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Elections Special

Friday 2nd March 2012


Friday 2nd March 2012


Elections Special

Sabbology: the guide

The wonderful bathstudent reliably informs me that Sabbs are “ordinary students who are elected by you to run your Students' Union. They are responsible for the strategic direction of the Union, as well as being here to represent you to the University and also nationally and internationally. Right from Freshers’ Week until your final year exams the Sabbs will be available to help you.” That seems a little serious for our liking here at bathimpact, so here’s what we think the Sabbs are:

Sam Short

education. And that is probably why you’re here. If you have issues with lecture times, feedback, exams or just the way your degree is taught then you want VP Education.


SU President

The big daddy, whom I picture wearing a big bowtie and smoking a cigar. The President is the Captain America of the Sabb Avengers! Just kidding. Have you seen our current President? Remember before Steve Rogers gets given all those steroids? Our current President makes that guy look like the Hulk. Anyway, let’s just say they are in charge of the whole team and the buck stops with them. They also do stuff with finance, policy, governance and other things that only people as sad as I care about. And buses. Buses will make them angry. And you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry. The President also looks after Media. Go us.

VP Activities & Development

They are in charge of all the Societies as well as the Development & Enterprise groups. The next VP Activities & Development is going to have make sure the new Arts Complex is up to scratch.

Sarah Smith

seen some posters around campus suggesting something to that end. A large part of what a university is judged on is the Students’ Union, a union that we’ve received award after award for the quality of, and a lot of this is thanks to the hard work of previous Sabbatical Officer teams. These generous people take a year out of their studies, or delay their entry into the terror of the real world at the end of their degrees to toil without respite to represent us to the University, the wider community and the country. The Brits amongst you will know just how much we love to bitch and moan, and it is a rare thing in life that there is a set of people whose job description is to listen to these complaints and act upon them. These guys will help you with your degree, your house contract, the buses or the bar prices - and theses are examples from the past week alone. In short, these are the people who make the shit you want to happen, happen. They are the fairy godparents you never had. It’s a hard job; the hours are long, the pay isn’t great, and even after all of their work, a lot of students still have no idea who they are, but despite all this our current sabbatical officers have described it as “the best job in the world”. Read this issue, talk to the candidates, make an informed decision and vote. The fate of the next generation of Sabbs, and as a result, the fate of our Students’ Union, is in your hands.

Mick Garratt

hen you picked up this newspaper, you may have noticed to your distress that it is significantly lighter than most issues of bathimpact. This is, however, for a very exciting reason. Oh faithful reader, wipe away those tears, we are not scraping the bottom of our print budget (yet), and we have not put the fate of the trees supplying this high-quality paper above the needs of our readers. The Sabbatical Elections Special is here, and it is very special indeed. Being, of course, the first source of information for all of you newshungry students, we feel that it isour duty to explain why there will be some people wandering around campus dressed in something other than Jack Wills and Superdry, trying to get your attention. Never fear, they’re not trying to sell you anything, apart from themselves. These are the brave young men and women people running for Sabbatical Office. So, whilst I know many of you have heard all of this time and time again (and to you I apologise for my strong resemblance to a record of the broken variety) but others of you may be wondering; what exactly is a Sabb? Contrary to popular belief, Sabbs are not strange, mythical, creatures like unicorns or Mary Mears, they are very real, and very important to the student body, in that along with the help of staff and students, they basically run the Students’ Union. Have you heard that we’re the University of the Year? I think I’ve

Hakan Dahlstrom

An introduction What exactly is a sabb? W

VP Community & Diversity

VP Sport

They do sport. My mum plays squash every now and then with a lovely old lady from down the road. Same difference. VP Sport needs to oversee all the Sports Association clubs and represent sports at Bath as a whole. This year, our VP Sport has also taken the lead on Bars and Ents, so if you’re not feeling suitably entertained, they are the sabb to go to.

VP Education

A serious role indeed, just as the name would suggest. They are in charge of everything to do with your

They take care of loads of people. Postgraduates, international students, Diversity and Support Groups and the Volunteering Groups, are all looked after by VP Community & Diversity. It is also a requirement that this person care deeply about housing as that’s almost always an issue for students in a city as small as Bath. This is especially true since it’s also their job to make sure the campus community is an awesome one that you enjoy. So there you have it. Those are the jobs you’re voting for. Remember, the sabbs also represent the whole of the student body to various high-up people on the university campus and on local and national levels. So it is vitally important that you vote for someone who can do the job, do it well and do it right. To!

Friday 2nd March 2012


Elections Special Issue 8, the BUSU Sabbatical Elections Special, brought to you by U n i v e r s i t y

o f

B a t h

S t u d e n t s ’

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bathimpact Students’ Union University of Bath Bath BA2 7AY 01225 38 6151 The opinions expressed in bathimpact are not necessarily those of the bathimpact editors nor of the University of Bath Students’ Union. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in this publication is correct and accurate at the time of going to print, the publisher cannot accept any liability for information which is later altered or incorrect. bathimpact as a publication adheres to the Press Complaints Commission’s Code of Conduct. Please contact them for any information.

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So, why should I vote? H

ere at Bath, we have one of the highest voting turnouts for universities in the coun-

try. This isn’t enough. It’s not 100%. If we don’t get a full turnout at the upcoming election, a signal is sent to a small bird by the name of Jasper, who flies south to Portugal. He passes on the message to a suspicious looking man with a big black moustache who calls himself Sophia and is staying in a dingy motel. Sophia doesn’t realise that it’s a girl’s name but, because he has a deep scar running in a jagged diagonal from one side of his face to the other, no one dares to tell him. Sophia thanks Jasper by shooting him. A woman with one leg watches all this from across the dusty road in a phone box, and then telephones your mum. And we all know that your mum will say if you forget to vote. Now, it is possible that none of the above was very serious. It is, however, very important that you get to have you say on how your Students’ Union is run. We want the best people available to do the jobs up for grabs and the only way to achieve this is to let the student body have a voice.

