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The Bathford Bulletin June 2013

The Monthly Magazine for the Parish of Bathford

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Going strong with 50+ members. Come and join us 足 more details inside. We are always looking for interesting or unusual pictures of the village余 particularly any that capture a distinct character of the village or are from an unusual vantage point. Please send your submissions to: Find us on Facebook Search for The Bathford Bulletin

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St. Swithun’s Church Bathford Rev Jane Burgess ­ Telephone: 858325 email: Churchwardens: Readers:

Gill Gilbert Gerry Miller Gill Gilbert

858927 858402 858927

Robert Wolsey 851390 Michael Craine 858613 Dennis Pearson 858293

Everyone is warmly welcome! We have the following groups for children during our Sunday Services: Crèche (0­3); Children’s Church (3­10); Rock Solid Youth Group (11+). Our 14+ youth group, 'Rock on Saturday', meets three times each month. For details please ring Michael Craine. Sundays

8:15am 10:00am

Holy Communion First Sunday ­ Family Service 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday ­ Holy Communion 3rd Sunday ­ Morning Worship

Evening Service


First Sunday ­ Holy Communion 3rd Sunday ­ Evening Prayer Other Sunday evenings at Bathampton or Batheaston ­ please check website and notice board for times and venues. Mondays ­ Thursdays Mondays Wednesdays

9:00 ­ 9:30am Prayer Time in Church 2:00pm 2nd Monday – Service in Community Room 2:30pm Holy Communion each first Wednesday at Shockerwick House.

House Groups Details from the Churchwardens or Notices. Visit for up to date details of all events and services.

From the Registers: Funerals Evelyn Bennett Page 2

2 May 2013 The Bathford Bulletin

From the Vicarage..... We have just entered what the Church calendar calls “Ordinary Time”. Ordinary time is exactly what it says it is, ordinary; the time between the great festivals. Since Christmas, which of course is in itself one of the great festivals, we have also celebrated Easter, Ascension and Pentecost. I, like many clergy, feel rather relieved to have some ordinary­time days that are not special but normal. Unsurprisingly, “ordinary” is not a word favoured by those who work in marketing; it sounds rather dull and boring. If a friend recommended a restaurant to you, in which they described the food as “ordinary”, you probably wouldn’t be rushing to make a reservation. Ordinary however is an important concept. It is the canvas against which we can appreciate the special. How easy it is to always be looking ahead, to put all our efforts and energies into the special days and events, or even wish away the here and now, rather than live in the moment. We live most of our lives doing the ordinary things of life; getting dressed, making meals, going to work and doing the things that are necessary but not exciting. If we cannot find some way of living contentedly with the everyday, we risk locking ourselves into a life of restlessness, dissatisfaction and disappointment. At times it seems as though the

advertising we are bombarded with in our culture is designed to deliberately engender a sense of dissatisfaction with our lives so that we will always pursue the bigger, better and more exciting; the (not very) subliminal message given is “ordinary is substandard”. I have recently done a short photography course and the lion’s share of this was spent photographing ordinary objects in the local area that I had walked past many times before and yet had not really noticed. I saw beauty and potential that previously had remained hidden as I rushed by. We are surrounded by beauty bursting out all around us in our village at the moment, the extraordinary in the ordinary. And it’s not just objects and scenery. One of the most life­giving aspects of my role is the joy of ordinary encounters and conversations with people; these are the things which nurture, encourage and sustain. And so while the big festivals in the Christian year can evoke a wonderful sense of celebration and praise to God, Ordinary Time reminds us that God isn’t just to be found in the special places or times but that he is there in the daily rhythm of life with all its ups and downs. If we will press the pause button and reflect, even for a few moments, we may find much to enjoy and gain contentment from the ordinary days of life. With my love and prayers Jane

The Bathford Bulletin

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A Service of Thanksgiving and Prayer for Armed Forces Day

Rehearsals are going well, with a regular attendance of 50 plus. We are really enjoying singing and meeting together, and making quite a good sound (we think). However, we would like to have some more men, so if you think you would enjoy singing, why not come along to a rehearsal one evening for a TASTER, no obligation to join, we would love to see you. Every Thursday 7:30pm in the Parish Rooms.


Supported by the Royal British Legion Bathford Branch All are welcome


delighted to be hosting a group of American ringers this month. "Cast in Bronze" is made up of 13 young people from the Friendship Methodist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, who ring 5 octaves of handbells and 4 octaves of hand chimes and include other instruments in their performance. They will be giving a concert in Bathford Parish Church on Wednesday 26 June at 7:30pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to hear some amazing handbell music ­ an experience not to be missed. Tickets £6 (under 16s ­ £3) are available from Julia Masdin, church members and the village shop.

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at St Nicholas Church Bathampton 11:00am Saturday 29 June 2013

More details from Revd Paul Burden (463570)


To celebrate Armed Forces Day, following the Service at St Nicholas, the Bathford Branch of the Royal British Legion will hold a social event in the Club, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Open to all, barbecue and bar, and entry will be free ­ everyone will be welcome, especially children.

The Bathford Bulletin



Contact details: Jon Cooper, Clerk. 01225 859007

Parish Office Opening Hours

The Parish Office will be open to parishioners between 9.30am and 11.30am from Monday to Wednesday. Other appointments may be possible and can be made by request.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Monday 17 June 2013 at 7:30pm in the Parish Office. Residents are reminded that all Parish Council meetings are open to the public and they are welcome to attend as observers or to bring matters of concern to the attention of the Council in the first five minutes of the meeting.

