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World Book Day Students across the school took up the challenge to list their favourite books as part of the BVC World Book Day celebrations – with lists plastered over classroom doors as proof. Librarian Mrs Lynn set the challenge to come up with the lists as part of the BVC inter-college championships. College points were awarded for the best displayed (JMI & SMC), most diverse (SRB/DL) and longest list (SKN). Students were also able to take advantage of special free World Book Day books from the likes of Michael Bond, Clare Balding, Tom Fletcher, Benjamin Zephaniah, Frances Hardinge and John Green. Mrs Lynn said: ”It was great to see our lunchtime bookstall so busy! Students couldn’t decide which book to take and some ended up in heated arguments over which were the best. “We have also launched a new reading list in the Library with the Carnegie books now available and a brand new selection of brilliant reference books.”

NCS Award BVC students are saying YES to NCS!

The number of Bassingbourn Village College students who have signed up for the National Citizenship Service has been so impressive that we have won an award. NCS reps Sohaila Abbas and Hugh Waysome-Banton visited BVC to present the award to Assistant Principal Rebecca Hields (below) who has done brilliant work recruiting almost a quarter of our Year 11 students to the project taking place this summer. The NCS is a once in a lifetime opportunity for young people in Year 11 and Year 12. With all places funded by the government, it is the biggest youth development programme in England, giving young people the opportunity to develop new skills and make new friends whilst having fun over school holidays. NCS participants embark on an outdoor adventure residential taking part in activities such as climbing, archery and zip-wire. They then continue their adventure with activities that will enhance their personal skills, including practical workshops, and visiting local organisations. www.bassingbournvc.net



Principal’s Message Welcome to the beginning of a new term! I know I am repeating myself when I say this but last term was exceptionally busy term and your help and support was very much appreciated. I hope this termly magazine gives you an indication of just how hard all our staff and students have been working. We have been busy with Option Evenings (times two!), careers events, Parents Evenings, reports, assessments, revision groups and exams as well as a whole host of outside events. Our students have successfully taken part in sporting tournaments, Maths, English and Science workshops, Language exchanges, theatre trips and debating events. I was particularly proud to hear that we were awarded a Commendation in the recent English Speaking Union’s Culture of Debate Award, one of only two schools in the country to do so (page 12). Well done to everyone involved. On the subject of awards, my congratulations to our kitchen staff (left) who were awarded 5 stars plus in their recent Food Standards inspection - meaning they have achieved their top mark twice in 3 years for cleanliness and high standards across all sections of the kitchen. Adding to our achievements was our award from the National Citizenship Service, recognizing our successful recruitment campaign in encouraging our students to sign up with NCS (page 2). It was good to see the red ribbons back on the BVC Challenge cup (right) at the end of last term - congratulations to all students and staff in Moore college for that achievement. Looking to the term ahead, I know staff are already planning such exciting events as our Year 8 Normandy trip, the next leg of our French exchange, the Library & Literacy and Sports Awards events and the Year 11 Leavers’ Prom. We will continue our work with the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies with our students receiving tuition from them in extra-curricular Maths and Psychology. In return, we hope to share some of our debating expertise with their students. In the meantime our Year 10 and 11 students are working hard in the final few weeks before they take their GCSE exams. Our Parents and Friends Association has very generously agreed to fund exam breakfasts for the students (below) - ensuring We are very proud of all our students’ achievements that they start the day well nourished and and like to share them publically as often as we can. hydrated. My thanks to them for that and the To keep up to date with what’s happening in college, very best of luck to those sitting the exams. please make sure you have subscribed to our Let’s hope we have a lovely sunny term ahead. Parentmail service. Duncan Cooper, Principal The weekly student powerpoint and parent mailing keeps parents and students informed of events that have happened and calendar dates to look out for. For a more ‘instant fix’, why not follow our news feed on Twitter (www.twitter.com/Bassingbournvc) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/bassingbournvc)? Alumni can keep in touch with the college through our dedicated LinkedIn Bassingbourn Village College group (www.linkedin.com/groups/8369302) or by emailing alumni@bassingbournvc.net and asking to be added to our database.