Can I vote?

Are you a student registered at the University of Bath? If the answer is yes, then of course you can! It doesn’t matter what course you do or what country you are from, you can all vote. And you should. If, however, the answer is no, please apply via UCAS to join our really quite wonderful institution to be eligible to vote in next year’s elections. I don’t know if you’ve realised, but we are in fact University of the Year, so you’ll be making a good choice.

Obama implores you to vote. Honest.

What sort of voting sys- Who’s R.O.N? tem is used? What a good-looking question. It What an intelligent question. We use AV voting here at BUSU, so when you vote you should rank the candidates in order of preference. That means number one is your favourite and you keep going, including R.O.N., until you have no further preferences, at which point you put your final number in the ‘No Further Preferences’ box. You don’t have to vote for everyone, just the ones you might want to win. With AV vote, if the person you put as number one does not get elected, it’s more likely that the person you put as number two will so make sure you use all your numbers for all your preferences.

stands for ‘Re-Open Nominations’. So if you look at the candidates and say “I don’t think so” then you can put a number (either one or the next number after you’ve voted for the good ones) in the R.O.N. box. If R.O.N. is number one, you’re opting for the process to start again with the nominations being reopened for that position. To get a little more complicated, if R.O.N. is any number other than one, and none of your previous choices win, your vote will count towards Re-Opening Nominations rather than being wasted. And that is R.O.N.

in radioactive paint? Chances are you’ll not know a lot about the positions people are running for, let alone the hundreds of issues at stake, but fear not, bathimpact is here to help. Here is how to make it feel like you’re making an informed, logical and intelligent choice.

times. I’d elect that. So if you see someone on the ballot slip called Jed I. Knight, Max Fightpower or Dick Steel then don’t hesitate in giving them your support. Walk away from Butch Otters everywhere.

Vote for the best name

Let’s say you have been lucky enough to actually see the candidates before you vote. Why focus just on the name? Now you can focus on other important issues such as whether or not the candidate has a slammin’ tush. Maybe if you vote for them then they’ll sleep with you. Maybe you won’t even need to vote for them… Anyway, the point is that, if going through school has taught us anything, being good-looking is perhaps the most important thing in life and those who are good-looking will be successful and thus will definitely make better Sabbs. That’s science, that is.

don’t believe that these people have “A New Vision For The Future” or that there is anything they can fit into five or so words that will convince me otherwise. Let’s face facts, I’m awesome. You should vote for me because I’m awesome.”. I think I would even prefer no slogan at all to one that stunk of desperation. But in the interests of turning this frown upside down, there is always a chance that this year one of our fine candidates comes up with a slogan so witty and intelligent that upon reading it you will pledge my soul to them then and there. I would give you an example of such a slogan but there is a serious danger that if I do then you’ll all R.O.N every candidate in the hope that maybe bathimpact will then replace them. We can all hope. Now I don’t want to alarm anybody, but there may be a set of circumstances under which none of the above situations apply. You may have to actually read manifestos, watch hustings and listen to interviews. Failing that, you may have to talk to candidates before voting. Failing that, you’re still an idiot.

How do I vote?

Go to, log in then click on the massive Vote Now box on the homepage. Can’t see it? Go to Specsavers. Once you’ve attended your eye appointment, hunt down a computer and take another look. “Ah yes!” you cry, as you finally spot the box. From here on in, you can vote for any of the positions in any order. If you want you can vote for some positions and then take a break to go eat a surprisingly delicious bean burger in Parade, just go back later and vote for the rest.

The official idiot’s guide to voting O

kay, so we don’t actually think you’re idiots, but we do know there’s nothing you want more than a simple guide to some alternative strategies in choosing who

you want to control the Students’ Union. Elections can be incredibly troubling – who do you give your precious vote to? Who are these people? Why is that one covered

If even after reading this you still can’t choose a candidate to vote for perhaps you should consider investing in one of these

When confronted by the ballot slip full of names, who stands for which policy? What are they like as people? Who is the most dedicated? Who knows. But we do know their name. On that alone Obama was always going to win. His name reeks of cool. On the other hand, it is amazing that MP Mark Reckless or Idaho Governor Butch Otter ever won their seats. You may be thinking that this is all absurd and you cannot base anything on a name but Mark Reckless missed the Commons vote on the budget a couple of years ago because he was too sloshed. FACT. Lance Armstrong sounds like he can pierce armour with his exceptionally strong arms. He had cancer in his testicles, abdomen, lungs and brain. Then he won the Tour de France 7 consecutive

Vote for the best looking

Vote for a fun slogan

I don’t know about you, but a large number of political slogans make me want to smack my face against a wall and fall asleep. I


Friday 2nd March 2012


Elections Special

How to avoid the sabb candidates

Pretend you already voted for whoever is trying to talk to you: It seems pretty obvious. You are going to be approached by a lot of candidates over the course of the week. They are going to want to talk about the issues they’re passionate about. If you want to move them on then tell them that you already voted for them. Say it with loads of enthusiasm and they’ll probably believe you. Actually vote and you’ll be even more convincing because you won’t be

lying. Win.

shouldn’t be too difficult.

Avoid parade all week: Make out with Not the bar, the bit outside the nearest person:


library. It takes the candidates aaaaages to realise that there is a road between Eastwood and Westwood that students will start using simply to avoid them. Use it early and you’ll get away with it.

No candidate will approach a couple making out. Grab the person next to you and spread the love. With feeling. We’ll run a piece if any two people actually get it on in the middle of the Parade.

