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Inside this issue: Grand Designs - Larwood House gets extensive refurbishment Bin Basics - All you need to know about our Recycling and Refuse Service

David has The Gift Our own Tenant Editor, David Smith is now a published author and as well as enlightening fellow tenants with his musings, he has set his sights on enlightening the world with his first book; The Gift.

Crisis? What crisis? Hi everyone and welcome to our Autumn edition. I hope you are all well and enjoying some freedom again. As I write this, we appear to be in ‘crisis’ again. Not just one but several; energy, housing and the NHS to name but a few. All genuine times of intense difficulty. Recently, however, I am amazed at hearing the word ‘crisis’ being used for the smallest of things. I was in a restaurant the other day and a couple with two children sat at a nearby table. Almost in unison they took out two mobiles, a tablet and a game console of some sort. However, their faces turned ashen when the youngest child said: “There’s no signal.” Without irony the mum said to the husband: “This is a crisis!” It was sorted quite easily by the waiter moving them to a table with better reception and they all disappeared into their own technological oblivion. I’ve experienced the same statements of ‘crisis’ from my family and friends with regard to bad hair-do’s, nail bars and clothes to wear. This often makes me think of my happy, funny old grandad who went to bed dressed like Rip-Van-Winkle. He shared his house with seven others, suffered no energy crisis as there was only one light bulb in the kitchen, fed by a meter that you put sixpence in every few months; and there was no NHS. Times were a little more simple back then and he saw his life as a gift. But with the benefit of perspective, maybe we can distinguish what a ‘crisis’ really is in our own lives. David Smith In Touch Tenant Editor

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The Gift is a guide, a series of suggestions and pointers to enrich your life and make you aware of its possibilities. It’s a journey seen through David’s unique life experiences as he invites you to take stock, pick up the baton and try it for yourself. David said: “I was inspired by the marvellous teachings and philosophy I have come across from the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Confucius, Sadhguru and others. There have been plenty of ups and downs in my life and some of these mantras have helped me to have an inner calm and acceptance. I wrote it during Lockdown, when I really needed to use what I’d learned. So I hope that those who read it can find some truths they perhaps weren’t aware of.” You can buy The Gift: A Strategy for a Better Life on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback.

Keep warm this winter Hello! Welcome to the latest issue of In Touch and as usual our newsletter is packed full of useful information for tenants. Just some of the things we have covered is our ‘Bin Basics’ campaign that includes advice on what you should and shouldn’t put in your household and recycling bins, important information about our repairs service and how you can report repairs, as well some fire safety advice and lots more. I’d also like to talk about energy prices and as you may have seen recently in the news, this is a worrying time for everyone, but especially those who may find it difficult to pay their energy bills this winter. Tenants and residents in Bassetlaw have a number of options should you need support and advice about your energy supply and bills, and we work in partnership with a number of organisations and charities (listed opposite) that can help. Your homes are also measured by the Decent Homes Standard, which ensures that they are energy efficient thanks to things like new heating systems and boilers, new doors and windows, and even external cladding. If you have concerns about the energy efficiency of your home, please contact us on 0800 590 542.

There are organisations in Bassetlaw and Nottinghamshire that offer support with your energy bills. These include: Bassetlaw Action Centre •S upport with switching from your existing energy deals and more - www. Warm Homes Hub •A local authority backed scheme which aims to improve the quality of heating and energy efficiency of Nottinghamshire households - Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP) •W ho offer support with grants to make your home more energy efficient Citizens Advice Energy Scheme •W ho can signpost to certain benefits, grants and help offered by the government and energy suppliers energy/energy-supply/get-help-payingyour-bills/grants-and-benefits-to-helpyou-pay-your-energy-bills Government Winter Fuel Payments • I nformation on eligibility

Cllr Steve Scotthorne Cabinet Member for Housing | 3


Don’t forget to check!

Cut out contamination Keep a lid on it Never miss a truck

Bassetlaw District Council is asking residents to make some essential checks before paying someone to take away bulky or household waste.

Manton street gets cleaned up

Each month the Council has to clean up hundreds of incidents of fly-tipping, a large proportion of which are suspected to have been dumped by unlicensed Waste Carriers or ‘A Man with A Van’.

Our Street Cleaning Team has recently had to remove fly-tipping, rubbish and broken glass from Ely Backs in Manton, Worksop.

Residents should ask to see a Waste Carrier Licence and ask for a receipt if they pay someone to take their waste away. If they don’t and the waste is fly-tipped and can be traced back to the owner, they could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or end up with an unlimited fine.