MFL Spelling Bee Over the last two terms, Year 7 students have been working towards an Intercollege competition in Languages - the BVC Spelling Bee. Students worked really hard in preparation for these first rounds, learning 50 words in French or Spanish. In the competition they had one minute to correctly translate the words they were given and spell them using the correct pronunciation of the French/Spanish alphabet. The highest scorer managed to translate and spell 24 words in just one minute which is a fantastic effort. Congratulations to the following students who have won through to the next round: FRENCH MOORE Anna Wylie Kyran Shackleton Harriet Martin

LUTHER KING Robert Thompson Amber Holloway-Hutchinson Oliwia Kaliszewska

Lottie Bond SPANISH MOORE Abigail Webster Phoebe Davies Theo Holloway Ella-Ruby Slade

SHAKESPEARE Alanis Jacintho Lily Harrison Phoebe Sherburn

KELLER Emma Jones Rebecca Parr Josh Bird

Jessica Ridley

Michael Rosevear

Katie Temple

LUTHER KING Zoe Button Magda Michel Rachel Clark Amara Brear

SHAKESPEARE Rosina Summers George Hannah Iona Scott Nicole Leathers

KELLER Emma Silva Amelia Parsley Jessica Mawditt Luca Geraci

World Challenge Former BVC student Katie Myerscough paid a return visit to talk to our Yr 11 World Challenge students. Katie spent two weeks in Malaysia last summer as part of her World Challenge experience, travelling to Kuala Lumpar where she worked with Burmese refugees, in addition to trekking in the Cameron Highlands. She spoke to students about her experiences, offering practical tips for their forthcoming trip to Tanzania. She also spoke about the Ollie Feast Trust who helped her raise funds to travel. www.bassingbournvc.net


English Having read descriptions of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales pilgrims, Year 7 students were tasked with writing a description of a modern-day pilgrim. Modern Day Pilgrim: the ballerina

Modern Day Pilgrim: Cherry the cheerleader

A young woman joined us on our pilgrimage this fine day, dressed not in her performance gown but in casual modern clothes: her track bottoms were black like ink and her top was as starry as her eyes. When she performs she looks as delicate and agile as a bird, dancing up there on that enormous stage. And when she dances she looks like fire descending into the night, paving the theatre with astonishment. Pumps of old, leaps of gold, jumping high into the air around her, caught in a moment. On the night that was her own, dressed in pink silk, her hair slicked back into a tight bun of blonde, in the theatre that was silent. By Jess Ridley

Cheery the cheerleader joined us on that day. Her blonde hair is scraped back into a high ponytail using a scrunchie. Her cherry-red lip-gloss brings out her widespread smile. Her uniform glistens as she twists and turns in the sky, all the while waving her tinsely cloud-shape pom-poms. Secretly she gets mad when her routine isn’t absolutely perfect! She screams and throws her pom-poms to the ground. ‘NO! NO! NO! Your form is poor and your skills are not impressing me!’ She is a blonde-brat. By Olivia Tarpy

Fundraising There’s nothing our students like better than an old fashioned cake sale - and this term has seen a variety of different home-baked goodies on sale, all in the name of raising cash for good causes. 

Year 11 students were tasked with holding cake sales to raise funds for their Summer Prom - with the added incentive that this was also an inter-college competitions with vital college points on offer. The winning college was Shakespeare, raising over double their nearest rival and students Libby Taylor and Nat Campbell also won free Prom tickets for their efforts.

Hospitality & Catering students (right) were challenged to bake and sell a cake at school, making as much of a profit as possible. This was part of their coursework to help them understand which factors contribute to a business’ success and to understand their customers’ needs. All profits were added together and donated to the Paul Sartori Hospice at Home charity.

Well done to Nadia Van Maurik and her friends in Year 8 (right) who raised £43.50 at their cake sale. The money went to help homeless charity Crisis. 5