Live in The Plug:

Be on placement:

They aren’t allowed to campaign in The Plug. They aren’t even meant to wear campaign t-shirts except on club nights (prepare to be covered in stickers). Live in The Plug for a week and they’ll have to leave you alone. Now that Happy Hour happens every day, this is a viable option.

Be a Fresher:

They will come knocking at your door. They will probably also knock on your kitchen window. Something that nobody seems to tell all the Freshers is that they don’t have to answer - pretend not to hear them. Or see them. Feigning overwhelming stupidity

Adrian Pingstone


f you are reading this on any date after Friday 2nd March, you will know that the sabb candidates are literally everywhere; in lectures, in clubs, on Parade and on the prowl for any unsuspecting student who dares venture out. Our first suggestion was to hide in the woods. Upon further consideration, this seemed unrealistic (last year got really crowded) so, instead, we have come up with ten much more viable options for those too scared to brave it against next year’s sabbs.

If you aren’t right now, go. Go on. Run.

Be a Sabb:

Sabbs are not allowed to take sides. Be one of those. We appreciate that this involves a significant amount of forward planning, so don’t be too harsh on yourself if you’re not one.

Be a lecturer:

Sadly, the parade will no longer be the safe haven it once was...

Fake ‘tash, tweed jacket, lack of basic hygiene. You will escape unscathed.

Or maybe Latin. Either way, they will panic and leave you be.

Don’t speak English:

Wave your arms in the air, shove a pencil up your nose, eat your own face. Whatever works for you. You

Pick a fake language. Personally, I would opt for Goblin. Or French.

Don’t be sane:

should feel free to explore all aspects of this option. I’ll be using a spacehopper to navigate Parade and I will be wearing a fez. I hope this advice serves you well. Good night, and good luck.

Friday 2nd March 2012



Elections Special

Elections week 2012: timetable Friday Monday Tuesday

When? 2/3/2012







Friday Be there.





Campaigning opens

Everywhere, good luck missing it


Voting opens for all students


Questions to candidates: President, VP Education, VP Community & Diversity

Questions to candidates:

Level 3, Student Centre


VP Activities & Development, VP Sport



The Plug and The Tub

All day

Rest and hide from campaigning

Anywhere but the parade


Polling closes


Results are announced

The Plug and live on 1449am URB

Level 3, Student Centre

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Friday 2nd March 2012


Elections Special

VP Community & Diversity VP Sport Bethany Wong

Hanna Wade

Modern Languages and European Studies, Year 4 Proposer: Anna Ross Sport & Exercise Science, Year 4 Seconder: Paul Goodstadt Economics, Year 2 Hi, I’m Hanna WADE and I’m running to be your VP Community & Diversity. Having been actively involved in the Students’ Union since my first year, I’m running because I care about your time at Bath and I want to use my own experiences to bring students together and look out for your well-being. Being part of a strong community makes all the difference. I’m committed to a community where your life is easier, more comfortable and more affordable, and in which postgraduates and international students are not excluded. I want to put the focus on YOUR needs. I will work on: Housing: • Your home in Bath matters, but finding somewhere to live can be a challenge. You have the right to live where you want and I will fight against the threat of Article 4 Direction. • I, like many, have had bad experiences with accommodation. Feedback is always important to improve this. I will set up a housing forum to give you the power to rate your landlord. • I will work to create dedicated housing lists and match-up services for exchange and placement students, such as BBA and Architecture, who are only in Bath for one semester. • I will campaign for our own letting agency and the introduction of a Housing Fair, where accredited landlords and agencies can display what’s on offer. Placements & Visas: • Your access to the student community shouldn’t stop just because you’re on placement and I know I certainly felt out of touch during my year abroad. I want to create a convenient online network that connects Bath placement students to each other, their Union, and those who’ve already been away. • The University has a thriving international community. I will join the national campaign to stop the scrapping of poststudy work visas which leaves international students unable to gain the full qualifications they were promised when they came to the UK. Student Welfare: • I want better recognition for the SU’s 2000 volunteers. • I will work to improve the visibility of student support groups, promoting their importance and listening to their issues. • I will work to keep student living affordable through a farmers’ market on campus, more course books in the library and pushing for more buses with cheaper ticket prices. • I want more kettles and microwaves, more lockers and more healthy food choices on campus. SU Experience: RAG Chair • Volunteer Executive • Diversity & Support Executive Treasurer • Freshers’ Crew • C/S/SU Representative • Student Finance Committee • Fireworks Display Event Manager (twice) • RAG Week & Paris Hitch Event Manager I am fully committed to our SU and I’m not afraid to voice your opinions. I have the confidence, capability and experience to create the change you need and my extensive involvement in volunteering enables me to better represent you to the wider Bath community. I care about OUR community; a community which deserves the best representation. If you want someone determined, enthusiastic and committed to representing your voice, then vote WADE for VP Community & Diversity! WADE WILL WORK!

