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October 2009

Royalty Presents WO2 (CSM) Dawes With Royal Warrant ATR(B) Are The Army Minor Units Cricket Champions

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The Army training Regiment has got off to a flying start this autumn. Amongst our successes have been an excellent Royal visit by HRH the Duke of York, victory in the Army minor units’ Cricket final and a win in the opening match of the football season. We have also seen a great take up for Cpl Sainsbury’s judo club, the kids club in the gym and a host of other value added activities. Perhaps most importantly, our recent formal evaluation by an MOD Inspectorate found the Regiment to be the best of the last 15 they have visited. This is the result of an immense amount of hard work by everyone within Bassingbourn’s community. We should all be very proud of our achievements. The only slight disappointment of the month was the Families Consultative Meeting held at the Community Centre on 7 Sep 09. The minutes have been distributed across the patch to give you a feel for what was discussed and the decisions made. In sum, it is an opportunity for us to explain why Bassingbourn Barracks should be a priority for future expenditure as well as resolving local niggles. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to talk to real people rather than be on hold in an automated phone

system. The meeting was constructive but very poorly supported. In fact, the families were outnumbered by the reps by 2:1. I would ask for your buy in on a subject that is close to home. Let’s hope the Indian Summer continues!

Lt Col S T Waddington REME Commanding Officer ATR Bassingbourn

Community Update


Editor – Welcome to the October Edition of the Bassingbourn Belle Autumn is now here, which I can verify wholeheartedly, as I look longingly towards our electric heaters following a trip to Mexico where I went to attend a wedding. As the days get shorter, summer clothes are boxed away and replaced by wellies and fleece jackets. However, we can all look forward to the changing landscape as the trees leafs turn russet and golden, falling off to provide huge piles to jump in! Maybe it is just me, but October brings out a bit more of my youthful enthusiasm. If the leafs don’t grab you, surely the chance to dress up like a witch, medieval princess, or cowboy will? Halloween is a great time of year to get excited, carve out pumpkins, and bob for apples. Why not dress up with the children and go on the hunt free candy, maybe see


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if you can convince the neighbours you are a 12 year old with a growth spurt! You are never too old too get in the spirit of things! If dressing up is not your style, why not stay in, invite over family and friends, and join in with millions of Canadians who will cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving weekend. The Hindu New Year or â&#x20AC;&#x153;Festival of Lightsâ&#x20AC;?, Divali, is also this month and is an opportunity to attend a more exotic affair. These events and other last minute notices and details will be listed on the Bassingbourn Belle Facebook site which I am also appealing for volunteers to help update with information, articles, and pictures.


Community Update

Community Team ready to assist you Welfare Officer

Padre Albert Jackson

WO1 Andy Powney 01223 204214

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Welfare Support Team

Padre Mac Kenzie

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Pastoral Care 01223 204320/07748 148267

Welfare/ Housing Clerk

Contact point at McBean Centre

Mrs. Sheila Parmee 01223 204307

Sue Mantle 01223 204241

Hive Bassingbourn Barracks

PC Derek Draper

Carla Walker 01763 257419

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Alex Payling, Editor

Alison Cole

Welfare Centre Bassingbourn Barracks Bassingbourn Hertfordshire 07907791761

Community Development Worker 01223 204 124

Contact Numbers Fire / Police/Emergency Services – Dial 999 RMP – 01223 204330 NHS Direct – 0845 4647 Non Emergency – 08454 564 564 (always ask for an incident ref. number)

Other Important Numbers: Air Cdt 2484 Bassingbourn Sqd. 07734821330 After School Club Bassingbourn Michelle Wilson 07737046978 Andrew Lansley CBE MP S. Cambs,; Shadow Secretary State of Health: Tel: 01954 212 707, Army Learning Centre 01223 204214 AFF Rep – Suzanne Turner 07909628738 Bassingbourn Community Education 01763 246136 Bassingbourn Parish Church 01763 243350 Bassingbourn Surgery 0844 4994778 Barber Shop (Memphis Belle) 07960 116293 Bassingbourn Pre-school 07714 423222 Bassingbourn Primary School 01763 242460 BVC Sports Centre 01763 242344 Butlers Taxi 01763 212223

Brownies Shirley Wardrop 01462 742861 Children’s Education Advisory Service 01980 618244 Community Centre 01223 204307 Dancing (Disco) Gail Henry 01363 720174 Drama Fiona Taylor 01223 208731 Dream Clean 07921139225 Defence Estates 0800 169 6322 Golf Club 01223204359 Goff Oil Distributors 01603410861 Guardroom 01223 204331 Guardroom (visitor booking in) 01223 204375 Gym 01223 204303/4286 Kicks-4-Kids Phil Snowden 01763 230 312 Library 01223204141 CLLR Linda Oliver (Cons.) 01767 650430 Linda. Little Dragons (Tae Kwon Do) Steve Sharma 07738701893 Market Hill Surgery, Royston 01763 248111 Market Hill Dental Surgery, Royston 01763 244298 McSplash 01763 263313 Medical Centre (camp) 01223 304298 Meeting House Kennels & Cattery 01763 281258

Melbourn Dynamos FC 01763 853167 Melbourn Sports Centre 01763 263313 Military Exchange 01763 242271 Modern Housing Solutions/ Repairs 0800 707 6000 National Rail Enquiries 08457 484950 Priory Dental Centre, Royston 01763 246677 Red Shield 01223 204139 Relateline 0845 130 4010 Rosia Surgery, Royston 01763 243166 Royston Health Centre 01763 242981 Royston Leisure Centre 01763 255190 Royston Veterinary Centre 01763 242221 SnowSports Centre 08450 728293 Spar Shop 01763 241044 Stay Clean Window Cleaning 07523525531 Sunshine Pre school 01763 246844 Tae Kwan-Do 07738 70189 Toddler’s Group 01223 204124 If there is a number you would like to see added here please let us know.

Community Update


From the Welfare Officer As I write this message it is a beautiful afternoon and the sun is shining but as we all know, this is about to change, the mornings and evenings are becoming colder and the nights are definitely drawing in. I would urge all and echo the Commanding Officers views, to ensure you get the heating cranked up in ample time to ensure it is working effectively for the cold snap. We had quite a few well catalogued problems with heating system failure last winter and, wherever possible we need to avoid having our families without heating for any period of time in the winter. Please check your systems and report all problems to MHS immediately and, if you experience any difficulties with this, please contact the Welfare Office. If you have read the minutes from the Families Consultative Group Meeting you will know that MHS are experiencing some problems with new contract staff, hopefully this will be rectified and services will improve. More

heating engineers are now available and this should help, lets just try to keep on top of things from our end. As I am sure you are all aware, our Contact House is currently off limits due to an electrical problem. Many people have been asking when this problem will be rectified. Well, that house has been condemned, but we are hoping to establish a new Contact house in the near future. We have identified a new place that is suitable and when essential works have been carried out the facility should be re-opened. Hopefully before Christmas!… I would like to appeal the good nature of you all and request some volunteer support in delivering the Bassingbourn Belle and other newsletters/publications around our

MQ patches. If possible, I would like to identify street reps that could be called upon to help. If you feel you could help please contact the Welfare Office. Many thanks

Message from PC Draper Summer is drawing to a close, autumn is well and truly upon us and before you know it winter will be here and

Theatre Trips direct from Royston including Coach Travel

this will mean early dark evenings, frost and fog. Can I just remind everyone to make sure all car lights are in full working order and clean, that tyres, including the spare, have a minimum 1.6mm tread depth. If you are going to drive your car on frosty mornings, all windows must be completely free from frost, do not try driving looking through a four inch hole in the frost. If it’s foggy, even during daylight hours, make sure you put your headlights on as side

lights/parking lights are not enough. Make sure you are visible. Think ‘Safety’ at all times. Can I remind dog owners to make sure dogs are registered at the guardroom and that dogs are not allowed on grassed recreational areas for obvious reasons. One last reminder, I am still seeing garages left wide open, as I said, the early dark evenings will be with us soon, this makes it all the easier for any sneak thieves that may be about.