Maths Aimee Taylor was among a group of students who travelled to Italy for a Maths trip. She writes: I was part of a group of Year 8 and Year 9 students who went on the maths trip to Florence in February leaving BVC at 4 a.m.! We were accompanied by Mr Griffiths, Ms Murugan and Ms Larkin. Arriving early afternoon, after we dropped our bags at the hotel we had the opportunity to explore the city of Florence as we headed out to sample some of the restaurants – plenty of pizza was purchased! During the trip we visited lots of interesting places, including the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in the hill-top village of Vinci, the Galileo Museum, and the Archimedes Gardens, where we had lots of opportunities to practice some maths and discover some fascinating facts. We didn’t miss out on the snow back in England either, as we had our own snowfall in Florence. We visited the Duomo, the Cathedral in Florence, and climbed to the very top of the dome which proved to be an interesting experience, but it was very worthwhile to see the views of Florence from the top. Not everyone felt up to the climb, which gave Mr Griffiths the perfect excuse to stay on the ground! We had lots of fun when we visited Pisa, with plenty of photo opportunities involving the famous leaning tower. There was more climbing involved as the whole group made it to the top. Overall the trip was great fun, with lots of pizza and some great memories. Thank you to all the teachers who made the trip possible.

Some of our young mathematicians took part in a workshop earlier this term. Lucy Whitely explains: Some talented BVC mathematics pupils in year 8, along with students from several other schools, were invited attend a workshop at Potton middle school where they received coaching in several branches of maths by Dr.Tandi Clausen-May, a specialist mathematics educator.

Topics covered were basic shearing of shapes, why the area of a circle is πr2 the nets of 6 to 10 faced triangular 3D shapes, tessellation, symmetry, multiplying out brackets with rectangles, algebra and so much more. The whole experience was informative and lots of fun and I would certainly recommend Dr. Tandi. Overall the experience was interesting, enjoyable and I learnt plenty of new and useful maths. Sorry this doesn’t have any puns as they are the first sine of madness!



French Exchange Our French exchange programme with Collège Joseph Bédier, near Grenoble, is in its second year and involved over 70 French students visiting us in January. Evelyn Marshall hosted a student and writes about her experience: ‘16 students from BVC were lucky enough to finally meet their French exchange students who had made the long journey by coach from the rural South of France. My exchange student was called Isance. At first meeting her was a bit awkward, but we quickly became friends and got on really well. Apart from the organised trips for all the students during the daytime, which included a tour of Cambridge, two trips to London where they saw the Lion King musical and the Globe Theatre, we also did activities with my family which included bowling, going to the local pub for dinner and an evening of board games. To give the students a taste of what it is like at an English school, the exchange students had the opportunity to have lunch and sit in with an English class as well as a scavenger hunt in the school grounds. To complete the experience my student caught the school bus with me most mornings - I’m not sure if she was so impressed with our old bus! It was a sad day seeing Isance leave to catch the coach back to France. I really enjoyed having her stay at my home, we quickly learnt to talk to each other with our broken French and English, and I managed to learn a lot about her, her family and where she lives. If you are considering participating in the student exchange I would say go for it, as it’s been a fun and positive experience. I really enjoyed my time with Isance in England, and now I am looking forward to visiting her in June, until then though, we are keeping in touch through email. The exchange was coordinated by Ms Nutley who adds: “The exchange was a great success, we loved having the French students here and we are all looking forward to visiting them in France later in the summer.”



Spanish Exchange

Mentor Cameron Ford with Aiden Free

This term Bassingbourn Village College has hosted various exchanges - including the return leg of the Spanish exchange. Iola Urquhart reports: ‘19 students from Albacete were greeted by those of us who had spent a week with them in sunny Spain in October. The first evening was about getting to know each other again and settling in with the host families. On the Wednesday they spent the entire day at school with their exchange partners. The day included various lessons, school lunch and even a traditional British Cream Tea organised by Ms Rios. On Thursday the Spanish students went to Cambridge where they went sightseeing, shopping and even punting down the river Cam. The evening brought together everyone at a reception in school which was very much enjoyed by the students and their host families. Friday saw an early start for a trip to London, and a visit to the British museum. This was then followed by more sightseeing and shopping. The weekend was spent with the host families and a variety of activities took place, from shopping and bowling to trips to the Harry Potter studios. On the Monday our Spanish friends experienced an English geography lesson before joining us for one final game and then the prize giving session for Wednesdays scavenger hunt. We then had to say goodbye. We thank Ms Rios and everyone who took part in making the Spanish Exchange possible and hope that it continues in future years.’



Art Year 8 have been working on African inspired batiks.



Dance Show



GCSE Drama Showcase Year 11 GCSE students performed their exam pieces to parents after their exam on the last day of term. They included excerpts from Bouncers, Shakers, Bed, Two, Road and Normal Heart.