As well as making the street safer and cleaner by removing more than five tonnes of waste from the street on two visits, as these photos show, they also cleared a nearby garden that was being used as a dumping ground. As part of this clean-up we have recovered evidence that links some of the waste to a local householder, which will be used to pursue enforcement action. So that we can deter people from fly-tipping and littering, we will be stepping up patrols by our partners District Enforcement. We’ll also be engaging with local residents to try and increase education and awareness of littering and fly-tipping to try and prevent incidents like this from happening again in the future. Fly-tipping and littering is a crime and there is no excuse or justification for it. Anyone caught littering could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100, and those responsible for fly-tipping could receive an unlimited fine, have their vehicle confiscated or face up to five years in prison. Please remember, responsibility!






More details on waste and recycling can be found at

4 |

In addition to making these checks, you can use the Council’s Bulky Waste Collection service, which starts at £13 for the first item and £9.50 for any additional items. You can find more details by calling 01909 533 533 or online at You can also take the majority of items to the two Household Waste Recycling Centres in Worksop and Retford.

Follow the ‘Bin Basics’ Bassetlaw residents are being reminded of the Council’s ‘Bin Basics’ so that they can get the most out of the recycling and refuse services provided in the district. Bassetlaw District Council is responsible for collecting recycling and refuse waste from more than 54,000 domestic properties in the district, in addition to operating Garden Waste and Bulky Waste Collection Services. As services return to a more normal way of working following the Covid-19 Pandemic, the District Council is asking residents to follow the ‘Bin Basics’ that will help them to reduce the amount of waste generated by their household, raise awareness of which items can go in their blue recycling bins, encourage residents to recycle more of their waste, and provide information that will help to reduce the number of missed bins. Cllr Julie Leigh, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “As we move out of the Covid-19 Pandemic and back towards a normal service for residents, we’d like to ask everyone to do what they can to reduce waste, cut out contamination and recycle more. “Recycling and Refuse is one of our core services and we want to ensure that residents are fully aware of the options available to them when it comes to getting rid of their waste.”

The Council is asking residents to: Cut out contamination! – In Nottinghamshire, only certain items can be recycled as part of curbside collections, for example; paper, cardboard, tins and cans, and only certain plastics. Please check what items can be put in your Blue Bin for recycling recycling-at-home Keep a lid on it! – Make sure that all your waste fits into your bin and the lid is closed - we can’t take sidewaste. If you have any excess waste, most items will be accepted at the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Worksop and Retford, as well as recycling sites and bottle banks across the district. The Council also provides paid-for Bulky Waste and Garden Waste Collection Services. Never miss a truck! – Make sure your bin is out by 6am on the day of your collection so that our refuse trucks don’t miss you! You can check your collection day at - You can also read the Council’s Recycling and Refuse Policy which sets out the level of service that residents should expect, and outlines the responsibilities for residents. You can read the policy at -

tel: 0800 590 542 | 5

Service Review Groups Would you like to have more of a say about how the Council’s Housing Services are run or help to review the way in which they are delivered? We are asking tenants to be part of a number of new Service Review Groups that will work with our Housing Team to review the services we offer and make recommendations of how they can be improved.

A voice for everyone A new group called Voices of Bassetlaw has been created to represent all Bassetlaw Tenants and Residents. We caught up with its Chair, Nina Thiedeman (pictured on the left) who has been a tenant for 25 years, involved in tenant engagement for 12 years and is also former a Welfare Officer.

So Nina, can you tell us a little about Voices of Bassetlaw? Voices of Bassetlaw (VOB) has replaced BATRA, which was made up of representatives of Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs) from across Bassetlaw and was very much TRA focussed. Over the last few years, TRAs have been struggling, especially after the Covid-19 Pandemic. Because of this we felt that we needed to have more of a focus on tenants and communities rather than groups. You don’t have to be a member of a TRA to be part of Voices of Bassetlaw and we want to make it more inclusive. TRAs traditionally attract older tenants, and they have lots of experience, but there are young people who have different problems who equally need support and we’d like to give them a voice as well.

tenants we may be more approachable and can act as an intermediary. We’re also here to provide support and signpost tenants to the help and services that are available. We hope to work in partnership with other agencies like Citizens Advice, Women’s Aid, and the Credit Union, among others. Secondly, we will look to build a stronger relationship with the Council and help to improve services for everyone. Our members can provide a tenant’s perspective across all services, so will be part of groups like the Housing Liaison Group and Service Review Groups. We know things have been tough over the last 18 months or so for everyone, and we hope that we can help with this and improve things.

How can people get involved? We want to hear from tenants or residents who have an interest in local services, so that we can represent a more diverse section of the community.

What will VOB do for tenants?

