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The Bathford Bulletin January 2011

The Monthly Magazine For The Parish Of Bathford

Photo from David Howells Do you have a photo or drawing you would like to see on the front of the Bulletin? We are looking for interesting or unusual ones of the village; particularly any that capture a distinct character of the village or are from an unusual or unique vantage point. Please send your submissions to:

St. Swithun’s Church Bathford Rev Jane Burgess - Telephone: 858325 email: Churchwardens: Readers:

Derek Brown Gerry Miller Gill Gilbert

Everyone Is Warmly Welcome!

859886 858402 858927

Joy Craine 85861 3 Michael Craine 85861 3 Dennis Pearson 858293

We have the following groups for children during our Sunday Services: Crèche (0-3); Children’s Church (3-1 0); Rock Solid Youth Group (11 +). Our 1 4+ youth group, 'Scubed', meets three times each month. For details please ring Michael Craine.


8:1 5am 1 0:00am

6:30pm Mondays - Thursdays 9:00 - 9:30am Mondays 2:00pm Wednesdays 2:30pm House Groups

Holy Communion First Sunday - Family Service 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday - Holy Communion 3rd Sunday - Morning Worship (No Communion) First Sunday - Holy Communion - Other Sundays - Evensong Prayer Time In Church 2nd Monday – Service In The Community Room Holy Communion each 1 st Weds of the month. Details from the Churchwardens or Notices.

From the Parish Register Baptism Funeral

Oliver Elliot Aldred Anthony John Morgan

7th November 1 6th November

Bathford Baptist Chapel, High Street, Bathford Services will be held at 1 0:30am each Sunday. If you require information or help then please call 01 225 8401 79 Page 2

The Bathford Bulletin

From the Vicarage.......

In the rhythm of a year the New Year is for many a poignant time. We reflect on the year that was and look ahead to the year that will be. Some will be glad to be shot of 201 0. Others will look back over happy times. And as we look forward, the uncertainties over our country’s economy and the associated spending cuts, have the potential to perhaps make all of us, at least a little, apprehensive. As a church community we can look back over the year with thankfulness. I am certainly thankful to be here as vicar. We saw the year end with the completion of a project to make a small room at the back of the church which will give us more flexibility in the use of the space of the church. This will be called the Holmes room in recognition of the generous legacy of Christine Holmes which has made the work possible. It will give us more flexibility in our use of the space in the church. We are also hoping to install a new sound and projector system early in the New Year to enable the church to continue to share its unchanging message in a changing world. As we invest in the church facilities we hope also that it will increasingly be a place that can be used by the wider community. The church is open during term time so do pop in and have a look. In January our church council will begin working on developing its vision for the coming years. Having a clear vision is vital for any organisation and the church is no exception. This is an exciting opportunity as we explore what it means

to be ‘church’ today, in our village. If you have any ideas of ways in which the church can better serve the village, I or any member of the PCC would really appreciate hearing from you. 2011 is a special year as it is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Even committed atheist Richard Dawkins is supportive of the 400th anniversary, as a year for everyone to celebrate the vital role the King James Version has played in the development of the history, language and literature of the Englishspeaking world. But of course for Christians it is much more significant than that. For four hundred years the Bible has been available in our own native language meaning that ordinary people have been able to read and interpret it for themselves. And of course we believe it is a book which continues to have relevance for us today, guiding us, inspiring us and as a means by which God can and does speak to us. Perhaps a New Year resolution could be to open the Bible again and ask God to speak to you through it. If you do not know where to begin, this link gives all sorts of help: ite=Zondervan Alternatively, give me a call and I will happily drop by with a guide to reading the Bible. Why not give it a go and see what happens! Wishing you God’s richest blessings this New Year


The Bathford Bulletin

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Living With Deafness

I have lived with this problem for some ten years and now need two hearing aids to keep me in touch with normal living. Quite by accident – from a flier in the waiting room of the Batheaston Medical Centre - I came across the details of these help sessions being arranged by NHS Hearing Therapy Services and deafPLUS at Green Park Station. During my use of hearing aids, I have never come across so much useful information and advice as I gained from attending one of these groups. This included help in cleaning and maintaining hearing aids, details of a monthly help clinic at St. Martin’s Hospital and a chance to see and try out a large range of equipment to assist in using the telephone, radio and TV, hearing door bells & fire alarms etc. I can only echo the statement in the advertisement, ‘I learned many things I did not know’ and I commend these events to anyone similarly afflicted.