Debating & Public Speaking BVC fielded two teams in the first round of the English Speaking Union’s Churchill public speaking competition. The students (left) competed against 5 other teams from schools in Cambridge – the BVC A team won a place in the next round, with medals awarded to Iain Lynn as Best Speaker and Bea Cornwell receiving the judges’ award for Outstanding Personality. The Bassingbourn teams comprised: Team A Iain Lynn, Casey Lambert and Edward Evans. Team B Bea Cornwell, Libby Taylor and Alfie Sports Duckett. The competition is for Key Stage 3 & 4 students (years 9 – 11) and challenges students to engage with a wide range of cross-curricular topics, whilst helping to meet National Curriculum speaking and listening targets. It is the largest public speaking competition in the UK with over 400 teams entering each year. A spokesman for the ESU said: “Public speaking is a vital life skill that students will use throughout their academic careers and in their everyday lives. Participants leave the competition having built confidence and experience in articulating their ideas and sharing them with others.” BVC then hosted the district finals of the Churchill competition, competing against teams from Oakham, Leicester and Cambridge. Although the BVC team didn’t win through to the next round, team member Ed was judged to be best speaker in the Questioner role. The team comprised Iain (Speaker), Bea (Chairman) and Ed (Questioner). Iain then went on to mentor a team in the national final which was held in Churchill College, Cambridge, in April. Ed and Iain also competed together in the ESU Mace Debating competition, winning through to the Regional Finals at Bedford School. The boys are pictured here with Mrs Boxall who, along with Mrs Daniels and Mrs Lynn, has been a great support to the school debaters. Our student were awarded a Commendation as runners-up in the English Speaking Union’s Debating Culture Award – a prize that recognises the efforts and initiatives that schools put forward to cultivate a long-term debating culture within their school community. We were praised for introducing debating and public speaking into the school both as part of the curriculum and as student-led clubs.

Mr Cooper said: “I am so proud of our students receiving this award from the ESU – this is an amazing achievement. It’s fantastic to see our students in action debating against each other. Students as young as Year 7 are gaining confidence from learning these skills which will be useful throughout their lives.”



Debating & Public Speaking Well done to all the year 9 students who studied debating last term, culminating in a very lively competition in school. College governors Mr Chris Roope and Mr Dushy Chetty joined Vice Principal Vickey Poulter at the judges’ table. All said they were very impressed with the standard of debating, commenting that the standard gets higher and higher each year. Those taking part were: Motion: This House Would Tax Junk Food: Proposition: (winning team) Jasmine Stacey Isobel Wells Ginevra Harraway Opposition: Josh Ding (Best Speaker, pictured right), Matt Gilliland Amelia Perkins Motion: This House Would return national treasures to their country of origin Proposition: Poppy Jack John Cheeseright (Best Speaker, pictured right) Beth Makower (Best Overall Speaker, pictured right) Opposition: (winning team) Ciru Mungai Katie Cheeseright Matt Gilliland



Computing BVC student Noah Telford-Reed has been recognised as one of the country’s top achieving computing students in his age group. Year 10 student Noah came joint third in a computing challenge – The UK BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge – at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. Coming third in the Senior age group is an impressive achievement, as 14,402 students entered the first round of the category (years 10 & 11 for England and Wales). Noah was one of 55 top-achieving students who attended the final for the Senior age group at Oxford. He received his third place certificate from Professor Peter Millican (right) at a prize-giving ceremony at Hertford College, Oxford. The UK BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge, supported by Google, is designed to get students excited about computing and computational thinking. It is a problem-solving contest with questions inspired by topics in computer science. In the first round, held in their own schools, students have to try and solve as many problems as possible in the allotted time. There are six age categories. The highest scoring students from the four oldest age groups (Elite, Senior, Junior and Intermediate) in the first round were then invited to the Department of Computer Science at Oxford for the finals over two weekends in January and February.

Science A group of Year 8 BVC scientists visited Comberton Village College to take part in the annual Faraday Challenge, organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) . Teams from BVC, Melbourn, Comberton and St Peter’s, Hutingdon, became engineers for the day, developing a new theme park ride. The task involved teamwork, design, production and presentation skills. They were given a virtual budget to buy equipment and included designing the product then making a presentation about it.



