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October 2013

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From the COUNTRY DIRECTOR “I spend half my time comforting the afflicted, and the other half afflicting the comfortable.” ― Wess Stafford The words of Dr. Wess describe his type of leadership very well. He served as Compassion’s president from 1993 to 2013 with a kind of leadership that moved people closer to our Lord’s compassionate heart. I have been blessed to work with him personally on several occasions, and one of the many unforgettable moments I have with Papa Wess was when we walked through the cemetery-community of Lorega in Cebu. I always knew that he had a magnetic personality, but I did not expect what took place in Cebu that day. As he walked, people flocked to him as though he was some kind of a prophet. And as people drew nearer to this mild-mannered, meekfaced man of God, he blessed each and every one of them – child, adult, clothed, half-naked, half-drunk, smelly and literally everyone. I followed closely behind and I heard people saying what I was telling myself quietly, “It was as though Jesus Christ was walking among us.” How I pray we, leaders, can be like him – like Jesus, not just Papa Wess, I mean; I pray that our brand of leadership will point people to the kind heart of our Savior, much as Papa Wess’s did.

Kuya Noel with Dr. Wess Stafford

And today as we focus on the LDP, how I pray that each and every LDP student would truly imbibe a type of leadership that is more a servant than a boss. The battle-cry of the LDP is to raise godly leaders who would lead our churches, communities and nation, and who would comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable in Jesus’ name.

We dedicate this issue of Bata Balita to this wonderful program whose goal is to develop young leaders for Jesus. The goal is to help them finish well not only in their university studies and from the program, but more importantly in their training to become Christ-like leaders. This year, we will select and register another batch of LDP students in the Philippines. This could be the last batch as the program will soon undergo a major transformation, which will allow more sponsored children to finish well. (More information on these forthcoming changes in the LDP will be relayed as soon as they are finalized.) Finally, I would like to end by once again citing the exemplary leadership lived out by Papa Wess. He has touched so many children, church leaders and Compassion staffers in a way that he will not be easily forgotten. I don’t know if the people in Lorega still remember him, but surely his short visit to that community and in our country had a profound impact to many. Papa Wess did say, and I believe, that it only takes “just a minute” to make a difference in someone’s life. He also said, “In the heart of a child, one moment … can last forever.”



and Google for the most influential leader that ever walked on planet Earth and who do you get? None else but Jesus. Jesus was the most important leader in the history of mankind, but wait a minute, didn’t he lead just 12 people? He led a small band of 12; one of them was a doubter, another one he called

From the Editor

“Satan” and another was Judas. In some modern business circles today, Jesus’ type of leadership may in fact be judged as a failure. So what makes him the most influential leader the world has ever seen? Perhaps the secret to his leadership is this: other than the fact that he is God, Jesus didn’t focus on becoming the best leader there is. He was instead focused on only one thing – to obey the will of the Father. That’s all that mattered to him. He did not set out to build the biggest and richest church. He came and took the form of the flesh for only one purpose – to serve and give himself a ransom for all to the glory of God. Leaders of today really have a lot to learn from the greatest Leader that’s ever walked among us. In today’s issue: LDP by the number, Sheroda’s Thesis, Images, “Blanket of Hope”, Announcements, Asian Emerging Leaders in Thailand, LDP Fun with Visiting Sponsors, Para sa Mga LDP at Para sa Lahat

Developing Future Leaders LDP develops Christian leaders, enabling young adults to bring change to their world. Students selected for the LDP have distinguished themselves in the sponsorship program through spiritual service, academic excellence and leadership. Graduates are leaders in their countries, serving as doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers and dozens of other professional careers. Through the LDP students receive: • Scholarship at an accredited university • Housing, textbooks, supplies, transportation • Christian leadership training • Health checkups and medical treatments • One-on-one mentoring Currently, the LDP is operating in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Thailand and Uganda. (

Sheroda and other international participants at the biennial conference in biology

Sheroda’s THESIS S

heroda Montanez is a Leadership Development Program (LDP) student at the Father Saturnino Urios University in Butuan City taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Biological Science; a major with only one student in the entire university – just Sheroda. Despite very quiet and timid, Sheroda was invited to


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Sheroda’s Thesis...

