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and a few BB guns. And, we were able to give a significant number of excess food gift cards to the local food pantry.” Tom has also been busy with the local land trust, The Falmouth 300 Committee, and recently resigned as president after three years. Ann works occasionally as a per diem occupational therapist and became a docent at the Falmouth Historical Society.


1971 Reunion 2021, June 11–13 class secretary Suzanne Woods Kelley class president Michael Wiers class vice president Jan Face Glassman Bill Matteson and Pam are caring for aging parents. He still grows dahlias and many other shrubs, vines, and flowers.

1972 Reunion 2022, June 10–12 class secretary Steven H. Mortimer class president Wayne V. Loosigian Donn Brous reports her life has settled into a rather nice pattern of work at the gallery (in year 12 now) and a quiet, pleasant home life in her barn apartment. She’s observed and learned more about birds than she ever would have anticipated. Son Wesley managed to talk his non-techy mom into a Kindle, large screen Roku TV, and a record player along with a collection of vintage vinyl. “Yelled and hollered and resisted, to no avail. Now have amazing entertainment choices.”...Having moved to downtown Portland after 10 wonderful years on Range Pond in Poland, Steve Mortimer and Alice enjoy all that city living offers. “And we’re only 10 minutes from beaches, trails, and daughter Jody, who many in the class knew during our days at Bates. Still officiating Bates track meets, biking most days and hiking the others. See you all at our 50th!”... Mike Schwartz wrote, “Climbing the walls in semi-retirement. Beginning to look for healthcare consulting and/or interim administrative opportunities. Keep me posted if you should hear of any.”

1973 Reunion 2023, June 9–11 class secretary Kaylee Masury class president Tom Carey In Vina Del Mar, Chile, Julio Elorriaga-Gonzalez is back on


his feet after a colon tumor was removed a couple of years ago. A self-publishing and bilingual poet, he also paints on wood, does drawings and designs, and tutors people in English. “Retirement is a lot of fun despite the meager pension deposits.” He’s going steady with a widow and enjoys tours and outings around central Chile.

Fall 2018

Reunion 2019, June 7–9 class secretary Tina Psalidas Lamson class president Don McDade Judy Bickford Sassorossi and Kenn ’73 retired this year. They are selling their Vermont house and settling into their New Hampshire farmhouse where they will spend the warmer months. They plan to be in Seattle with their daughters’ families during the winter....Julia Holmes Reuter still works and plays outside on her XC skis and bikes. “Like most, on Medicare, have a grandson, and waste much time on social media.”... The Sun Journal profiled Mary Ruchinskas, who retired in 2017 after 36 years at New Beginnings, a youth shelter in Lewiston. The organization’s outreach/drop-in center was named after her. Over the decades, her work included “working with kids, writing grants, bookkeeping, substituting anywhere in a pinch,” and collecting statistics, the newspaper reported. Mary also helped develop an HIV prevention and outreach program. “I developed a real respect and admiration for the kids and the amount of resiliency they had, to live through often pretty difficult lives and still be working towards something better,” she said. “I always felt a lot of hope for the future.”

1975 Reunion 2020, June 12–14 class co-secretaries Deborah Bednar Jasak Faith Minard class co-presidents Susan Bourgault Akie Janet Haines

Nick ’75 and Janine Ventura Richards ’75 “like to feel we are aging gracefully, although we manage to embarrass our kids by still going to rock concerts.”