History A number of History students from across all years were invited to take part in The Great War Debate at Chesterton Community College. The students heard from high-profile WW1 experts as they discussed the social impact of the First World War. Year 7 student Robert Kendrick (below with WW1 kit) describes the trip: We were accompanied by Mr Christie and Mrs Lynn and when we arrived at Chesterton one of the first things we saw was Mr Christy’s old class room, from when he taught there. Before the panellists came out there was a man telling us about some artefacts from WW1, he made a speech about remembering the soldiers and looking at your war memorial. Then he handed us over to the panel. This consisted of: Newsnight presenter Mark Urban; Alexander Watson who specialised in German history; Professor Richard Grayson who was a specialist in the political history od WW1; Naomi Paxton and Debora Thorn who were specialists in the suffragettes. The talk was very interesting and there were lots of good questions from the audience, such as ‘Did the war had a negative effect on the suffragettes?’ To this Debora Thorn answered no, because the war gave them freedom when they went into the work place and did what had previously been men’s jobs. Then there were lots of other questions. After the talk had ended we were able to speak to the different members of the panel individually. Then we had some snacks and hot drinks, got on the mini bus and went back to BVC.



Careers Our youngest students had an introduction to the world of employment thanks to a session of What’s My Line. The question and answer game was organised by careers consultants Form the Future who gathered together volunteers from local businesses. Year 7 students had to guess their occupations by asking questions related to education, experience and workplace. They discovered what is involved in such diverse careers as a museum curator, scientist, photographer, IT developer and many more. Mariana Soberon, from Form the Future, said: ”The students were all great, they really seemed to enjoy trying to find out what each person did.” A number of industry professionals came in to spend time with our Year 11 students, preparing them for their sixth form college and apprenticeship interviews. Each student took part in a mock interview session, after which they were given feedback from their interviewer as to how they might improve their technique when it came to the real thing. The event was organised by Form the Future and we were delighted to hear how impressive our students were. FtF’s Charlotte Steggall said: “We are always impressed by students at Bassingbourn Village College and the students taking part in the mock interviews were no different. “Volunteers from companies such as PA Consulting, Google and Mathworks commented on how much they enjoyed speaking with the students, learning about the amazing skills and talents they have. “One person even commented on how the interaction helped her have a much more positive impression of young people in general. Feedback from the students showed that the activity helped them feel more confident and prepared for their futures.”




Some of our outstanding Yr 11 PE students were honoured at the annual Roy Burrell awards. The event is held annually at Netherhall School to recognise sporting excellence across schools in Cambridgeshire. The BVC students were awarded their medals by Rebecca Gallantree, an Olympic and World champion diver. Our students were:  Alex Brundle – Swimming (county)  Callum Dobbyne + Tom Bolt – Football (Norwich academy)  Sophie Burr + Lydia Cornwell – Hockey (representing Cambridgeshire)  Zara Parr – Rowing (County)  Shauna Tynan – Cross Country and Athletics (District and Eastern)  Bea Cornwell – Netball and Leadership (U20 Mavericks)  Rachael George – Golf (Regional)  Harriet French – Volunteering- supporting PE- both in and out of school, and encouraging younger years  Libby Taylor – Athletics. Libby was also shortlisted to the last 5 for the overall Sports Woman of the Year for her exceptional success in hammer-throwing nationally and being county champion for the last 3 years.

Year 9 student Josh Izzard’s dedication to BMX racing has been recognised at a community awards ceremony. Josh was presented with the Vince Paige Sporting Achievement Award, dedicated to the late Vince Paige, founder of the Letchworth Garden City Eagles FC. Josh has been BMX racing for the last few years and has been selected to take part in the Regional School of Racing, with the potential to lead to future selection of the Great Britain Cycling Team and ultimately to Olympic and World Championships. He was nominated by the Chairman of Royston Rockets BMX Club who said that Josh is always willing to help new club members feel included and attends all coaching sessions. 17


