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The Bathford Bulletin August 2013

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BATHFORD SCHOOL FETE A great day with lots of fun for all. See inside for the full report.

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Giles Medd and Annabel Andrews Mathew Elsinor and Laura Quigley The Bathford Bulletin

From the Vicarage.....

So he’s done it. I write this immediately after the men’s tennis Wimbledon final and Andy Murray’s victory over Novak Djokovic, the first British men’s champion since Fred Perry won the title in1936. The ‘straight­sets’ victory belied a hard fought contest and I was struck again at just how difficult it is to win a fiercely competitive major title like this, even for someone with the exceptional talents of Andy Murray. But I was also struck by an accompanying newspaper article which explained that Murray, like every world­ class player, employs a substantial team comprising a coach, fitness trainers, physio staff and others. In a sense the ‘one on one’ contest of a Wimbledon final is an illusion. There may only be two players on the court but off­court, top­ level tennis is as much a ‘team sport’ as football, rugby or cricket, which is perhaps why Murray immediately climbed into the spectators' stand to thank and celebrate with his team ­ even, initially at least, forgetting his Mum! Teams at their very best can achieve amazing things, the whole being much greater than the sum of the individual parts, particularly when they are characterised by high levels of trust, a shared common purpose and a genuine sense of interdependence between team members. However, they don’t just happen. To work well – and keep working well ­ they almost always require a significant investment of time and energy by all involved. One of the paradoxes of modern life is that in an age which celebrates individualism, not only professional sport but the business world, charities and many other organisations increasingly seek to nurture and harness the potential of teams. For instance this is a quote from an

interview with Sir Jonathan Ive, the Senior Vice President of industrial design at Apple and lead designer of many of its products, including computers, iPads, iPhones and iPods: ‘When he talks about his work with Apple, he almost always talks about ‘we’, rather than ‘I’. Everything he says emphasises the teamwork’. (Daily Telegraph 23 May 2012) Were he alive today, I don’t know whether St Paul would have been a fan of Apple’s products but he would have approved this emphasis on teams. 2000 years ago he wrote to the early Christian converts in the ancient Greek city of Corinth, likening the church to a human body with all the parts completely reliant on each other. He writes: ‘If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be?’ Driving home his point he goes on: ‘The eye cannot say to the hand, "I don’t need you!" On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable’. In other words harnessing the strengths that each and every person brings matters, if the church (or for that matter any organisation ­ or even a great tennis player!) is to flourish, which is why many churches across the country, including St Swithun’s, are increasingly seeking to nurture the gifts and skills of all. Rev’d Charles Burgess Curate


The Christian Aid collection in May raised a magnificent £1,450, with a further £240 from gift aid. The money will fund projects in several countries, tackling the root causes of poverty. Many thanks for all the donations, large and small, and to the twelve brave collectors. Thank you, Martin

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The cake raised £34 for Churchyard Restoration fund.


Thank you to all who supported the wonderful concert given by the Cast

in Bronze Youth Handbell Ensemble from Cincinnati, which raised £600 for the Churchyard.

Raising money for work in the Churchyard... ST SWITHUN'S VILLAGE MARKET

This inaugural event helped to raise money needed for essential work in the Churchyard ­ the amount raised was over £800 and still counting. Thanks to all helpers, buyers and the Vicar for providing the idea originally and, of course, for selling much appreciated ice cream on the day. The forty­day promise of good weather bodes well for the school holidays, if the St Swithun's rhyme is to be believed.


The winner of the “Guess The Weight of the Cake” at the St Swithun’s Market on 13 July was Danny McKenzie of Church Street, Bathford with the best guess at 2lbs 6.5oz (1091 gms). The cake was a delicious Madeira Sponge with butter cream and raspberry jam filling, covered in decorative icing. Page 4

Particular thanks to Julia Masdin for making the arrangements, and to the Bathford Hand Bell ringers in providing hospitality for the visitors.