Biochemistry, Year 4 Proposer: Colin McClure MPhil/PhD Research in Biology, Year 2 Seconder: Alexander Harvey Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Year 1 My name is Bethany Wong, and I want to be your VP Community & Diversity because I sincerely care about you. The role of C&D encompasses many areas, so I won’t lie and say I will make radical changes. What I will promise is to do everything within my power to make the role work as a whole and never neglect one area in favour of another. I promise to bring it all together, truly as one community. My basic goals are to improve fundamental aspects of the union that I believe will make a difference to your everyday life: Communication Did you notice the Diversity & Support Executive elections? Have you heard of Access, or BEN? I commit to making elections and information as simple as possible for you to access, so you can easily take part in choosing who will be representing you. Collaboration There are many unused opportunities for D&S groups, volunteering groups, the ISA and PGA to work together and with regular societies and sports clubs. I commit to working with VP Activities & Development and VP Sport to provide useful forums for cooperation and communication between different categories of student groups. One continuing issue that would fall under my care is housing. Right now, with Article 4 Direction legislation looming, it is more pressing than ever. I commit to honest and unflinching defence of your rights to choose where you live and to an affordable home. These can make a huge difference to the quality of your life. The best thing I could do in my term would be to make your student experience better. If there’s something you think would make your life easier, I want to know. And I want to make the changes needed so you are the last student to have to ask. I believe I have unmatched experience of student representation. After co-chairing LGBT group for two years, attending NUS LGBT conference twice, and sitting on two University Committees for Equalities & Diversity, I am well qualified at both helping students on an individual basis and speaking on your behalf to intimidating audiences. As Chair of the Diversity & Support Executive Committee I’ve been able to implement a few changes that have made a real difference, notably starting the Groups newsletter to streamline meetings for discussion of the most pressing issues. More importantly, I am a member of D&S groups and of societies; I have sought advice from the Advice and Representation Centre; I’ve used the Medical Centre, Student Services and my personal tutor. I have lived and visited in many different parts of our city, I’ve seen the good and bad of the transport links. I have experienced firsthand the benefits my SU can provide, and the drawbacks to the system that make life more difficult. I know I can make a difference to your union so that it can make a difference to you – so please vote Bethany Wong for VP Community & Diversity. Together. Thank you.

Dom Chao

Chemistry, Year 4 Proposer: Tom Love Aerospace Engineering, Year 4 Seconder: Robert Nightingale Social Sciences, Year 2 Who am I? Hi, I’m Dom Chao, I am a 4th year chemistry student and I have played American Football here since coming to uni. I have been on the SA exec committee for the past 2 years, being both a sports reporter and an events officer. During my time on the exec a few of the things I’ve done include helping to organise this years Snowball, sitting on the SA disciplinary panel and volunteering to help out at the BUCS championships held in Bath last year. Why am I standing? From the occasional kick-about to playing in a competitive national league and sitting on the SA exec, sport has been a huge part of my time at university. Your years at uni are the best time in your life to get involved, be that with something new or something you’ve always had a passion for. I have been lucky enough to come to uni, try a sport that I’d barely even heard about, and enjoy playing it for the next four years. It is this experience that has lead me to believe that it is of the upmost importance that students are able to participate in, and enjoy any sport at any level. This includes having the opportunity to play the sport you want to, and to have the training space available to do so. What I intend to do.. If you vote for me to be your next VP Sport, I will; D – Demand value for money from the sports pass O – Organise a bid to build a 3g pitch M – Maintain a progressive relationship with the sports department and STV I – Increase interest in a multi-sport intramurals pro gramme N – Nurture the varsity series making it the number 1 sporting event of the year A – accentuate the profile of student sport both internally and nationally T – Tackle the issues teams have with training space E – Ensure sport at uni remains available and affordable for all

Friday 2nd March 2012


Elections Special

VP Sport Ali Dawson


Jon ‘Tiger’ Gleave

Rachel Seymour

Coach Education & Sports Development, Year 3 Proposer: Rhys Williams MPharmacy, Year 3 Seconder: Matthew MacDonald Civil & Architectural Engineering, Year 3

Sport & Exercise Science, Year 4 Proposer: Laura Craine German & Politics, Year 4 Seconder: Rob Wagner Coach Education & Sports Development, Year 2

Coach Education & Sports Development, Year 4 Proposer: Emily Nicholls Coach Education & Sports Development, Year 4 Seconder: Lauren Charman Coach Education & Sports Development, Year 4

I’m Ali Dawson or “Daws” and I’m heading up the TEAMDAWS campaign. This year has seen great improvements for sport at Bath, but I believe that my passion, experience and commitment to sport at this University makes me the ideal candidate to push for an even better sporting offer and greater success for both Bath and it’s students in 2012/13. Over the last two years I have gained great experience through my roles as: • Intra-murals Officer on the SA EXEC • Ambassador for the 3:Thirty Club • Coach of the University Rugby Union 3’s and 4’s • Founder of the University Rugby League team • This mixture has enabled me to fully understand student sport at this University. TEAMDAWS’ Plans: All inclusive: to implement a fully functioning, on campus, social and recreational sport competition that allows all students to enjoy a variety of sports using the fantastic facilities that this university has to offer. Bath has the foundations to provide a fantastic, in-house, sporting programme that can be accessed by everybody. Sports Pass: This year’s introduction of the sports pass has seen little value for money for paying students. I will continue to lead the fight against the sports pass and ensure that should it continue, students will see actual benefits for their money next year. 3G Pitch: I will boost the campaign for a 3G playing surface, which will create more facility time for eveyone. Varsity Series: Varsity should be the pinnacle of most students sporting careers. The 2012 Varsity series is a great step forward for Bath however, I plan to expand this event. I want to include more sports across a fun packed weekend for both players and spectators! 2012 see’s 6 sports competing, from a University that boasts outstanding teams in 49 different sports, I believe we can do even better in 2013! Working Wednesday’s? I will fight for less graded lectures on Wednesday mornings and less postgraduate lectures on Wednesday afternoons to allow for students to play in all of their BUCS fixtures, home and away. I will also fight to keep undergraduate Wednesday afternoons free for sport! Support for Clubs: some clubs are still having issues with kit providers and lack the support and the facility time they need to improve their membership offer. I vow to work closely with all clubs on an individual basis to resolve their issues. What you can expect: Focus on you I believe that, if elected, my job as your VP Sport is primarily to represent you. I have a number of ideas that I feel will make great improvements to your sporting experience, but I need your input! An open door This week you can contact me via: • Phone: 07849987303 • Email: • Twitter: @TEAMDAWS • Facebook: • YouTube: • “HQ TEAMDAWS”: 2 Canterbury road, Oldfield park If you agree with my ideas and want to have your say then join TEAMDAWS today and Vote Ali Dawson #1 VP SPORT!