Blood Brothers

1st December 2009

1st December 2009

Evening performance

Evening performance

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Community Update

Families consultative group meeting The main points from the meeting on the 07 September are highlighted below:

POINTS ■ The Estate Development Plan has been written and within the next 4 years a new Officers and Sergeants Mess should be completed. Much work will be done in Cardiff Place, including fuel supplies. ■ The Little Chef Restaurant will give a 15% discount to military personnel. Further details will be given in an advertisement in the Bassingbourn Belle. ■ There is no money available to improve road safety outside of camp. It is hoped that a new and safer entrance will be included in the Estate Development Plan. ■ Everyone needs to be observant, following a rumour that a travellers site is to be opened in Bassingbourn village. ■ Investment has been made to offer facilities in the gym for all. Tae Kwon-do and activities for children have been introduced. The gym staff are putting in a lot of work to support the extra activities. ■ An idea that the Red Shield Services should be opened once a month for families, was rejected.

■ The CDW has spoken to the RSM regarding a Families Bar once a month with possibly a disco for children. Feedback to follow ■ There are still concerns about the general state of the road near the play park – this has been flagged up to Defence Estates. ■ In the play park, much of the equipment has been removed and there is still no money to replace it. Some other facilities are being looked at, such as a multi use games area. ■ There are concerns about the amount of rubbish on the estates, the re cycling system is not working. Householders must take responsibility for their own rubbish and stop it from blowing around. MHS are prepared to order extra bins where necessary. The boxes are free and can be delivered, just ask. ■ Fly tipping is happening again in Edinburgh Square. To make it economical, skips can only be ordered when there is evidence of a full load. ■ Older children riding motor bikes are causing problems in Edinburgh Square. The noise makes dogs bark and causes more problems. ■ Any trees that need pruning should be reported to MHS. ■ There are big issues with the contractors at present. Extra heating engineers in post, and hopefully the system will speed up. All personnel have the right to live in a warm house. Health problems associated with poor housing is not acceptable. Householders must keep going through the complaints procedure. Families with

continual damp issues need to write to DE Thetford. ■ There are concerns about the gaps in the tarmac in the play parks. It is not known if funds will be available for repairs, this year. ■ The UWO is putting forward a bid for the pre-school. Funding is also being sort to improve the area behind the Community Centre, some mums are involved. ■ The AFF representative said all that most soldiers ask is to have a basic home that is fit to live in. It is often quoted that soldiers must come first, but in reality nothing seems to change. However, the amount of money needed to turn housing around would be impossible to find. ■ All personnel living in MQ’s are regarded as being better off than living in Council properties in Royston. ■ The CO said that all need to try their best. When it is our turn we must make sure that we receive what we are entitled to. It would help if DE and MHS explained what is done and what has been achieved.

Community Update


Your Voice in Local Government

In 1997 I was elected County Councillor for the Bassingbourn Division which now comprises eight parishes – all very rural. Why did I stand: well, a major local planning problem affected 11 villages. This led to a group of villagers working together over a long period of time to find solutions to the problems. That was my first foray into how local democracy works and how, with persistence and tenacity, results can be achieved. I was re-elected in 2001, 2005 and again in 2009 each time with an increased share of the vote. I liaise with the Colonel and the 2ic at the Barracks on, for example, achieving a safer crossing point at the entrance to the Barracks and, ideally, achieving a lowering

of the speed limit on this section of the A 1198. This is not, however, a straightforward or quick process. This speed limit review is being carried out by Cambridgeshire County Council in tandem with other reviews across the whole of Cambridgeshire. I will keep you informed as soon as we have any news. My role is extremely varied; at the county level one is working, for example, on strategic planning issues, education in Cambridgeshire, care for the elderly, fostered children, adoption, highways maintenance, the Guided Bus, housing growth, bridle paths, environment and climate change. It is an extremely interesting role and one is always learning something new. My additional role for the next two years is that of Chairman of the County Council and this means that I meet with US and UK military personnel at Mildenhall and Alconbury; lead individuals at Papworth Hospital, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University, industry and commerce, district councils and neighbouring county councils. In addition, there is a role for the County Council during most royal visits to

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Cambridgeshire. An honour indeed! At the local parish level the issues vary and each parish has its own character. Parish councillors give a considerable amount of personal time, for example, looking after bridleways, footpaths, charitable trusts and the village cemetery. Almost inevitably, parish concerns again include traffic speeds and highways maintenance, e.g. potholes, flooding and speeding in and through the villages. The overall concerns for several villages currently include the low broadband speeds and aviation noise. On the last two I work closely with Andrew Lansley MP for his invaluable support. Life is not quiet by any means. I have a business focused on global corporate research. On the personal level I am married, have three grown up children, and two very young and lively granddaughters.


Barracks Events

Barrack Highlights Families were all invited to a fantastic Sportâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day which was impressively put together in record time by Sgt Joe Stapleton and the APTC Staff at Bassingbourn Barracks. Gym staff constructed the white tents in very windy dy weather that seemed destined to put a stop to any fun. However, luck was with us, and we had blazing sunshine right until the end of the day. There wass something for everyone: a cricket game e kicked off, there were food stalls, face painting and games, and adults and children had a wicked time on the huge bouncy castle, gladiator ring, and fun golf. A display was even set up to test out ut any would be snipers with paint balls with candy and water guns for a reward. d. Well done to all that took part in the organizing as everyone who attended commented on how great the day was.

Barracks Events

Rowcroft Company Pass off Parade On Friday 18 September, Rowcroft Coy consisting of El Alamein Platoon, Burma Platoon and Rhine Platoon passed of the square after completing 14 weeks of basic training. The parade was particularly honoured to have HRH The Duke of York as the Inspecting Officer. Due to the nature of the visit the parade took place at the later time of 3.30 pm. The weather on the day was as near perfect as could be in September, which brought the families and friends out in a colourful collection of summer (and somewhat short in some cases) clothes. For Major Mark Goode, the Parade Commander, it was a slightly daunting prospect, it being both his first parade and one with Royalty present, no pressure there then! Major Goode’s attention to detail and time spent rehearsing, together with the recruits and instructors, paid dividends as the parade was a complete success. The Duke of York took time during the inspection to talk to all the SuTs on the first rank ensuring a truly memorable, if not nervous, pass out parade. On conclusion of the parade The Duke walked over to the assembled spectators and spoke with the children from Bassingbourn Community Primary School. Over 50 students from KS2 attended, and all were “thrilled” to have met him. The boys and girls are now putting pen to paper to write their thanks and issue an invitation of their own! He was then led to the Officers’ Mess where he able to address and speak with the middle and rear ranks from the parade,

a rare occurrence but one both ranks enjoyed enormously. Following the excitement of the parade the SuT prize winners and their families, together with the instructors, then met with The Duke in the Officers’ Mess ante room. Tea was accompanied with an exquisite selection of cakes, made by the Mess Head Chef, and were enjoyed whilst everyone chatted with His Royal Highness. Of note, and commented on by all, was the relaxed, humorous manner with which The Duke conversed with everyone. Just prior to leaving, The Duke found time to present WO2 (CSM) Andy Dawes with his Royal Warrant, a memorable and proud moment for the Sgt Major and his parents. The Duke left the barracks at 5.30 pm

by helicopter whilst many of the families’ children looked on and enjoyed the high winds from the downdraft. It was a very rewarding and enjoyable day for all.