With the money raised last year, there is now enough for the canopy to be built to protect the ancient St Swithun effigy. We hope this work will be done in August. Jane Burgess


To coincide with the harvest celebrations, an auction will be held at the school at the beginning of October. If you have an item, either unwanted or surplus to requirement, please will you let me know. If we can be offered about 50 good items we can raise more much­needed money to preserve the Churchyard in every way ­ it is, after all, an important feature of our lovely village. Offers of items to Keith Masdin ­; 01225 858042.

The Bathford Bulletin


As time passes it is becoming more and more difficult for us to find drivers to undertake the work required of us. We are anxious to add four or six names to our list of regular drivers. Driving for Link is certainly not an onerous task or a crippling commitment; most of our driving involves very local, short trips and most drivers are called on once a week at the most. It is a great way of making new friends and of making a positive contribution to our village community. The gratitude shown by those we serve is more than a reward in itself. If you think you might like to join us, please ring me on 859508 so that we can meet for a preliminary chat with no strings attached. John Lees: Chairman, Bathford Link

SONGS OF PRAISE with cream tea! Sounds delicious ­ come along to Shockerwick House 3:00pm, Sunday 11 August and join in.


Keyboard Club, now in its second year, is aimed at those adults who would like to give playing the keyboard a go or brush up on those long lost talents. Local resident Nick Breeze, the Club’s tutor, maintains that it's never too late to start playing or to refresh your skills. The Club provides weekly sessions of an hour’s duration in groups of three or four and takes place in local village halls, including Bathford Parish Hall. The emphasis is on learning within a supportive, friendly and interactive atmosphere specifically designed for adult learners. Players engage in a variety of musical experiences, including keyboard playing skills, ensemble playing and learning about the theoretical aspects that underpin music. Nick has taught pupils of all ages in both formal and informal settings for over 25 years. Keyboards are provided for the weekly sessions, but pupils generally also have one at home in order to be able to practice. The only other cost is a tutor book (about £7) and you’re set to go! A free taster session will take place at Monkton Farleigh Village Hall on Thursday 12 September 2013. Please feel welcome to drop in at any time between 5:00­9:00pm to find out more about the Club. For further details, please go to www.keyboard­ or call/text 07768 010915.

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PARISH COUNCIL NEWS 01225 859007 Contact details: Jon Cooper, Clerk. 01225 859007

NOTES FROM THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 15 July 2013 BANES Chairman Community Awards ­ These awards recognise volunteers, community leaders, educational institutions and businesses that make a positive contribution to the local community. There are three main categories in the Community Awards: • Volunteering Awards • Education Award • Business in the Community Award. If you would like to nominate a person or group please check the website for more details ­ or call 01225 477188. Nominations are open until 13 December.

The course costs £12 and booking is essential. Please contact Paula on 01225 484510 for more information. Mobile Library Changes – From 29 July the Mobile Library is changing its timetable. The day is changing to every other Wednesday, and it will no longer stop at Church Street. Starting on Wednesday 7 August, it will stop at • School/Pepperpot between 10:20am – 11:00am, and • Mountain Wood between 11:05am and 11:20am Full details can be found at ­and­archives/access­all/mobile­ library­routes/mobile­library­route­ review

Date of Next Meeting – There is no meeting in August. The next meeting will be held on Monday 16 September 2013 at 7:30pm in the Parish Office. Residents are reminded that all Parish Council meetings are open to the public and residents are welcome to attend as observers or to bring matters of concern to the attention of the Council in the first five minutes of Computers for Beginners course – the meeting. Age UK have informed us they will be running computer courses for beginners, offering: • Learn the basics with our friendly tutors • Four 1 ­ 1 sessions at your own pace • Central Bath Location Page 6

The Bathford Bulletin


The next meeting of the Film Club will be on Monday 19 August at 2:00pm in St Swithun’s Church. The film will be MURIEL’S WEDDING, a comedy starring Toni Collett and Rachel Griffiths ­ follow frumpy, Abba–obsessed Muriel on her lifelong quest for a fairytale wedding. Do come along and join us for an enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment, followed by tea and cakes. Transport available if required. Contact Robert Wolsey tel : 01225 851390.


Monday 26 August, 12:00 noon ­ 3:00pm Bric­a­brac, white elephant, books, skittles, games. Fun for all the family.