VP Sport is a demanding role, but I believe I can be your next Sabbatical Officer for Sport. I spent a year on placement at a sports research institute, learning how to get work done in the sporting world in an efficient and effective manner. I’m no stranger to liaising with the Sports Department either, having worked there part-time for two years. This year has also seen me sit on the Sports Association Executive Committee, Captain an Inter-Departmental Football team, as well as working for bathimpact as Sports Editor; I already know the ins and outs of the SA as a result of having written a lot of the stories you read. Many of you came to Bath for the fantastic sporting opportunities that it presents. It was among the main reasons I came here to study Sports and Exercise Science. As my degree suggests, sport is a huge part of my life; I’ve sampled no less than eighteen of the sports currently offered by the SA during my time at University. I have what it takes to enhance the University’s sporting legacy, as well as your sporting experiences through: Incredible intramurals The hugely successful ‘3:Thirty Club’ currently offers IDFC, futsal and 6-a-side football leagues to join in for some friendly competition. I will expand this to include year long intra-halls leagues in a variety of sports, providing something for everyone. Storage space for students Storage space is currently at an all time low. By making the current space as efficient as possible and putting pressure on Estates, I can make sure you have a place to keep your kit and equipment when it’s not needed. Fixing the fees fiasco Facility time for students has increased as a result of the Sports Pass, but it’s about time we saw something tangible as well, like new equipment, facility refurbishment, and a 3G pitch. By rallying together as a student body, we can make these improvements happen. Kitting clubs up! Two years as the university’s kit supplier is enough time for Surridge to iron out the problems seen in previous years. By ensuring a close working relationship with them over the summer, I can make sure you all have the kit you want come competition time. Varsity gone viral Varsity could be better simply by expanding the sports competed in on campus and in town. By creating a Varsity Ball and a Varsity Awards Evening, I would ensure an all round victorious Varsity! Social sport for the masses Sport is not purely an elitist pursuit; it is also a means to keep healthy and happy. Through 3:Thirty club and lottery funding, I can get the whole campus active at minimal costs to you. Enthusiasm Finally, I’m an enthusiastic individual and this comes across in everything I do, so look out for me in my Tiger onesie and feel free to ask any questions over the coming week, or email me at BELIEVE IN GLEAVE, vote Tiger #1 VP Sport!

Many I’m sure will agree with me when I say sport has and is a major part of my life at university. From playing netball to score to my degree course, coach education, without sport my time at the University of Bath would have been very different. I will help sport give you that same experience, whatever sport you play and whatever level you play at. Your VP Sport needs to have the passion, drive and commitment to take sport at Bath forwards. I have all 3. This year I am the SA Exec Events Officer and Vice Chair of the Netball Club, providing me with a wealth of experience within the Sports Association and running a club. My work placement with Team Bath has allowed me to develop working relationships with key members of the Department of Sport and Recreation that will allow me to hit the ground running as VP Sport. As a coach ed student 3 years of study has given me the breadth of knowledge to facilitate the future development of Bath University’s sport Vote for me and you will SEE MORE... 1)For you money The majority of us paid for a Sports Pass, but what have we actually got for our money? I intend to not only answer that question but demand that students get their monies worth. Whatever this may be I promise to listen to the needs of everyone and make demands to ensure each club and more importantly each individual sees a direct improvement from parting with their hard-earned money. 2)Intramural Sport With the exception of the IDFC, Bath doesn’t have an intramural system. Yet with so many talented individuals missing out on places in BUCS teams every year we need one. I intend to develop what we’re missing and deliver intramural sport across campus. 3)Varsity This year’s Varsity is going to be awesome (i’m the current event’s officer remember) but I want to make it bigger and better! I will create more events across they year, including more sports to prove once and for all we are the best in the South West! 4)Disability Sport If someone asked the question “what sports do you offer for someone with a disability?” unfortunately the current answer is not much. I will use my experience working with ParalympicsGB to change that answer and improve Bath’s provision for disability sport. 5)Social Sport I will increase the availability of recreational sport. I will help clubs set up, run and improve their recreational sessions. 6)Of YOUR VP Sport I promise to commit to • an open door policy, making myself readily available to anyone who wants to discuss sport at the University • regularly meet and engage with all chairs and their committees • attend at least one session with every club From improving our BUCS standing to increasing participation, I have more ideas to improve sport at Bath. So come see Seymour to find out more. SEE MORE sporting action...VOTE SEYMOUR #1 VP SPORT