We want to make ourselves more accessible to tenants and are hoping to have a base in Worksop and Retford so that tenants can drop in and talk with us, in addition to regular meetings. In return, we can offer training through Tenant Engagement experts TPAS, travel expenses, and the opportunity to broaden your skills, which could help in other areas of your life.

Firstly, we want to support them with tenancy related issues. Some tenants aren’t confident enough to take up an issue with the Council on their own. As fellow

If you would like to know more about Voices of Bassetlaw, please call Nina on 07515 396 747 or you can email

6 | tel: 0800 590 542

We want to hear what you think as tenants; listen to your experiences of our services, learn how they impact on your day-to-day life and how they affect your community. We are looking for tenants who are able to dedicate a small amount of spare time to help improve services for the benefit of fellow tenants and to be part of a number of Review Groups. We will provide you with the training and skills that are needed to carry out a full review of services that will initially include Allocations, Repairs, Customer Care and Service Standards and Tenant Engagement.

In return you’ll receive Love2Shop Vouchers for each review that takes place, transferable skills that you can use for future employment and the knowledge that you are improving services for the benefit of all tenants. If you think you would like to get involved or would like more information, please contact our Tenant and Resident Engagement Officer, Anita Fairweather on email at or you can call 0800 590 542.

Why not get involved? There are lots of ways to get involved with the Council’s Housing Service, and you can choose a way that fits in with your lifestyle and existing commitments.

You’ll also find a survey that will let you register for the ways in which you would like to get involved. You’ll find all of this in the Tenant Engagement section of

We are currently asking tenants and residents how they would like to be involved; for example, by being part of future consultation and tenant groups, helping us to promote tenants’ views, and having your say on housing services.

If you do not wish to be one of our involved tenants, but would like to keep up to date with the latest news and information from Bassetlaw District Council Housing, you can also sign up to our dedicated digital Housing or Residents Newsletter by visiting the homepage of our website and clicking on ‘Sign Up to Newsletter’. Or you can Follow or Like our Facebook page at @BassetlawDCHousing

Please visit the Council Housing section of our website and you’ll find all of the different ways that you can be more involved as a tenant. | 7

Community Centres reopen Bassetlaw District Council has 10 Community Centres throughout the district that you can hire for daytime and evening events. The centres are based in the heart of our communities and are all fully equipped with tables and chairs, kitchens and other facilities. All are available at a very reasonable hourly rate with discounts available for under 16s, senior citizens and groups when making regular bookings. We’re pleased to say that all of our Community Centres are now back open following the lifting

of all Covid-19 restrictions. However, we are currently advising all users to carry out their own risk assessments, which should be relevant to how they plan to use each centre and to follow the most up to date Covid-19 guidance from the Government. For more information or to book, please call 0800 590 542 (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Alternatively, you can check the availability of each Community Centre and book online via the Community Centre pages of our website at

Helps us to improve your estate

Larwood House begins grand refurbishment Larwood House, one of Bassetlaw District Council’s five Independent Living Centres, is being extensively refurbished to create bright, modern and welcoming apartments.

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic we had to suspend our programme of Estate Inspections – but we now feel the time is right to bring these back, and we’d like your help!

In May, specialist design and build company Fortem began work on the significant refurbishment project to convert 32 bedsits into 18 self-contained apartments with updated communal areas.

Estate Inspections involve a walk around your estate, which normally takes a couple of hours, and help to spot things like graffiti, overgrown gardens, illegal parking, broken walls and fences and suggestions about how the area can be improved.

Representatives from the Council and Fortem recently visited the site to see the progress made, review the designs and to discuss some of the environmental improvements of the scheme.

Cllr Steve Scotthorne, Cabinet Member for Housing at Bassetlaw District Council said: “Everyone should have a feeling of pride about their local community and having a tidy and well maintained estate is the first step towards this. We will be bringing back a comprehensive programme of Estate Inspections and we would like to invite residents to join us so that they can make us aware of any issues and work with us to make their estates a better place for everyone.” There is always at least one Estate Inspection per year for your community and they are led by the Housing Officer for that area. They are often accompanied by officers or councillors from Bassetlaw District Council, Nottinghamshire Police or other agencies.

8 |

We’re proud to be investing in our buidings and communities Cllr Steve Scotthorne, Cabinet Member for Housing

This means that we have people on hand who can address any specific problems – but we also need tenants and residents, after all it is your estate and nobody knows it better than you. We will be publishing details of our Estate Inspections in the New Year, along with how you can get involved. Please look out for more details in January by visiting the Estate Inspection section of

Once complete, residents will benefit from larger living space, fully accessible wet rooms and either a private patio or Juliet balcony, communal spaces including a lounge, kitchen and accessible landscaped gardens, a store for personal mobility scooters, a drying room and a treatment room for visiting mobile hairdressers. The installation of solar panels and air source heat pumps will not only benefit residents but also supports the decarbonisation agenda.