10 Barracks Events

Soldier Development By Capt Moffat – Somme Platoon, Kitchener Coy

Capt Moffat asks Spr Dye, “What’s the furthest distance you’ve walked in your life?” Spr Dye replies, “Well I used to walk to school everyday and that was at least a couple of miles.” Having returned from Ex Halfway and Range Camp, the SuT of Somme Pl were to be challenged in an entirely different manner. Leaving the glorious sunshine in Bassingbourn they made their way to a wet and windy South Wales to tackle its hills, rock faces and rivers with the help of the Soldier Development Wing. “The Soldier Development Wing, through the medium of adventurous training, provides challenges that inspire and develop leadership, team cohesion and trust which are embedded in the foundations of military character.” It also gives the SuT the chance to put their Values Based Leadership into practice by means of scenario based activities using the Joint Service Adventurous Training Scheme as a vehicle. The week was broken down into a two day walking expedition and two, one day activities with the choice of caving, kayaking, canoeing and climbing. When asked what he thought of the week Cfn Brown replied, “It’s the best week I’ve had

at ATR(B) so far. I was a little concerned at first about climbing because I’m not too keen on heights but soon realised that with a bit of encouragement from the rest of my Section, I could do it. Having seen the rest of them reach the top, I didn’t want to let them down.” “Caving was a different matter though; because I’m smallest in my Section, I was able to squeeze through all the gaps quite easily whereas some of the others got a bit stuck. We were given a scenario that we were in an enemy cave system in Afghanistan and were told to turn off all the lights and make our way to a safe area. Although there was a lot of laughing at first because the amount we bumped into each other, it really brought home a bit of reality. It demonstrated the importance of communication and focused us to work together as a single unit so that we didn’t leave anyone behind.” Having completed the hill walking expedition, Spr Dye commented, “When we planned the route, I had to double check my calculations for the distance because I’d worked out that we were walking over 25 Km, unfortunately I was right. It was quite hard going on the route

up the Black Mountain but the sense of achievement I got when I reached the top was fantastic! It’s the kind of thing I’ve only ever seen on TV and never thought I’d be doing it myself. It was good to be able to put all the map reading lessons into practice and we really had to work as a team to reach our goal. I’m looking forward to joining my Regiment now and having the opportunity to do it again.”

Barracks Events 11

El Alamein Platoon Commanders day out Royal Hospital Chelsea – home of the ‘Chelsea Pensioners.’ By Capt Elliot – El Alamein Platoon Commander The Military Syllabus at training regiments places great emphasis on the Core Values, through teaching and application of values Based Leadership through members of Permanent staff of all ranks. The SuT’s learn that these Values underpin the ethos of the British Army and the importance of them can never be underestimated. As part of the syllabus, the SuT’s visit a battlefield and come to realise that the Core Values are nothing new, that Courage, Selfless Commitment, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty and Discipline were as vital then as they are today: That our ethos and success as an Army builds heavily on the fact that our soldiers know, understand and apply these principles. As part of their continuing education and as a more relaxed day out from the Barracks, Alamein Platoon visited the Royal Hospital in Chelsea to speak to the veterans of various campaigns, enjoy the beer garden and to see the Military Covenant being practised in the greatest sense.

As many of the SuTs are under 18 and have never been away from home, it was not surprising that they had never heard of the hospital, or the support it provides. They were delighted to hear that they too could be eligible to live in such a grand building in the future, and that that the second largest contingent in the hospital is REME – the Corps that most of the SuT’s in El Alamein will be joining. The hospital is free to enter and, as Military, we were also privileged to be shown around free too. Our guide was Mal Smart, a Royal Signals Officer who had commissioned from the ranks. He showed us around with great enthusiasm, including the chapel and the dining room – which the SuT’s agreed was rather more grand than the one at Bassingbourn (all in good time!). We found the majority of the in-pensioners clustered round the bar, as it was half past eleven already! Amongst them was a former glider pilot who landed at Pegasus Bridge on D-Day and many veterans of Korea. It was fantastic for the platoon staff and the SuT’s to be able to talk to the veterans and ask them questions in a relaxed environment. I thoroughly recommend a visit to the Chelsea pensioners as a cheap day out.

12 Travel


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Halloween 13

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14 Education & Family

Local Area Activities for Under 5’s Baby & Toddlers Pray and Play – Royston Parish Church, 2nd & 4th Weds. Each month

‘Minus 1 to 5’s’ – Bassingbourn Primary School, Tuesday, 2 pm to 2:45

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga – Royston Complementary Health Centre– 01763 247440

‘Music Club’ Littlington Village Church, Wednesday, 2pm to 3pm. £1.20 per family

Baby Rhyme Time – Royston Library – Fri. 1010:30, 11-11:30

Story Time’ – The Limes (Bassingbourn Library) Thurs, 2pm to 3pm, Royston Library, Fri, 2pm

Story Time – Royston Library – Fridays 2–2:30

Mums and Tots’ – Littlington Village Hall, Friday, 9am to 11am, £1.25

Children’s Story Time – Bassingbourn – Community Book Café, The Limes, Thurs. 2–2:30 1st Baby Group – Royston Health Centre – Every Mon. 2:15-3:45. 0-5 mths; Annette 01763 257982

Rhyme Time’ – Royston Library, Friday, 11am to 11:45

New families meet and greet Have you just arrived here at Bassingbourn Barracks? Or maybe you have been here for awhile but would like to meet new friends? Why not come and join us at The Red Shield, upstairs in the Memphis Bell, every Monday from 2pm starting on the 7th of September 2009. There will be FREE coffee and cake! How can anyone possibly resist! The Community Development Worker, AFF and Hive representatives will also be in attendance where ever possible.

Home Start – Royston and South Cambs– Sarah Dixon 01763 262262 AWS Bassingbourn Barracks Community Centre – 1-3 pm on: Tuesday – Play, snack and story time; Thursday session – MESSY Play (please wear old clothes), snack and story time. Health Visitor every 2nd Wednesday of the month- 10.30 a.m. to Midday.

