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The Bathford Bulletin December 2010

The Monthly Magazine For The Parish Of Bathford

BATHFORD DISTRICT WINNER IN CPRE VILLAGE OF THE YEAR 201 0 Do you have a photo or drawing you would like to see on the front of the Bulletin? We are looking for interesting or unusual ones of the village; particularly any that capture a distinct character of the village or are from an unusual or unique vantage point. Please send your submissions to:

St. Swithun’s Church Bathford Rev Jane Burgess - Telephone: 858325 email: Churchwardens: Readers:

Derek Brown Gerry Miller Gill Gilbert

Everyone Is Warmly Welcome!

859886 858402 858927

Joy Craine 85861 3 Michael Craine 85861 3 Dennis Pearson 858293

We have the following groups for children during our Sunday Services: Crèche (0-3); Children’s Church (3-1 0); Rock Solid Youth Group (11 +). Our 1 4+ youth group, 'Scubed', meets three times each month. For details please ring Michael Craine.


8:1 5am 1 0:00am

6:30pm Mondays - Thursdays 9:00 - 9:30am Mondays 2:00pm Wednesdays 2:30pm House Groups

Holy Communion First Sunday - Family Service 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday - Holy Communion 3rd Sunday - Morning Worship (No Communion) First Sunday - Holy Communion - Other Sundays - Evensong Prayer Time In Church 2nd Monday – Service In The Community Room Holy Communion each 1 st Weds of the month. Details from the Churchwardens or Notices.

From the Parish Register Baptism Funeral

Oliver Elliot Aldred Anthony John Morgan

7th November 1 6th November

Bathford Baptist Chapel, High Street, Bathford Services will be held at 1 0:30am each Sunday. If you require information or help then please call 01 225 8401 79 Page 2

The Bathford Bulletin

From the Vicarage...

I cannot believe I am writing for the December edition of the Bulletin – Christmas is almost here – or is it; whatever happened to Advent, the season of waiting, of looking forward with expectancy? In a credit driven society that urges us to abandon all thought of waiting and to ‘buy now’, we struggle with the concept of waiting to celebrate Christmas. Traditionally, Christmas trees were put up and decorated on Christmas Eve and the first mince pies were eaten; for most of us, those days are now long gone. One London store even put up its Christmas tree and started selling Christmas products, in late August! Rather than simply looking forward in anticipation of Christmas we seem to bring it forward and start our celebrations early; filling the shops earlier and earlier with tinsel and crackers, giving the message that Christmas is here. After all isn’t waiting just frustrating? Many of us, for instance, will recall from childhood the long and increasingly frustrating wait to open the Christmas presents that progressively gathered under the tree, through December, from visiting friends and relations. Perhaps the time every woman is happy to wait is during a pregnancy, hoping that the period of waiting does not end prematurely. It is a wonderful example of how creative waiting can be. Each moment is valuable, full of creative energy as cells multiply and develop. When we begin to see waiting in this

way, not as wasted time, but savouring each moment for its own potential, then waiting allows us also to appreciate the event when it arrives. If we are constantly looking backwards to better times we have known, and forward to better times that may be coming, we can miss the present moment. Not only that, but when’ the present moment’ does arrive we can fail to savour it. How often have we heard others say – perhaps felt it ourselves - that Christmas Day was in fact an anti-climax? Advent encourages us to wait creatively, taking one day at a time and to reflect on the joys and challenges of each new day. But it also reminds us to prepare our hearts, to recognise afresh, the coming of God as a baby to be with us and to remember His promise that one day He will return again. And so Advent is a time of expectant waiting, of preparation. Not just preparing all the food and presents but preparing our hearts for the joyful season of Christmas. As a wife, mother and vicar, Christmas is a very busy time for me. It would be so easy not to stop to make that extra special time for reflection. So to help me, each afternoon during Advent I plan to light an Advent candle and, as it burns down the segment marked for each day, to stop, reflect and pray. Perhaps you might like to do the same or to take a moment as you open an Advent calendar to savour the chocolate within, and then give thanks for the blessings of the day! May you find some time during Advent to press the pause button and simply enjoy the moment. And, when it does come, have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! Warmest greetings