Cllr Steve Scotthorne, Cabinet Member for Housing at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “We’re proud to be investing in our buildings and communities that will help to improve the lives of our tenants. The improvements that are currently taking place will elevate the standard of accommodation that we are able to offer older tenants at Larwood House. We’re extremely pleased to be working with Fortem on this project, and others over the next few years as we work to improve the facilities at all of our Independent Living Centres.” Tom Nicholson, Managing Surveyor for Fortem said: “We are delighted to be working with Bassetlaw District Council on the refurbishment and remodelling of some of the Council’s tired buildings which will really make a difference to the residents’ standard of life. We are looking forward to developing our partnership with Bassetlaw and their team, with Larwood House being the first scheme we are delivering under a fiveyear contract.” Bassetlaw’s Independent Living Centres are a collection of self-contained apartments and flats that specifically cater for older residents who wish to live in a community setting. There are five centres located in Worksop, Retford, Misterton and Harworth and Bircotes, all of which are planned to be refurbished over the next seven years. The works at Larwood House are due to complete in summer 2022.

tel: 0800 590 542 | 9

Putting things right When something goes wrong in your home, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our repairs and maintenance team will be there to put things right. Even throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, we did our best to provide a safe and reliable repairs service and prioritised Emergency and Urgent repairs so that we could continue to keep you safe in your homes. Over the last 18 months though, our services have been disrupted due to the pandemic and we are currently working our way through a backlog of planned repairs that were reported to us during the previous lockdown periods.

Repairs appointments - all you need to know Each year our Repairs Team complete around 20,000 jobs and in the vast majority of cases, appointments for these repairs are kept. However, there are times when tenants are not able to attend an appointment or simply forget.

Our Repairs Team offer morning or afternoon appointments and even time slots to avoid the school run. We also offer a limited number of ‘out of hours’ appointments for internal repairs, for example plumbing, joinery, bricklaying, electrical and gas.

If you have a prearranged appointment for a repair, it’s important that you tell us if you can’t keep this appointment, especially if you or someone in your household may be isolating due to Covid-19.

These are available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (up to 8pm with the last appointment being 6:30pm), and on Saturday mornings (9am to 1pm with the last appointment being at 11:30am).

Should you need to cancel an appointment and make another one, please call 0800 590 542.

Appointments for all non-urgent repairs can be made a minimum of seven working days in advance.

If you are not at home for a prearranged repair, we will leave a calling card giving the date, time, the reason why the repairs operative could not access the property, and what you will need to do to rearrange the appointment.

10 | tel: 0800 590 542

Like many other housing providers and those working in the construction industry, we have also faced a shortage of some building materials and delays in delivery times, due to a combination of the pandemic, Brexit, a shortage of HGV drives and an increase in demand for materials. We would like to thank tenants for their patience during this time and can reassure you that we are completing these repairs as quickly as possible.

Despite this disruption, you can still report your repair to us, especially if it’s an emergency, and we will advise you of a timescale in which we will be able to attend. We would also like you to tell us if a repair has been made safe, but we have not yet returned to fix the problem. You can report a repair to us over the phone by calling 0800 590 542 Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, or online 24-hours a day via the Housing section of - You can also report an emergency repair outside of our working hours via our Freephone number. When reporting a repair, please tell us if you or a member of your household are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been advised to self-isolate. Our website also has some helpful information about the category of your repair and the timescales we have for each category. These are classed as Emergency (made safe the same day), Urgent (completed within three working days), Non-urgent (repaired within 15 working days), Planned (within 13 weeks) and Major Programmed (within 52 weeks).

How you can report a repair: Call our Contact Centre on 0800 590 542 Visit Gas Emergency call 0800 083 3743 | 11

Stay fire safe

Gas safety inspections

Flats and communal areas: If you have a gas boiler or appliances in your home that use gas, these will need to be inspected every 12 months as part of our annual gas safety inspections. It is extremely important to have a gas safety inspection and service every year, not only to ensure that everything is working safely, but also to make sure that appliances are working as efficiently as possible and saving you money. As your landlord, the law says we must carry out these inspections. Sure Maintenance do this on our behalf and they will send you an appointment each year. If this first appointment is not convenient, you can contact Sure Maintenance and arrange an appointment on a day of your choosing. We also offer evening appointments between April and September (during daylight hours) and on weekends.