At the BEFA (Bathford Enterprise For All) AGM last month plans were unveiled to refurbish the shop to make it better ­ less congested, brighter and with improved displays and layout. To do this of course needs funds! We already have a considerable sum set aside specifically for refurbishment but as ever, it’s not quite enough, so we are offering villagers an opportunity to get involved by sponsoring a specific item in the refurbishment ­ shelving, lighting, carpet tiles, etc. Contributions towards larger items would also be very welcome, and if you aren't already a BEFA member, do think about it (£10). We will be making a photographic record of the project, and will list all our sponsors once it is on display. The plans are on view in the shop so you can choose exactly how you’d like to make a difference. This is a great way to support the community so please pop in and pick up a sponsorship form ­ 30 June is our deadline…….

The Bathford Bulletin

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For many, many years the village allotments held a competition for the best allotment scarecrow and it became much admired by the rest of the village who trooped up to view them in numbers. Some four years ago it was decided to give everyone a chance to join in the fun and we regularly get some 25/30 scarecrows distributed around the village, skulking behind or over hedges, standing boldly in doorways or hanging off walls, anywhere as long as they are visible from the road. Then our village Primary School took the opportunity to include it in their Environment Week and so each class now also produces one. It will be judged on Saturday 15 June with prizes in three groups: a Wurzle Gummidge, an ‘Anything Goes’ and a Children’s class. So come on give it a go; the Wurzle Gummidge requires simply a post with a cross bar and some old clothes! Last year, being the Jubilee, there was a great emphasis on the Queen, but there is no particular theme to Page 6

work to, we just want the whole thing to be fun. The judges will be accompanied by a photographer and on Sunday 16 June (and for the next few days), a map of the village locating each scarecrow, with a trail, will be obtainable in the Community Shop for £1 (for the shop!) so that they can be viewed by all. Mike S Smith


To all parents with pre­school children. Please come to our annual Children’s Party on Thursday 20 June, from 11:30am to 2:00pm at 52 Church Street (pass the church on your left, take the next left up shared drive and no 52 is on the right). Food, drinks and play (if wet, it will be in the church). Looking forward to seeing you there. For further information please call Sally McLeod on 01225 859483. On Saturday 13 July there will be a St. Swithun's Day event at Bathford School in order to raise much­needed funds for the upkeep of the churchyard. Full details will be published in the July Bulletin, but please try and keep the date free if you can and any enquiries can be addressed to Keith Masdin in the first instance on 01225 858042.

The Bathford Bulletin


BATHFORD YOUTH CLUB – are you starting Year 7 in September?

A year on, Bathford’s Youth Club is going strong and providing a place for young people to hang out, play table tennis, pool or on the Wii that the Parish Council have provided. It’s on Monday nights from 7:00pm until 8:30pm in St Swithun’s Church. (No Youth Club on 3 June.) The Club is usually open to all children in Year 7 and above, however, if you’re currently in Year 6 we’d like to invite you to start coming to Youth Club from Monday 10 June. Further dates this term are 10, 17 and 24 June, and 1 July, with our end of term party on 8 July at the Council’s Riverside Centre near Morrisons. It costs £2 which is put towards Club equipment and activities. If you need more information please contact the Youth Club on 0744 646 8025. Val Stone, Michelle Williams and Kara Maylor

can be seen this month at the Little Gallery at the Community Shop and Café Cathy trained as an illustrator and has exhibited widely in Bath, Somerset, and the surrounding counties. She designs and paints theatre scenery and murals and has run the weekly Art Classes in Bathford Parish Hall since coming to live here in 1985. Her line drawings are in demand for any card, poster or magazine in the district, and recently she has illustrated ‘To Be A Pilgrim’, Richard Lees’ account of a 300 mile walk for charity, at present on sale in Bathford Community Shop. This exhibition contains drawings and (principally) watercolour paintings of Bathford and the surrounding area: the splendid views and images of the remarkable buildings, walled gardens and exciting nooks and crannies throughout our village, which are fascinating to paint at any time of the year. Each picture has a short explanation of how it came to be painted, or information about the building or view, which (hopefully) will add interest as well as stimulating the viewer to explore this beautiful village! On show throughout May and part of June, all Cathy's work is for sale. For any commissions, or enquiries, please ring Cathy on (01225) 852124.

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The Bathford Bulletin

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Watch the Lions on the big screen at Avonvale RFC Breakfast refreshments will be available

See Diary for further details

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The Bathford Bulletin


This update from Joe Middleton at the Avon Wildlife Trust: Just to let you know all five ewes are now proud mothers of a new generation of Wiltshire Horn sheep thanks to all your hard work. They have all had, or are about to have lambs including sets of twins and even one set of triplets! The new generation will be bounding around Farleigh Wick for the spring and summer and we are hoping to put the lambs onto Brown's Folly around August time once they are weaned off the mothers and are a bit bigger! Check the blog for updates http://brownsfollysheepwatch.blogspot.

The Bathford Bulletin

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Diary of Events 足 June 2013

PLEASE NOTE The deadline for receiving copy for the July 2013 Bulletin is 17 June 2013. Please email them to: or put them into the Bulletin Box in the Bathford Village Shop

June 2013 Bathford Bulletin  

June 2013 Bathford Bulletin

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