The Bathford Bulletin

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Calling All Senior Citizens

St.Swithun's Church would like to invite you all to a Christmas Tea Party on Thursday 9 December at 2pm. The venue will be in the lovely new hall of our school where we will be entertained by the children and enjoy a festive tea. We do hope that you will come and join us. Transport available if required. Contact Pam Priston 743499 or

Monthly Film Club

Monday 6 December at 2pm in St. Swithun's Church Come and join us for a delightful comedy, adapted for the screen from Missing Christmas by popular author John Grisham . CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS Tea and mince pies

Contact Pam Priston. 743499

Christine Colgate 8591 95

Harvest Thanks

Thank you to all who gave so generously at harvest. ÂŁ370 from collections and ÂŁ300 from the PCC was sent to the Pakistan Appeal and produce was distibuted around the village and also some sent to Genesis. Page 4

The Bathford Bulletin

Bath Minerva Choir

A CD recently recorded by Gavin Carr with Bath Philharmonia Orchestra and his own Chorus Angelorum ensemble, playing music composed by his brother Paul, principally "Requiem for an Angel" written in memory of their mother Una, has been selected by Classic FM to be their CD of the Week commencing 1 5 November when excerpts will be played every morning by John Suchet in his programme at around 1 0:1 5am. The CD will be available at Bath Compact Discs from that date, and the piece itself will be featured by Bath Minerva Choir during their concert in Bath Abbey in April 2011 .

Martin Carr

Bathford Society

As is usual, there will be no talk in December. We wish everyone a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas, and look forward to seeing everyone on the 31 January 2011 for the talk on the History of the Hospice Movement.

David Howells

The 2011 Bathford Calendar

Now on sale in the shop at £6.00 each. This year the calendar is based on views around the parish, memories of some of the events of 201 0 and contains an updated village directory of local services and organisations. Production costs have been met by generous sponsorship donations from local businesses, organisations and individuals and every penny raised will go towards supporting your village shop.

Stan Cherry

Bathford District Winner In CPRE Village Of The Year 201 0

Bathford received the award from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Avonside at an award ceremony at Bathford Primary School on 1 3 November. Bathford is the large village district winner for 201 0. The ceremony took place in the new school hall with representatives from the CPRE and the village community including the Parish Council, Bathford Enterprise for All (BEFA), St Swithun's Church, the Twinning Association, the Allotments, the Bathford Society - and of course the school children. A framed certificate and cheque for £50 was presented to Hugh Baker of Bathford Parish Council on behalf of the village in recognition of Bathford's achievement The CPRE Village of the Year competition is for more than a "Best Kept" village. It is about celebrating strong communities and demonstrating that the village and its people are well cared for with a sense of community and with thriving societies, clubs and activities. This is the first time that the village has entered this competition and the entry was compiled and submitted by the Bathford Enterprise for All (BEFA Plus) group on behalf of the village. It is intended that the award money will be used to buy a plaque to mark the success and fixed alongside the others at the shop.

Parish Hall Christmas Fayre

Saturday 4 December 1 0.00am to 1 2.00 noon Tables £5.00 - with a Christmas theme please No bric-a-brac No raffles

Contact: Anne Haworth Tel: 859982

The Bathford Bulletin

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A Social and Business Evening for our Volunteers. Tuesday 7 December at 7.30pm in the shop. All volunteers are invited to attend a 'Thank you' evening in the shop. We plan to start wih a Question and Answer session, so that you can raise ideas, questions or concerns with the management committee and our manager, Kevin. This will be followed by a social gathering - a chance to catch up with other volunteers and to enjoy mulled wine and mince pies. Questions can be voiced on the night or put in a box in the shop beforehand. (This might be helpful if facts or figures will need to be researched!} Please sign the list in the shop if you plan to attend, so that we have an idea of numbers and please do try to come. It will be a good evening.

