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The Bathford Bulletin January 2010 The Monthly Magazine For The Parish Of Bathford Wishing A Happy New Year To All Our Readers

Bathford Guides at Camp

Do you have a photo or drawing you would like to see on the front of the Bulletin? If so contact us by email:

St. Swithun’s Church Bathford

During the vacancy please contact the Churchwardens Joy Craine 85861 3 or Derek Brown 859886 Churchwardens: Readers:

Derek Brown Gerry Miller Gill Gilbert

859886 858402 858927

Joy Craine 85861 3 Michael Craine 85861 3 Dennis Pearson 858293

Everyone Is Warmly Welcome!

We have the following groups for children during our Sunday Services: Crèche (0-3); Children’s Church (3-1 0); Rock Solid Youth Group (11 +). Our 1 4+ youth group, 'Scubed', meets three times each month. For details please ring Michael Craine. Sundays

8:1 5am 1 0:00am 6:30pm

Mondays 9:00-9:45am 2:00pm Wednesdays 2:30pm

Holy Communion First Sunday - Family Service 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday - Holy Communion 3rd Sunday - Morning Worship (No Communion) First Sunday - Holy Communion Other Sundays Evensong Prayer Time In Church 2nd Monday – Service In The Community Room Holy Communion each 1 st Weds after Church Family Service

From The Parish Register:


Mr Jack Coles

30 December 2009

Bathford Baptist Chapel, High Street, Bathford

Services will be held at 1 0.30am each Sunday. Followed by Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the Month Prayer Meeting Thursday Mornings at 1 0:00am If you require information or help then please call

01225 833300 or 01225 723246 or 01249 782368

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The Bathford Bulletin

Letter from St Swithun's Church Well, how was your Christmas?

Christmas should be an enjoyable time for all of us. But I must confess I have reached an age when I can't help being nostalgic about Christmases past, when most people had less money than today. Christmas then was less commercialised, and even simple presents seemed exciting. Much as I like giving presents, I find it is now difficult to give something that will be wanted. By the time you read this it will be all over for another year, The wrapping paper will be cleared up and the decorations coming down. After the rush of Christmas, now is the opportunity to stop and think - a time to reflect on the old year and think what the future holds. What stands out from 2009 for you? I hope there are some good personal things for you to look back on. But on the world stage we see - wars, terrorism, disasters, unemployment, and climate change - seemingly not a good year for mankind. In 2009 there has been a lot of discussion about how we have evolved into the intelligent beings that we are. But despite this, we all know how cruel humans can be to each other, and that we are destroying the planet on which we depend. If we dare to think deeply about these things, we are bound to ask ourselves "What is life all about ?" The Christian message, (which underpins the original story of Christmas), is that there is purpose and meaning in life. Christianity teaches that we are not just accidents of nature, but are here because a creator (God) planned it.

We do not have all the answers, but firmly believe that through Christ's teaching and prayer, we can learn to live more fulfilled and useful lives. Looking forward in this new year, St Swithun's church will have a new vicar but not until late summer. In the meantime, we should all seek to continue our faith journey. For those wondering where to start, we plan an informal short introductory course (focusing on Jesus) in the spring. If this might interest you, have a word with a church warden or me. With best wishes for 201 0, Dennis Pearson Licensed Lay Minister (Reader)

Tea and Toast with the Tiny Tots St Swithun's Church, Monday 4 January 10am to 11:30am

Do bring your baby, toddler or preschool child/grandchild and enjoy a fun morning of activities, crafts, songs and stories together with treats for adults and nibbles for little ones. Our health visitor will be available for weighing babies and answering questions Just turn up or for more details contact Fenella Avison on 8511 54 or Rebecca Briggs on 851 660 Rebecca Briggs

Monthly Film Club Fly Away Home

Will be shown in St Swithun's Church at 2pm on 25 January. This is a film to warm your hearts on a cold winter's afternoon. 1 03 mins long Gill Gilbert

The Bathford Bulletin

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Link News Annual General Meeting