Friday 2nd March 2012



Elections Special

VP Activities and Development Alix Chadwell

Medical Engineering, Year 4 Proposer: Matthew Burnett MPharmacy, Year 3 Seconder: Sophie Sweetman Business Administration, Year 4 For the past 4 years, I have been heavily involved in the SU with extensive experience working alongside the current Sabbatical Team. You may recognise me as the Societies Chair, from around the theatre or as one of the organisers for FW11. Working closely with the past three VP A&D’s has given me valuable insight into not only what the role entails, but also what could be achieved. I will give you the dedication and enthusiasm you expect and deserve from your Vice President Activities & Development! Communication This is vital on so many levels as a Sabb and my time as Production Manager on the Backstage Committee gave me a large amount of experience, organising numerous events and responding to enquiries on a daily basis. As VP A&D I would keep you up to date on what’s going on, respond quickly to emails and be there when you want advice. I would work closely with the execs and the PGA to ensure that all students are aware of opportunities available to them. BathStudent BathStudent is far from perfect but this does not excuse what is seen when you head to socs. I put a huge amount of effort in over the summer creating a FW11 website that was informative and interesting, enabling freshers to find out more about getting involved in the Union. I plan to improve the Societies pages so that they are worthwhile, up to date and easy to navigate. Improved Support Last year’s re-structure of the Societies area provided an opportunity to create identities for each group of societies, increasing the amount of support. It has come to my attention that despite this some societies still feel underrepresented. I want to address this issue and ensure that help is given when needed. I have changed the structure of GM’s this year allowing more input and discussion from societies. I hope to expand upon this, encouraging Area Officers to talk to committees so we can address any concerns. New Arts Centre This will have a massive impact for arts societies. For four years, I have spent more of my time in the theatre than in my department. With this passion I have for the arts, I will ensure you get the best out of the new build. The Bath Award Extra-curricular activities matter to employers and as such recognition of these is important, however a large number of active Union volunteers do not partake in The Bath Award. I will look into ways of making it easier for those who obviously deserve recognition to receive it. Something Different Having successfully implemented popular and innovative ideas in the past such as the coloured halls t-shirts, I would be excited to generate other ideas to develop both Societies and Development & Enterprise. Getting involved in what the SU has to offer can change someone’s University Experience. Vote Alix for VP A&D and I will strive to give everybody that chance to leave University with more than just a degree.

Sophia Mountford

Giles Partington

Civil & Architectural Engineering, Year 4 Proposer: Claudia Philps Civil Engineering, Year 4 Seconder: Caryn Ling MPharmacy, Year 4

Mathematics and Statistics, Year 4 Proposer: Marcus Johns MEng Chemical Engineering, Year 5 Seconder: Kate Colthurst Coach Education & Sports Development, Year 4

I’ve enjoyed all aspects of my Union involvement during my time at university and feel that I’ve gained so much from being involved. I’d like everyone to have the opportunity to make the most of all that societies, enterprise and training have to offer and to be able to develop their skills, and boost confidence and employability. I’m passionate about ensuring that all areas get equal and appropriate representation, enabling them to get the required support; I’ll be a candidate that you can trust to listen and represent your views! My aims are: -Promoting Area Identity – Events like ‘Show in a Week’ are available for arts societies; events promoting a group of societies, or enterprise and training should be available for other areas. I will work with and support executive committees to run these events, and hold area meetings and socials to promote inter-society co-operation. -Widening Participation – I will liaise with the Postgraduate Association and International Student Association to ease involvement, and provide a summary of each society and their activities to new and current students. Widening participation will extend to encouraging community engagement through events, workshops and projects. -Early Publicity – Training and enterprise groups should be publicised from the beginning of student’s time at university. I propose that SORTED should have greater involvement with inductions, providing valuable training sessions to new students. Early awareness events for enterprise should also be hosted. -Progress on the Arts Centre – With construction work beginning in Spring 2013, I will minimise disruption caused to societies by ensuring suitable alternative venues are found. I will also continue liaising with ICIA, as I have been doing over the past year, to ensure that the spaces provided will meet your group’s needs. -Efficient Communication – I will put students first by prioritising communication – ensuring sufficient notice of events and meetings as well regular update emails and area meetings as well as prompt email replies. I’m currently Arts Officer on the Societies Executive Committee providing insight into all societies and the issues they face. I’ve run larger events like ‘Show in a Week’ where I succeeded in increasing the number of societies and people involved and I’m ready to apply this principle as VP A&D! I’ve been an active member of Choral & Orchestral Society and manager of the Concert Band as well as committee for the Fencing Club. I’ve been involved with ICIA classes and events, attended SORTED sessions and prepared to submit for Bath Award giving me a very broad view of the area. I believe that I am the right person to represent the interests of all areas under VP A&D and will be motivated to continue to develop them all. I have many other ideas including changes to the waiting list and improvements to ‘Pick & Mix Day’ which I’m eager to share. I’m keen to hear what’s important to you – have a chat with me when you spot me, on Facebook or email (! VOTE SOPHIA FOR SOCS!

Be a part of it. Hi, I’m Giles Partington, and I am campaigning to be your VP A&D. Throughout my 4 years at Bath I have been heavily involved in many areas of the university and have unparalleled experience in multiple areas of the Student’s Union; sitting on committees for arts, sports and welfare societies as well as being societies exec treasurer, this has really helped me to appreciate and understand the key areas for improvement and development within societies, striving to create one cohesive functioning unit. If elected, my primary aim will be to create an atmosphere in which societies and training & enterprise organisations can further themselves by employing worthwhile financial management and fostering strong ties with each other, the university and the city as a whole. To create this environment I propose to: -Speak to committees one-to-one and help them understand their budget and potential, drawing from past successes and shortcomings and bridging the gap between old and new committees. Furthermore, I will propose the introduction of an online finance system, allowing committees to view their finances remotely, simplifying and streamlining society budgeting. -Facilitate executive meetings with committee members and exec area reps, creating stronger unity and identity within each area, providing the opportunity to streamline meetings and further discuss relevant points. -Personally attend society meetings on a rota basis to hear directly any problems that have or may happen, working to resolve issues before they affect member experience. -Reduce paperwork in finance and risk assessment to save time and paper. -By keeping the societies affected involved in discussion, I want to push forward with the building of the arts centre to ensure all requirements are fulfilled, including the provision of more storage space especially for societies that need to store difficult items (such as flammable materials or large pieces of equipment). -Propose the adaptation of room bookings to allow bookings on the grounds of suitability. This will enable societies to book rooms as a rehearsal space and ensure that they are provided with an adequate substitute if rooms become unavailable. -I also intend to strengthen ties between societies and town; focussing on raising awareness of the development opportunities that the training and enterprise facilities can provide. This will enable students to become more connected with the business community, providing access to wider opportunities available in the city. -One way to introduce this is to increase awareness of all societies and development opportunities and extend the amount of space available to advertise societies or events around campus, letting people know about you so they can be a part of something too. It is for these reasons and many more I feel that you should help me to pour my endless enthusiasm, experience and drive into creating an environment where the greatest opportunities are available to you, where you can be a part of anything and make your time at university as fulfilling as possible. Be a part of it.


