'Summer in my soul' Bassculture Islands Special

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Summer in my Soul illustrated by Liselotte Wijma








Location: MALDIVES instagram: richard_kotch

Scott Pass

08 Catie Allen


Cait Miers

Johnatha Baena



Gaby Rquez

32 Obdulio Luna


Richard Kotch

01 Hayden O’neill


Dan Merkle


Mason Rose


Photo: Richard Kotch

Photo: Richard Kotch

CREDITS Editor in Chief: Ania Orlowska Instagram/theorlowska Graphic and Art Direction: Kerron Riley Instagram/kerronriley Illustrations: Liselotte Wijma liselottewijma.com | Instagram/liselottewijma Creative Collaboration: Marko De Pender Cover photo: Richard Kotch Project executed by TheOrlowska Creative Talent Agency theorlowska.com Published by Bassculture Foundation Amsterdam. bassculture.nl Find us! Facebook/basscultureislands Instagram/basscultureislands This piece of art, you are now looking at, is meant to be the positive flow of energy in your day. It is meant to bring smile to your face, inspire you with its’ character and words, it is to awaken the traveler in you and to bring some magic into your life. Put it on your coffee table, your night stand, your work desk and enjoy this beautiful combination of excellent photography and magical illustration in any moment. All created to brighten the day.

Dream. Create. Live.



Location: COOK ISLANDS instagram: scottypass

Popping bottles Baby

Model: Ashlee Hutchings

Model: Meaghan Smith

you don’t get into something to test the waters, you go into things to make Waves

‘The electric blue waters of the Aitutaki lagoon seem to engulf and overwhelm all your senses from the second you arrive - turquoise, cyan and cobalt hues inundate the visual system. A barrage of coconut palms line the untouched white beaches on every atoll as far as the eye can see and you’re left gasping. What you’ve managed to conjure up in your wildest dreams doesn’t even come close to the raw beauty of the magical Aitutaki Lagoon. Once Aitutaki has you in her vice, she never lets you go Total seclusion awaits, but you forever belong to her.’ - Scott Pass

instagram: scottypass



Model: Mahina Garcia

Location: OAHU, HAWAII instagram: masonrosephoto

Mason Rose Location Oahu, Hawaii insta@ masonrosephoto

At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes Sparkling Model: Tara Lynn

Model: Malia Murphey

There is a Blessing in the storm


Hayden O’neill Location: INDONESIA instagram: haydenoneill

“Waves crash white into blue liquid as time slows down in the warmth of the Indonesian sun, basking in the ambiance of the beaches relaxed charm. Dolphins jump from the sea while down below the coral gardens full of colour await exploration. This is Indonesia�. - Backpacking Man backpackingman.com

You are capable of Amazing things


Gaby Rguez Location: THE BAHAMAS Model: Emma Simmons instagram: bahamas_photographer

“ A beach-bum’s paradise, with scattered islands, beguiling waters and sizzling shorelines. Go with the flow of the reggae rhythm in Nassau, dive into the luminous, cyan-blue ocean in Andros, bask on Eleuthera’s pink sandy beaches, sail through the mesmerizing Abacos Islands or swoon over the sapphire sea and breath-taking beauty in the Exumas. Whatever you decide - if you can drag yourself away from your sun-lounger, you’ll see that in The Bahamas, the beach is just the beginning. “ - Monica Walton (Caribbean Life and Travel) instagram: caribbean_travel_

sleep less Dream More

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you Create.


Catie Allen Location: BALI Model: Natasha Zhukova Instagram: catieallen_creative

“ Bali’s lush, enigmatic jungles and crashing waves still emits the charm of an undiscovered secret, despite having stolen the hearts of an eclectic mix of new age yoga entrepreneurs and old world spiritual seekers worldwide. As the crown jewel of a glittering collection of Indonesian islands, it’s as easy to get lost in the stunning beauty of Bali as it is to rediscover your soul. “ - Jessica Lin instagram: luxventurer

theBest is yet to come


Dan Merkel Location: HAWAII Model: Claudia Cox instagram: claucoxrfavela

I think that you are Magic


Johnathan Baena Location: ARUBA instagram: johnathanbaena

I’m going to make everything around me Beautiful. That will be my life.

To do list: -

play with fairies grow angel hair braid the hair of a mermaid fly to the moon ride a unicorn


Obdulio Luna Location: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC instagram: obduliolunaphotography

life is a journey, beach is my destination


Caitlin Miers Location: PHILIP ISLAND, AUSTRALIA instagram: caitmiersphotography

throw kindness around like Confetti

THE quieter You become, the more you caN HEAR

Photo : Scott Pass