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news @ BASSnet 2.2013

BASSnetTM: Delivering

Offshore Market Solutions

ceo’s statement

Our search for continuous improvement has led us to another new module - the BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager - which is due to be launched soon.  This module was developed based on the feedback received from our growing customer base, on what they are looking for to simplify and improve their work processes.

A Record of Success


he key to success in the highly competitive maritime and offshore services industry is surely constant improvement, and this has been proven by BASS as it consistently creates outstanding value with its future-proof software solutions. As we look back on the first half of 2013, the evidence of our achievements is clear from our busy calendar, with new contracts emerging from both Europe and Asia, our secondary markets, and from various parts of the world. For us, this hectic schedule means that BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems is filling a much-felt need in the industry. It tells us to increase our efforts in serving our users by developing one integrated solution that enhances productivity, streamlines operations and boosts the bottom line in the way that the current BASSnet™ solutions are doing. Hand-in-hand with our software development, the sales and marketing efforts of BASS have grown apace to communicate the benefits of the BASSnet™ suite to new and 2 2.2013

returning customers. Further, the sales and technical teams work as one to provide full support to customers to ensure successful implementation of new systems and rapid conversion from legacy systems to minimise downtime. Our search for continuous improvement has led us to another new module - the BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager - which is due to be launched soon.  This module was developed based on the feedback received from our growing customer base, on what they are looking for to simplify and improve their work processes. The outcome is another outstanding software solution that transforms the experience of document handling during the prearrival process. More on the latest BASSnet™ offering in this newsletter. As a result, in the past six months, we have been fully occupied with delivering superior customer satisfaction.       One good example of our service

orientation is database management, an area where we have grown robustly in the past decade and more. With our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we have developed this capability from scratch and have become instrumental in advocating it as an efficiency-enhancing innovation for the industry. So far, the message has convinced an impressive string of maritime giants, including such shipping stalwarts as “K” Line, Wilhelmsen, Oldendorff Carriers, Hapag Lloyd, ABC Maritime and many more. In this issue, we take a closer look at how BASS Database Management operates. We aim to give you many more such innovations and services in our quest to become the software solutions provider with the complete answer, catering all needs of the shipping and offshore service industries. Per Steinar Upsaker CEO

Port Forms Manager: The Simple Solution


new standard for easy port clearance will soon be set with the launching of the BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager – the latest addition to our leading edge fleet management system. The answer to every ship master’s wish, a key attraction of the software is that it cuts down much of the tedium of the paperwork required by port authorities and maritime regulators. BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager is the outcome of listening to our customers’ requests for tools that enhance efficiency and improve work processes – a practice that has guided BASS to create breakthroughs in fleet management solutions. With the copious documentation work required for embarkation and disembarkation, it is a natural target for creating an innovative solution with information technology tools. Tapping the inputs of industry players and ship managements, our product development team has created a winner that brings a marked improvement to the Captain’s port duties. BASS’ Product Manager, Mark Sundrum is naturally enthusiastic

about the new solution. “In BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager, we have a module that combines the best qualities of our innovation culture with the best of customer-driven product development,” he said. “The software embodies many hours of consulting with end users, so it can truly claim to meet practical needs.” BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager contains a repository of countryspecific port forms for pre-arrival clearance to be tendered to the immigration, customs, health and security authorities at a port, and for statutory bodies such as the International Maritime Organization. It also contains company-specific forms, and can even design or import port forms in standard document formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF and others. Further, BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager integrates with all other BASSnet™ modules to autopopulate the forms with relevant data that is required for reporting. With data logs available at one’s fingertips, the module makes a big cut in the time needed to complete documentation. By automating data entry, BASSnet™ Port Forms

Manager is able to reduce the bulk of port clearance paperwork, allowing the Captain and his team to focus on safe navigation. In a nutshell, by simplifying documentation, BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager saves time, cuts administrative work, provides easy access to updated documents and speeds up the embarkation process. “With BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager, all port clearance forms and nautical updates are at the Captain’s fingertips, making compliance with regulations much easier says Sundrum.” “So it saves time and money, and improves the port documentation experience – a win-win-win solution.” Among other things, BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager also provides updated documentation checklists for all major ports worldwide, handles environmental documentation and reporting, and provides detailed references to all relevant maritime regulations. The module comes with comprehensive manuals to guide the user through the documentation process and tutorial videos for step-by-step instructions for easy usage.    BASSnet™ Port Forms Manager – coming soon to a port near you.    2.2013 3