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Education & Family 15

Creating Loving Families Persuading a panel of social workers that you can be a loving parent to an adopted child while you are deployed can be bit of a challenge. It was to help with concerns like this that SSAFA Forces Help started its own adoption agency almost 50 years ago. “SSAFA realised that the adoption system can fail to consider the special circumstances of military families”, says the Adoption Manager, Lesley-Ann Doughty, “The realities of Service life and even the ethics of a military career can be misunderstood. Some of the issues are about practical things such as military families moving around, but occasionally we have to challenge people who hold negative views of our Armed Forces.” “Those from outside the military may not know of the additional support that Service families receive and the excellent facilities that are available. Service families have a lot to offer that a local authority is looking for in prospective parents.” Adopting a child is a rewarding, though sometimes challenging, experience. With criminal records checks, medical reports, visits from social workers and training, the process normally takes over a year. With the children having already lost one family, it is vital to ensure they are compatible with their new parents. So far SSAFA have been involved in arranging for almost a hundred children to find loving families. Alison and Jock Fitzsimmons, 3RHA, were stationed in Hohne when they decided to adopt so the Association was the only adoption agency that were able to help. They formally adopted Laura and Jonathan in 2006. “We knew that life for British families with the Forces overseas is actually very similar to being at home with dedicated health care, education and housing. But some local authorities had misguided views on service life, especially overseas, so having SSAFA there was a great help.” Says mum Alison. “The Army was very supportive. They helped Jock get reposted back to Chester and they were flexible, allowing him to be present during the visits from social workers. “The day you first meet the children is the culmination of everything you have worked

towards. It is very intense. You see them for an hour at their foster family’s and then build up the time together before they finally join you at home. Putting them to bed in your own home is a very special moment; they then became “our children”. Both Annika and Ben are currently serving. Ben is a Captain with the Military Police and Annika is a Corporal with the Queens Alexander Royal Army Nursing Corps based in Wiltshire. Annika and Ben decided that adoption would be an ideal way of finally having their own family. They originally contacted a local authority in the UK who did not understand how a military family could adopt if both parents were in service. “SSAFA knew how the military worked”, says Annika, “They championed the advantages of a military family, the job security, the housing and the additional support provided by military life. SSAFA never saw being in the Army as a negative thing.” “Be honest with yourself and your social workers about the challenges that you think you would be able to cope with. When you hear some of the heartbreaking stories there is a temptation to take children out of sympathy. Social workers are understanding and know that parents have their own ideas about what will work for them. “Before you meet the children there is a life appreciation day where you meet all the professionals who will talk to you about the children’s backgrounds and their individual personalities. The amount of time you spend with the children slowly increases until they are ready to come home with you. “The reality does not set in straight away. Suddenly taking responsibility for three children and going from being able to do whatever you want to a strict routine is a shock. Military life is a good preparation for looking after children but nothing can prepare you for the sudden increase in the amount of housework. “Helping to create loving families is a wonderful job”, says Lesley-Ann, “It is great to know that because of SSAFA, military families are not missing on the joy of parenthood and, as important, that children are being placed with some of the best possible parents.” Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families

Association (SSAFA) – Forces Help The national charity helping serving and ex-Service men, women and their families in need. Registered Charity Number 210760 and SC038056. Established 1885 19 Queen Elizabeth Street, London SE1 2LP, Tel. 020 7463 9320, Fax. 020 7463 9208.

Richard Power Mortgage Adviser Cherry Financial Services 40a High Street Biggleswade SG18 0LJ T: 01767 310005 F: 01767 313030 E:

16 Education & Family

Registering Your Child with the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) Who are we? CEAS is an MOD service which exists to inform, guide and support parents in all HM Armed Services around any issue relating to the education of their children. We are a tri-Service organisation.

What do we do? We tailor our services to meet the needs of individual Service families when it comes to the education of their children. Consequently, our Helpline offers support ranging from a listening ear, if that is all you need, through to access to support at meetings with you or for you at school, local authority or, in some cases, SEN and Disability Tribunal level. We have a wide range of information and support material to offer you about many educational issues. In summary, our services for Forces’ families consist of advice, information and support relating to: ■ Admissions to schools and admission appeals ■ Special educational needs ■ Exclusions from schools ■ Boarding education ■ Retention of quarter in some circumstances ■ Managing the educational implications of Service mobility In addition to supporting Service families on an individual basis, CEAS also works with, amongst others, the individual Services,

the MOD’s policy branch, local authorities / children’s trusts, the education ministries of the four U.K. governments, Service Children’s Education (SCE), HIVE and the Forces’ families federations to represent the needs of Service children and their families, with regard to the education of Service children, at national and local strategic level.

What is Registration? If your child has special educational needs, CEAS is here to help and support you in trying to ensure that your child receives, and continues to receive, educational provision that is appropriate and adequate for those needs. To help us to help you, we offer you the opportunity to register your child with us if s/he is: ■ At School Action Plus ■ Is undergoing a statutory assessment ■ Has a ‘Note in lieu’ ■ Has a statement or equivalent ■ Has a sensory impairment (if none of the above apply) Going to accompany you on an overseas assignment (N.B. Service regulation require you to register with CEAS any of your children with special educational needs BEFORE you confirm acceptance of any overseas assignment. It may not be possible for

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some special educational needs to be met overseas.)

What do you get out of Registration? Advice and information Liaison, on your behalf, with a local authority prior to your move into it (CEAS are given prior notice of assignments for all families who have registered children with us) On-going and individual professional support at school, local authority and, if necessary, SEN and Disability Tribunal levels where difficulties arise. The provision of escorts between boarding schools and U.K. points of departure for some children travelling to and from overseas assignments. Additional children’s flights to and from U.K. boarding schools and overseas locations. The possibility of additional allowances to enable provision of additional support in independent boarding schools, travel to important reviews/ case conferences and accompanying your child on children’s visit flights.

How do you register your child or seek further information about CEAS services? Telephone the CEAS Helpline on: (+44) 01980 618244 / Mil (9)4344 8244 Email CEAS at Find CEAS on the web at: Write to: CEAS, Trenchard Lines, Upavon, Pewsey, Wilts, SN9 6BE. UK

Education & Family 17

Royston Rugby Club Update The season has started well with the 1st XV defeating old rivals Cantabs in the 1st XV warm-up game in Cambridge, which was good preparation for the National Junior Vase match against Watford, which was won convincingly 45-0. The first two league games have resulted in losses to the early season pace-setters HAC and Belsize Park. The 2nd XV had their first two League games cancelled because of unavailability, but won the third 20-18 against Sawston II. The Minis enrolled over 100 children in the first two weeks of the season and should have participated in the North Herts festival, but the organisers decided that the pitches were too hard owing to the glorious Indian summer we have been experiencing. Five of the Mini age groups have new sponsored shirts, which look magnificent. We have started a new girls’ team at the Club for school years 8-12. The first three training sessions have been attended by over 20 girls, mainly from Meridian. The coach is Meridian PE Teacher, Beverley Boswell, who is an RFU-qualified

Level 1 Coach. We hope to attract girls from Melbourn, Bassingbourn and Buntingford as well as Meridian. The foundations for the new Changing Room block are progressing well. The building should be in place by the

end of October. We have taken delivery of six new portable floodlights, which should improve the midweek training facilities now that dusk is drawing in. Visit the website,

Does your son or daughter need extra help with their maths? Perhaps they have a gap in their knowledge, which is worrying them? Joanna Hammond is a fully qualified maths teacher who offers private maths tuition. Joanna and her husband (who is a member of The Minden Band of the Queens Division) have one daughter, Isabelle, who is nearly 2 years old. She is the main reason why Joanna decided to set up a tutoring business rather than returning to full-time work. Last year she tutored six Year 11 pupils and one Year 9 pupil. They were tutored on an individual basis and the work was tailored to each individuals specific needs. The pupils ranged from C/D borderline pupils studying the Foundation tier GCSE syllabus up to pupils hoping to achieve an A* on the Higher tier GCSE syllabus. At time of going to press the GCSE results had not been released but if you wish to know the success rate please

contact Joanna. The sessions last for one hour and, if required, homework can be set and marked on a weekly basis. Joanna tutors in her home on Cardiff Place after her daughter has gone to bed. Generally she offers the following times: Mon – Thurs 7pm – 8pm or 8.10pm – 9.10pm

