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Queen’s Buildings ACCOMMODATION PROJECT: PHASE ONE “I wanted to write to you as part of my accountability as Chief Executive, as I think you should know how well we have all done at Bassetlaw to support local people and businesses in the last 12 months and how we are planning to keep up the good work over the next 12 months.”

Bassetlaw District Council has a significant complex of easily accessible buildings in Worksop Town Centre that provide a focal point for public services in Worksop. However, as the Council has down sized considerably over the last few years and with the former ‘NCC wing’ largely unoccupied, the Council has taken this opportunity to review its office accommodation provision. At the same time there is a real need for the Council and its partners to substantially reduce our base budgets over the next 2-3 years. The accommodation review has looked at

whether Queen’s Buildings can be better utilised and whether it can accommodate other public service providers. So what’s happening at Queen’s Buildings? As many of you will know, the Council has now agreed a deal with the Department of Work and Pensions that will see the Worksop Job Centre relocate to the ground floor of Queen’s Buildings by 1st April 2015. Not only will this create a public sector hub that benefits local residents, it is also worth £107,000 a year to the Council, the equivalent of around four and a half jobs.

Phase One Building work has already begun in the 2nd Floor Wing to open up the office space to relocate the benefits teams.

inefficient. The first phase of the Project will focus on making sure the DWP are able to move in for the 1st April 2015 and creating an open plan office on the 1st Floor for the Regeneration and Neighbourhoods Directorate.

The deal with the DWP provides the Council with an opportunity to reconfigure Queen’s Buildings so that we make the best use of the space available and deliver a more modern working environment for all our staff. When the building was originally created it was open plan but over the year’s walls, corridors and partitioning have sprung up making the space compartmentalised and

This means that between now and January there will be a certain amount of disruption for some teams as we look to decant people from the ground and first floors to allow the building work to be carried out. Who is moving where? The Debt Recovery Team were the first to move on 5th May and they are now located in the finance office on the 3rd Floor. The timetable opposite sets out the moves for Phase One.

2nd Floor Wing looking towards Chiltern Mills


We will keep staff updated on the progress of the Accommodation Project and will post regular updates in the Staff Weekly Newsletter and on the intranet. If you are due to move offices, we would be grateful if you could begin to think about what you will need to take with you and what can be discarded, recycled or electronically scanned.

Building work to open up the First Floor to be able to locate the Regeneration and Neighbourhoods Directorate will start on the 1st September.

and are expected to be completed by the 3rd November. There is likely to be some disruption to staff working on the other side of this floor, but our Property Team will try to keep this to a minimum at all times.

These works will concentrate on the Right Hand Side of the First Floor TEAM(S) Property A1 Housing ICT ICT Benefits Medical Room Elections & Democratic Services Customer Services Revenues Strategic Housing UNISON Environmental Health REGEN & N’HOODS DIRECTORATE Elections & Democratic Services Customer Services Revenues

MOVING FROM 3rd Floor Wing Ground Floor Ground Floor 1st Floor Ground Floor 1st Floor 1st Floor (Left Hand Side)

MOVING TO 3rd Floor QB 2nd Floor Wing 3rd Floor Wing 3rd Floor Wing 2nd Floor Wing Carlton Forest 1st Floor (Right Hand Side)

WHEN (w/c) 12th May 2nd June 2nd June 2nd June 7th July 14th July 10th November

1st Floor (Left Hand Side) 1st Floor (Left Hand Side) 1st Floor (Left Hand Side) 1st Floor (Left Hand Side) 1st Floor End Office

1st Floor (Right Hand Side) 1st Floor (Right Hand Side) 1st Floor (Right Hand Side) Town Hall Link

10th November

1st Floor (Right Hand Side) 1st Floor New Open Plan Offices

10th November

10th November 10th November 10th November

24th January 2015

1st Floor (Right Hand Side)

QB 3rd Floor

24th January 2015

1st Floor (Right Hand Side) 1st Floor (Right Hand Side)

QB 2nd Floor

24th January 2015

QB 2nd Floor

24th January 2015

Note - All dates are indicative at this stage


Queen’s Buildings First Floor Open Plan Offices The Open Plan layout has enough space to accommodate approximately 90 staff per open plan floor as well as breakout and meeting rooms. There is also provision for a Lab and evidence room for the Environmental Health Team.


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