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mintyfresh... fresher than a rave flavoured yoghurt

The spectacular sun continued to shine in approval as freshers got their first taste of Bath’s Socs...

The Bath Jets spread the word as they display their tossing talents by the lake.

Yes that’s right, it was Carnival Day yesterday! Parade was cram packed full of Bath’s amazing groups and societies showing off their various talents to entice you lovely freshers to join in! mintyfresh first paid a visit to Bath Jets who were kind enough to give us our own personal show. Gravity Vomit were also around, and no, they were not giving freshers advice on their up-chuck reflex, but letting them have a go at juggling up to seven balls -- we were suitably impressed. The sun once again made an appearance and as the wonderful URB put out some summery tunes; everyone almost forgot it was nearly October. ChaOS, the choir and orchestra society asked us to put our hands in their boxes to ‘guess the content’ - which was (obviously) all music related. If you guessed all the items correctly you were entered into a draw to win iTunes vouchers, our favourite items included drum sticks, which initially felt suspicious, and a bag of quavers - get it? (We didn’t.)

The Welsh Soc were spreading the message; ‘Yes, anyone can join (even the English!)’, the Christian Union were spreading the love with Fresh-ly bought cupcakes and mesages of joy and the gender equality group were using balloons to attract people’s attention. And by baloons we mean the latex kind, not as a euphemism for any kind of body part - how very unlike us! The amphitheatre was the most populated area as you guys crashed out after a hard week’s partying. Now man up, get up and get your meat on ready for tonight’s do, whether you’re feeling dead or alive *wink*.

Friday 30th September 2011 CALLING ALL FRESHERS; A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY TO GET FREE STUFF! Tomorrow is the penultimate day of Freshers’ Week and, although we know this is a very sad thing to admit, there IS a silver lining. The Freshers’ Fair in the main arena starting at 10am is your chance to stock up on pens, pizza and other products. Beware of the dogy hotdogs, but rush for the wash stuff as this is always the most popular stall after a week of sweaty partying. GET THERE EARLY so not to miss the best bits.

mintyfresh’s: ‘MUST NOT MISS’

Quack, quack, quack whatcha laughin’ at? Our reporter gets the inside story on what has really been going on down by the lake. Ms Puddleduck informed minyfresh that there has been a a lot of ‘ducking around’. Jemima also said that she thinks all the freshers are ‘quackers’ and she that is quite impressed about the amount of ‘breading’ that has been going on.


The gender equality group asks “What does gender equality mean to you?” - let us know the answer to this on facebook!


This lovely fresh-faced fellow (trust us on that one) wins our infamous acclaim for his artistic abilities. He managed to fashion his plain white T into an original styled UV creation. Beautiful.

Everything turned ultraviolet, and as the lights turned off, you guys really started to ‘glow’ for it.

Brought to you by the bathimpact team

Brendon Court living it large, after several mugs of something that can only be described as a shit mix

For the second night in the row, Derhill has shown mintyfresh that they know how to hold a party, even if its an incredibly cheesy affair. Around 70 students joined in a YMCA showdown, most of them stumbling, some of them surprisingly agile. Despite apparent rivalries against Eastwood and Westwood, we found a small of group of guys in green desperately wishing that they could melt into the background of Westwood blue. When asked, no demanded, as what they were doing in Derhill, they sullenly replied, “Eastwood is shit”. At Brendon Court an incredible sight of around a hundred freshers crowded around; a bin full of cider, blackcurrant, vodka, rum, Pimms and schnapps... never had we seen such a large group of freshers socialising to this level, congratulations to you. In Cotswold: Kieran W, Kieran D, Paul and Henry, managed to conduct the theft of a potplant that they thought was a pineapple, through a first floor window. Once the disappointment of their error hit them and they realised they couldn’t save on the monthly food bill by consuming their prize, they decided that instead the logical next step was to cover the plant in glitter and leave it outside another fresher’s room, accompanied by a love note. How illegal, yet also strangely sweet. Keep up the good work.

UV night really let you guys express your colours. Never have we at mintyfresh witnessed such a sea of brightly dressed people. Ok, that might be a lie, but you guys definitely did it with added flare. A rough and ready Zane Lowe played an awesome set, which had you lot jumping up and down like a kangaroo on heat. Tonight saw a different kind of substance sprayed all over your beautiful faces. We are very much looking forward costume creations tomorrow.

The mintyfresh team checked out the DJ competition this evening, but it seemed to have been cancelled (or so we assumed from the empty judges table). The high points were definitely the DJ giving a shout out to his friends ‘can I get my cheer from my flatmates please?!’ followed by a deathly silence, and a crewmember tripping over a booth and falling flat on his face. Good effort man, good effort.

Shaken, not stirred.


Our fresher of the night has to be our old friend, Gracie, who has handled every situation this week with an incredible level of humour; the incident that everyone knows about from night one, the later injuries inflicted by a very enthusiastic bedfellow, and still she has been found today deep-throating a Calippo for the entertainment of her flatmates, and putting ice cubes somewhere unmentionable. Whilst we do not endorse this level of misbehaviour, we fully endorse being able to bounce back with a situation with a smile, laugh, and no fear to continue being yourself. Gracie, we love you.

!EPIC FRESHER FAIL! The highlight of the evening in The Plug had to be the pool competition. A tight final was contested by Husni of Eastwood 3 and Peter from Mendip, Westwood. The winner was determined by best of three, both players were on the black in the first round which Husni won due to a potting error by Peter. An equally close second round was also won by Husni, meaning he claimed the £10 bar voucher as well as 100 hall points. Mr. Floppy was also in attendance and, despite strong performances in rounds one and two, he shot his load in round three and limped out of the competition. Adam Firth showed up with what he boasted to be a pro-graphite cue, the cue was on top form. Adam, however, went out immediately.

Cai from Eastwood, may look harmless here. But, mintyfresh has been informed that he in fact has had a series of epic fails throughout the week. Fail 1: pissing in his room cos’ he couldn’t be bothered to walk to the loo. Fail 2: trying to lay a log on a passed out flat mate then doing it in his hand instead and chasing everyone round the house with it. Fail 3: getting carried off the main stage by the bouncers at some point this week.

BEST LEAST Dressed Freshers

Thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of funky foursome ‘The Finer Things’ (whom our mintyfresh reporter was rather taken with) the PG Bond Night recovered from a slow start. With classily clad post grads getting thoroughly shaken and stirred on the dance floor, proving it isn’t just the young ‘uns who can have a good time.




COMING UP TOD AY 10:00 to 16:00 Freshers’ Fair - LOTS of free stuff for you and you only 16:00 to 20:00 Weekend Warmup! Head over to The Plug bar to take advantage of the momentarily reasonable prices

19:30: Party in the Pavillion, postgrads bus it down to town for a night hosted by the International Student Advice Team 20:30: Film Night -Zombieland in 5W2.3 21.30 - Celebrities ‘Dead or Alive’, we have resurrected Amy Winehouse and vegetarianised Lady Gaga.

Wolfson babes point out you don’t need yellow paint to see those speed bumps

- Adam, Quarry “How do you feel about strong language? Cos apparently I’m a c*nt!” - Girl: “ This guy started dancing with us, my boyfriend got annoyed, then he asked if my boyfriend was single.” - Anonymous: “Has anyone else noticed that our President has come as a dutch football sabstitute?”

MintyFresh Friday September 30th  

MintyFresh on Friday 30th September.