Friday 2nd March 2012


Elections Special

VP Education

James ‘jmd’ Mirza-Davies Economics, Year 4 Proposer: Luke Benjamin MPharmacy, Year 4 Seconder: Yana Glaub Politics and Economics, Year 3

I’m James (jmd) and I’m running for VP Education. I’m a fourth year economics student and have spent three years as an Academic Rep for my course. In the past I have been the sports reporter for the SA and Student Representative on the ‘Equality and Diversity’ committee. There are ten key issues I would address: E Learning: I believe it is vital that the most is made of new technologies available. I strongly support engaging lecturers to make better use of Moodle, persuading the library to hold more electronic versions of core textbooks and encouraging members of staff to make their published material available in electronic formats. Module Previews: Each module should offer a substantial preview of what it entails so that students may make well informed decisions before making their choices. In conjunction with this I would like to see a better policy on the changing of units in the first week of a new semester. Group Work: I will campaign for a group work policy that is clear and fair across all departments. Teaching Quality: The union should campaign to improve the quality of teaching and ensure members of staff providing excellent teaching quality are rewarded. Feedback: It is important to keep feedback at the top of the agenda. I would push for the promotion of good practices across the university. Tuition Fees: I’m sure many of you agree that tuition fees will be a major issue for next year’s intake of students. I am strongly supportive of a continuing dialogue on the issue both within the university and nationally. So long as Bath chooses to charge £9000 tuition fees it would become my duty to ensure that students get real value for the vast sums they pay for their education. I am particularly concerned about placement tuition fees which are already higher than necessary. Wednesdays: I would campaign for postgrad students to have the same Wednesday afternoon reservation for sporting or other activities as undergraduates. I would also like to ensure that students on sports related degrees are given an earlier finish on Wednesdays than the current 13:15. 08:15: 08:15 lectures should be reduced for later years (particularly final years) many of whom live far from campus. I would like to make this viable through better timetabling, ensuring the onus is on students outside the first year not receiving very early lectures. Exam Spacing: It should be University policy that there is no student should have to sit more than one exam on the same day where the exam counts to the final grade of their course. I would also like to see more work done to ensure better spacing of exams. Academic Representation: Academic Reps make a fantastic contribution towards the union and I would like to see this contribution encouraged and enhanced. I am determined, should I be elected, to see action on all of the above issues and intend to deliver results to earn your vote. jmd


Chris ‘Clemmo’ Clements

Alex Pool MBiochemistry, Year 4 Proposer: Heidi Miller Mathematics, Year 3 Seconder: Felix Slade Modern Languages and European Studies, Year 4 Hi, I’m Alex and I’m running to be your VP Education. Higher Education is undergoing rapid change with funding cuts and increased tuition fees coming in next year. It is important that the student voice is strong throughout these challenges and that it’s taken on board. Next year sees the University being inspected, this is a key time for students to raise their concerns and help bring about change. If elected I will be strongly involved in the process, ensuring your views are represented. What do I stand for? • Improved Feedback Feedback has been an area students have raised as an issue for the last few years and continues to remain an issue. There is desperate need for a proper dialogue between staff and students about what constitutes feedback, and what feedback we find helpful. I am currently leading the Students’ Union campaign for better feedback and will continue to do this if elected. • Postgraduate and International Students The student body is made up of many diverse groups, which is fantastic. I think it’s important to recognise the concerns and opinions of postgraduate and international students ensuring their voices are heard. • Against lecture overcrowding With the University looking to increase student numbers it is important that lectures do not become overcrowded, whilst also reducing the number of 8.15 and 18.15 lectures. This is something I will monitor and take action wherever necessary. • Wednesday Afternoons I will work with the VP Sport to continue lobbying to ensure that Wednesday afternoons remain free from lectures for those doing sport and allowing time for part-time jobs. • Placements With the University increasing placement fees to £2,500 and £4,500 it is important that placement students get a high level of support before, during and after their placements. I will work with placement students to ensure they are happy and campaign on their behalf. Why me? I have been actively involved in academic representation since first arriving at University, giving me an extensive knowledge of the issues. Bath is one of the best Universities in the country and you deserve an education to match. I will use the skills and contacts I have made through my national and international work to help campaign for the changes you want to see and ensuring your views are taken on board and listened to. Roles held: • Academic and Faculty Rep – 4 years o University Academic Rep of the Year for the last 3 years o National Rep of the Year in 2010 • Chair of the Academic Exec – 2 and a half years • C/S/SU and Undergraduate Senate Rep – 2 years • Expert on student centred learning for both the National Union of Students and European Students’ Union • National Student Learning and Teaching Network Committee – 2 years I am passionate about supporting and representing students. A huge part of that is listening to the issues that matter to you. I would love to hear from you about anything you think I should be campaigning on, or if you have any questions – ap328@bath.