Jonathan Howard and his wife, Gayle Gifford, celebrated 35 years of marriage in June. “We also celebrated our three grown and flourishing children, our good health, our wonderful hometown of Providence, R.I., and more than 20 years as business partners at Cause & Effect, our consulting firm, helping nonprofit organizations do more good in the world.”...Pat McInerney and Cindy are delighted to be grandparents. He retired from 40-plus years of teaching and coaching. They live on a lovely lake 45 minutes north of Bates.... Mary Nucefora Buck and Fred, both retired since 2012, enjoy time in the White Mountains. She still skis as Fred goes snowshoeing. In the summer they swim in the freezing Saco River, hike, bike, and feed the mosquitoes. Their three adult children all live within an hour and they have three granddaughters. Both enjoy volunteering in the local soup kitchen, and she sings in the choir....Nick and Janine Ventura Richards now live in Newburyport, Mass. They downsized to a far smaller house, “although the first thing we did was build a family room and man-cave (yes, I’m allowed to call it that!) in the basement.” After 43 years of teaching French and Spanish, Janine finally decided, after two retirements, to hang up her chalk stick and rank book. Nick retired 10 years ago from Verizon. “We like to feel we are aging gracefully, although we manage to embarrass our kids by still going to rock concerts. We are both thrilled that we will be grandparents. Many of our friends have assured us that this great event will keep us on our toes, young, young, young and tired, tired, tired.”...Susan Russell-Robinson received the Department of Interior’s Distinguished Service Award, the highest honor that can be granted to a career employee. She was cited for her great effectiveness as a research scientist, program staff scientist, and manager during her 42 years of public service with the U.S. Geological Survey/DOI. She retired in 2016. “I was the only geology major to graduate from Bates in 1975, and there were no majors in the class of 1974,” she wrote. “Because of this odd distribution, I took the Bates geology field course during Short Term at the end of my sophomore year.” Professor Roy Farnsworth recommended her for the National Geologic Teacher’s Assn. summer field assistant program with the USGS. “To my surprise, I was chosen and assigned to a mapping project out of the USGS Boston Office. Imagine mapping the bedrock and glacial geology of Fort Devens – an Army base, which occupied a large portion of the Shirley Quadrangle! Little did I know that summer experience would lead to a career with the USGS.”...Marty Welbourn Freeman writes, “It was great fun to catch up with Chris D’Arezzo when he came through Alaska last summer. Nothing beats old friends.”

1976 Reunion 2021, June 11–13 class secretary Jeffrey Helm class president Bruce Campbell Diane and Michael ArratoGavrish, in Derry, N.H., keep busy with family, work, house and gardening projects plus volunteering. She works at the Chester Public Library as the assistant director and head of children’s services and also volunteers with Friends of the Derry Public Libraries. He’s involved in the Granite State Ambassador program in NH and is able to volunteer at various events. He also helps out with the No Labels organization....Glenn Bacheller works out, plays golf, travels, and volunteers in the Santa Barbara, Calif., community. A program he helped found has housed nearly 300 homeless people in less than three years. In addition, he also focuses on seniors and the environment. Small things make him happy, like two recent holesin-one....Following an exciting career as a natural history museum curator, editor, and publisher at institutions from Florida to New York, Paula Cowles Mikkelsen retired in 2015 to return to Maine to care for her aging mother in Auburn. She maintains her career as a scientific editor and malacologist, working from a home office on a co-authored book on the gastropods of the Florida Keys. “It’s good to be back in Maine!”...Elizabeth Durand has volunteered for six years in the therapeutic knitting program at Interim House Inc., a residential treatment facility in Philadelphia for women with substance abuse issues. In April, she started as the instructor for those who need to earn their high school equivalency diplomas. “It’s a huge challenge, but very rewarding.”... Jordan Fiore completed the requirements for designation as a certified lay speaker in the United Methodist Church. He also completed the course work for the order of certified lay minister and hopes to complete the certification within the next year. He continues in law practice and works part time as a housing counselor for a nonprofit agency and serves as an elected member of the local school board and planning board....Tod Gobledale and Ana continue to minister with the United Reformed Church in Salisbury, U.K. “The Skripals (Russian father and daughter who were poisoned) were found about a hundred meters from our church. As we Brits are apt to do, we just keep calm and carry on. We are looking forward to a joint study project between the URC and the United Church of Zambia. That will include three months of work and research in Lusaka.”... Jeff Helm and Cindy celebrated 35 years of marriage with a trip

Profile for Bates College

Bates Magazine, Fall 2018  

The issue's cover story looks at Bates alumni and their cool Antarctic doings. The photo, by Billy Collins ’14, shows an equipment operator...

Bates Magazine, Fall 2018  

The issue's cover story looks at Bates alumni and their cool Antarctic doings. The photo, by Billy Collins ’14, shows an equipment operator...