Teaching history (all in secondary schools) ■ 2 years in Leeds. ■ 4 years in North Yorkshire where she progressed to the role of Head of Maths. ■ 2 years in Hertfordshire – interrupted by maternity leave. If you require further information, availability or prices please contact Joanna either by telephone or e-mail. Joanna Hammond BSc(Hons) PGCE GCSE Maths Tutor 8 years classroom teaching experience Based in Cardiff Place, Bassingbourn

Barracks For further information and prices please contact Joanna on: 01763 257329

Websites to check out About race, racism and life – as seen through the eyes of the Britkids Connexions website for young people in Cambridgeshire. Here you’ll find information and advice, entertainment and activities. www.camoflauge

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18 Education & Family

The Importance of Registering a Dependant with an Additional Need A dependant is classed as any adult who is a spouse/civil partner in a legal relationship with a serving soldier, and any children, which includes stepchildren and adopted children of either of the spouses. (The age limits do not apply to a child who is physically or mentally incapable of contributing to its own support) The definition of having an Additional Need or Disability with regard to the Army is classed as someone who requires any form of additional support, be it educational, physical, mental, health or emotional for either the long or short term. AGAI 108 (Army General Administrative Instruction) – Care of Service Personnel with Disabled and Special Needs (SN) Dependants is the Army’s policy on special needs and is governed by the 5 principal National Legislation Acts which are: The Children Act 1989 The Education Act 1996 The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970 The National Assistance Act 1948, and The Special Needs and Disability Act 2001. Under AGAI 108 it is mandatory

(compulsory) to register a dependant with an additional need to notify the chain of command through unit administrative procedures so that the information can be included within the Service person’s record of service. (Service personnel are encouraged to voluntarily notify the chain of command of dependants who are awaiting professional diagnosis or clarification of a disability) The career of the soldier, wherever possible, should not be adversely affected by having a dependant with an additional need, however Queen’s Regulations state that a soldier still needs to be able to meet the needs of the Army ie be available for worldwide deployment or posting at any time. If a soldier with an additional needs dependant is considering an overseas posting (including Northern Ireland) G1 Branches in the overseas command need to be consulted first so that they are able to carry out an assessment of the families needs to ensure that they can be met overseas. If the soldier has not informed an overseas command of any family circumstances that are of an unusual nature this can result in the family being returned to the UK (almost as soon as they arrive and at their own expense) because adequate support may not be available. Service personnel

with an additional need dependant should still be considered for promotion, career courses and advancement in the same way as other service personnel. The fact that a Service person has an additional needs dependant should not be reflected in their individual confidential report. They should also be counselled annually by their Commanding Officer. If your child has a special educational need, it is also best practice to register them with CEAS (Children’s Education Advisory Service) 01980 618244 as they will be able to liase with the appropriate MCM Div (postings) to ensure that the child’s educational needs can be met in future postings. For further information, then please contact Phyllis Gibson, AFF Health and Additional Needs Specialist on 01354 688163 or

both feet first Complimentary and Holistic Therapies • Allergy Testing • Aqua Detox • Vitamins & Mineral deficiency testing • Reflexology • Reiki • Nutritional therapy • Fertility consultation • Vitamins & Minerals available to buy

T: 01763 221 950 • M: 07767 880 022 E: W:

Education & Family 19

Have YOU ever thought about Volunteering? Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your local community, have fun, learn new skills and make friends, so if you’re not doing it – why not? Volunteering is open to all members of the community and whatever your skills, interests or availability, here at Royston Volunteer Centre we can help you find something suitable. The Royston Volunteer Centre is based at Royston Hospital and is open for you to drop in from 10am until 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment. It is part of a nationwide network affiliated to Volunteering England who is working to make people aware of the unlimited opportunities open to volunteers. The Volunteer Centre encourages, supports, develops and promotes voluntary activity amongst all sections of the community of Royston and the surrounds. It covers all aspects of volunteering and offers: ■ Information and guidance on the range local volunteering opportunities ■ Support for individuals who want to volunteer, helping them to identify volunteering opportunities that match their skills and interests. ■ Help to local organisations in recruiting and good practice in managing their volunteers ■ Help to local organisations in developing volunteering opportunities

■ Training and support for individuals and organisations Volunteering is at the heart of an active and vibrant community and brings benefits to those who offer their time and skills for rewards other than payment. There are many organisations in the Royston area that rely on volunteers to provide many different services.

SO WHY VOLUNTEER? Whilst helping to improve life for others, you’ll get something out of the experience for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that… volunteering is a “win-win thing”.

Don’t forget Volunteering can increase your skills and help you in your own life and make a difference to your CV

HOW CAN I GET STARTED? ■ You can drop into the Volunteer Centre for a confidential one to one chat with a member of our staff to find about opportunities that suit you. We are open from 10 – 1pm on Tuesday & Thursday, and other times by arrangement. ■ You can search for local volunteering opportunities at Just use your postcode to bring up opportunities in the local area. You can then register with us via the web site and we can help you with more information. ■ You can phone us on 01763 243020 or email us at for advice. You DO NOT need to make an appointment to drop in and see us, but if you are making a special trip it may be advisable to avoid waiting. Why not give Volunteering a try, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Denise Graham Volunteer Centre Manager Volunteer Centre, Royston & District

20 Sport

We Are The Champions!!! By Cpl Roger Sainsbury

The ATR(B) Cricket Team are the Army Minor Units Champions after beating 16 AA Med Regiment by 3 wickets with just 2 balls to spare! This was a thrilling 20/20 final played on an even grass pitch at the Army Cricket Ground in Aldershot. 16 AA Med Regiment batted first and made 117 all out after cruising to 58/0 after their first 6 overs. (Cpl Joseph 4-0-181, W02 Harrison 4-0-24-1, Cpl McAlpine 4-0-17-1, Cpl Sainsbury 4-0-14-2) I kept the field in for the most part of the innings, inviting them to hit over us and putting pressure on their batsman as we scampered around the in-field preventing their chances of a run. This culminated in 4 excellent run outs – 2 of which were direct hits; the first by Cpl Foskett and the other by Cpl McAlpine on the run! These breaks came at crucial stages and involved their strongest batsmen who were set on taking the game away from us. Our bowling throughout was disciplined with just 2 wides – Cpl Joseph was particularly good with his change of pace at the start and WO2 Harrison held his nerve with his second spell during the chaotic final overs. Our run chase was hampered as we lost wickets at regular intervals which put everyone on the edge of their seats. Cpl Joseph(13) opened the batting with Cpl Foskett (3) and ably saw off the new ball. Cpl Partridge stepped to the wicket and after being dropped twice early on, restored order with his Man-of-the-Match

30; this included 2 x 4’s and 2 x huge 6’s which he creamed over the boundary and into the neighbouring forest! Further down the order Capt Soane (13) and Cpl McAlpine (10) played well with their contributions whilst the rest of us chipped in with single figure totals to get us over the line in the dramatic final over. This was a great success for our Regiment followed on by the competitive Inter-Mess Tournament played a few weeks previously. I will endeavour to ensure that we are represented again next year and that we play more often in preparation for it.

