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OUR GUEST EDITOR BATES SMART STUDIO DIRECTOR, BRENTON SMITH, SHARES HIS SIX TOP SPECS FOR THE MODERN WORKPLACE. LIGHTING ROYALTY ne secre: rc ti'JS des1gn class1~ •es n :'le geometr c ~onstruct !Jn 1tS shapes ·pe con· en the cyl1nder and · ne sem• sphere above all Des 5 ne• v co Mag ~- r:;· ; has created Acollo as a ;;m 'lOU> scu rrorr :.11 ch 'lOt gca'l b~ •erro.eo- nor added :Pas bea.• u rrcoort o~ • sa.s Brer·on



TIMELESS LUXURY Des•&• t:d bv Rodo tu Dordor> 'or M•no:t ;he A~ton cha,r erve opes the body •nv • ng you 1n •o expenence •nnate e:egance comtort ana a t.meless sense oi luxury "II" the s•mp e curves. tre scale and the adaptab•llty o· th s p•ece ·says Brenton t• work~ wPll n any recept•or or hv1ng room


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BONZABRONZE Designed and manufactured in Australia by BARBERA, this Bronze Table features a solid sand cast bronze base which can be polished, finished or powder-coated and paired with your choice of stone or timber top. Custom finishes and tabletop shapes are also available. Brenton's preferred combination of marble and bronze is not only timeless but showcases the table's beautiful craftsmanship. Catapult Design


MODUS OPERANDI The Wilkhahn Modus task chair offers workers and designers alike a "simple, elegant" workplace solution that is "minimal and uncomplicated." Modern-but not fashionable, obvious-but not dominant, high quality-but not extravagant: all this in first-rate ergonomic design. It has it all. Wilkhahn w




THE ITALIAN .JOB Des1gned by Anton o C1tter o tJr F xrorm. the FPel Good s·ool,sc~aracter,sed by generous d'mens1ons an unm1stakab e 'Ourd seat and a corr'cr~al~le rusi11"Jn t<> c Jmplete the C':lfT'PCS t n 1r - denned n; ts I arrrcr nus orooorr ons and IGxe glam ccrrb nat on o' tal an leat'1er and pol sheo r-e· d lee t ti'e 00) <~o:J r 3ve "ve' ·'la· 1° botn bE"aur • and c mfNtable •a s Brer· r


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GOLD STANDARD Th1 s the per'ect accessory tor ary good boaroroom · says Brentof' The Becker & M1nty Twc- Level God Toneo Dr>nks Trolley suggests a playful and not so sui tier hrowback tr tl1e Mad Mer> esque of'rce a·~cou: r err.entso' oecades pas e:J FeAtuflrgsmoke!llas< ., \eS ~tt rr c <on,f'a d <•y r 01al tcpoec or .nrr a ca-c'ly and me: '1o' n stag,. stan' ess scee go Jer> 'rarr

Becker & Minty



Profile for Bates Smart Architects

Brenton Smith, Indesign, August 2015  

Brenton Smith, Indesign, August 2015