Tony Woodcock

Thursday Coffee Drinkers, please take note!

From January 2011 , the Thursday coffee morning in the Parish Rooms will be changing to Friday mornings, 1 0.30am to 1 2 noon. The first one of the new year will be on Friday 7th. Open to all – take some time out to join us for a friendly chat over a cuppa and biscuit (or cake!) in aid of a chosen charity”

Thanks. Helen Lees

Parish Hall Management Committee Meeting

Thursday January 20 2011 at 8.00pm

Shirley Beazer Page 4


Do you want to improve communication with family and friends? Find out how others are managing their hearing loss? Share and learn strategies for daily life? Get practical advice about hearing aids? Try out amplifying equipment? Talk to professionals working in Hearing Services? We will be running sessions in small groups on 1 2 Jan, 9 Feb and 9 Mar 2011 1 0am–3pm at 7 Green Park Station, Bath, BA1 1 JB ‘Very interesting - I learned many things I did not know’ ‘A very rewarding day’ CALL NOW - PLACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED For an information pack and to book your FREE PLACE call 01 225 446555 or email organised by deafPLUS working in partnership with NHS Hearing Therapy

Make a profit generating your own electricity Public meeting.

The government scheme for subsidising solar generated electricity is proving very popular. It is estimated that you can get a return of at least 5% on your investment.. The Bathford Energy Group, part of the Transition Energy initiative, is holding a public meeting to explain the scheme and the types of house that would benefit. Parish Hall – Friday 21 January 7.45pm Admission £2.

Enquiries: Peter McCowen: 852 689

The Bathford Bulletin

Ieuan Green Carpenter & Roofing Specialist

To all toddler & primary school mums in Bathford

UPVC Gutterings & Fascia

Would you like to take part in a lively research project that we are running here in Bathford? Are you interested in the role that stories and storytelling can play in changing people’s behaviour towards the environment? Then come along and join us for the first of two evening workshops at the Royal British Legion. At the first workshop we will show you some short stories on film, ask you to share your opinions about them, and use some fun and interactive exercises to get you talking about your own lifestyle and behaviours. To help the conversation flow, free wine and nibbles will be provided! The first workshop is on: 7.30-9.30pm Wednesday 9 February, at the Royal British Legion The follow-up workshop will take place at a date to be agreed in May. Both workshops are free of charge and no preparation is required! If you would like to take part, or just want to find out more,

Firestone Flat Roofing System Maintenance Free No Flame Installation 40 Years Experience Reference Available

Tel.07929 91 4987

Invitation to a Storytelling workshop

Please contact Michelle Williams on 01 225-744368, or email at

The Bathford Bulletin

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PARISH COUNCIL NEWS 852486, 859007 Notes from the Parish Council

Change of venue – residents are asked to note that the meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 1 7 January will be held at 7.30pm in the Community Rooms, Mountain Wood and not in the Parish Office as previously advertised. Parishioners are reminded that all parish council meetings are open to the public and residents are welcome to attend as observers or to bring matters of concern to the attention of the council in the first 5 minutes of the meeting.