•K eep all exits, stairwells and communal areas free of your belongings. This is to ensure that in the event of a fire there are no obstructions and items that could potentially fuel a fire

We have also arranged for the majority of annual gas safety inspections to take place between April and October. This will enable us to be more responsive to boiler repairs in the winter months, when you are most likely to need urgent repairs. This allows us to carry out your gas safety inspection on the same date every year, after which you will be sent a Gas Safety Certificate within 28 days of the inspection taking place. Please ensure that you keep any appointments that are arranged with Sure Maintenance and should you need to contact them, call 0800 083 3743. If you are a Leaseholder, an annual gas safety inspection must take place at your property every 12 months and you should provide a valid copy of your Gas Safety Certificate to the Council.

Take care of your smoke alarms: •F it a smoke alarm on every level of your home •T est smoke alarms weekly

Fire safety essentials The effects of fire can cause devastation to homes and lives – and in the last 12 months our Housing Team has seen firsthand the damage that is caused when a fire takes hold in your homes and outbuildings. The photos you see here are of a Council property that suffered a fire and thankfully no one was seriously injured or killed. In order to raise awareness of fire safety with our tenants, we have teamed up with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service to provide the advice opposite to help you understand and assess the potential risks in your home. However, if you or a relative are unable to assess the risks, you may be able to organise a free home ‘Safe and Well’ visit through Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, which includes fitting a smoke alarm. If you would like any further fire safety advice or to enquire about a ‘Safe and Well’ visit, please call Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service on 0115 838 8100. If you are deaf or hard of hearing call 07766 299 999 or email

12 |

•N ever ignore a bleeping smoke alarm, this could save your life • I f your smoke alarm is hardwired, we will check this for you on a regular basis Fire safety in your home: •T urn off all electrical items before going to bed or leaving the house •E xtinguish candles and only use them in a secure holder •N ever leave cooking unattended •P ut cigarettes out, right out and make sure you dispose of them carefully •C lose inside doors at night to stop a fire from spreading Plan your escape route: •M ake sure exits are clear •D on’t tackle fires yourself •K eep your phone somewhere easy to access in case you need to call 999 Charging Mobility Scooters: •E nsure that the battery and charger is the correct model for your scooter and that it is safe to use. Do not plug chargers into extension leads •D o not run extension leads into outbuildings and sheds. If you require power in a shed or outbuilding, you must first seek permission from our Housing Team and then have the power source installed by a qualified electrician You can find more essential fire safety advice in the ‘Staying Safe’ section of

tel: 0800 590 542 | 13

Park’s life is set to evolve Bassetlaw District Council is asking the public how they would like to see Langold Country Park evolve in the coming years as part of a new consultation.

Have your say on vision for Harworth and Bircotes Residents, visitors, businesses and community groups in Harworth and Bircotes are being encouraged to be part of a new consultation on the future of their Town Centre.

A draft Masterplan for the Country Park has been created which sets out some of the visions, ambitions and improvements that could further enhance one of the district’s most popular attractions. Some of the most important aspects of the Masterplan include how we can celebrate the park’s 200-year heritage in highly visible and imaginative ways, how members of the community can become more active in sustaining and maintaining the park’s wildlife, and how we can create different access routes into the park for vehicles and address parking issues.

A Masterplan that outlines some initial visions, ideas and concepts that could help Harworth and Bircotes to grow and thrive over the next 10 to 15 years has been created - and we’re now asking for your views.

The consultation will run until Monday 15th November and you can have your say by visiting langoldmasterplan and completing the online form.

The project is being led by a partnership between Bassetlaw District Council and Harworth and Bircotes Town Council with funding from the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

You can also speak with representatives from Bassetlaw District Council who will be in the park and the local community.

Cllr June Evans, Chair of the Town Council and Ward Member for Harworth, said: “The Masterplan is a blueprint for the future Town Centre. We have to consider how best the Town Centre can serve the local community, which is why it is so important we consult with as many people as possible so that we can continue to meet the needs of local residents.” To view the concepts and to be part of the consultation, please visit HBMasterplan - You can also view the Masterplan and any associated documents at Harworth and Bircotes Town Hall until the consultation closes on Sunday 31st October.

14 | tel: 0800 590 542

Local Plan moves forward Bassetlaw District Council has concluded the final stage of consultation on its Local Plan as it works towards gaining Government approval in 2022. This final technical consultation stage sought to test the ‘soundness’ and the legal aspects of the Bassetlaw Local Plan, and asked the public and other interested parties to consider elements such as; if the Plan is the right overall strategy for the district; if it is consistent with national planning policy; in addition to the Council’s strategic objectives and locations for housing, regeneration and development.