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Carols at the Shop

and 201 0 Memory Tree

Carrying on the popular tradition of the past few years, it is intended that the shop will have a Christmas tree again this year and this provides the opportunity for dedications to be written on coloured stars and hung on the tree in memory of friends and loved ones. The dedications will be read out as part of the Carols at the Shop by Rev Jane Burgess on Wednesday evening 1 5 December. Full details on page 7 opposite. For further information contact

Maureen Breeze 852444

The Bathford Bulletin

The Bathford Bulletin

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PARISH COUNCIL NEWS 852486, 859007 Grit Bins – after the cold spell in the

early part of this year, the Parish Council invited residents to suggest locations where additional grit bins might be placed around the Parish. Several sites were proposed and the Parish Council sent a list to B&NES for consideration. The Parish Council regrets that B&NES has refused all requests for additional bins, except perhaps Ostlings Lane which is still under consideration. The Parish Council offered to purchase the additional bins if B&NES would supply the grit, but B&NES has also rejected this proposed arrangement. Tree work on common land – due to the cuts in local authority spending, B&NES has informed the Parish Council that it expects the owners of land bordering the highway to undertake a tree survey and make safe any trees at risk of falling on to the highway. If trees fall on to the highway and require emergency clearance, the costs will be passed to the land owner. Since the late 1 960s the Parish Council has been the registered owner of a stretch of common land bordering the A363 through Sally in the Woods. B&NES tree officer has been asked to carry out a survey in this area and the Parish Council may be faced with significant unexpected costs to make safe any trees identified as being at risk. Leaflets available from B&NES – the Local Authority has issued a number of leaflets about the services available primarily for older and disabled residents. A list of leaflets follows. If you would like to obtain a copy free of Page 8

charge then contact the clerk or B&NES on 477983:Directory of Services for Older People (booklet listing services and facilities for people over 50 or retired); Choosing the right support for you (advice to help older or disabled people arrange their own care and support); Looking after a relative or friend (information leaflet for carers); Break opportunities for carers (leaflet); Buy with confidence (Trading Standards Approved Trader Directory 201 0/11 ); AskSARA (online advice tool about daily living equipment); Well Aware (leaflet about online database of health, wellbeing and community resources); (Personal Budgets (leaflet); Stop abuse of vulnerable adults (leaflet) Seasons Greetings - the Parish Council is grateful to residents for the interest they have shown in issues affecting the Parish and for the support they have received from parishioners during the past year. All the members of the Parish Council wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year. Date of Next Meeting – There is no meeting of the Parish Council in December. The next meeting will be on Monday 1 7 January 2011 at 7.30pm in the Parish Office. Parishioners are reminded that all Parish Council meetings are open to the public and residents are welcome to attend as observers or to bring matters of concern to the attention of the council in the first 5 minutes of the meeting.

Ruth Holding Clerk

The Bathford Bulletin


The Annual General Meeting of the Bathford with Kingsdown Twinning Association took place on Monday 1 November 201 0 in the Royal British Legion Club. At this well attended meeting the audited accounts were received and approved. The Chair, Maureen Breeze, reviewed the events of the past year illustrated with a photographic presentation of the visit by the group of Artannais guests to Bathford last July. Plans for 2011 are well underway. These will include visits to Artannes for the May Eurofest celebrations as well as a full biennial visit to France in July. On the social side, there will a Safari Supper in the summer and another social event before Easter – details to be announced later. Also under consideration is a Cookery Weekend in the autumn in Artannes and a Great British Beer Appreciation Weekend in Bathford. The Association heard with great regret that Chris Eker had resigned as Treasurer due to ill health. Chris has given sterling service in looking after our finances and in supporting so many of our activities. A message of appreciation and thanks was sent to him after the meeting. We were fortunate in that Kevin Marris had agreed to take on this post. Elections to the committee took place and the meeting closed with a glass of wine from producers near Artannes. The new committee has subsequently met to make appointments for the year. Tony Woodcock has decided to retire from his activities as Newsletter Editor and Local Communications person but will remain as a committee member.

