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Igniting Bright Ideas and Changing the World for Good

The KENO Foundation, Inc. promotes financial literacy and social responsibility by helping young entrepreneurs turn their bright ideas into real business enterprises.

About The KENO Foundation, Inc. ABOUT THE KENO FOUNDATION, INC. Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities Foundation, Inc. (KENO) fosters, grows and nurtures businesses formed by Kid Entrepreneurs. Kids are naturally gifted with bright ideas and the ability to think beyond the realm of everyday possibilities. We at The KENO Fund believe that it is important to ignite these bright ideas. In doing so we begin to teach the youth of the world financial literacy, legacy wealth creation, and business stewardship that could change the world for good. \HOW IT WORKS: The KENO Foundation raises money to distribute to an accomplished group of young entrepreneurs between the ages 10-17. KENO teaches that to succeed in business, you must start with a desire, knowledge and capital. We teach enthusiastic young people the value of ethical business practices, money management, planning and accountability. The KENO Foundation is set apart from most youth entrepreneurship programs because we act on our belief that sheer will does not give an aspiring businessperson money to buy supplies. The KENO Foundation actually distributes money to teams and individuals in the form of awards and or micro-loans. Cash awards are given to winning teams and individuals with the best business plans and other demonstrations of business proficiency. Micro-loans usually begin quite small. Some are just $25 and are granted to teams and students who have been paired with mentors and met additional criteria. As young entrepreneurs show success with small loans, they have opportunities to expand their businesses with larger loans, up to about $500. When these micro loans are paid back with interest, funds are made available to others who need financial assistance. We believe that when kids have a steady source of income, they prove to be more responsible. In countries outside of the United States, revenue generated from KENO youth enterprises allow children to address their basic needs including attending school. Instead of living day-to-day, they are able to assist their families and can plan and save for the future.

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The KENO Foundation encourages young entrepreneurs to achieve their pursuits by offering one thousand dollars in start-up capital to students with sound, innovative and socially responsible business plans. The start-up capital is called a Brick Award and is one of many ways that KENO fulfills its mission to help foster and guide young entrepreneurs.

Because the KENO Foundation believes that a great business leader is also socially responsible, all training includes community service. KENO is a proud participant in the Georgia Adopt a Highway program.



KENO Entrepreneurs believe that making a global impact will help them achieve their mission to change the world for good. One of their global impact activities included renovating an orphanage in Ethiopia.

For the sescond year The KENO Foundation participated in Global Entrepreneurship by hosting a Billionaire Boot Camp, a Global Panel and a Business Plan competion

GLOBAL OUTREACH - GHANA A portion of the profits generated from KENO sponsored businesses is used to offer micro-loans to students at the Community Children’s Center in Ghana who are members of the Curious Minds Club. The partnership allows The KENO MicroFund to fulfill its global mission of having an impact on reducing world poverty and creating legacy wealth.

YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK KENO launched the first annual Youth Entrepreneurship Week. Hundreds of young entrepreneurs as far away as England participated in activities dedicated to teaching financial literacy, business development and social responsibility.

Adrienne Lance Lucas - President and Co-Founder Adrienne Lance Lucas is President and Co-Founder of The KENO Foundation a national non-profit that fosters, grows and nurtures businesses formed by young entrepreneurs. Her passion for ensuring that young people understand what it truly means to be financially self-sufficient is one reason that she and her 13 year-old son, Keno Lucas II founded The KENO Foundation. One key principle taught by The KENO Micro-Fund is that a truly successful business leader is also a responsible corporate citizen. This belief is reflected in the support and service that Lance Lucas provides to institutions dear to her. She is an active member of the Elizabeth Baptist Church Parents’ Council for the Montessori School of Douglas County, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and the Junior League of Atlanta. She teaches financial literacy and life skills for the Evening at Emory continuing education program and through Crown Ministry at Elizabeth Baptist Church. The work of The KENO Foundation, helping young people transform their bright ideas into lucrative enterprises, is a perfect pursuit for Lance Lucas. She is no stranger to launching successful businesses. As Principal and Chief Operating Officer of ICG Real Estate Advisors, LLC, she helped the company grow from $0 to nearly $75 Million in only 18 months with the company’s first fund, Inheritance Capital Group, LLC. ICG Real Estate Advisors currently holds over $200 Million in managed assets. After earning a B.A. in economics, cum laude from Spelman College and an MBA from Harvard University, Lance Lucas returned to her home state of Minnesota to work as a financial analyst for General Mills, Inc. She advanced quickly and gained valuable experience in marketing, sales and corporate finance, and earned a reputation for being a solid manager and exceptional developer of people. As a testament to her outstanding performance, in 1993, Lance Lucas was the youngest person in the company’s history to date to receive the coveted Chairman’s Award for Customer service for her work in reengineering the administrative functions within National Sales Division. Lance Lucas joined CSC Index as a consultant during the reengineering business revolution of the mid 1990’s. Rapidly advancing to a Senior Manager in the financial services and utilities practices, she welcomed her responsibility of advising corporate clients in the United States and abroad. Lance Lucas was adept at helping clients compete in newly deregulated environments and restructuring lackluster groups into high-performance teams responsible for increased productivity and profitability. In 1998, Lance Lucas joined HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation, the number one mortgage lender in Atlanta, GA with nearly $6 billion in mortgage loan production, as the Vice President for Strategy & Operations. Lance Lucas was instrumental in preparing the company for privatization through her improvement of production operations. Lance Lucas is also a published author of a children’s book entitled, Before You Arrived, which is dedicated to her son, Keno.

Keno Lucas II - Co-Founder Keno Lucas II like thousands of 3 year olds, loved to draw, color and paint. His mother Adrienne Lance Lucas like thousands of encouraging mothers framed Keno’s artwork throughout their home. The story of Keno’s art takes a twist because the young artist also has the spirit of an entrepreneur. By the time he hit the ripe old age of 5, Keno was selling his art on his very own website Today 13 year-old Keno like other boys his age enjoys playing basketball, soccer and video games. However his early entry into business taught him that all play and work does not make a successful businessman. Motivated by a desire to help his friends understand how he successfully grew his business, Keno joined forces with his mom also an entrepreneur. Together the mother son team founded The KENO Foundation. Keno is an inspiring young speaker who enjoys motivating his peers to turn their bright ideas into profitable enterprises.

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Igniting Bright Ideas and Changing the World for Good ® The KENO Foundation is set apart from most youth entrepreneurship programs because w...