The Council has a legal requirement to prepare and produce a Local Plan Cllr Jo White, Cabinet Member for Regeneration

An extensive programme of public consultation over the last five years, including events in January and June 2021, as well as consultation in 2020, 2019 and 2016, have collected more than 2,000 responses which have shaped the latest version of the Plan. This version, along with comments from stakeholders as part of this final technical consultation, will be collated, reviewed and submitted to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities next year where the Council’s preferred Plan will be considered by an independent Inspector.

Cllr Jo White, Cabinet Member for Regeneration at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “This is one of the most important strategies that the Council produces; it influences many aspects of how the Bassetlaw area will change and grow in the years ahead – there will be new employment opportunities and new houses, but it will also seek to ensure that Bassetlaw remains the distinctive place that it is. “There is significant government pressure to build more houses and the Council is having to meet with those requirements, whilst ensuring the delivery of associated infrastructure and retaining the important character of our towns and rural settlements which residents, businesses and visitors very much value.” “The Council has a legal requirement to prepare and produce a Local Plan for the area. So far, we have consulted with the public five times and have gone beyond national requirements to make sure local residents can have their say. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to be part of these consultations and put forward their views.” You can view the Publication Version of the Bassetlaw Local Plan by visiting our website: This final consultation stage ran for seven weeks, beginning on Thursday 2nd September and closed on Thursday 21st October 2021. | 15

Action taken on ASB Guilty verdict for ASB breaches

Fraudster prosecuted A Tuxford man who defrauded Bassetlaw District Council of more than £1,000 in Council Tax reduction payments has been ordered to complete a Community Order, make a contribution to prosecution costs and pay back the money he claimed in full. Barry Wells, 38, who had applied for and was receiving Council Tax Reduction while his wife was out of work, failed to notify the Council when she found employment and continued to claim the reduction for a period of seven months between May and December 2018, accumulating a total overpayment of £1,031.76. Following an investigation by the Council and a warrant being issued for Mr Wells’ arrest, the case was heard at Nottingham Magistrates Court on 26th May 2021 where the Court ordered Mr Wells to complete 40 hours of unpaid work by 25th May 2022, make a contribution to Prosecution Costs of £400 and an £85 Victim Surcharge which, due to mitigating circumstances, is to be paid at the rate of £40 per month. The Council Tax Reduction Scheme is designed to assist people on low incomes to pay their Council Tax and is means tested. Cllr Kevin Dukes, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, said: “Council Tax Reduction is provided to families and individuals who are most in need and are

16 |

on low incomes. This fund is limited and by making a false claim, Mr Wells had taken money away from a family or individual who were genuinely in need of an essential discount. “The long pursuit of this case and the sentence handed down by the Judge shows that neither the Council nor the Courts take fraud lightly and will impose tough penalties to people who attempt to cheat the system and deprive residents who are most in need.” An investigation by Council Officers into the fraud, revealed that Mrs Wells was employed from 1st May 2018 and the overpayments continued until 23rd December 2018. Mr Wells was invited to an interview under caution in March 2019 and again in April 2019, both times Mr Wells failed to attend. A summons to attend Mansfield Magistrates Court was issued in October 2019 where Mr Wells was convicted in his absence and sentencing was adjourned to November 2019. The defendant failed to attend and a warrant was issued for his arrest, which was executed on 25th May 2021. If you suspect someone is committing any type of fraud against the Council, including Council Tax, Tenancy, Housing Benefit or the awarding of grants, you can report it anonymously by calling 01909 533 731 or via our website at

A Worksop man has been evicted from a property he was illegally occupying and has been found guilty of breaching the conditions of a Community Protection Notice (CPN) multiple times after causing months of Anti-Social Behaviour in an area of Manton. At Mansfield Magistrates Court on 10th September 2021, Jason Dyer, 50, (pictured) was found guilty of multiple breaches of a CPN which had prevented him from committing any acts of ASB on Cavendish Road, Waverley Place, Edinburgh Road or Martlet Way. Between May and June 2021, Mr Dyer was witnessed using foul and abusive language, making threats of violence and playing music at an excessive volume, all of which caused alarm and distress to members of the public in and around 119 Cavendish Road, and breached a CPN that had been enforced on 7th May 2021. Mr Dyer was also evicted from a Council owned property on Cavendish Road, Manton on 29th September and is summoned to attend Mansfield Magistrates Court on 14th January 2022 where he will be sentenced for the breaches. The Court will also hear an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order. Cllr Julie Leigh, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “Mr Dyer has terrorised a neighbourhood and clearly has no regard for people living around him or the conditions of the CPN. The Council has therefore applied to the Court for a CBO in an attempt to further curb Mr Dyer’s behaviour and also awaits the Court’s sentencing for his original breaches.”

