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Trapped between either Android or the iPad? This should help you Purchasing a tablet device is awesome fun, but first you need to make a decision! In case you are not entirely aware, your two only realistic choices are either an Android or iPad tablet device. Google’s Android and Apple’s iPad are both fantastic devices, but both have their strengths and weaknesses. You should consider these before dropping any of your hardearned – and this guide is here to do just that! Both Android tablets and iPad’s may appear to serve the same purpose or function, but believe me, they do have their differences.. To some, these differences may be small and won’t affect their decision in going with either product. For others, these differences in features can make or break their decision. The iPad is built by Apple with top of the line materials. The tablet is very well finished, in regards to how it looks. We can say the same for Apple’s operating system, or OS. If you’ve ever had a chance to use an iPad, you’ll be aware that it’s fast, fun and easy to use. Transitioning from menu to menu is simple, and transitions are really quite enjoyable. In general, the device is great and for the most part, it just works. Android tablets, while being a newer operating system – when compared to the iPad – offer a whole lot more choice for the end user. When you decide to buy an iPad, you may be disappointed to find out that your only real choice is to choose the colour, storage size and whether your new shiny device is able to connect over mobile data. Part of the reason – or perhaps one of the most important aspects of the reason – as to why Android has so much more choice when it comes to tablet devices is because there are many manufacturers who have decided to produce, and even specialize in the production of Android tablets. Thanks to Android being open source, barriers to entry for new manufacturers are lower than they have ever been before – and so you have more choice than ever before, as the customer. With almost any Android tablet you spend money on, you typically have at least the personal choice of what quantity of built in storage space your device has, and also whether or not it is able to connect to cellular data. For the most part, you’ll have plenty more variety than these, too. However, going further, as there are numerous Android tablet manufacturers, you get a great deal more choice. You can further refine your selection by deciding upon your tablet screen size, whether or not it supports connectability options like Bluetooth, USB and HDMI, whether it offers a built in GPS or whether it supports expandable storage by using a microSD card slot. Thus, even though Apple’s iPad will provide you with a feeling of choice – the Android is simply so much better in that point of view!

Another thing I’d like to discuss is the inability for Apple to keep up with technological innovation at the same pace that Android devices can. This isn’t an inherent problem with Apple or their products – but nevertheless Apple likes to launch a fresh version of its product at consistent, once a year intervals. In the meantime, dozens of Android manufacturers are working on and launching new tablets, with the most innovative technology and processors, all year long. The only element I do not like about the iPad in particular, is the fact that not all that much appears to change with each update. Sure, the CPU or graphics might have received an upgrade, but otherwise it generally manages to feel and appear the same. With the most upto-date iPad and its earlier model, I can’t actually tell the difference in speed between the two. When we then have a look at Android, we’re spoiled for options – with brand new tablets continuously entering the market, featuring the cream of the crop in terms of mobile computing power. At any stage of the year, you can actually buy a tablet which is packed with a new processor. I have absolutely nothing against the iPad, or any kind of Android devices. At the end of the day, the two devices and manufacturers carry out a vital role in the mobile computing and tablet world. all this Now that you are aware of a bit more about the differences between Apple and Android devices, you are able to go out and make a better informed choice. Cheers for reading, and enjoy! If you liked the above, you should take a look at this link, They're an on-line retailer that offers Android tabs, a good demonstration of what I've spoke of on this page!

Trapped between either Android or the iPad? This should help you  

If you are in the market for a new tablet, you hav...

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