Details of the committee are:

Chair – Maureen Breeze Vice Chairman – John Lees Secretary – Peter Rideal Asst. Sec. & Archivist – Colin Priston Treasurer – Kevin Marris Newsletter Editor & Communications – Jenny Matthews (assisted by Judy Marris) Members: Julia Masdin, Jeanette Kremer, Tony Evans, David Llewelyn, Sean/Freddie Connelly, Anne Woodcock & Tony Woodcock.

Jenny Matthews (7421 33) IMPORTANT NOTICE Bathford Parish Hall

As of 1 December 201 0 the Booking Secretary will be:

Monica Stockwell, 22 Ashley Road, Bathford, Bath Tel No: 01 225-859663 The Parish Hall Management Committee would like to take this opportunity of expressing our sincere gratitude to Anne Haworth for the numerous years she has so willingly and conscientiously contributed towards the ongoing success of the Parish Hall, both as unpaid Caretaker and Booking Secretary. Her unique gentle and caring nature (put to the test on many, many occasions) will be sorely missed. A huge and grateful "thankyou" Anne for everything.

Shirley Beazer Parish Hall Management Committee

The Bathford Bulletin

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Remembrance Parade 201 0

Than you to all who attended and who made the event so special.

Photos By David Howells

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The Bathford Bulletin

BATHFORD CC'S U1 5s IN 201 0

team throughout the season was a The 201 0 season was a transitional delight to behold. period for Bathford CC's U1 5s, with our Cricket has a name for sportsmanship young team moving up from U1 3 in that is well deserved! 2009. The average age of our team was Judging by the increase in our playing always younger than that of our numbers during 201 0, participation in opponents, who usually fielded 5 or 6 cricket seems to be growing amongst the "real U1 5s" (born between 1 September young and your correspondent's 1 994 and 31 August 1 995) whereas at no anticipation of victory down under over time did our squad include any true the next couple of months will only serve U1 5s. to reinforce this trend in the years ahead. However, the boys and their manager The club is planning a modest were not deterred, in May, when we went development to replace the inadequate to Westbury with only 6 players. The structure that has served as our pavilion opposition were happy to lend us some for many years. We thank all our of their youngsters, who wouldn't members who have given their time and otherwise have got a game. effort to raise funds for this project and Our squad, which numbered only 11 at thank the many Bathford residents who the start of the season, reached 1 6 by have contributed in support. the end, when it was composed of 7 @ The boys are keenly looking forward to U1 4, 5 @ U1 3 and 4 that were younger having this new facility in place still. We will certainly be stronger next hopefully by 201 2, when its presence will year. undoubtedly encourage other boys (and Despite the early shortfall in numbers, girls) to desert their computers and join we managed to fulfil all our fixtures. (We us. were lucky with the weather this year). Our captain loves his cricket so much L M Mackenzie that in the second half of the season he Secretary, would always elect to bowl, rather than Bathford CC bat, first, even though the nights were drawing in and batting second would be the more difficult option. His reasoning was that not being a strong team, we would probably not set a challenging target if we batted first, the game would not last very long and this would be a shame for all concerned. His view was that even if batting was his favourite part of the game, it was better to bowl and field for a full 20 overs and have games of perhaps 35 overs than to have games of only 25 overs, which was likely to be the case if we batted first and were dismissed cheaply, but neither his spirits nor those of his team ever flagged. The enthusiasm displayed by the whole The Bathford Bulletin Page 11

Diary Of Events - December 201 0

If you run or attend an event that is not listed please contact us and we will add your event to the list. The deadline for receiving copy for the January 201 1 Bulletin is 1 0 December 201 0 Please put your items into the Bulletin Box in the Bathford Village Shop, email to: or post to: Bathford Bulletin c/o Bathford Village Shop, 54 Bathford Hill, Bathford, Bath BA1 7SN

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