Prison for Injunction breach A Retford homeless man was sentenced to 28 days in prison after breaching the conditions of an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction that had banned him from entering Retford Town Centre. At Mansfield Magistrates Court on 15th September 2021, District Judge Potts sentenced Mr Hulls and amended the Injunction to include a power of arrest should Mr Hulls again breach the Injunction, and extended it to 31st March 2022. Mr Hulls must not engage in conduct which is capable of causing harassment alarm or distress to residents living and working in Retford and the town centre. This includes, but is not limited to shouting, swearing, fighting, violence and threats of violence. Also, he must not enter an exclusion zone other than to access Retford Fire Station’s severe weather night shelter or J. Hoots Pharmacist.

Injunction for Carlton man A Carlton-in-Lindrick man has been banned from visiting the home of his mother following a sustained period of harassment. Craig Taylor, of Kingston Road, Carlton-inLindrick, was given an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction at Mansfield County Court on 9th September 2021 which prevents him from entering an exclusion zone that borders Kingston Road, Knaton Road and Long Lane and causing harassment, alarm or distress to residents living at a property on Long Lane. Mr Taylor had harassed and threatened his mother Julie Taylor in person, by phone and on social media, in a bid to extort money from her. Deputy District Judge Morris granted the Injunction which has a power of arrest and is to remain in force until 4pm on 9th March 2022.

tel: 0800 590 542 | 17

Addressing your issues If you think that Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing Service has done something wrong, we want to know about it so we can address the issue, provide an explanation and make sure we improve things for the future. We want to deal with matters professionally and proportionately by the most appropriate route to achieve the right outcome. You can also be reassured that any issues raised will be treated in confidence and without prejudice.

Earlier this year we asked a number of tenants about our Complaints Policy, including how accessible they thought it was. As a result of the feedback we received, we have revised the policy to now include the option of making a formal complaint over the phone for those who do not have the means to log a complaint online, or prefer not to send a letter or e-mail. This can be done by contacting Customer Services on 0800 590 542.

Before you make a Formal Complaint, your issue may be dealt with as a Service Issue. You can raise this by getting in touch with our Customer Services Team in the first instance to see if the matter can be easily and quickly resolved.

If you have access to the internet, you can find the full details of how you can make a Service Request or a Formal Complaint in the ‘Make a Complaint’ section of where you’ll also find information about the Housing Ombudsman and contact details.

Our Complaints Policy and Procedure has also been designed to make things as easy as possible for you to make a complaint following some valuable feedback from tenants.

You can also request this information by calling our Customer Services Team on 0800 590 542 or by email at who will advise and guide you through the process.

Boost for shopmobility as new wheels arrive Shopmobility in Bassetlaw has a series of new scooters and wheelchairs that will allow residents and visitors with mobility issues to access the town centres of Worksop and Retford safely and independently. Bassetlaw District Council has added six scooters and four wheelchairs to the 25 already available under the Shopmobility scheme thanks to the Better Care Fund, which is administered by Nottinghamshire County Council.

This makes our towns more accessible for those experiencing restricted mobility Cllr Steve Scotthorne, Cabinet Member for Housing

Shopmobility is a services that enables people to loan scooters and wheelchairs to travel around Worksop and Retford town centres within a limited boundary. A fee is required for the use of Shopmobility’s wheelchairs and donations can be given towards the hire of scooters. Cllr Steve Scotthorne, Cabinet Member for Housing at Bassetlaw District Council said: “Having this equipment readily available for hire makes Worksop

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and Retford more accessible for residents and visitors who are experiencing restricted mobility.” “Social isolation has been a prominent issue throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, so we hope that those with limited mobility who are living in, visiting, or shopping in Bassetlaw will use the Shopmobility service and experience the mental health benefits that come along with spending more time outdoors and in the company of others.” The increased use of mobility aids could prevent a number of trips and falls from occurring whilst people explore our town centres. Consequently, this could reduce the number of 999 calls, A&E and Hospital admissions, and the need for ambulance assistance for people with mobility issues due to injuries obtained as a result of a fall. The Council’s Shopmobility Centres operate Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4pm, and can be found at: • Worksop - Priory Centre Car Park, Bridge Place, Worksop, S80 1DG

• Retford - Chancery Lane Car Park, Retford, DN22 6LU For more information about the Shopmobility scheme contact Adele Watson, on: 01909 470 070 or email: | 19

Check your mental health At the beginning of October, World Mental Health Day aimed to shine a light on the importance of mental health, the signs to look out for and where you can access help and support.

