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We have the following groups for children during our Sunday Services: Crèche (0-3); Children’s Church (3-1 0); Rock Solid Youth Group (11 +). Our 1 4+ youth group, 'Rock on Saturday', meets three times each month. For details please ring Michael Craine.


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House. Details from the Churchwardens or Notices.

Weddings April 28

Mathew Byrne and Hannah Egan

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George Parsons

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From the Vicarage...

discipleship. But what is discipleship? Disciple when translated from the Greek means to be a ‘learner‘. Thus, to be Christian, a disciple is somebody who wants to learn, grow and deepen in their faith, to love and serve in the way Christ did. The Bishop helpfully reminded the candidates and the rest of us at the service, ‘confirming your faith does not mean that from this moment on that life will go swimmingly and you will have all the answers to the many and various questions and challenges that life will throw at you’. Rather he prayed that they will be able to trust enough to know the reality of God’s love. In this respect I find the metaphor of a ‘journey’ helpful. The Confirmation service is a key milestone on that journey of faith for those being confirmed but it nevertheless remains a journey with each at different points along the way. In a society in which, to quote Tony Blair’s press secretary Alastair Campbell, ‘we don’t do God’, at least publicly, it was inspirational to see 1 6 people bold enough to confirm their faith publicly and it was a privilege for me to hear something of their journeys that had led to this step.

The word ‘confirmation’ will evoke various memories for some of us. Perhaps our minds think back to the receipt of a letter which starts ‘I am pleased to confirm’………the offer of a new job; or confirmation of a place at a university or in a new school; or, less happily, evidence that ‘confirms our fears’. The term ‘Confirmation’, equally, carries a special significance in the Church of England because it marks the point in the Christian journey where those who have been baptised make a firm commitment to Christian discipleship. It is both a purposeful and individual decision and since the last Bulletin was published we have had the excitement of having a Confirmation service in St. Swithun’s. Churches within a local area take it in turn to host Confirmation services and so they are usually infrequent but special events in the life of any individual Parish Church. It was a particular joy because of the total of 1 6 candidates, 11 worship at St Swithun’s and covered a wide range of ages between 1 0 and 74. Each candidate had their own story that had led them to take this step. Some had been on the Alpha course and after Finally do have a look at our new having wrestled with what Christianity website was about, had decided they wanted to follow Christ themselves; another had With warmest greetings been off to university, had explored the basis of faith from an intellectual perspective and had chosen to follow Jane Christ. Another person talked of finding faith through a painful life situation. Through prayer and the laying on of hands by the Bishop of Taunton, we asked God to give the Confirmation candidates the power to practically live out their faith and to grow in their The Bathford Bulletin Page 3

Treat yourself!

New At Bathford's Community Café

From this month the cafe is able to offer a selection of home-made cakes produced in their homes by a group of volunteers who love baking. Between them they hope to produce an exciting choice for you from banana bread to beetroot and chocolate cake, from drizzle cake to biscuits, brownies and pastries and much more. Why not drop in between 9:00am and 2:00pm, Monday to Saturday for a cuppa and a slice of something delicious. You can even take a slice or two of your favourites home for tea!

The Eker Bursary

A reminder to all young people in Bathford that there is a travel scholarship available to visit Artannes to have a valuable French experience. The Twinning Association invites applications from anyone aged 1 6-21 , living in Bathford or Kingsdown. Accommodation in Artannes will be free and the bursary (named in memory of Chris Eker, former Twinning Association Treasurer) will help with travel expenses. Last year, the first youth bursary was taken up by Emma Grenham of Dovers Park. She had a wonderful time and was able to further her language skills, experience French culture and enjoy a warm welcome from French families. If you, or someone you know, are interested in the scheme, contact

Kevin Marris 01 225 859353

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Bathford Youth Club

The new Bathford Youth Club has got off to a lively and noisy start and continues in June running on Mondays 11 , 1 8 and 25 between 7:00pm and 8:30pm in St Swithuns Church. There won’t be Youth Club on the 4th June. The club is being run by the church for the village, providing various activities such as music, chill out zone, table tennis, pool and a Wii provided by Bathford Parish Council. There is no religious content to the evenings. The club is open to all children in Year 7 and above. It costs £2 which will be put towards club equipment and activities. If you need more information please contact the Youth Club on

