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Batavia Enterprises Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Property Management

140 First Street - Batavia Illinois 60510 Phone: 630.879.3680 -

Staff at the Batavia Enterprises Inc. 50th Anniversary Party

Our Mission Is to serve our customers by providing them with unique, first-rate, and affordable spaces as well as top notch service, not simply in the form of great building upkeep but by also helping them grow their business. We look forward to working with our customers to help them towards their goals; we are more then a landlord, consider us a partner.

Batavia Enterprises Inc. Headquarters

“Our success is based on the success of our tenants� - Gerry Dempsey Chairman and CEO of Batavia Enterprises Inc.

Batavia Plaza “I love Batavia Enterprises’ historic limestone buildings. They are attractive, quiet and solidly built. The heat and air conditioning systems are reliable and provide a comfortable working environment. The buildings are wonderfully maintained, and every service request has been answered promptly. I could not be a happier tenant.” Steven Vasilion— Vasilion Architects, Inc.

Batavia Enterprises Inc. specializes in the sale, development, and leasing of commercial, industrial, and residential properties. We currently have properties throughout the Fox Valley in Batavia, Elburn, Geneva, St. Charles, and West Chicago. The Fox Valley has been experiencing tremendous growth throughout the region. Population forecasts indicate this trend is going to continue as people are drawn to the area by its proximity to Chicago, the quality of life, and peaceful atmosphere.

Cedar Avenue Business Center - St. Charles

Cedar Avenue Business Center - St. Charles

Flinn Street Offices - Batavia

Communities throughout the Fox Valley have a record of supporting local businesses Riverview Offices -St. Charles

Where the Past meets the Present "We love being in a historical Batavia Enterprises property in downtown Batavia. The building is beautiful, the office space is warm and welcoming and the staff at BEI is always friendly and helpful. We could not ask for a better place for a Chamber of Commerce to call home!" Roger Breisch— Executive Director of the Batavia Chamber of Commerce

Batavia Enterprises has always been proud of our staff and the services that we can provide to our customers. However, the true stars of our company are the buildings. Historic buildings can be a challenge, but as we have found over the past 50 years those challenges are rewarded with truly unique spaces that not only impress but also manage to be economical. Restoring historic buildings has helped to save the immense character present in many of the local downtown districts. Pictured on this page are just three examples of Batavia Enterprises’ passion for saving historic buildings. The Batavia Business center, once the Batavia Post Office, is now home to wealth management companies, law firms, and the Batavia Chamber of Commerce. The Tower Business Center and Cedar Avenue Business Center were once industrial facilities that have been converted to office space, offering unique, urban style space without having to pay Chicago prices.

Cedar Avenue Business Center, St. Charles 1910—present

Batavia Business Center 1930’s—present

Tower Business Center, Batavia 1900’s—present

Personalized Service from Start to Finish

Drendel and Jansons Law Group – Flinn Street Offices

“Batavia Enterprises recently built out office space for our law firm. They were very patient and responsive to us throughout the process. It was like dealing with family. We have been treated well by them prior to, during and after the build out, and the property has been well-maintained since we moved in. We appreciate the commitment to the local community and the professionalism with which Batavia Enterprises operates. We are happy and proud to be located in a beautiful space that preserves the character of a historic building with all the modern conveniences and technology that is necessary to run a competitive law practice.” Kevin Drendel – Drendel and Jansons Law Group

Here at Batavia Enterprises we have a distinct advantage over many of our competitors; we own our buildings and can change them as needed. Many of our customer’s spaces have been built to their specifications. This not only makes the tenant happier from the onset but also affords us the opportunity to enlarge their space as their company grows. It is often their property manager who will coordinate the build-out, crafting a relationship where trust is built and expectations are met. Keeping the customer happy and process simple are two main goals we have during every build-out. We pride ourselves on making sure that all of their expectations are exceeded. From the start of the design process to when they are handed the keys to their beautiful new space, we make sure that we have listened and that all their needs have become a reality. "Our finished office is beautiful...more than we expected. The response from our clients is amazing." Victoria Catherine Branch Office Administrator Edward Edward Jones - Wilson Business Center

Medallion Press Group - Cedar Avenue Business Center

“Batavia Enterprises’ ability to build out our office space to our personal specifications has been amazing! They were quick, responsive, and easy to work with. We were able to work closely with them to design the build out of our space and make it a reality. We’re on our third office expansion with Batavia Enterprises and every stage of growth with them has exceeded our expectations.” Adam C. Mock— President Medallion Media Group