New Clients Show the Way to Growth


n mid-May this year, BASS signed on the dotted line with Icon Ship Management, putting BASSnet™ fleet management solutions on all 34 of its vessels.    Icon Ship Management, which is a unit of Kuala Lumpur-based Icon Offshore Bhd, installed the BASSnet™ Maintenance, Procurement and HR Manager on its full fleet. The deal is a strong endorsement of BASS’ credentials, as Icon Ship Management is one of the largest offshore support service vessel operators in Malaysia, generating an audited combined annual revenue of US$103 million in its 2012 financial year. Elsewhere, the first six months of 2013 have also produced strong business growth for BASS. “We are very positive in our outlook, having signed on several big names in the first six months,” BASS’ Chief Executive Officer, Per Steinar Upsaker said. Prior to signing up Icon Ship Management, BASS secured a four-ship deal with Siem Shipping for BASSnet™ Procurement and BASSnet™ Maintenance. Siem Shipping has its mainstay in the transportation of automobiles via roll on-roll off (Ro-Ro) vessels, project cargo and break bulk, plying routes in Mexico, the US West Coast, China, Japan, Korea and Russia. Considering that Siem Shipping is part of the Subsea 7, Star Reefers and Siem Offshore group, which

are giants in the oil and gas sector, this contract is a landmark deal for BASS. “We did very well to secure this project. Siem Shipping is part of a big group, so the prospects of future business look really good,” said Upsaker. Besides these, BASS also clinched a deal with Promar Shipping, which signed on five vessels for a full suite of BASSnet™ software solutions, excluding BASSnet™ Financials. Although Promar Shipping is incorporated in Switzerland, the company’s vessels are Africabased, which gives BASS a better foothold in the continent. BASS has previously signed on Grindrod Shipping, the Durban-based liner in a deal for its software solutions.   “The first half has been important for us in terms of the diversity of areas where our customers operate, which gives us a strong foothold in many promising markets,” Upsaker said. With this in view, the next six months of the year should be exciting for BASS. Among the world’s largest and most respected shipping companies that have recently switched to BASS software solutions are Neptune Orient Lines, which is owned by Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, French luxury cruise liner Compagnie du Ponant, Philippinesbased Negros Navigation and Indonesia-based ship manager PT Pelita Samudera to name just a few.   

The first half has been important for us in terms of the diversity of areas where our customers operate, which gives us a strong foothold in many promising markets.”

– Upsaker

4 2.2013

BASS Database Building Service -- Essential for Profits


he vital importance of database building for efficient shipping operations is reflected in one key statistic – since 2000, when BASS pioneered this service in its Fleet Management Systems, we have built and converted the databases of 1,284 maritime outfits. To keep pace with this business volume, the BASS Database Management unit has grown threefold in 13 years, from a staff strength of 10 to the current 31 – a testimony to its value for its customers’ business process improvement. BASS’ Head of Database Management, Das Sarma, remarks, “Database building for shipping operations is a time-consuming process that requires much detailed work, but its importance for efficiency gains is unquestionable. This is shown in the strong demand for the BASS Database Building Service right from the day we started.” Among the major clients that have benefited from the service are NYK Lines of Japan, “K” Line of Japan, Wilhelmsen Ship Management Group of Norway and Stolt Tankers of Norway, to name a few. Fleet Management Concept: A key advantage of the BASS Database Building Service is that it streamlines the database structure across the entire fleet which is key benefit by using BASSnet. To illustrate, Component Groups can be created within a Component Structure and distributed to a single vessel or to multiple vessels in the fleet. Versatility is another hallmark of the facility. For example, after distribution to vessels, the component structure can be readily changed and then replicated to the vessels. Further, Standard Instructions for Jobs can be set up in the system centrally and Scheduled Jobs can then be created from

these Instructions. These Standard Instructions can be distributed across the fleet to maintain a standardised approach to Jobs. Any changes made to these Instructions can subsequently be replicated among the vessels in the fleet as well. Spare parts or material catalogues can be set up in a distribution group with multiple vessels or groups when it comes to be sharing the same maker or engine type. Any changes made to these spare parts can then be simulated among the vessels in the fleet too. This approach assists in optimising the inventory and procurement process by ensuring efficient spare parts procurement and equipment management maintaining consistency through the centralisation of maintenance across the fleet. Clearly, a high quality database has a number of vital benefits. Firstly, it reduces the number of breakdowns for vessel components as the ship management has access to accurate reporting and analysis of equipment condition, costs, reliability and life-cycles. Also, proper stock control is a given Common data from Job Instructions as all spare parts are logged into Hard copies/ Soft copies from the database. Office/Vessel if any Further, a Job population quality database as per scope provides a better Spare Part population overview of as per scope scope components as all jobs are linked to the component at the time of delivery. Moreover, a component surveyed by the Chief Engineer can be reported in the system and approved by the Class regulators. All these benefits translate into more cost-effective operations and therefore, a better bottom line. “While the benefits are obvious, database building is

