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The Power of a Persuasive Platform The Ultimate Public Speaking Seminar Improve Professional and Personal Communication Skills Washington, DC * June 5 * Ritz Carlton Pentagon City

An UnCommon Gift

I’ve Made It This Far...

Notes of Gratitude

Why Should I Attend The Seminar

Denise has trained pop culture icons, national news personalities and global political leaders. After a recent training session with Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. aka “Common,” Denise received the email of gratitude below.

I recently received private speech lessons with Ms. Woods. I am a playwright/screenwriter and professor of theater. I first met Ms. Woods at the California Institute of the Arts where we both teach. As a writer and professor, I am constantly seeking ways to improve my public speaking skills. When I learned Ms. Woods had a private speech coaching practice, I contacted her to set up an appointment.!

Hello Denise!

During our first session, I was immediately impressed by Ms. Woods’ uncanny ability to diagnose my speech issues and vocal habits which had been providing a challenge for me. Via an insightful conversation, Ms. Woods not only taught me new speech methods I could employ but further helped me understand some of the dynamics behind my particular speech issues. Prior to our session, I had not spoken to Ms. Woods at length, however, in a matter of minutes she was able to pinpoint aspects of my personal experiences which contributed to my vocal habits. For example, I am bicultural and grew up in a bilingual household. I speak Spanish fluently although English is my first language. Ms. Woods at one point asked me to speak in Spanish for her. She quickly ascertained insightful observations about my vocal identity in both languages which helped me to address my challenges. In the first brief ninety minute session, I received not only remarkable insight but practical tools and exercises which I believe will improve my public speaking skills in my professional and personal life.!

I hope this email finds you in great spirits! We just landed into the Los Angeles area and we are currently at a photo shoot. However, I have to tell you how dynamic Rashid was in the delivery of his speech. He received a standing ovation twice from the students at both Washington University and Syracuse University. More importantly, he really began to embrace his gift of teaching and giving to others through speech. I must say it was a sight to witness and we owe you our sincere gratitude for extending your expertise and most of all your illuminating spirit to our Think Common Entertainment, Inc. family. You are truly a jewel and we thank the creator for you. We are still in the midst of scheduling his schedule for next week. However, we will be in touch regarding future appointments. Thank you once again! Best Wishes, --------------------------------CRISTEN M. MILLS Think COMMON Entertainment,Inc. Personal Liaison to COMMON

I’m impressed by Denise Woods’ talent, professionalism, approachability and compassion as a speech teacher and vocal coach. She impressively works not only with student actors and professionals in the entertainment industry but also with corporate executives and teachers, such as myself. I’m grateful I was able to gain so much from my sessions with her. I highly recommend Ms. Woods to anyone who desires training, support and insight in the area of voice and speech. ! Sincerely, ! Anne García-Romero


Notes of Gratitude Best Wishes, --------------------------------- CRISTEN M. MILLS Think COMMON Entertainment,Inc. Personal Liaison to COMMO...

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