Investing in Community

There is a unwavering sense of community throughout the Fox Valley. We at Batavia Enterprises we understand community is one reason that this place is so special to live in and or and work. We strive to give back to the community. In 2009 Batavia Enterprises’ staff members were involved in over 30 service organizations and local steering committees. The fall of 2009 was one example of Batavia Enterprises commitment to the community. Water Street Studios started as an idea between local artists and Batavia Enterprises Vice President Austin Dempsey to have a local art gallery that would be home to over 25 artists’ private studios and a facility to host classes and seminars. With help from a city of Batavia grant, Batavia Enterprises, the support of the local community, and leadership of local artists, Water Street Studios opened with a crowd of over 2,000 in attendance on October 18, 2009. Batavia Enterprises is proud to be a part of such an accomplishment and continues to look for ways to invest in our community.

Industrial Properties Cedar Avenue Business Center - St. Charles

111 Union Street - Batavia Stevens Industrial Park - Geneva

Cedar Avenue Business Center - St. Charles

We strive to make being an industrial client as hassle free as possible. From start to finish the entire process is handled by our office. Almost all of the leasing process is handled by the property manager. This not only makes the process easy but also helps to build the relationship between client and property manager. Expectations will be understood and met from the time build-out begins through the time the customer takes possession. Our industrial clients are some of our longest, and appreciate the quality of their spaces and the streamline service Batavia Enterprises Inc. provides. When a client needs more space they are able to expand their current space, move to another space nearby or if need be, another building. We want to be flexible because our business success is based on our customers success.

Cedar Avenue Business Center - St. Charles

“Don’t leave your forklift in the hallway and we’ll get along just fine” 980 Hawthorne - West Chicago

Gerard Dempsey - Chairman and CEO of Batavia Enterprises Inc.

Commercial Properties Cedar Avenue Business Center - St. Charles

Flinn Street Offices - Batavia

Shelby Office Center - St. Charles Batavia Enterprises manages and leases numerous office and retail spaces throughout the Fox Valley. Whether it is the Batavia Plaza, the most successful shopping center in downtown Batavia, or Shelby Office Center in St. Charles, once a school dating back to 1911, we are sure to have the type of office or retail space that one is looking for. Being the owners and managers of all our properties, we are afforded the ability to change a space as needed, meaning if we don't have a space for a customer, we’ll make one. Our buildings bring a lot to the table. As pictured, every building is unique in its own way, such as the stately appearance of the Batavia Business Center, the urban feel of Cedar Avenue Business Center, or the professional yet relaxed atmosphere of the Shelby Office Center. Batavia Business Center

160 First Street - Batavia

Wilson Business Center - Batavia

Flinn Street Offices - Batavia The Batavia Enterprises commercial portfolio encompasses a wide variety of commercial buildings from medical office to retail. Our buildings offer unique qualities such as Cedar Avenue Business Center with flexibility of use spanning office to warehouse. Some of our buildings such as Wilson Business Center boast a community conference room. All our buildings are investments for the company and surrounding community. We maintain our properties as our own.

Batavia Plaza - Batavia

Shelby Office Center - St. Charles

Cedar Avenue Business Center - St. Charles

Flinn Street Offices - Batavia

Shelby Office Center - St. Charles

Residential Properties

- Batavia To say our residential properties are one of a kind would be an understatement. At Batavia Enterprises we take pride in offering great residential spaces at amazing rates. In tune with the rest of our portfolio, the residential properties are a unique mix of apartments and single family homes. If one is looking for a small studio in the heart of a downtown with Fox River views, we have it. If one is looking for a large single family home in a quiet neighborhood, near parks and schools, we have that too. We are constantly updating our residential properties to make sure that our customers receive a quality space in which to live and play. Our affordable rates are hard to match when you consider the location, quality, and service one receives from a Batavia Enterprises property.

Riverside Commons - Batavia

- Batavia

- St. Charles

- Batavia

- Batavia

- Geneva

A Commitment to Our Customers Flinn Street Offices - Batavia

Lincoln Atrium - Batavia

Cedar Avenue Business Center - St. Charles

Shelby Office Center - St. Charles

We consider all of our tenants a part of the Batavia Enterprises family. Making sure we develop relationships with our tenants not only helps us be better property managers but also fosters an environment where we can help grow our tenants business. We enjoy referring our tenant’s and hope to participate in the growth of their company.

Tower Business Center - Batavia Flinn Street Offices - Batavia

Flinn Street Offices - Batavia

Batavia Business Center - Batavia

Batavia Enterprises Inc.  

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