participate as presenter at the 24th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association for Biology Education on December 5-9, 2012 at the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines. She was to present her thesis on She completed a paper on “Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID): A Reinforcement Strategy” to an international audience of educators. “I can’t believe that with my thesis I was able to go to the University of the Philippines

in Manila,” Sheroda said. “It was a dream come to true.” “When I went to UP, I was the only student there,” said the still awestricken scholar. “It’s amazing to think that I was among scientists and professors. When I presented my paper, some teachers asked questions because they said they really wanted to use it as a survey tool in their school in order to improve their administration.” Sheroda is 19 years old. She was registered in PH620 God’s Love Student Center when she was only 6 years old. Milagros Mendoza, project director for PH620 vividly remembers Sheroda when she was little. “She was shy and timid but very intelligent. She received so many awards back then, including Best in Memory Verse. We always knew that she would become an LDP student someday.” “It is really a blessing to be a part

of the LDP and be able to enter college,” Sheroda said. “If not for the LDP, I really could not enter college. I might stop from my studies.” The program financially supported Sheroda’s studies, “but my greatest blessings from the LDP are matters on spiritual growth,” Sheroda revealed. “We (LDP students) learn a lot from the program and we use them in real life. We learn, for example, how to manage conflicts, about sexual impurity, missionmindedness, and so on.” Every year, Sheroda takes part at her church’s short-term missions program in several war-torn areas in Mindanao. Their mission team provides several services, and Sheroda is in charge of the literacy program for children in the tribes. The communities they go to do not have electricity; some homes don’t have walls. Continued next page

Sheroda’s Thesis...

Many are sick and most of the people are illiterate. “When I first saw the children, I noticed how they have been traumatized by the war,” Sheroda said. “They came to me and told me they don’t go to school. Some of the students are my age already and still can’t read. It’s like I can see myself when I was little and not yet with Compassion.” But what really tugged on the LDP student’s heart was that “the people don’t know about Jesus Christ. They are so ignorant about Christ. This was what really motivated me to do well as I study about education.” According to Sheroda’s mother, the young biology educator has received several job offers. Some local schools are waiting for her to finally graduate in October. But Sheroda has made up her mind. “I will use my knowledge in education to help those children in the tribes to know more about Jesus,” she said. Sheroda’s thesis aims to improve learning inside the classroom. Her paper states that “improving the relationship between teachers and students can improve a student’s academic performance.” The aim is to enhance teacher-andstudent relationship in order to promote learning, and this is what Sheroda exactly hopes to accomplish in the mission field.

1 LDP Orientation SY 2013-2014 Batch 18 Luzon students 1 Batch 18 LDP students with Daphne Tan (LDP specialist), Grace Chong (LDP advisor), David Beltran (PF) at front row 2-3 Seventeen freshmen LDP students listen intently to the many requirements discussed during their orientation. 4 Marilyn Balais is from Mindanao but she joined the Luzon group since she is studying in UP Diliman.





5 Micaela Cueco, 1st year LDP student 6 Freshmen LDP students pose for their first photo updates in the LDP 7 The orientation ended with the pastors, student center representatives and parents praying for the students 8 Daphne Tan, LDP specialist in Luzon

5 6 7 8

has ith you what the Lord w e ar sh to ge ile iv pr t e It is a grea elopment Officer II of th ev D t ec oj Pr a as e lif y been doing in m ment (DSWD). I am op el ev D d an re fa el W Department of Social alities of Aklan as a ip ic un m t es or po e th e of d currently assigned in on a glimpse of my area an u yo ve gi e m t le , ith w fieldworker. To start the people. the current situation of municipality in the s as cl dir th as ed er id The town is cons incidence of most y rt ve po gh hi ry ve a province of Aklan. With deep need of livelihood in e ar le op pe e th ”, ys of the “baranga g the 24 barangays, on m A t. en m rn ve go e and assistance from th nce is assigned to de ci in y rt ve po t es gh hi the Barangay Manika with iaries can hardly write fic ne be r ou of t os m at me. Here I discover th rthdays and ages. bi r ei th e in rm te de ot cann their names and in fact sic needs and are living ba r ei th r fo s ce ur so re They have very scarce ed as indigenous er id ns co e ar le op pe e Thes below the poverty line. of culture and dialect. nd ki ue iq un ry ve a ith people w y, the Lord impresses rt ve po e em tr ex in le As I watched this peop l to this people. pe os G e th g in ar sh of ance in my heart the import elihood and giving liv r ei th ith w em th g I do Although I am helpin es of the government, ic rv se al ci so e bl la ai av them access to vernment employee go a as g in do am I t acknowledge that wha e most important th em th ith w e ar sh I less would not be enough un News of salvation d oo G e th ar he to is thing they need which Saviour Jesus Christ. d an rd Lo r ou h ug ro th