A big thank you to everybody who came to the School Fête. The sun shone, the Pimms flowed, the coconuts tumbled and the sponges flew at the stocks. It was a wonderful day and was enjoyed by children and adults alike. Thank you to everyone who prepared for it and donated their own produce and gifts, to Alison for beautiful programme design and signage, to all the sponsors of the programme and donors of raffle prizes, to everyone who ran a stall and helped set up or clear up. The barbecue, cream teas/cakes and ice cream were delicious, the drinks went down very well (especially the bucket of ice at the end of a hot day), faces were beautifully painted, quad bikes roared, rugby was played, the manor lawn was nicely tended by the fire engine hose, the assault course was challenging and there were some good football skills at the penalty shoot­out. The whole day was a wonderful team effort and it raised over £3,600 for much­needed school playground equipment. We look forward to seeing you next year on Saturday 5 July 2014.

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Most of us know that Kevin will soon be ending his employment as our manager (though not, thank goodness, leaving the village) and that interviews are currently being held for a new manager.


It has been amazing to witness the rapid transformation of our shop and café. Following a few days of challenging chaos, a light, airy and really attractive space has emerged, with obvious improvement in display and storage facilities. Manager Kevin has been around at all hours, keeping the show on the road and Mactra, the shop­fitters have worked on valiantly, despite the usual Bathfordian gaggle of chattering volunteers, mums and children, with their pushchairs, bags and trolleys. Comments have been very favourable and the future of our valued village shop and café is looking very good. Our £5,000 appeal target was quickly reached ­ evidence of the generosity and commitment of villagers. The BEFA ‘back­up’ funds have, however, been depleted by the project and further donations would be gratefully received. It is largely thanks to the hard work and skills of Kevin Mortimer that the shop was able to stay open during the shop­fitting and that the enterprise continues to thrive. Page 8

GRAND OPENING of the refurbished Shop and Café on 7 September at 12:00 noon. Put this date in your diary ­ more details in the next Bulletin.

The Bathford Bulletin


Broadlands Orchard is a fantastic space, and a fantastic idea. Volunteer Work Days are held on the second Saturday of each month, from 12:00 noon ­ 4:00pm ­ the next one is 10 August. Work varies but centres around specific projects ­ getting a new shed erected ­ and general maintenance, with a break for a cuppa around 2:00pm. Arrive from noon onwards and park below the orchard, following the signs. Wear clothing that gives protection from scratches and scrapes, gloves, and sturdy footwear. And if you're looking for things to do with the children during the summer, visit the Broadlands website ­ ­ and check the Events page for details of the Summer Adventure School activities for parents and children.


Miles for Macmillan is a series of sponsored walks in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, the UK’s leading cancer care charity, and this year one of the nine walks taking place throughout the UK will be held on Sunday 8 September at Bowood House. The event, supported by Boots UK, will have two routes of three miles or eight miles, so everyone can take part whatever their age and level of fitness. Walkers are challenged to raise £150 or more. Bring the kids, brothers, sisters, workmates ­ gather all the people who warm your life for a lovely day out in the fresh air. Get ready to soak up the incredible atmosphere and know that you’ll be taking part in something special ­ walking to make sure no one has to face cancer alone. After they have completed their walk, all registered participants will be able to enjoy free entry on event day only to all the Bowood attractions, which are open until 6:00pm. Miles for Macmillan fundraising walking events are supported by Boots UK. To register for the walk at Bowood House call 0300 1000 200 or go to Participants will receive a sponsorship pack with everything you’ll need to know about the walk and how it’s now easier than ever to get sponsorship.

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Mr Peter Hayward is collecting samples of old / historic milk bottles of the Bath area and would be most grateful if anyone who has any old Bathford bottles would contact him. He is based in Honiton, Devon and can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 01404 42642.



Mondays 11:00am ­ 12:00 noon Bathford Community Rooms All ages and abilities welcome £3 per person For more information contact Sophie 07843 643112 Page 10

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Diary of Events 足 August 2013

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August 2013 Bathford Bulletin  

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