Val Stone, Michelle Williams and Kara Maylor, 0744 646 8025

Little Gallery

Work by Shirley Bloomfield can be viewed at the Little Gallery at Bathford Community Cafe from 2 July. The artist began painting twelve years ago and likes to work in water colours, oils and pastels. Favourite subjects are landscapes including those of the local area as well as people and animals. Shirley belongs to two art groups and her work has been seen in various exhibitions including the Mayor of Bath's Annual Exhibition.

The Bathford Bulletin

Coffee Plus Café

Roll up, roll up...the Olympic-themed Bathford Summer Fête is coming to town on Sat 7 July. There will be over 30 stalls, as well as the hugely popular quad bikes, bouncy slide and bouncy castle and face painting. Some new attractions this year include a children's assault course, tug of war, traditional children's races eg: egg and spoon and 3-legged, and a candy floss stall. Local businesses and clubs, please contact us to advertise in the fête programme while there is still space. It's a great way to get new business with the number of people who attend on the day. The cost of advertising in the programme is £25 for a full page (A5 size) or £1 5 for a half page, full colour or black and white. Please email me for more information or to place an ad. The raffle is one of the highlights of the fete and has some great prizes. If you or your company have a prize to donate, please let us know. Following the success of the Mulberry bag raffle last year we are also looking for a one-off special prize. Does anyone know anyone who works for Jimmy Choo? This year there will also be some children’s stalls selling items the children and parents will like to buy, e.g: jewellery/accessories, books, games, clothes etc. If you or someone you know would like to hire a table, do get in touch. Many thanks,

Monday lunchtime is no longer the same any more thanks to Coffee Plus Café, an exciting new venture in Bathford’s Community Shop Café started in April by a group of Bathford mothers keen to give carers of young children a break from the usual routine. The aim is for children and adults to enjoy a tasty lunch and leisurely drink in a safe, welcoming environment and have a chance to chat with friends. Delicious home-made cakes and soups are on offer and paninis with salad, with fun smaller cakes for children. There are toys and activities for children to enjoy and make them feel at home as well as people to chat and play with. "I was amazed that someone was happy to chat with my children so I could enjoy a drink and catch up with other mums. ” said one mum. Coffee Plus Café has been so much fun for us all, on both sides of the counter. It’s a great setting where people can come and enjoy good food and good company. All are welcome to come and enjoy this community hub on 2nd and 4th Monday every month 11 :45am-2:00pm during term times. Monday 11 and 25 June.

Fenella Avison and Clare Malone

Emma Horn, FOBS Chair 07977 539472

The Bathford Bulletin

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PARISH COUNCIL NEWS 01 225 859007 Funding for activities for young people – the Parish Council has access

to money being held by B&NES to be used for activities benefiting young people in the parish between the ages of 11 -1 9. The new Youth Club has applied to use some of this money and their application is being considered. The Parish Council would welcome applications for funding from any groups in the parish working with young people in the age group above. If the application meets the qualifying criteria the request for funding can be put to B&NES for consideration. Please send enquiries and/or applications to the Clerk.

Date of Next Meeting – will be held on

Monday 1 8 June at 7:30pm in the Parish Office. Parishioners are reminded that all Parish Council meetings are open to the public and residents are welcome to attend as observers or to bring matters of concern to the attention of the Council in the first 5 minutes of the meeting.

Dog Mess – The Parish Council has

received a strong complaint from a resident about the increasing amounts of dog mess piling up around the school, particularly along Birdcage Walk. It is really unpleasant for everyone when the children step into the mess on their way to and from school. Please clear up after your dog. You can put bags of dog mess into any litter bin on your route or take it home with you for disposal. The litter picking volunteers are doing a great job eliminating litter from the village. It would be nice to eliminate the nuisance of dog fouling too.

Flood questionnaires – B&NES are

Interested in joining the Bathford Energy Group?

