. Chapel Arts Centre, Lower Borough Walls, Bath.

Thank You For The Music

Patrick Duff Land’s End Tour Patrick will be performing songs from his new album, Visions Of The Underworld, 7.30pm. The

2.30pm. Mount Pleasant Social Club, Bradford-on-Avon. Free admission Concert, 6pm. Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford-on-Avon. Free admission

Monday Sublime Blues

Curfew Inn, Cleveland Place, West, Bath 8pm. Free

The Silver Ring Choir Love to sing? Join us at 7.45pm. Manvers Street Baptist Church, Bath

Sing B4 Supper A friendly choir conducted by Jane Lilley, all abilities catered

for, 6.15-7.45pm term-time. The Huntsman, Bog Island, Bath. £5 per session. For details Susanna Downes 07717173799

Jazz Factory Showcase Jazz, 8pm. Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford-on-Avon. Free, booking required


Bradford-on-Avon Folk Club Singaround. Floor spots, 8pm. The Cellar Bar, Swan Hotel, Church Street, Bradford-on-Avon. Free entry

Wednesday Discord

A host of DJs playing a mix of Rock, Punk and Metal, 9.30pm-2am. PoNaNa nightclub, Bath. £5 entry

Karaoke With DJ Jay, 8pm. Mandalyns, Fountain Buildings, Bath

Old Crown Quiz 9pm. Old Crown, Weston Village, Bath

Seend Acoustic Club The Black Feathers, soulful vocals & great guitar work, 8pm. Floor singers welcome. Rusty Lane, Seend. £4




Exhibition is a family affair When Cate Le Grice-Mack moved into Bath after retiring from her organic rare breeds farm, she found she missed the buzz of the farm shop and cafe. As a firm believer in sustainable local produce, she acquired The Bear Pad in the popular Bear Flat area with Poets Corner and local independent shops to sell produce from a 25 mile radius around Bath, as well as opening a stylish cafe where locals and visitors can hang out and eat local food. And as an enthusiast involved in many areas of Bath life – green issues generally and reviving local economic activity – she is now also providing a shop front for artists and crafts people. To launch this latest part of the

project she is showcasing her nephew Tim Slatter’s colourful and stylish etchings. Both Tim and his twin brother Alexander have been professional artists since their Salisbury Art College days. Sadly Alexander died last April so Tim is left carrying on their family name, and is now painting, as a tribute to his brother, as well as etching. A Family Affair is a retrospective show of his varied, skilful and always colourful prints made in various parts of the country. His prints are made in editions of up to 100, and are to be sold unframed so the buyers can choose their own. There is a choice of 28 different prints to choose from and the show runs from April 2 to 30.

Museum of East Asian Art

the New English Art Club, to Sat March 29. 5 Margarets Buildings, Bath

Exhibition, Eastern Voices in the West Country and Treasures, to Sun June 29. Bennett Street, Bath

Nick Cudworth Gallery Windows of Opportunity, Exhibition of paintings and prints by Nick Cudworth, to Sat March 29 . 5 London Street, Bath

Victoria Art Gallery Exhibition, Anna Dougherty, What’s Inside, explores how everyday objects hold many kinds of meanings and Peter Brown, Keeping the home fire burning, over fifty new oil paintings and drawings celebrating the streets of Bath, to Thurs Mar 27, 10am-5pm. Pulteney Bridge, Bath

University of Bath Exhibition, Louisa Fairclough, Flecks of a Brighter Colour, to Fri May 30, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. ICIA Art Space 1 and 2, University of Bath, Claverton, Bath


Qu opz sh{lz{ lopip{pvu Vpjr K|k~vy{o ohz svvrlk h{ {ol spno{ huk tvvk johunlz vu {ol z{yll{z vm opz ovtl jp{€6 [h{|ykh€ Vpno{ huk [|ukh€ Uvyupun pz h ul~ lopip{pvu vm whpu{punz huk wypu{z ~opjo vwluz vu Iwyps 9 h{ {ol nhssly€ h{ {ol {vw vm _hsjv{ [{yll{6

Bath Contemporary Exhibition, A Sense of Place, Claire Wiltsher captures the turbulence and unpredictability of the New Forest and adjacent coastline, to Sat April 5. Gay Street, Bath

44AD Art space

Pound Arts

Exhibition , The William Scott Project, Simple Beauty, Thurs 27-Mon Mar 31, open daily 11am-4pm (Wed noon-4pm). Lower Borough Walls, Bath