Jeric Ryan Belargo LDP Graduate, Batch 12, begins his own ministry to an indigenous people’s group in Aklan. It’s called “Blanket of Hope”


Read about it, and if you wish to help, you can reach him at 0909-714-8927 or 0943-837-2591

gh Jesus’name throu in ty er ov p om fr sed ple who need eo p is th r fo Having been relea es go ng ational, my heart so the idea of doi d n A . Compassion Intern ty er ov p l a from spiritu ng created. ei b is y ga n to be released also ra a b c am for this specifi an outreach progr ersonal cause, p a is is h T . e� op m as “Blanket of H e government. I a th of I call this outreach er k or w d oo k as a livelih beneficiaries e th r fo et outside of my wor k n la b could give a single blankets, I will be of on raising funds so I ti u ib tr is d On the day of What is more e. b u C ge n of this barangay. va E of through the use are coming ts n a ip ic rt a p e sharing the Gospel th t ent is the fact tha d ev is th in g in rd a y with an estimate rew ga n ra a b e m sa e os of th venue. This is an r ou from far-flung siti ch a re to st of -10 hours ju nce I seldom hear walking time of 8 si le p eo p e es th r etime fo experience of a lif to this place. g in m co es ri a on si mis partner with to ou y g n gi ra u co the Lord, I am en in er th t to extend ro n b a r w ou ld y ou As w ou y t any support tha are interested to ou y If me in prayer and s. et k n la b e in buying th me personally. ct ta n co y to raise our funds a m ou on this mission, y journey with me one numbers: h llp ce y m you so much and k re n a a h e .T 1 Her 9 5 2 7 and 0943-83 0909-714-8927 tly ss you all abundan le b d or L e th y a m Jeric Ryan

Na Try Mo Na Ba? Each student center will have its official compasionph email address. Active na po ito, at pwede nyo ng i-try. Read below for details. Dear partner, Your new and official email address is (your PH number)@ Example, PH500 will use ph500@, PH777 will use ph77@churchpartner. and so on… We will use the church e-mail hosting. Simply go to To send and receive official e-communication with the country office. Starting July 1, 2014, it will be the email address to be recognized in all official communications.

Announcements • Bata Balita sighting:

Seen at the church rd bulletin boa of PH740 d Shelter Chil t Developmen Center in u Alegria, Ceb

• New radio show on DZAS to be hosted by an LDP alum, Michelle Tolentino Yes, starting March 2014 po ay mapakikinggan na natin si Ate Michelle sa radyo. Subaybayan ang “Okidoo” sa DZAS tuwing 10-11 am.

HR Announcements

Job Vacancies in the Country Office

If you are a born-again Christian, with previous experience in holistic child development and passionate to serve children living in poverty, then we invite you to explore the following positions with us:

Country Director’s Administrative Assistant Assists the Country Director by performing administrative responsibilities such as but not limited to oral and written communications, report writing, taking of minutes of management meetings, managing of schedule and travel plans, organizing events, conferences and workshops. Must be a person of integrity, able to keep confidential information, multitask and highly organized. Key Competency Areas

• Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office products.

• Mature Christian person, based on Christian values; has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and is above reproach in integrity and honesty.

• Able to travel as directed by the Country Director.

• A responsible person, loyal, with a highly cooperative spirit and willing to help others. • Ability to make decisions and solve routine problems. • Ability to speak and write in English. • Must maintain a professional appearance. • Ability to work flexible hours when necessary.

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in a cross-cultural environment. Education and Experience • University degree preferably in Management or Secretarial Administration • Minimum five years of experience working in a busy office and performing advanced administrative duties.

Partnership Facilitators (PFs) for Zamboanga, Pagadian, Davao and Samar Serves as the primary link to coordinate Compassion’s responsibilities within the local church partnership resulting to effective holistic Child Sponsorship and Child Survival Programs that are supported by Complementary Interventions as necessary while addressing the core aspects of successful partnerships: common vision and goals, mutual trust and respect, shared commitment, clear roles, and managing expectations and accountability towards achievement of established ministry outcomes.