Keeping communities safe As winter approaches, the Public Health team continues to work closely with partner organisations to keep residents as safe as possible and reduce the impact of Covid-19 in our communities; says Jonathan Gribbin, Director of Public Health for Nottinghamshire. A key part of this is vaccination and I particularly want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. Everyone that is eligible that hasn’t already had their first or second Covid-19 vaccination will still be able to get vaccinated, even when the Covid-19 booster programme begins. Bassetlaw residents can get their vaccination through a local GP-led service or by booking through the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination national booking service. If you’re 18 or over you can book your initial Covid-19 vaccination through the NHS booking

Recognised by the World Health Organisation, the theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10th October was ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’. No matter who you are or where you live, having good mental health is an important part of living a happy, healthy life.

It remains essential for anyone with Covid-19 symptoms to isolate immediately and book a PCR test straight away.

Good mental health can lead to increased energy levels, sleeping well, and maintaining positive relationships. However, if you have been experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and stress or the inability to get a good night’s sleep, whether due to Covid-19, significant life events, or just generally, help and support is out there.

People who do not have Covid-19 symptoms can still get a rapid lateral flow test twice a week. If your lateral flow test result is positive, you must self-isolate and get a PCR test to confirm the result.

Every Mind Matters is an NHS campaign that aims to help people recognise the signs of mental health issues and provides practical advice and tips on how to maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

service by calling 119 free of charge, between 7am and 11pm, seven days a week.

You can also get a simple, personalised Mind Plan with tips and suggestions to help you deal with stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, boost your mood and feel more in control by answering five simple questions. You can find more information at If you feel your situation is a little more complex and you need more urgent support, for example, if you are having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, it is important to tell someone and know that support is available so you do not have to struggle alone. Likewise, if you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, further advice on where to get urgent mental health support is available on the NHS website: If you would like to know more about World Mental Health Day, a range of content including podcasts, videos, and inspiring stories are available at:

We can all reduce the spread of the virus and other respiratory illnesses through frequent hand-washing with soap, by using face coverings in crowded indoor settings, and by socialising outdoors if possible or in rooms with plenty of fresh air circulating. The virus has not gone away, but following these measures will allow everyone to protect themselves and others this winter.

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Do you need a dog breeding licence?

Bassetlaw residents who breed and sell dogs are being encouraged to check if they need an Animal Activity Licence as the increased demand for dogs throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic has led to a rise in unlicensed breeders. In England, you are required to have a licence if you: •R un a business that breeds and advertises dogs for sale (this includes using online services such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree) •B reed more than two litters within a year and sell any of the puppies •M ake a profit of more than £1,000 on any number of litters (this also triggers the requirement to submit a self-assessment tax return to HMRC) Any person or business found to breed and sell dogs without a licence could get an unlimited fine or go to prison for up to six months. Breeders with an Animal Activity Licence are subject to inspections and conditions that ensure the safety and welfare of the animals in their care.

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If a dog breeder fails to comply with the conditions on their licence, they could also receive an unlimited fine. Cllr Josie Potts, Chair of Licensing at Bassetlaw District Council said: “When a dog breeder has an Animal Activity Licence, it benefits both the buyer and the seller. Licensed breeders have a star rating from 1 to 5 which is listed on their licence. This makes it easy for those buying a dog to check that their new pet has received quality care and is healthy and happy.” “Buying a dog from an unlicensed breeder comes with the risk of being unable to guarantee the standard of the animal’s care and some unlicensed breeders make a profit at the expense of the dog’s wellbeing.” Information on the conditions you must meet to get a licence to breed dogs can be found at: Apply for an Animal Activity Licence, at: If you would like to verify a licence or report any concerns, contact the Council on 01909 533 533.


Kids Club

If you can solve our spiralword you could win a £20 Love2Shop voucher. Use the clues to work out the 15 inward answers, then read clockwise around the circle to reveal a classic 40’s film!

If you can complete our Kids Club puzzle, you could win a £20 Love2Shop voucher.

What’s the sport! Can you tell us what sport you’d use these items in? Then tell us your name, age, where you live and a phone number. Then, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

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_______ Firth, ‘The King’s Speech’ star Noisy device to warn of danger South Korean capital city Popular green or red fruit, good in a pie Former name of the country Myanmar A restriction on something permitted _______ Cooper, rock legend Country famed for the Himalayas Miley _______ , popstar and actress Metalworkers heavy iron block

The film is: Fill in your details and follow the entry instructions:



Where you live: Telephone: Please send all competition entries to: Customer Services, Carlton Forest House, Hundred Acre Lane, Worksop, Notts S81 0TS

Or email a photo or scan of the entry to: Closing date for all entries is 4th March 2022.

Name: Address: Telephone: Bassetlaw District Council will not store your personal data supplied as part of any competition entry and will only use it for the purpose of determining a competition winner. Once a winner has been drawn, all data will be deleted.

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