Sport 21

Floreat ATR(B) cricket! ARMY TRAINING REGIMENT BASSINGBOURN CRICKET TEAM: 1) Cpl Foskett 2) Cpl Joseph 3) WO2 Harrison 4) Cpl Partridge (w) 5) Cpl Sainsbury (c) 6) Capt Soane 7) Cpl McAlphine 8) Sgt Phillips 9) Cpl Cross 10) LCpl Limbu 11) Pte Mathurim

Winter Sports Experience – Open Day Ever fancied trying skiing or snowboarding? Thought it would be too expensive? Have just booked your first skiing holiday? Well on Sunday 18th October Bassingbourn Snowsports Centre are opening up the gates for everyone to try. No booking is required just come along between 10:00 – 17:00 wearing long sleeves and trousers and for only £5 you can experience your first few slides on our ski slope. Entrance will be through the North Gate on the A1198 just 1 mile north of Bassingbourn Army Barracks main gate. Refreshments will be available. Why waste valuable holiday time walking up the ski slope when you could have lessons here at Bassingbourn with our English qualified instructors. Only

then can you enjoy your holiday skiing, exploring and having fun on and around the mountain. For further information on our Open Day or on the other activities available please contact us on 0450 728293 or check out our web site www. we look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 18th October.

22 Sport

Holding Your Own By Cpl Roger Sainsbury It has been a most successful conception to our Regiment’s Judo Club with 16 players having taken up the sport throughout the first month! There is a diverse range in age and weight too which is essential for a player’s personal development. In September the class has learnt the following: ■ Understanding Judo and the 4 ways of winning a contest (namely by throwing

your opponent onto his back with impetus and control; holding your opponent for 20 seconds; by getting your opponent to submit through an armlock or a strangle). ■ Breakfalls (including back and side, shoulder rolls and forward rolls). ■ 3 x throws (hip throw, shoulder throw and a major outer reep throw). ■ Trips, tackles and foot sweeps. ■ A hold (scarf hold), a strangle (hadakajime) and an armlock (ude gatame). We have had plenty of randori time too where players practise fighting both on the ground and from standing, and, in so doing, implementing the techniques

taught in a contest situation. My emphasis has been on getting the players to complete the transition from fighting stood up to fighting on the ground without a separate break – this prevents their partner’s recovery from a throw by making them unable to get to their feet; whilst exhausting, being skilled in this area is extremely important. With the aid of DVD’s showing various competitions, the players have watched the execution of the throws that they have been practising; this helps guide and consolidate understanding. Through such activities, it is also becoming apparent to all how judo teaches you to use your opponent’s size against them.

Sport 23

I have included plenty of judo games too to keep the concentration, excitement and energy levels maintained throughout the session. A special mention must go to Sgt Thomas and Lt Suzuki, who returned refreshed from a week long judo crash course at the APTC; both have thrown themselves into the training and have been of enormous help in aiding those less able than themselves. Practising Judo functions, not only to provide the individual with skills in selfdefence, but also to channel those instincts which may, if not managed, result in psychological harm to the self and physical harm to others; the benefits are certainly

significant. The ATR(B) Judo Club for Seniors is on a Thursday evening @ 6pm and at 5pm for Juniors. There is a judo corner in the entrance to the Gymnasium which provides information about the sport. I look forward to seeing you here â&#x20AC;&#x201C; carpe diem!

24 Sport

Martial Arts training Martial Arts Training will take place every Monday evening, 1900â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2100 hrs. This is exclusively for permanent staff, their spouses or children and is free of charge. All of the martial arts training will by conducted by the Great Britain Savete Kickboxing President â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mr Ollie Batts who has over 36 yrs of martial arts experience. He teaches a blend of martial arts such as: Filipino Eskrima, Kali, Arnis and Silat, Russian Sombo, Chinese Jun Fan, Thai Boxing Western Boxing, Brazillian and Japanese Ju Jitsu, Korean Hapkido, French Sarate Kickboxing and many more. You will learn how to fight both standing up and on the ground (grappling) using hands, feet, knees, elbows, close quarter submissions, immobilisations, chokes and strangulations. As seen in the movies, Taken and the Bourne Identity. You will also learn about fighting and defending with weapons.

Training is always fun and friendly, if you have even the slightest of curiosity in this whether for sport, fitness or self defence then this is a great opportunity that should not be missed. Held in the blue gym, just turn up in sports kit. For more information please phone Lt Suzuki on 0122320 4383 or Cpl Roberts on Ext 4160

Sport 25

Bassingbourn Taekwon-Do School established July 2007 The physical techniques of Taekwon-Do are based on the principles of modern science, in particular, Newtonian physics which teaches us how to generate maximum power. Military tactics of attack and defense have also been incorporated. The school is part of the Unified Taekwondo Association and a member of the International Taekwon-do Federation. The club has been running for nearly two years now. We train regularly on Tuesdays 18:30 – 20:00 and Thursdays 19:00 – 20:00. The students have entered a few local competitions and I’m proud to say have done really well, all coming away with trophies from gold to bronze. The club is open to all on camp from 7 years old and up, feel free to come along. It’s free for all on camp, and staff. I also run a Lil’ Dragons class on a

Monday from 4–7 year olds. Teaching the basics of Taekwon-Do and life skills.

Any questions please contact me on 07738 701893 or email

26 Faith & Festivities

Padre’s message Is it just me or is there anyone else out there, who has just been posted in and are still finding their way around the camp. In many respects I feel like Abraham of old, who was in a new location, among very nice people and who was trying to comprehend all the different accents around him. Not to say that, I speak with a very clear accent or diction. Communication is vital if one is to survive in this big wide world (at least that’s what my old school teacher used to say) and closely linked to communication, is the concept of belonging. Abraham was in a new location and no doubt, like everyone else, he too experienced all sort of difficulties as he settled in to his new surroundings. Yet he was conscience, that this was the place where God wanted him to be.The land of Canaan gave to Abraham a sense of belonging. He was in the right place, at the right time, among the right people and achieved great things. It is in this context, that I am reminded of Abraham of old, as I too settle into my new surroundings etc. So if you should happen to see on your journeys around camp, a wee small man, wearing strange headgear and carrying a big black stick, then you’ll know it’s me, so why not stop and make yourself known. I promise, I won’t hassle you in any shape or form! Albert Padre Albert Jackson Regimental Chaplain tell: 94657 4820 Mob: 07748 148267

All Saints Church and Chaplaincy Centre The Christian Church is open for prayer and reflection 24 hours a day. Sunday morning services are open to all families, permanent staff and soldiers under training. These services tend to be informal, child friendly services and are not church parades. They are lead by Padre Mackenzie, Padre Albert Jackson, and Father Farrell offering Roman Catholic Mass. Both services begin at 9:30 There is also a Multi faith prayer room

located in the MPGS building in the RHQ side of the Chaplaincy Centre. In addition, two Chaplains are there to welcome everyone that stops by, offering assistance if something is troubling you, to answer faith related questions, or just for a chat and a cup of coffee. For further details of church services and other faith gatherings, on or off camp, call 01223204320 or the duty mobile, 07748 148267(24hrs).

Faith & Festivities 27

Celebrate Thanksgiving On October 12 Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends get together, share a large turkey dinner( similar to a Sunday roast), and reflect on what they are thankful for over th past year. Although not a religious holiday, many people choose to say a short prayer to “give thanks”. The history of Thanksgiving in Canada goes back to an explorer, Martin Frobisher, who had been trying to find a northern passage to the Pacific Ocean. Frobisher’s Thanksgiving was not for harvest but homecoming. The feast was one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in North America, although celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for a successful bounty of crops had been a long-standing tradition throughout Pumpkin pie is a traditional American holiday dessert. It consists of a pumpkin-based custard baked in a single pie shell. The pie is traditionally served with whipped cream.