We are holding an open meeting on Wednesday 1 3 June in the Cafe for anyone interested in finding out more about joining the Bathford Energy Group. The meeting will last only an hour between 8:00pm and 9:00pm. We would welcome ideas and suggestions about future projects that the energy group could undertake. We will answer questions about being a member of the group and hopefully welcome a few more volunteers to the team. We look forward to seeing you on the evening. For more information please contact

seeking comments from residents whose homes might be at risk from flooding. If you would like to respond, B&NES have issued a questionnaire which can be downloaded from Peter McCowen 852689 or or a copy can be John Malone 859022. obtained from the Clerk. Page 6 The Bathford Bulletin

It's been 1 0 years!

Firstly, the Twinning Association would like to report a very successful Spring Barn Dance in April. We had about 70 people of all ages, who trod the boards with gusto. After a delicious supper, the caller took us through a range of traditional dances. Many thanks go to all those who prepared the fantastic food. The event, although not primarily a fundraising one, realised £400 which will be used for future activities. The link between Bathford and our French village, Artannes, is celebrating a 1 0th anniversary this summer! So, what's happening to mark this occasion? The French are coming over here and we'll have a long weekend of visits, activities, meals together and general entente cordiale. The dates are July 6 - 1 0. We hope the programme, still to be finalised, might include a visit to Bristol to explore the waterfront, an opportunity to discover some of the lesser-known treasures of Bath and even a boat trip. The highlight of the weekend will be an Anniversary Dinner on Saturday evening, July 7 at the Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath We hope you will be able to join us for this happy celebration. The tickets are expected to be £25 per head, including wine. To reserve a place, phone Tony Woodcock, 01 225-8591 32 If you are interested in hosting any of the French for this visit or just want to find out more about it, please phone

Peter Rideal 01 225-858322

Thank You Bathford from Save the Children

I should like to thank everyone who so generously emptied their pockets and purses for Save the Children Week. Bathford will be sending £1 299.67 to the organisation. This will go into their general funds allowing them the freedom to work directly where the need is greatest either here in the UK or overseas. May I also take this opportunity to thank everyone who collected.

Judy Marris

Bathford Fun Run 201 2

As part of Bathford’s Jubilee celebrations, this year’s Fun Run will take place on Monday 4 June, beginning at 1 pm. The run will be 201 2m in length and is open to all ages. Runners can enter on the day at the Folly Field on Ashley Road. Registration will start at 1 2:1 5pm. We are still looking for help organising the run and then on the day. Volunteer marshals for the run itself would be very welcome. For more information, please call John on 859022.

The Bathford Bulletin

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Bathford Passion Play Countdown

Play rehearsals have now begun, and other aspects of the production are going well. Our grateful thanks to everyone who has raised funds to support us. Tickets (£5 each, £3 children) will be on sale from 1 June either from the Community Shop or from Judy Sharman on 852652. Book early for 1 4 and 1 5 July to avoid disappointment! As yet we are without someone to be in charge of Sound. Is there anyone who would be prepared to install microphones etc nearer the time, and/or be responsible for sound effects? Dancers from ‘Bath Youth for Christ’ will be performing throughout the Play, and we hope to have a chorus of (adult) Angels. If you can sing, please get in touch with us (8521 24, or RichardAHathway@Aol.Com), or with our composer Nick Breeze (Mail@NickBreeze.Co.Uk). All offers gratefully considered! Some silent Angels are also needed. No singing, no speaking, and you would not have to join the rehearsals until the end of June. Any child (ten years or over), or adult can be a silent Angel. Costumes will be supplied. Also, we will need stewards, marshals and backstage helpers on the days of the performance (eg 1 pm-5pm). Please contact us if you can assist. No experience necessary.

Film Club

The next meeting of the Film Club will be on Monday 25 June at 2:00pm in St. Swithun’s Church. The film will be MADE IN DAGENHAM starring Sally Hawkins & Ben Hoskins. The true story of the women who made history in the fight for equal pay for women. Do come along and join us for an enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment, followed by tea and cakes.

