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The Most Important Message Creates GROWTH

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• Letter from Dee-Dee Bass Wilbon & Deana Bass • GROWTHComms Vision & Mission

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Writing a Vision and Making It Plain Tackling Politically Charged Media Reaching Cyber Saints Desiging Collateral, Publications and Literature - Owned Media Working with the Fourth Estate - Earned Media Taking Action

MISSION: • To communicate the Gospel in a way that would make the world hungry to know Jesus the Christ. • To teach Christian communicators how to share the uncompromised Gospel while avoiding looking unnecessarily crazy in the media.

VISION: Resources • Glossary of Media Terms • Key Press Release Distribution Websites

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• We see a future in which Christian communicators have the skills to compete in any mainstream marketing and advertising firm. • A world where the message of Jesus Christ is widely shared throughout mainstream media.


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Bass Public Affairs Your Clear Voice in a crowded market.

About BPA:

Welcome to GROWTHComms 2014, We are beyond blessed that you have chosen to join us for the inaugural Growth Communications Conference.

Bass Public Affairs (BPA) is a full service public affairs firm based in Washington, D.C.

Bass Public Affairs goes on record in saying we believe the Gospel is the most important message the world has ever heard. When that message is communicated well, the number of people who are hungry to know the Lord increases.

We help organizations build alliances with potential clients and solidify partnerships with current clients. Whether reaching an audience of one or millions, BPA uses hybrid research and innovative public relations techniques to build coalitions and enhance growth.

The media tools available to share the message change at a breathtaking pace. Today’s conference is designed to help Christian communicators understand how best to use the fads and the longstanding traditions of media.

By offering traditional and emerging media tools, BPA provides solutions to individuals and organizations that desire to impact public opinion or public policy.

As iron sharpens iron, we are blessed that some of the most creative and capable communicators on this side of heaven will share their knowledge. We look forward to seeing your organizations GROW in amazing ways based on the tools and insight that you will gain today.

Phone: 703.888.9421

Thank you again for sharing your day with us. God bless, Dee-Dee and Deana

Website: Email: Facebook: basspublicaffairs Twitter:

GROWTHComms Presenters Karen Marie Alston

A leader in the marketing industry, Karen Maria Alston has proven to be one of the top innovative and visionary thinkers in the business. Karen began her career working for Fortune 100 companies such as JP Morgan Chase, MBNA America Bank (now Bank of America) and America Online. While climbing the corporate ladder, she developed her skills working alongside the best marketing executives in the industry. Born as a 3rd generation entrepreneur with the desire to contribute to the industry, Karen developed and launched her own boutique marketing communications firm. In 2002, Alston Marketing Group now d/b/a, AM+G Marketing Communications was established.

Deana Bass

Deana Bass brings over 20 years of communications experience to her role as a principal at Bass Public Affairs. Deana’s first job in the business was writing obituary notices and wedding announcements for her hometown newspaper The Columbus Ledger Enquirer in Columbus, Georgia. Since those early years, political leaders, business leaders and national non-profits have called on her to manage their messaging and their media.

Dee-Dee Bass Wilbon

Dee-Dee Bass Wilbon brings a decade of experience in corporate America to her role as a principal at Bass Public Affairs and over 15 years of experience as a professional communicator. The accolades and recognition that Dee-Dee received is evidence of her success in corporate America. Her outstanding performance earned her the coveted Young Achievers Award at MBNA. Dee-Dee has worked as a media consultant for community organizations and business leaders. In this role, she has served as spokesperson and ghostwriter helping to manage both the owned and earned media relations for a diverse set of communities.

Elizabeth Bersche

Elizabeth Bersche has over fourteen years of professional experience as a technical writer and editor. Her areas of expertise include proofreading, copy editing, desktop publishing, and proposal writing. In addition to her role as the Communications Writer/Editor for Bass Public Affairs, Elizabeth creates résumés, cover letters, executive biographies, and LinkedIn profiles for a wide range of clients, with a special emphasis on members of the military who are transitioning to the civilian sector. She enjoys creating products that are persuasive, polished, and reflect each client’s unique personality.