The AGM of Bathford Link was held on 1 9 November 2009 in the Community Room, Mountain Wood. The retiring Chairman, Jack Mackay, reported on a successful year with growing financial stability. Link continued to provide an important service to the local community. He also thanked Monica Stockwell, who was retiring as a Trustee, for her sterling work over the last ten or more years. Jack Mackay was in turn thanked for his four years of successful Chairmanship and was presented with a small gift in appreciation of his work. He will remain as a member of the Management Committee. Officials elected for the year 2009/201 0 were: Chairman – Tony Woodcock Vice Chair – Marion Wilkinson, Secretary – Peter Staples Treasurer – John Lees Co-ordinators – Anne Haworth & David Sweett (1 Vacancy) Management Committee – Jack Mackay, Jill Heeley, Gerry Miller, Tony Evans, Bob Palmer, Robert Wolsey. Co­ordinators

We are pleased to announce that since the AGM, Joyce Shiel has agreed to fill the vacancy & to join the team as third Co-ordinator. Joyce will start her first month of duty on 1 February 201 0. We are grateful to Joyce for her support in this respect. If you have transport problems applicable to Link’s activities, please ring the Co-ordinator line on 07870 666 582 If you would like to help in Link’s activities, pleased contact:

BEFAPlus and Bathford Transition Group Tuesday 12 January 7 to 9pm Demonstration and talk, ‘Bread Making is Easy’.

The session is designed to give confidence to those who might like to get started making bread successfully or those wishing to improve their technique. This will be followed by a visit to Shipton Mill, the organic flour mill near Tetbury, on Saturday 1 6 January 1 0:30 to 1 2pm, to meet the miller and have a tour of the mill. Places are limited for both activities and must be booked in advance no later than Friday 8 Jan. Cost £3 each. To book your places for either event, please call Maureen Breeze on 852444. Tuesday 9 February 7.30 to 9pm, 'Is Fairtrade important?' Community Room, Mountainwood

In the run up to fair-trade fortnight (22 February to 2 March), we will look at the importance and relevance of Fairtrade and gain an understanding of what being a Fairtrade village would mean. The event is being supported by the Bathford Fairtrade Group. Entry by suggested donation of £3 to cover costs. Maureen Breeze

Ieuan Green Carpenter & Roofing Specialist

UPVC Gutterings & Fascia Firestone Flat Roofing System

Peter Staples (851230)

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Maintenance Free No Flame Installation 40 Years Experience

The Bathford Bulletin


Bathford Guides to Close after 34 Years!

Marilyn Wright has been Principal Guider of Bathford Guides for 34 years, she will retire when she completes 40 years of overall service in October 201 0. Jenny Prall, who has been Marilyn's assistant for over twenty years will take Marilyn's place. However, Bathford Guide Company will close down in October 201 0 if no one steps forward to help Jenny, on a regular basis. If you are between 1 8 and 60 and have time to spare on Wednesday evenings, between 7 to 9pm during school term time and are looking for something new to do which is friendly, fun and rewarding this may be the New Year's Resolution you are looking for! Please contact Maralyn on 01 225 858047 or Jenny on 01 225 858269 We will be delighted to chat to you about anything you need to know. Training will be 'on the job'. All you need is a big smile and some spare time. With thanks!!



Box W.I.

In December we had our Christmas Party which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Our speaker for January will be Mr. Ron Pybus who will be speaking on 'Shooting People - The funny happenings of a photographer'. All visitors and new members are very welcome. This meeting will be held at the Selwyn Hall, Box on Tuesday 1 2 January at 2:30pm. Box W.I. wish everyone a very Happy and Peaceful New Year. Jean Cherry

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852486, 859007

In the autumn Bathford Parish Council nominated the BEFA Management Committee for the Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset Council's Community Awards which recognise the valuable contribution to the community of those who volunteer to help for no other reward than the satisfaction of helping their fellow community members. The awards are given in as many as nine categories and the shop team were entered into the Volunteer Team of the Year group - which was by far the largest group on the evening. Unfortunately, BEFA did not win the main prize but received a Nomination Certificate which is already framed and hanging in the shop for all to see. The event was attended by myself (for the Parish Council) and Jill Gigg (for the nominee team) and we were extremely impressed by both the number and quality of those nominated for the various awards. The lists of credits given to each of the winners and those receiving 'Highly Commended' certificates clearly showed the value of volunteers to the local community. During his opening comments Councillor Chalker noted that within the B&NES area there are as many as 20,000 volunteers (that they know about! - I am sure there will be many more who donate much of their valuable time) and that all volunteers play a very important role in improving the quality of life in their localities and he publicly thanked each and every one for their efforts. All of us on the Parish Council would like Page 6

to thank publicly those who 'quietly get on with it' in many, many areas of our own parish. We appreciate the effort you put in and this seems like a good time for us to say 'Well Done and Thank You'. Have a great year in 201 0! Stan Cherry