Job Vacancies in the Country Office (PFs) Key Competency Areas

resolution and problem-solving/decision making

• Mature Christian person, based on evangelical Christian values; has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and is above reproach in integrity and honesty.

• Knowledgeable in MS Office applications

• Knowledge and experience in Project Management (Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation) • Excellent Facilitation, Verbal, Written and Presentation Skills • Knowledge in Child Development and Child Issues related to Poverty • Strong ability in building relationships, conflict management/

• Fluency in Visayan dialects (Cebuano, Waray, Chavakano) Education and Experience • College degree preferably in field-related Community Development or Social Sciences • A minimum of three years professional or intensive volunteer experience relevant to managing Christian ministry and/or other service activities.

Training Specialist Supports the capacity-building efforts of Program Implementation. Designs effective learning processes. Contextualizes learning content. Delivers learning opportunities. Key Competency Areas • Experience in designing, implementing and evaluating training programs in a way to meet others’ needs. • Ability to facilitate multiple content subject matters through multiple methodologies. • Proficiency, experience with computer applications such as but not limited to In design, Photoshop, Correl, Adobe Premiere, Prezi • Experience in making videos, presentation materials, computer based trainings, web based trainings • Able to work collaboratively, cross-culturally, interdenominationally and cross- organizationally

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills, especially in small and medium sized groups. • Ability to speak Visayan language an advantage Education and Experience • University degree in Adult Education, Training, Facilitation, or related area of expertise. • Minimum four years of experience in Adult Education, Training, Facilitation or related area of expertise; with knowledge and experience of child development and social research methods.

If you satisfy the above requirements, kindly email your resume and letter of intent addressed to the HR Associate, Ms. Machie Tadiarca,

Prayer Requests

Join us in prayer. The country office prays every day at 9:00am and every Wednesday afternoon during our mid-week service Pray for healing: • Wallace Jay Villanueva (PH6440101) – due for brain operation to remove a brainstem cyst. The child has a hydrocephalus • Janno Cuizon (PH920) – for kidney transplant. Waiting for funds and a kidney donor • Emmanuel Peace Mayores (PH439-0110) – for operation on spinal cord injury/paralysis • Jayferson Sabalbaro – for kidney transplant. Waiting for kidney donor Pray for protection and recovery for the families of registered children who are affected by typhoon “Agaton” in Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Sur, Compostela Valley, Butuan City and Davao Oriental Let us also continue to pray for the thousands of families affected by Typhoon Yolanda who are now beginning the long process of rebuilding and rehabilitation.

Welcome Our New es We

t PF

wish to formally announce a new addition to Compassion in the Philippine – Ms. Christine “Tin-Tin” Nueles. TinTin is not new to some of us as she used to be the project director of PH 415. Her passion to see children’s potentials grow and develop is so intense that even after becoming a licensed mechanical engineer last September 2013 she still pursued application with Compassion as partnership facilitator to serve the Lord alongside our partner churches. She will join the Luzon Facilitation Team under the enabling guidance of Ate Susan Buan.

Let us all give a warm Compassion welcome to Tin-Tin and pray that she will be mightily used by the Lord for the purpose for which she is sent to this ministry.



My Experience at the

Get Right

Asian Emerging Leaders Forum in Thailand

It was my first time to travel by plane and to another country at that. I was extremely excited! The spectacle of Thailand welcomed me. Tall buildings, high-tech facilities, superb cleanliness, smiling faces and a sense of belongingness were the things that fascinated me in that country. At the immigrations area at Bangkok Airport, I found myself in a pool of various cultures, identities, and nationalities. I was amazed at the crowd of people from different races, proudly speaking their own languages. It moved me to praise and thank the Almighty God. He is the only one able to create these people including me, knowing us by name. At the forum’s venue, I was again thankful that God heard another prayer of mine: to have a roommate I could easily relate with. Upon registration, I learned that my roommate was an Indonesian business lawyer. We built good friendship during the forum. I learned a lot from him and I hope that he too learned from me.