highly challenging and demands in-depth knowledge of shipping operations, industry developments and customers’ needs ,” says Sarma. “This is in order to create systems that not only match industry standards, but also to organise components, spares and data according to the required jobs.” Naturally, Database Building requires considerable time to get the database up and running – in brief, the process requires the team to collate data from the customer, create an equipment list, verify the data with the vessel superintendent, Receive documents from customers organise the data in the database template, review BASS will verify the documents and and clean the inform customers on any missing data and finally documents migrate the data to BASSnet™ Fleet BASS will deliver Equipment List Management in Microsoft Excel sheet Systems for the client.          All that Upon receiving Equipment List, painstaking Superintendent send the list to the vessel for confirmation effort finally bears fruit when the database begins to yield Upon confirmation, BASS will populate the info into the BASS operational database template accordingly benefits for the customer. For BASS, Review by customers and it is very notify BASS on any changes satisfying that it led the way in providing Data Cleaning and Data the Database Migration takes place and loads Building Service into BASSnet to the maritime industry. “It was BASS’ foresight and in-depth knowledge of the industry that led us to start this service,” says Sarma. “Today, it is helping shipping outfits worldwide to operate at optimal efficiency and profitability.” TM

2.2013 5

BASS Offices

Upcoming Events Digital Ship Tokyo

Date: Sept 3- 4 Venue: Capitol Hotel Tokyu, Tokyo Stand No: 6

Indonesia Maritime Expo

Date: Sept 5-7 Venue: Venue: Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia Stand No: D01A

BASS Pushes it Up a Notch

NEVA 2013

he year so far has given BASS several exciting platforms to showcase its software solutions at exhibitions and networking sessions. In April, BASS was active at SEA Asia, from April 9 to 11, which was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore. More than 13,000 participants from 68 countries turned up for the event, and BASS executives were kept busy showcasing BASS software solutions. “We created quite a buzz with our demonstrations of the BASSnet™ software solutions in Singapore,” said BASS’ Vice President of Sales Asia, Mark Ravi. With SEA Asia having doubled in size from the inaugural event in 2007, it is the fastest growing maritime event in the region, providing BASS an invaluable channel to connect with new and returning customers. More recently, at the NorShipping Fair from June 4 to 7, the BASS booth was once again among the most vibrant, with visitors thronging to get a close up of our software solutions. Daily, almost 15,000 visitors toured the exhibition while over 40,000 delegates attended this event. All in, there were some 1,037 companies exhibiting at the event. As with previous editions, the crowd at the BASS booth was impressive. Besides being among the stars at the two events, BASS also impressed at networking sessions held in Singapore on May 9, and more recently on June 18, with co-joining

Digital Ship Singapore


6 2.2013

Date: Sept 24-27 Venue: St. Petersburg, Russia Stand No: 802 Date: Oct 1-2 Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore Stand No: 7

Europort 2013

Date: Nov 5-8 Venue: Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands Stand No: 5312

the event with Malaysian stateowned, Global Maritime Ventures playing host. BASS plans to keep participating at such events and to make known its solutions to the shipping world.

„ Europe/Americas: BASS AS Lysaker Torg 8, P.O. Box 68, 1324 Lysaker, Norway • Tel: +47 67 10 55 20 „ Asia Pacific: BASS Sdn Bhd 19th Floor Menara Atlan • 161B Jalan Ampang • 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • Tel: +603 2173 6488 • Support tel: +603 2173 6422 „ HQ: Bass Software Ltd. Aralanti House, 6th Floor • 203 Christodoulou Chatzipavlou • 3035 Limassol, Cyprus • „ Germany: BASS Software GmbH • Grosse Elbstrasse 141b • 22767 Hamburg, Germany • Tel: +49 40 94 79 0058 „ •

Entering Indonesian Waters The excitement of breaking into a new market is fuelling BASS as it makes headway in Indonesian waters. Since signing up PT Pelita Samudera Shipping for the BASSnet™ Maintenance and BASSnet™ Procurement modules in October last year, BASS recently made a further in-road into the burgeoning Indonesian market. Recently, BASS conducted a detailed presentation for the Indonesian Classification Bureau or Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI), to obtain the requisite approvals to introduce BASSnet™ Maintenance to the country’s maritime sector. It was the perfect occasion for BASS to impress the authorities about the benefits that BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems would bring to Indonesia’s vast shipping operations, and they are keen for us to participate in a larger scale in their country. With the green light from BKI expected soon, BASS has begun laying the groundwork for the BASSnet™

Maintenance module to be marketed, along with the full suite of BASSnet™ software solutions, to Indonesian shipping and offshore services companies. “We are very excited about bringing the advantages of our one, integrated solution to the full range of shipping and offshore operations, from asset management and maintenance to inventory and material control, purchasing and e-procurement, HR and crew management and much more,” said Chris Long, who helms Indonesian operations. With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia has a thriving shipping and oil and gas offshore support business, which means a busy time ahead for BASS. “The prospects are aplenty, and we are focused on serving the bustling Indonesian market with our one, integrated solution that covers all main areas of maritime operations,” Long added. For more details, please contact Chris Long at +6012-5398178 or email

news@ BASSnet 2.2013  

In this edition, BASS features its' latest module, Port Form Management module which will be ready by end of 2013. Despite a weak economy in...

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