Vice President Sport Proposer: Wil Eager Computer Science, Year 1 Seconder: Lewis Vincent Economics, Year 2

I believe there are two things your time at University should do – give you a fantastic experience and set you up for a great future. Through representing you to your university, the local community, and the NUS, and developing your union, I aim to make sure this is the case. I aspire to boost our University from its current place of 4th in the UK student satisfaction rankings to 1st. This year as your Vice President (Sport) I have given my all to ensure that my area contributes to this aim and am on track to meet all 7 of my manifesto pledges. I have been involved in much more than just sport and through this have seen many other changes that I would like to implement. I will represent you by: 1) Being a strong voice for students. I have already participated in meetings with senior University staff and am not afraid to stand up for what students want. Going head to head with the Vice-Chancellor is not an easy task but it is one I have experienced already and thrive on. 2) Focus on what matters to you. I will provide oversight and focus to make sure your voice is heard on all issues, from online lectures, to hidden course costs, to the need for more cash machines at the east end of campus. 3) Better the Buses. I will make firm demands on improvements to the bus service including more U10’s and a dedicated Bathwick Hill shuttle. If these are not met I will look into a taxi-share system. 4) Protect Wednesday Afternoons. With rising student numbers and pressure on teaching space it is important the university maintains the policy of Wednesday Afternoons being free for undergraduates. Knowing your Students’ Union inside out, there are also a number of changes I would make: 1) Transparent decision making. A new framework to ensure it’s easy to make your voice heard, the decisions we make are transparent, and we fully reflect the opinion of the student body. 2) Overhaul BathStudent. A complete refurbishment to ensure it’s functional and something to be proud of! 3) Aid personal development. In the competitive graduate job market you need something to set you apart. I will develop the Bath Award to have multiple levels to make it more achievable. 4) Add a personal touch. You should know that the Students’ Union will support you through any problems you have in your time at University. I guarantee that not just myself but the whole team work to ensure you feel connected on a personal level. 5) Rebrand the Union. The Students’ Union should reflect the student body by being energetic, diverse and dynamic in everything it does. 6) Bars. Develop the entertainment programme so it caters for a more diverse range of students including postgraduates and international students. More than anything else I promise to make sure the focus of the University and the Union is on you, the students. Questions? Call the Clemmophone-07832135758

Friday 2nd March 2012


Elections Special

President Zahir Kasmani


Modern Languages & European Studies, Year 4 Proposer: Maisie Hancock International Management & Modern Languages, Year 4 Seconder: Kate Rodger, Modern Languages & European Studies, Year 4 As a final year student who has loved my time at the University I would like to be considered for the role of SU president after graduating in June. Bath is a young university, which has progressed so rapidly in very short time making it University of the year. The reason I want to be considered as SU president is principally to enhance the student experience as the University continues to grow as a fine establishment. I will strive to do this, focusing on improving two elements of student life that I have experienced as a student. Through talking to staff and alumni and University events and on telephone conversations when working as a student fundraiser I am always told about Bath students hitching a ride up Bathwick hill. Alumni recount this as a highlight to its commutes up to University and to me this seems like a fascinating way to get to lectures. This common bond is a great way to meet new students whilst also reducing the impact on the environment and also creates a sense of togetherness amongst the students. I therefore propose that I will come up with a system of reintroducing a hitch scheme so that students can safely enjoy the benefits of this Bath tradition, something that has unfortunately become extinct in Bath’s short history. On campus I also propose to do away with the minimum charges for credit card and debit card payments. This means that students will be make transaction under £5 without incurring a 20p charge. This is something that frustrates many fellow students, as cash points sometimes do not work or are very busy at certain times. Given the cost of processing credit cards, I will find a way of making this economically viable so that students can quickly pay for items on campus in their preferred manner. I feel that I have the right skills for the above post, which includes many more responsibilities than the two proposals that I have made. I will rely on the experience gained during my various roles at the University to carry out the day to day running of the SU. I have also worked in professional environments during work placements which will help me when representing the student body. My work experience also includes less glamourous roles with menial tasks and admin, also necessary for some aspects of this role. I am motivated to take the responsibility of the entire SU, the more exciting aspects of the role and the difficult work behind the scenes that doesn’t always get noticed. My inspiration comes from a previous SU president’s role in introducing the University bus scheme. In this case the hard work of the president changed the University years after her mandate. I would like to do the same so that students who aren’t even at Bath yet will reap the rewards of my hard work.


Henry Rackley



Chemistry, Year 2 Proposer: Sarah Bellingham Chemistry, Year 2 Seconder: Naomi Elstone Chemistry, Year 2





My name is Henry and I want to represent you as your SU president. I’m currently a second year studying Chemistry and my aim is to take a year away from studying and work to make your union and university work for you. I will work tirelessly to make at sure that every time the union can make things better, it is doing so. The following are just some of the things I will concentrate on if you vote me in as your president: Less early starts and late finishes I will work to make sure the university puts on realistic lecture times without penalising your subject more than others. There will be less 8.15s, less 5.15s and 6.15s and less long term gaps between your lectures. Better Buses More Buses at peak times and more U10s. I understand your frustration when there seem to be no buses there at 5 o’clock when you need them. More transparency about where your money goes If you’re paying your tuition fees, you should know where your money is going. Better feedback from the university Want to know why your grade was what it was? Tired of not knowing where you went wrong or how you can do better? I will campaign for better and quicker feedback from your faculties so you know how to improve in time for you next hand in. Recorded Lectures I will make sure that more and more departments are recording their lectures, so you can catch up on missed ones and watch them during revision. Part time jobs More support and awareness for part time jobs that can help you, both off and on campus, you need to know when there are jobs available and how to get them. More support for both placement and postgraduate students from the union These are typically a group of people that seem to go un-noticed by the Union and I would like to make sure that they are as involved as they want to be and have the support they want when they need it. Make the Tub and Plug a place you want to be! Fuzzy ducks has been a great success this year, so I’m hoping to build on that success while continuing to cut down on the things that you don’t want: Long waiting times at the bar and high drink prices. I’m not someone who is graduating and doesn’t know where to go, I’m not someone who just wants political power or connections. I want to make your union work for you and I think I’m the man to do it. Keep calm and vote Henry!

Oliver Scott MPharmacy, Year 4 Proposer: Philip Irvine MMaths, Year 2 Seconder: Mungo Nash Biology, Year 4 This candidate failed to submit a valid manifesto.

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