Brian Anay, LDP Student, Cagayan de Oro

Get In

On the second day, I was ready to get in and meet the other participants. When the overview of the event was given, a certain line struck me. The speaker, Dr. Bambang Budijanto, said, “Courage is the sum of the virtues when dangers come. All those lessons, learning, values, standards, morals, they all culminate when we are faced with danger. When that time comes, we must be bold enough to stand up for what we believe in.” I got really excited when Dr. Budijanto shared how the Church in Asia is an unstoppable force, meant for a greater cause and greatly blessed by God. He further stated that “If corruption is not wrong, nothing is wrong! You don’t have to be silent. Speak up!”

the importance of being shaped by a “kingdom imagination.” He said that each of us should have a dream for our nation. The kingdom of God is best imagined and we must imagine its reality in the public sphere. We take not just imagination and dreams, but a Christian hope that it is not fearful of the future but assured of God’s sovereignty.

The session on biblical reflection on Psalms 82:3 (“Defend the poor and the fatherless: do justice for the afflicted and the needy.”) challenged my views about the church as the Body of Christ. I realized that part of our role as Christ’s church is to get out of our comfortable circles, reach out to the marginalized and help them stand up for their rights. It was a very thoughtprovoking session and I was blessed with the realizations it incited. Vinay Samuel’s session on Public Christianity for Asia helped me learn about

It was a fully packed day for everyone. I was really thankful to God for blessing me with so much learning that day. I realized that I have been so idle and I need to be more mindful of how God is working out things in my life, in my church and in our nation.

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For Him My fellow PH LDP student Rey Christopher Salla and I were given the privilege to lead the worship time on the third day. This was another blessed experience for me. Initial sessions of the day included biblical reflection on the life of the prophet Jeremiah, a person involved in the public sphere. The speaker pointed out that at present, there is always a vacancy to be the voice of the voiceless. Another session led by Mr. Phillip Kho focused on the dangers and negative effects of social media to the Christian world. He said that we confuse connectivity to connectedness. The social media makes us lonely individuals. We create a second life – a life where we appear better, richer, well-dressed, etc. The present generation also became more narcissistic. There is no or very little authenticity in the Internet. I realized that as a Christian youth, I should be able to intelligently handle social media. It is still public sphere and it should be used for the advantage of kingdom building.

Move Out On the last day of the forum, I witnessed how God used skilled people to work in His ministry. I was with the group of Compassion Asia and they were really inspiring. We had brainstorming session on how to combat the deep roots of corruption all over Asia. This was where the outstanding efforts of Compassion Thailand were applauded. They were able to stand their ground amidst the vicious corruption happening in their country. They held effective campaigns against vote buying, hold prayers events and peaceful rallies. They received government recognition as the second best NGO that fights corruption. Hearing Compassion Thailand’s journey, I got inspired and decided to never put God in a box because He is limitless, He can do great things for our country too.

My main takeaway is to move out, to execute the things we have planned. Planning is useless if application is not done. The whole trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand was about God opening my eyes to see the work He has set aside for me as a young leader. I’m dreaming of a Philippines where things are mobilized by truth and Christians stand their ground amongst people who only want personal gains. May God continue to lead and empower me.

The Asia Emerging Leaders Forum was held on January 11-14 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, spearheaded by Compassion International, Asia Evangelical Alliance and INFEMIT (International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation). It was attended by participants from 15 countries. From the Philippines are Brian Anay (LDP Mindanao), Soulykha Ruth Chokyogen (LDP Luzon), Rey Christopher Salla (LDP Visayas), Aimee Noreen Reyes, Levi Jun Carupo, Mark Anthony Lumacad and Michelle Sheba Tolentino.

LDP Fun with Visiting Sponsors LDP

The students and graduates usually prepare a program that will allow them to fellowship with the guests. There are games/icebreakers, singing time and sharing of testimonies from students and graduates. There is also a portion given when the guests can ask questions to the LDP participants. It is usually at this time when encouragement and advices are generously given to the students and graduates. The guests usually pray for the students and graduates. Many times, a representative from the LDP group also prays for the guests. While sponsors and guests at LDP dinners are blessed with this activity, many LDP students and graduates attest that they too are equally blessed every time they are invited to such events. For them, LDP dinners are rare opportunities to get to know Compassion friends and supporters from other parts of the world. It is a blessed time of fun and fellowship.


Recently, popular Korean singer Kim BumSoo was brought in by Compassion Korea to personally witness the ministry work of Compassion in the Philippines. He was able to meet with selected

LDP dinners are rare opportunities to get to know Compassion friends and supporters from other parts of the world Continued next page

dinners are usually the climax of sponsor tours and visits. It is an opportunity for Compassion friends, advocates, sponsors or future sponsors to personally meet selected LDP students and alumni. It is a venue for them to learn about the ministry and dynamics of Compassion’s Leadership Development Program straight from its recipients – the graduates and current students.