Team Photographs

Year 7 Netball A

Year 8 Netball B

Year 7 Hockey

Year 11 Hockey


Year 8 Netball A

Year 7 Netball B

Year 9 Netball A

Year 9 Netball B

Year 9 Hockey

Year 8 Hockey

Cross Country



Team Photographs

Year 7 Rugby

Year 7 Football

Year 7 Handball

Year 7 Dodgeball

Year 8 Rugby

Year 9 Rugby

Year 9 Football

Year 8 Football

Year 8 Handball

Year 8 Dodgeball


Year 9 Handball

Under 14 Basketball


Alumni News Eddy Da Silva attended BVC from 2009-12. A gifted artist, Eddy now lives in London and works as a globemaker. When were you a pupil at Bassingbourn Village College and did you have any other siblings here? I attended Bassingbourn Primary School until Year 5. I returned to Madeira, Portugal with my parents and then joined Year 9 in 2009 at BVC. Two of my nieces are currently pupils: Nadia and Emma Silva. Any particular memories of what you did at BVC? I remember having Salsa lessons with Miss Cooper (Science teacher) and being part of the school council and contributing to the life of BVC. I also remember my work experience placement as Miss Lucas' assistant teacher in her Resistant Materials class. I learnt a lot about teaching and this helped me teach Portuguese to Year 9's, and later teach Spanish which is something I still do. But I also learnt a lot about woodwork and scratch-built an electric guitar which inspired a recent violin I made using recycled card which actually plays. Memorable or inspirational teachers I have Ms Price to thank for giving me a great insight into art and helping me understand that this was my passion; Miss Becera-Castro and Mrs Kean also directing me into languages; but a true inspiration was Miss Murugan. I remember being in bottom set in Maths in Year 11. I wasn't putting in the work but knew I could achieve higher than foundation, so I kept requesting to move up to a higher set until eventually Miss Murugan allowed me to join her class and learn A-A* modules. She gave me one condition: if I didn't focus, I was out. Her way of teaching and belief in me gave me the drive and determination to achieve what seemed impossible in, which boosted all my other grades also. I always think of her when challenging tasks come my way. Where did you go after BVC? I attended Comberton Sixth Form and studied Art, Business Studies, Spanish and Portuguese. I decided not go to university, instead taking some time to travel as well as working for an international education provider. My role enabled me to go to places such as the UAE to promote foundation programmes to Emirati students. It was a very corporate environment, and eventually the time came to move onto something more creative. Where do you live now? I live in London with my partner who's a photographer. We live in a very spacious converted warehouse with our fish Lambo and Lana, who recently welcomed Harry and Olga, two goldfish we adopted from a friend. What is your current career? I am an artist in my own time but during the day I make traditional handmade terrestrial and celestial globes at

one of the few globe-makers in the world! I was an apprentice for the first six months, and am now acting as Head of the Mini Desk Globe range, which are 23cm globes that spin 360 degrees on a base with ball-bearings. What led you to that? My partner came across the Instagram account (@globemakers), and I immediately fell in love with what they did. A year later they advertised an apprenticeship and after a trial day trying to apply gores (segments of map) onto a sphere, I was offered the role. To many it seemed like the wrong career choice, especially being an apprenticeship whereby my salary almost halved with living cost having just doubled, but professionally it was without a doubt the best decision I have made. Any advice you’d like to pass onto BVC students now? I remember when I was 16 and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I was older. When I said I wanted to be an artist they laughed and asked again, "No, really, what do you want to be?". I often think of that conversation whenever someone commissions a piece of art or as I stretch a gore in a studio filled with artists and makers. I think the most important thing is to stay curious, believe in yourself and find what drives you, what motivates you and what you're truly passionate about. There is always a solution to a problem and life is very good at presenting both of these at random times. But above all, above everything a career can give you, do what makes you happy. My website is www.iameds.com where most of my work can be seen but I am much more active on Instagram: @eds7 Eddy’s work can also be seen here: The Apprentice Globemaker (BBC Travel) - https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mDI7Pl9W9M BBC article - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england42441366

If you are a former pupil of Bassingbourn Village College and would like to be kept up-to-date with college news and future reunions, please email your details to alumni@bassingbournvc.net



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The termly magazine of Bassingbourn Village College, a small high achieving academy situated in South Cambridgeshire.

BVC Heron Spring 2018  

The termly magazine of Bassingbourn Village College, a small high achieving academy situated in South Cambridgeshire.