Transport available if required. Contact Robert Wolsey Tel. 851 390.

Hope and Homes Events Saturday 2 June

Jubilee Tea at Sycamore House, Church Street, Bathford (by kind permission of Rob and Jo Jolliffe). 3:30pm to 5:30pm. Tickets £5 will include full afternoon tea and should be pre-ordered so numbers can be established. The swimming pool is available for use under supervision. Any profits will be shared between Hope and Homes for Children and St. Swithun's Church. There will be a raffle.

Friday 22 June

Pimms and Paella at The Pepper Pot Cafe at Dick Willows. 7:00p.m. Tickets £1 0. Picnic tables and chairs are available for family use in the village for a small donation to Hope and Homes for Children. Contact Keith Masdin Two dates for your diary: Sunday 1 July Car Boot Sale on the Crown Field. Saturday 24 November Annual Auction of Promises. Details, tickets, etc. for all events from

Keith & Julia Masdin - 01 225 858042. Page 8

The Bathford Bulletin

Diamond Jubilee Events

At time of writing plans are well advanced for a fantastic range of activities across Bathford in co-operation with Batheaston and Bathampton, the "3B's", to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Running from Thursday 31 May to 1 7 June there are over 25 events to suit all tastes and all ages. A full printed programme booklet is available in the Community shop with a donation of £1 going towards the events. Some of the highlights are: • Flower arrangements and bell ringing across all three parishes • Afternoon teas and open gardens • 3B's 5-a-side football competition • The Big Lunch in Church Street on Sunday 3 June • The Big Lunch in Batheaston riverside park on Sunday 3 June • Batheaston 3 B's gig • Family afternoon and BBQ on Bathford's Folly Field on Monday 4 June • Bathford Heritage Walk on Monday 4 June • Night-time 'balloon glow' on Solsbury Hill and Beacon lighting at Brown's Folly on Monday 4 June •Fun run, cricket and fishing competitions Come and join in, support your community and revel in the commemorative celebrations going on around the country.


The school governors are delighted to announce the appointment of Matt Stone as Headteacher of Bathford Primary from September 201 2. He has been Deputy Head and class 2 teacher at the school for four years. Matt’s appointment follows a lengthy recruitment process culminating in two days of specific tasks and interviews attended by governors, staff, children, and representatives from the LEA and Diocese. The post attracted a high calibre of experienced candidates with a broad range of strengths and skills. We will of course pay proper tribute to Diane Grebby in due course, who has led the school through some challenging times during her 1 6 years of service. Thanks to her tireless efforts, supported by the whole school community, we have a wonderful school well placed to face the future in Matt’s capable hands. For now we thank her for her unwavering commitment and dedication. The governors would like to lead the school in giving our wholehearted congratulations to Matt and assuring him of our support, loyalty and friendship as he takes on his exciting new role.

The Bathford Bulletin

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My name is Josh Bone, I'm 21 and and embarking on a major challenge this September - to run from London to Paris, a marathon a day for 7 days, in memory of my father Ron who died last year from cancer, and to raise money for Cancer Research UK and Dorothy House. I will be holding an auction of promises on Tuesday 1 4 August from 6:30pm at the Crown, Bathford, as part of my fundraising efforts ahead of my run. The evening will have a French theme and menu. If you are an owner of a local business, and are able to donate an auction item for this event, I would be extremely grateful. The proceeds will be split equally between Cancer Research UK and Dorothy House Hospice. If you are able to offer an item or service for the auction, to support these 2 charities, please contact my mother Maggie Bone on 859226. My fundraising page is should you wish to sponsor me.

Thank you. Josh.

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The Bathford Bulletin

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Diary Of Events

Saturday JUDO, 9-1 0 am

(Following National Curriculum Guidelines) FREE ‘TASTERS’ ages 5-1 3. The Parish Hall, Church Street, Bathford Check our website for dates and information. Or call Finn on 0781 0790039 Look forward to seeing you there! The deadline for receiving copy for the July 201 2 Bulletin is 1 5 June 201 2 Please put your items into the Bulletin Box in the Bathford Village Shop, email to:

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