How to Drug Proof Your Kids

Bathford will again be hosting the informative and practical five-week course ‘How to Drug Proof Your Kids’, updated for 2011 . We can now confirm that the sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings, from 7.30pm9.00pm at St. Swithun’s Church, on the 2, 9 and 1 6 of February and the 2 and 9 of March. The course is free, although donations would be welcomed towards the £1 0 cost of the handbook that each attendee will receive. To find out more about what the course covers and reserve your place, please come to our no-obligation introductory session on Wednesday 1 2 January, from 7.30pm8.00pm in the Church.

Contact Rachel Emmett 742833 or Joy Craine 85861 3

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The 2011 Bathford Calendar

Now on sale in the shop at £6.00 each. This year the calendar is based on views around the parish, memories of some of the events of 201 0 and contains an updated village directory of local services and organisations. Production costs have been met by generous sponsorship donations from local businesses, organisations and individuals and every penny raised will go towards supporting your village shop.

Stan Cherry

Letter from Artannes

(From our twin village near Tours in the Loire area of France.) In the autumn of 201 0 we celebrated the 1 0th anniversary of our Twinning Association. A meal was organised in the Salle des Fêtes for about 1 00 of us by Jacques L’Hôte, our president. As well as current members and councillors, there were some of the original organisers who set up the links – with Rocastrada (Italy), formalised in 2003, then with Bathford in 2006. We reminisced about events during the 1 0 years, ranging from olive picking in Italy to cooking Christmas puddings in Bathford. It is pleasing to report that the rose bushes given by Bathford, planted in front of our Mairie, still survive! In December each year Artannes takes part in the Téléthon – rather like your Children in Need appeal. The recent one raised money for AIDS research and there was a guided walk around Artannes with a warming glass at the end. Also in December, a Christmas Market was held in the Place de l’Eglise and English products, including quite a lot of Bath beers, were sold.

The Bathford Bulletin

For the future, we look forward to arranging a French cooking experience for our Bathford friends. Another project we are working on is a visit by the top class of the Artannes primary school to the European parliament.

Best wishes for 2011 Brigitte Dubois and Carole Berjon

Bathford Society Meeting Monday 31 st January 2011

The talk this month will be - "The History of the Hospice Movement - from the beginnings in 1 967 to the present day" by Sarah Whitfield, Chief Executive of Dorothy House. The venue is the Parish Hall starting at 8:00 pm. Coffee & biscuits from 7:30 pm.

David Howells


Bang your pots and pans at the Broadlands OrchardShare Wassail. A traditional orchard event on Saturday 1 5th January From 3pm: decorating the trees with toast and ribbons From 4pm: Wassail orchard procession, with Samba band and Walcot State Choir. Hot mulled apple juice and soup. Bring pans or drums to bang and a torch or lantern. Suggested donation: £3 / £2 sponsors children free Next to Dick Willows, on Box Road 07532 472256 or Email: Supported by Quartet Community Foundation All welcome!




Box W.I.

Our meeting on Tuesday 11 January will include a talk by Mr Ron Pybus entitled ‘Shooting People – The funny happenings of a photographer’. Our meetings start at 2-30pm and are held at the Selwyn Hall, Box on the second Tuesday of each month. All new members and guests are welcome.

Jean Cherry

Thank you very much!

Thanks to everyone who attended the quiz night at the Parish Hall in aid of Bathford Cricket Club on November 1 2. Your support raised a total of £650 towards the the fund-raising for the new pavilion on the playing field for the benefit of the young cricketers of Bathford. The really good news is that the club has managed to sign up for a ‘match funding’ deal with a major bank and, consequently, the total made on the evening ended at a magnificent £1 200. Once again, Thank you!

Stan Cherry

The Bathford Bulletin

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Diary Of Events - January 2011

If you run or attend an event that is not listed please contact us and we will add your event to the list. The deadline for receiving copy for the February 201 1 Bulletin is 1 5 January 201 1 Please put your items into the Bulletin Box in the Bathford Village Shop, email to: or post to: Bathford Bulletin c/o Bathford Village Shop, 54 Bathford Hill, Bathford, Bath BA1 7SN

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The Bathford Bulletin January 2011

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