LDP students in Cebu. Our Country Director, Kuya Noel Pabiona, other CIPH staff and Compassion Korea workers also joined them. They had dinner together while fellowshipping with one another. LDP student Christy Mae Subing-subing shares, “My LDP dinner experience last January 22 was very wonderful. I was blessed with Kim BumSoo’s testimony on how the good Lord touched and changed his life. One of the best things that I learned that time was that God can change a person no matter where he or she is from. I am so amazed at how the Lord transformed the famous singer. God is working through his fame and talents and it is wonderful to hear God’s amazing works through him.” “I am blessed that Kim BumSoo and the rest of Compassion Korea group were very keen in listening to our testimonies,” adds Rechelle Enolpe, another LDP student. “They gave us advice and words of encouragement. I saw how God uses their lives to influence others about Jesus.” Christan Sam Detecio, another LDP student in Cebu, remarks, “It was a great experience to meet people with different personalities and from different culture. I am thankful because I was given the chance to give my testimony. And I am so happy that they were blessed with our stories. Truly God is at work! Let His Holy Name be praised!” The LDP dinner may seem like a very simple activity where food and fellowship abound. Amidst the food and fellowship, strong ministry bonds and partnership are fostered that bless everybody involved. LDP students all over the country look forward to more enriching sponsorstudent activities in the future.

K-pop star, Kim BunSoo

Kim Bu nS Cebu LD oo (center) w it P stude nts, Ate h Venus P F Noel (rig (left) and Kuya ht)


Para sa Mga LDP at Para sa Lahat

ng Leadership Development Program ay nasa ika-labing siyam na taon na mula nang magsimula ito dito mismo sa Pilipinas. Mahaba-haba na rin ang nilakbay natin mula ng simulan natin ang pangarap na makapagtaguyod tayo ng mga susunod na lingkod at pinuno ng simbahan at ng bayan.

Sa paglipas ng panahon kailangan ang mga pagbabago sa programa upang masabayan ang mga hamon ng nagbabagong panahon. Ang LDP, kaisa ang buong Compassion sa Pilipinas, ay nagtalaga ng Transformational Goal (TGoal) para sa taong 2020. Ang ating pangarap para sa taong 2020 ay nakapaloob sa mga katagang ito: “LDP Students will be organized in strategic cities and will be actively involved as advocates against injustice, poverty and other relevant social issues.” Pangarap natin na ang ating mga mag-aaral ang mangunguna sa hanay ng may puso at pakialam sa nangyayari sa lipunan. Hindi sapat na magaling lang sa paaralan o sa loob ng simbahan ang isang LDP student. Kailangan na lumalim ang kanilang pagmamahal sa bayan. Tayong mga LDP Specialists, mga mentors at mga leaders sa simabahan ay kinakailangan din na manguna upang maging kampeon ng Dios at bayan. Nasa sa atin para tayo ang maging modelo hindi lang ng mga LDP students, pero ng bawat kabataan sa CDSP at sa buong simbahan dahil lahat sila ay ipinagkatiwala sa atin ng Panginoon. Ayon sa Mark 20:45, “For even the Son of Man came to serve and not to be served.” Si Hesus, bilang ating pangunahing model, ang nagtuturo na ang pangunguna ay laging nakaugat sa paglilingkod. We need godly and committed individuals capable of becoming servant leaders. Mga leader na may galing at may puso. Hindi ito biro kaya patuloy tayong mag-kapitkamay at sama-samang manalangin. Isang araw mula ngayon makikita natin ang bunga ng ating pagpapagal PARA SA DIOS AT BAYAN!

Kuya Efren kasama ang buong LDP team ng Compassion sa Pilipinas Ate Angel, Kuya Elmer and Ate Daphne

Online Magazine of Compassion in the Philippines Editor-in-Chief Edwin Estioko ( Editors Anne Lamigo ( Daphne Tan ( Lueli Pet Ponce ( Graphic/Layout Artist Ryan Gil Gulliermo ( IT Romel Giron ( Adviser Noel Pabiona (

Registered children, LDP students, student center directors, child development workers, pastors, church staffers and country office staffers are welcome to contribute. ________________________________ Email contributions to Email prayer requests to Visit “Compassion sa Pilipinas FB group� and leave a Comment or LIKE this issue.

February 2014 issue  


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