Young Open 2014 Art Exhibition, showcasing a range of artistic media from ceramics to photography, Sat Mar 29-Sat April 26. Pound Pill, Corsham

Walcot Chapel

The Holburne Museum

by Robert Mouzillat, to Sun June 1. Great Pulteney Street, Bath

Exhibition, Home Is Where The Heart Is, displays work of 13 students from Bath Spa University, to Sun Mar 30, noon-6pm. Walcot Gate, Bath

Exhibition, Stereoscopic Photographs of Pablo Picasso

Hilton Fine Art

The Bear Pad

Exhibition, Selected Artists from

Exhibition, A Family Affair,

Etchings by Tim Slatter, Wed 2-Wed April 30. Bear Flat, Bath

Guildhall Exhibition, Adrian Chandler will have 7 original railway paintings of local scenes of the Somerset & Dorset Railway on display at Bath Guildhall foyer, in support of the Chairman’s Charity Gala Evening, Fri Mar 28


Top reads for Mother’s Day Thz{ Nyplukz4 Rhul Ohykht

Thz{ Nyplukz

If you’re thinking of giving your Mum a book this Mother’s Day Kathleen from Topping & Co in Bath has some great suggestions for books to appeal to Mums

Pvtl Npylz4 Msphil{o Lh€

Pvtl Npylz

\ol Tpno{ alhyz4 Msphil{o Rhul Pv~hyk

\ol Y|llu vm Khrlz4 Uhy€ Jlyy€4 kvlz p{ hnhpu ~p{o Uhy€ Jlyy€ Kvvrz Khhsl{ Koyvupjslz \ol Tpno{ alhyz Iss Kohunl

Uyz Plttpun~h€4 Vhvtp _vvk

\ol Xhypz _pml Jypun Ul Pvtl4 Ishu \p{jothyzo ’


Uhy€ Jlyy€ Kvvrz4 Uhy€ Jlyy€

' Jypun Ul




Watch with mother ...


other’s Day is upon us once again and what better way to celebrate than spending some quality time with your mum settled in front of a good film. So without further ado I present the top five films to watch this Mother’s Day. Oddly enough there’s nothing my own mother likes better than sitting down for a good cry at The Railway Children, the original of course not the remake. It’s a heartwarming tale of children adapting to a new life with their mother and you can be sure there’ll not be a dry eye in the house come the third act which I won’t ruin if you haven’t seen it. The Railway Children is a classic feel good flick sure to melt any mother’s heart. If you prefer something a bit more contemporary with a better soundtrack look no further than Bridget Jones’ Diary. Telling the story of a thirty something singleton juggling her


career and the men in her life, there’s plenty of eye candy in Hugh Grant and Colin Firth with loads of laughs to be had. There are a few risqué moments for sure, but it’s all in good taste and makes for a great feel good flick. Another blast from the past sure to get everyone on the brink of tears is Steel Magnolias. Boasting an all-star cast including Julia Roberts and Dolly Parton, the film is based on a play of the same name about the death of the playwright’s sister and how it impacted on his family. It’ll make you laugh and cry but it’s an ’80s classic nonetheless. Speaking of classics, what Mother’s Day would be complete without a showing of Pretty Woman? Missing out on being a full on ’80s classic by just eighty two days it stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as two people from opposite sides of the track who fall for each other in hilarious circumstances. While it

spawned one of the most famous shopping scenes in all of cinema, the film was originally meant to have a much darker ending with Richard Gere leaving Vivian behind. However, the much more upbeat ending makes Pretty Woman an enduring favourite for mums everywhere. Of course if you really fancy a trip back in time you can’t go far wrong with Casablanca. Aside from Pretty Woman this is easily the most quotable film on this list and what a film it is. If you haven’t seen it, and more people than you’d think haven’t actually seen it, I won’t ruin the story. Safe to say it was a huge hit in its day and has continued to be an iconic point in the history of cinema. There are plenty of remastered versions, and even a cut that was colourised in the ’80s, but the original is by far the best. [ht Jyhksl€

25 January — 5 May 2014

‘ b illi t exhibitio ’ Richard Dorment


The Telegraph


The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art ‘Vesuvius in Eruption, with a View over the Islands in the Bay of Naples’, Joseph Wright c.1776-80 Oil on canvas. © Tate, London 2013



M d y 30 h J

the forum, Bath • 08448889991 •


new alBum ‘moon landing’ out now

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