Ingredients 2 cups (480ml) milk, scalded 2 cups (450g) pumpkin, cooked and strained (or plain canned pumpkin) 1 cup (240ml) maple syrup 1/8 cup (30g) sugar 1 Tbsp. flour tsp. salt 1 tsp. ginger 1 tsp. cinnamon 1/4 tsp. nutmeg (optional) 2 large eggs, beaten 1 unbaked nine-inch pie shell

Procedure Preheat oven to 180 °C (350 °F). Blend all ingredients, except the pie shell, together. Pour into the unbaked pie shell. Bake at 180 °C (350 °F) for 45

North America by various First Nations and Native American groups. At the same time, French settlers, having crossed the ocean and arrived in Canada with explorer Samuel de Champlain, also held huge feasts of thanks. They even formed ‘The Order of Good Cheer’ and gladly shared their food with their First Nations neighbours. After the American Revolution, American refugees who remained loyal to Great Britain moved from the newly independent United States and came to Canada. They brought the customs and practices of the American Thanksgiving to Canada. In its early years it was for an abundant harvest and occasionally for a special anniversary. After World War I, both Armistice Day

minutes. Let cool and serve. This recipe replaces much of the sugar normally found in a pumpkin pie recipe with maple syrup. Use only real 100 percent maple syrup, not maple-flavored pancake syrup, as their sugar content is different. You can also use brown sugar instead of maple syrup. Note substitutions, below Prepare the raw pumpkin by skinning and cutting into 1” cubes. Bake at 350 °F (180 °C) for an hour and then turn off the heat. Leave the pumpkin in the oven for another hour or two, this will reduce the moisture content. The pumpkin may also be steamed but may end up with too much moisture, resulting in a runny pie. A 10” (25cm)-diameter pumpkin will make 4 to 6 pies. The pumpkin may also be baked whole and skinned afterwards. Pumpkin pie has no top crust, which makes most forms

and Thanksgiving were celebrated on the Monday of the week in which November 11 occurred. Ten years later, in 1931, the two days became separate holidays, and Armistice Day was renamed Remembrance Day. Today Thanksgiving dinner usually consisting of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potato and mashed turnip, sweet potato, corn on the cob, fresh bread rolls, and the all important Pumpkin pie. Why not try growing your own veg for next year, to find out about allotments contact, Royston Town Council, 01763 245 484

of decoration impossible, but for a more aesthetically-pleasing pie, put dollops of real whipped cream on each slice, or add a decorative rim to the side crust with artfully layered dough cutouts, in the shape of fall leaves, squash or pumpkins.

Variant: Chocolate-covered pumpkin pie After the pie has cooled, melt 2 oz. (55g) of sweetened chocolate (milk or dark) and pour over the top of the pie. Be sure to completely cover the pumpkin. Refrigerate to set the chocolate.

Substitutions 14 oz. (1 can) sweetened condensed milk can replace the scalded milk and maple syrup. 2 cups of plain canned pumpkin can replace the cooked and strained pumpkin. Do not use “pumpkin pie filling”, which has added spices.

28 What’s On

Autumn season announced at the Cambridge Corn Exchange The next few months at the Corn Exchange are crammed full with events that will keep you busy until 2010! From comedian Rob Brydon to Argentina’s hottest dance show Tango Fire, there is something to suit everyone. One the music scene, we have got some of the best female acts including Bat For Lashes, Alesha Dixon, The Nolans and Alison Moyet, and some music legends including Status Quo, Motorhead, Paul Weller and Ray Davies.

October see the start of this season’s International Concert Series with six fantastic performances from orchestras including the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and European Union Chamber Orchestra. We also have a season of laughter with some top comedians including Tim Minchin, Jimmy Carr, Alistair McGowan, Ed Bryne and Stephen K Amos to name just a few! There are also some incredible shows for children including the hugely popular Lazytown Live!, Hi-5 Surprise Party and

New clients will be eligible for a FREE CONSULTATION

returning to the Corn Exchange Bob The Builder Live! with Spud’s Big Mess. Finally, Christmas show 2009 is the Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber West End phenomenon Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring Craig Chalmers as Joseph from BBC TV’s Any Dream Will Do. For more information or to book call the Box Office on 01223 357851 or visit www. For a group booking, please call 01223 457555.

Win a pair of ticket to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Cambridge Corn Exchange! This Christmas, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will be coming to the Corn Exchange from Tuesday 15 December to Sunday 3 January starring Craig Chalmers from BBC TV’s Any Dream Will Do as Joseph! For your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show on Wednesday 16 December at 7.30pm, please answer the following question: What TV show did Craig Chalmers star in? Was it: a) X Factor b) Pop Idol c) Any Dream Will Do Please send your answer to the Editor at bassingbournbelle@hotmail. or submit your name to the Welfare Office by November 15th 2009. Open to members of the Bassingbourn Barracks Community.

What’s On 29

Facebook Facebook can be an invaluable tool to give exposure to local businesses, community magazines such as the Bassingbourn Belle, or even musicians. A classical Boyband called “Blake” met three years ago on the networking site, were signed by Universal within 24 hours, having since toured the world and gaining a massive fan base which includes Shirley Bassey, Will Smith, and Kevin Spacey. The four are ardent supporters of the War Widows Association, Help For Heroes, and MIND. Their debut album was released in 2007, and went straight to number one in the classical charts. Now, on October 12,2009, the Classical BRITS award winners are releasing their new album, ‘Together’. These potential GQ models will no doubt be able to bring all ages of people into their fold with clever arrangements of popular ballads such as U2’s ‘With or Without You’, and Elvis Costello’s ‘She’, ensuring you rush out to buy it for your nearest and dearest this Christmas. Another band in the horizons is The Soldiers and The Raudive, both on Facebook, and both with band members from our very own ATR (B) Barracks- Richie Maddocks and Chris Watson. The Soldiers have appeared across the UK with a spread in The Sun and their debut of ‘Coming

Home’, set for release on October 26, also benefit’s the military community as some of the profits will go to the Army Benevolent Fund, Help for Heroes, and The Royal British Legion charity which helps soldiers, former soldiers and their families. The Raudive are also set to release a mini album ‘Ghost Box’ on October 19th.

Pearlies’ Choose New Royalty ‘Pearlies’ date back to 1875 when a young orphan, Henry Croft, admiring the pearl button seams on some of the market traders, decided to go one better and cover his entire suit in buttons. With the attention this drew he set about collecting money to help others. Today, around 30 East End families continue the tradition to raise money for various charities. Each London Borough has a King and Queen, as do the City of London and the City of Westminster. It’s a colourful London tradition and one that has been kept alive by a few dedicated people, who remain figureheads for the capital’s working class communities.