Mobile Library Timetable Jan to June 2010

The mobile library will call at Bathford on Thursday fortnightly beginning on Thursday 7 January. The library will be available in Mountain Wood 3.05pm to 3.30pm, Ashley Road 3.35pm to 4pm and Church Street 4.05pm to 4.30pm. Faresaver Bus Services X72 Service (Melksham to Bath)

Following issues raised by residents, discussions have taken place with Faresaver on the route of the X72 service. Faresaver confirmed that the designated route states that buses go into Dovers Park on the way to Bath but not on the way out. Anyone alighting at Bathford could leave the bus at any point up the High St. However, following discussions, Faresaver have confirmed that buses will now travel into Dovers Park on request only on the return journey. It would be helpful if passengers could inform the driver as they board the bus if they need to go into Dovers Park. The drivers will have been informed of this prior to the publication of this Bulletin. X86 Service (Bathford to Ralph Allen School)

As from January 4 Faresaver will be taking over the school bus service to Ralph Allen School. Details of the bus from Bathford can be found at the following address

The Bathford Bulletin The X86 service will be picking up at the Dovers Park Bus Shelter and will go into Dovers Park on the return journey from the school. A second bus (No 233) will pick up from Lambridge at 7:47am. The bus will leave Dovers Park at 7:26am. Two buses (both X86) will return from the school to Dovers Park, arriving at 04:08pm and 04:1 0pm on the return journey. Fare structure is: Child single £2. Child return £3. Stay Warmer This Winter

If your home is un-insulated, you could be losing as much as 75 per cent of the heat you pay for through walls, ceilings and draughts.That’s according to figures from the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), who say that un-insulated homes can lose up to 35 per cent of heat through walls, 25 per cent through roofs and a further 1 5 per cent through draughts. Yet for the vast majority of properties, measures to reduce these losses are often free to install – and now, even more residents in Bath and North East Somerset can benefit, through two local authority schemes: ‘Warm Streets’ and ‘Freedom from Fuel Poverty’. Warm Streets is a major insulation project set up in 2008 by the local authorities in Somerset along with Scottish and Southern Energy and CSE. This year hundreds of measures have already been taken across Bath and North East Somerset – helping to reduce fuel bills and ensure homes will be warm this winter. Changes to the scheme mean that more and more households are now eligible for grants to cover insulation as well as a package of additional energy saving

measures. From November, all private households in Bath and North East Somerset – including privately rented properties – will qualify for free loft and cavity wall insulation, if residents: are over the age of 60 OR have children under 1 6 years OR are in receipt of certain benefits OR have an annual combined income of less than £20,000 and savings of less than £20,000 The project also offers benefit checks for householders who wish to check that they are claiming their full entitlement. The newly established Freedom from Fuel Poverty scheme tackles ‘hard-totreat’ housing, such as solid walled properties and will provide grant funding for measures such as solid wall insulation and solar water heating. The project is aimed at private residents who would need to spend over 1 0% household income on fuel to maintain a sufficient level of comfort in their home. Phillip Morris, Freedom from Poverty Project manager at the CSE, said: “With almost a quarter of the population likely to be facing fuel poverty by the end of this year, it’s important that we start getting experience tackling ‘hard-totreat’ properties now. Bath has a particularly high proportion of properties for which solid wall insulation will make a big difference to cutting both carbon emissions and the cost of keeping warm. So this pilot offers a great opportunity to develop experience in the supply chains and learn the best approaches. To be referred to these schemes or for further information on this and other grants and available in your area, please contact your local Energy Saving Trust advice centre on: 0800 51 2 01 2

The Bathford Bulletin

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Diary Of Events – January/February 201 0

If you run or attend an event that is not listed please contact us and we will add your event to the list. The deadline for receiving copy for the Feb 2010 Bulletin is 15 Jan. Please put your items into the Bulletin Box in the Bathford Village Shop, email to: or post to:

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