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JC Derrick

J.C. Derrick is a reporter in WORLD Magazine's Washington Bureau. He spent 10 years covering sports, higher education, and politics for the Longview NewsJournal and other newspapers in Texas before joining WORLD in 2012. WORLD Magazine is the largest Christian news magazine in the country.

Dr. Derek Grier

Bishop Derek Grier currently serves as the founding pastor of Grace Church in Dumfries, Virginia. Grace Church began in 1998 with 12 people and has grown to more than 4,000 members and over 50 life-changing ministries. In 2008, he founded the Dumfries Youth Center (now the Grace Youth Center) as an extension of Grace Church. It has served hundreds of high-risk children in Prince William County, Virginia. Bishop Grier’s uncompromising approach to preaching and teaching the gospel has helped him lead Grace Church in phenomenal growth. The highly acclaimed Outreach Magazine lists Grace Church as one of the fastest growing African American Churches in the nation and it is among the top 100 fastest growing of all churches.

Hamil Harris

Hamil Harris is an awarding winning journalist who has been at the Washington Post since 1992. During his tenure he has written hundreds of stories about the people, government, faith and the communities in the Washington area. Harris has chronicled the District government, the Million Man March, the Clinton White House, the Sept. 11 attack, the Sniper Attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the campaign of President Barack Obama and many other people and events. In 2006 Harris was on the team of reporters that published the series “Being a Black Man.� He also was the reporter on the video project that accompanied the series that won two Emmy Awards, the Casey Medal and the Peabody Award.

Pastor Derek McCoy

Derek McCoy serves as President of the Maryland Family Alliance and the Maryland Family Council, organizations dedicated to strong families, educated children, and responsible government. For the past several years Derek has lead bi-partisan initiatives and has been a consistent advocate in the building of coalitions. His consistent, proven, and thorough work has allowed him to become a trusted resource for many pastors and leaders. He has a unique ability and grace to bridge racial and denominational gaps. He has been instrumental in conducting educational summits with pastors, community leaders, and citizens while incorporating media and influential figures in the community.

Dean Nelson

Dean Nelson Reverend Dean Nelson, B.A., is the Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a conservative, grassroots political organization. Dean has served as the Vice President of Underserved Outreach at Care Net where he led Care Net’s nationwide efforts to equip and train urban leaders and churches in the development of pregnancy centers in underserved communities. Rev. Nelson is a licensed minister from Salem Baptist Church and an ordained pastor with Wellington Boone Ministries. He is the former Executive Director for the Network of Politically Active Christians (NPAC), and the former National Director of Global Outreach Campus Ministries. Dean and his wife Julia live in Montgomery Village, Maryland with their three homeschooled children.

Southerlyn Reisig

As a Communications Consultant for Bass Public Affairs, Southerlyn Reisig focuses on earned (or “free”) media. Southerlyn helps clients create quality content that develops a following and “earns” brand recognition. She specializes in translating a message into a greater media context and then creates word-of-mouth through numerous outlets (e.g., newspaper or the Internet) and in a variety of formats (e.g., blogs, videos, or press releases). Southerlyn brings 16 years of public relations experience to her role of Communications Consultant. She received her Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University.

Jonelly Sharp

Jonelly Sharp currently serves as the Director of Art at DC Metro Church in Alexandria, Virginia. She resides in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, David. Jonelly graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. While attending SCAD, both her leadership within the field and her artistic talent were recognized. She served as a Student Ambassador and leader of her peers for three years. Her artwork was recognized by the 2008 Young Designer's Exhibit in Taiwan and displayed there for four days, attracting more than 95,000 people. Part of her collegiate leadership included serving as the Stroke of a winning Women's Four boat in SCAD Crew.

Tanisha Watson

Tanisha Watson has more than 10 years of customer engagement experience and is currently the Founder of Watson Media Group. Watson Media Group's aim is to create campaigns that engage new and existing clients via traditional and digital media outlets through passionate storytelling and focused strategies. Ms. Watson also serves as the media relations coordinator for one of the nation's fastest growing churches, supporting its senior pastor and all other related entities.

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GrowthComms Presenters  

GrowthComms2014 is a Conference for Christian Communicators. January 18, 2014 National Press Club Washington, DC MISSION: To communicate...

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