The Harvest Festival is our flagship event with all the Kings and Queens decked out in their shiniest and most elaborate outfits. Harvest Festival – 12th October 2008 at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden at 10.00am for 11.00am service. Contact Carole at

30 What’s on

Calendar of Events Monday




1 8

Jnr Judo class Gym, 5–6pm Snr Judo Gym, 6–7pm TAE KWON-DO at the GYM 7–8pm Red Shield coffee and cake 2 pm (free) ATR (B) Football training 12.30–1.30pm Little Dragons Tai Kwan do 5.45– 6.30pm Mixed Martial Arts Gym, 7–9pm (all ages, free)

Gym Induction 12.30–1.30pm Spinning 12.30–1.15pm (free) Tots Group 1–3pm (£1) Jr. Climbing Club 4–5pm Squash 5.30–7.30pm Badminton 7–9pm Tai-Kwon-Do at the GYM 6.30pm–8pm

Singing with Sue’, Bks Community Centre, 10.30 Child’s Gym Activities 4–5pm (3–7 yrs, free) Ladies Step Aerobics 6–7pm (free) Tai-Kwon-Do 7–8pm Badminton 7–9pm

BBQ PM for all Infantry Permanent Staff at ATR Bassingbourn Gym Induction 12.30–1.30pm Spinning 12.30–1.15 pm (free) Tots Group 1–3 pm (£1) Jnr Judo class Gym, 5–6pm Snr Judo Gym, 6–7pm TAE KWON-DO at the GYM 7–8pm

Red Shield coffee and cake 2pm (free) ATR (B) Football training 12.30–1.30pm Little Dragons Tai Kwan do, 5.45– 6.30pm Mixed Martial Arts; Gym, 7–9pm (all ages, free)

ATR (B) Football training 12.30–1.30pm Gym Induction 1230–1.30 Spinning 12.30–1.15pm (free) Tots Group 1–3pm (£1) Jr. Climbing Club 4–5pm Squash 5.30–7.30pm Tai-Kwon-Do 6.30–8pm Badminton 7–9pm Bassingbourn WI, Bass Village Community Centre, 7.30pm

Singing with Sue’, Bks Community Centre, 10.30 Child’s Gym Activities 4–5pm (3–7 yrs, free) Ladies Step Aerobics 6–7pm (free) Badminton 7–9pm

Gym Induction 12.30–1.30pm Spinning 12.30–1.15 pm (free) Tots Group 1–3 pm (£1) Jnr Judo class Gym, 5–6pm Snr Judo Gym, 6–7pm TAE KWON-DO at the GYM 7–8pm

Red Shield coffee and cake 2pm (free) ATR (B) Football training 12.30–1.30pm Little Dragons Tai Kwan do, 5.45– 6.30pm Mixed Martial Arts; Gym, 7–9pm (all ages, free)

ATR (B) Football training 12.30–1.30pm Gym Induction 1230–1.30 Spinning 12.30–1.15pm (free) Tots Group 1–3pm (£1) Jr. Climbing Club 4–5pm Squash 5.30–7.30pm Tai-Kwon-Do 6.30–8pm Badminton 7–9pm Bassingbourn WI, Bass Village Community Centre, 7.30pm Champagne & Sparkling Wine Tasting @ The Three Tuns, Ashwell, £20, 01763 247076

Trafalgar Day Singing with Sue’, Bks Community Centre, 10.30 Child’s Gym Activities 4–5pm (3–7 yrs, free) Ladies Step Aerobics 6–7pm (free) Badminton 7–9pm

Gym Induction 12.30–1.30pm Spinning 12.30–1.15 pm (free) Tots Group 1–3 pm (£1) Jnr Judo class Gym, 5–6pm Snr Judo Gym, 6–7pm TAE KWON-DO at the GYM 7–8pm Bassingbourn Village College open evening, doors open 6.45pm

British Summer Time Ends Red Shield coffee and cake 2pm (free) ATR (B) Football training 12.30–1.30pm Little Dragons Tai Kwan do, 5.45– 6.30pm Mixed Martial Arts; Gym, 7–9pm (all ages, free)

ATR (B) Football training 12.30–1.30pm Gym Induction 1230–1.30 Spinning 12.30–1.15pm (free) Tots Group 1–3pm (£1) Jr. Climbing Club 4–5pm Squash 5.30–7.30pm Tai-Kwon-Do 6.30–8pm

Singing with Sue’, Bks Community Centre, 10.30 Child’s Gym Activities 4–5pm (3–7 yrs, free) Ladies Step Aerobics 6–7pm (free) Badminton 7–9pm

Gym Induction 12.30–1.30pm Spinning 12.30–1.15 pm (free) Tots Group 1–3 pm (£1) Jnr Judo class Gym, 5–6pm Snr Judo Gym, 6–7pm TAE KWON-DO at the GYM 7–8pm Variety Express Annual Charity Show “Thirty Dancing” Plinston Hall, Letchworth, 7.30pm


12 19




20 27








If there is a number you would like to see added here please let us know by September 19th, email

What’s on 31

October 2009 Friday



Bassingbourn Community Primary School Teach Trg Day School Closed Ladies Take Away night @ Barracks Community Centre

2 9

Bassingbourn Conservation Group Village Tidy Up + cakes, 10–12am, meet at The Limes, Book Cafe in the High St. All are welcome.

Kicks 4 Kids 5.30–6.30 Ladies dinner night in WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess Charity Quiz Night for the Community Chest Fund & East Anglian Air Ambulance Royston Town Hall, 01763 245484

3 10

Pearly King and Queen Harvest Festival @ St.Martin -in-the-Fields, 3pm Royston Farmers Market

Ride to the Wall Bikers ‘pilgrimage’ to National Arboretum Appointed Persons First Aid Course @ Melbourn Village College 10am– 4pm £95pp incl certificate. Contact Community Learning on 01763 260566 or e-mail Cookery Carousel dayschool @ Melbourn Village College10am–4pm £40pp (ingredients extra). 01763 260566 or e-mail Personal Finance dayschool @ Melbourn Village College 10am–4pm £40pp. 01763 260566 or e-mail City & Guilds 7722-30 Floral Designs (session 1 of 4) @ Melbourn Village College 10am–4pm. £150pp (4 sessions). 01763 260566 or e-mail

World Conker Championship, Ashton, North Hamptonshire, 10.30am Snail Racing & BBQ, Bass. Village College, doors open 7pm, Royston French Market Mini Rugby @ Royston Rugby Club

Kicks 4 Kids 5.30–6.30 Fathers Night in Officers’ Mess

City & Guilds 7722-30 Floral Designs session 2 at Melbourn Village College 10am–4pm. (see 10th October for more details) Parachute Regt National Standard Bearers Competition in ATR Bassingbourn Gym Divali- Hindu”Festival of Lights” New Year

New Moon Mini Rugby at Royston Rugby Club Bassingbourn Snowsports Centre,10am–5pm Open Day, £5


Kicks 4 Kids 5.30–6.30 Esther’s Spa Bassingbourn Parish Church, 7.30pm



4 11


Local Publication Put your clocks back one hour at 2am


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Local Radio BBC 95.7, 96 FM, 1026 MW, DAB and online cambridgeshire Star 107.9/1 FM

Kicks 4 Kids 5.30–6.30 Variety Express Annual Charity Show “Thirty Dancing” Plinston Hall, Letchworth,7.30pm AWS Halloween Ladies’ dinner night tbc


Matinee show from Variety Express “Thirty Dancing” 2pm Halloween Special ‘Phobophobia’ @ London Bridge/Tombs


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Features of SLI Include • Acceptance assured No matter your trade within the forces

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5- Bassingbourn Belle- October 2009  
5- Bassingbourn Belle- October 2009  

The Bassingbourn Belle is a Community Publication written, produced and delivered by volunteers. All views, articles, and suggestions for fu...