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BASSnetTM: Proven by the test of time

ceo’s statement

BASS also welcomes an old friend, Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd or TNKC, that is implementing a fleet-wide systems upgrade for 107of its vessels. A unit of shipping giant Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha or “K” Line, TKNC has been a loyal customer of BASS since 2001.


s the year draws quickly to a close, we take a moment to mark notable developments in the fourth quarter. Firstly, we are very pleased to welcome PT. Odyssey Shipping Lines of Indonesia to the family of BASS customers. In serving Odyssey, which has installed BASSnet™ Maintenance on its ships, we are also providing value for Pertamina, the national oil company of Indonesia that has contracted Odyssey’s vessels for the long term. With BASSnet™ Maintenance, Odyssey can enjoy significant productivity improvement through the streamlining of work processes by using our innovative planned maintenance system that handles vessels’ components, spares list and job maintenance procedures. We look forward to supporting Odyssey with our full range of Fleet Management Systems that are designed to create value for the maritime and offshore services industries. BASS also welcomes an old friend, Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd or TNKC, that is implementing a fleet-wide systems upgrade for 107 of its vessels. A unit of shipping giant Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha or “K” Line, TKNC has been a loyal customer of BASS since 2001. TNKC has been operating on

2 3.2013

the oldest versions of our safety information reporting module BASSnet™ SAFIR and the BASSnet™ 2.0 system, which is a decade old. This is irrefutable evidence that BASS software solutions are designed to provide many years of efficient service, living up to our promise of being future-proof. For Odyssey and TKNC, BASS software solutions make clear business sense especially at a time when the shipping industry is being plagued by structural issues, including overcapacity. In this environment, enhancing efficiency is crucial for ship managements and may make the difference between profitability and financial loss.       Also in this quarter, BASS took active part in Digital Ship Singapore, where Jackson Pho, Director of Business Systems and Process at MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd, spoke of choosing a good robust system. The winning qualities include solutions that grow with the client and that come with a fully integrated system. Additionally, it is important to have easily upgradeable software, a strong track record for implementation, a strong implementation team in place and

strong technical support, preferably operating in a similar time zone. All these qualities are integral to the BASS approach of developing software solutions and providing a matchless experience to its customers. It was remarkable to get Pho’s insights into what makes a shipping software solution outstanding. And now, I am truly excited to present our latest offering – the BASSnet™ 2.9 Fleet Management Systems, which is the result of constantly monitoring developments in the maritime industry. These changes include evolving rules and regulations and new trends, such as attention to the environment. BASSnet™ now features a new sub-module for Environmental Management, which includes maintenance of garbage record books and the addition of records for ozone depleting substances, in line with new rules introduced by maritime authorities. Additionally, there are more features on our latest offering, 2.9 that we will cover in this edition. With this, Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year from all of us at BASS, and here’s to a great 2014.   Per Steinar Upsaker

BASSnetTM 2.9 – for the environment and ahead of new rules


ASSnet™ 2.9, the latest version of our Fleet Management Systems, gives shipping, offshore and port terminal companies the edge by keeping abreast of latest developments in the sector, confirming BASS’ place as the trendsetter in the maritime software solutions.     The new system, which is now available, is hinged on the International Maritime Organisation’s latest regulations which kicked in from January 2013. BASSnet™ 2.9 enables users to be in compliance with the new rules that make it mandatory for all vessels to be equipped with the Energy Efficiency Design Index or EEDI and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan or SEEMP, as stated under MARPOL Annex VI. (MARPOL is the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.) BASSnet™ 2.9 has been unveiled against a backdrop of increasing attention on environmental protection. This trend is clear from the focus for the past three years of the International Ballast Water Management Convention, which has been advocating that ship owners recognise the importance of caring for the environment.     Concurrently, the International Maritime Organisation plans to implement new sulphur emission targets for bunker fuel by 2015, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25% to 75% for newly built ships, through increased energy efficiency. With these new regulations either implemented or due to be enforced soon, BASS has seized the moment with the release of BASSnet™ 2.9.       Besides the Environmental Management module, one of the new features include an Electronic

Log sub-module, which provides Record Books for Garbage, Ozone Depleting Substances, Sewage and Graywater Discharge. BASSnet™ 2.9’s Garbage Record Book is an updated version of the Solid Residue Log available in BASSnet™ 2.8, and fulfils MARPOL’s requirements 73/78 Annex V, requiring every vessel over 400 gross tonnes and certified to carry 15 crew or more, and engaged in voyages to ports or offshore terminals, to carry garbage records.      The Garbage Record Book details each discharge into the sea or a reception facility or incineration completed. There is also a log which is required for ships dealing with Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). The ODS Record Book has to be maintained in order to record any related supply, recharging, repair, discharge or disposal operations involving these substances. As for the Sewage and Graywater Discharge Record Books, these fulfil the requirements of MARPOL 73/78 Annex IV, which states that treated sewage can only be discharged outside special areas at least 4Nm from shore, and untreated sewage can only be discharged outside special areas at least 12 Nm from shore. The Sewage and Graywater Discharge Record Book is used for recording all treatment, discharge and transfer of sewage to ensure that vessels do not violate international regulations.

“With BASSnet™ 2.9, companies can be assured that their vessels are in compliance with the latest environmental regulations, while at the same time promote themselves as environmentally responsible businesses – a strong selling point in today’s world, and increasingly a criterion sought after by investors,” says BASS’ Chief Executive Officer Per Steinar Upsaker. “Besides complying with the environmental rules and regulations, BASSnet™ 2.9 also caters for the OPA 90 regulation on Work and Rest Hours. With the BASSnet™ Operations, Work & Rest submodule, users just need to turn on this rule by selecting the ‘Include OPA 90’ check box and all the rules listed in this section will then be in effect when checking the Work & Rest Hours compliance for crew members. The System will therefore check against both the OPA 90 and the IMO/ILO rules and will use the lowest figure defined for Work in any 24 period of both these rules when checking for compliance on the maximum total work hours in a 24 hour period. Packed with environmental features, BASSnet™ 2.9 Fleet Management Systems puts ship management companies in a good position to benefit from the growing demand for green shipping services, puts ship managements more fully in control over their vessels’ operations, taking the sweat out of optimising shipping services. 3.2013 3

Choosing a good, robust system


s a third party ship manager, MSI Ship Management Pte. Ltd. operates more than 100 vessels including bulkers, tankers, transshippers, tugs and barges. So, we are very well aware that crew is Number One to our success and yet is also our Number One challenge. There are a few major issues concerning crew management. Firstly, there is a shortage of quality crew in the industry. Crew members are also opting for shorter contract periods. There is a trend towards faster promotions as well, combined with a weakening sense of loyalty to employers. In addition, there are increasing demands for regulatory compliance, and overall, this is happening in a depressed shipping market. Seen positively, these challenges provide many opportunities for improvement. In the area of recruitment, ship management companies are hampered by problems like incomplete crew records and often, the system is too slow for Crew Manning Offices (CMOs) to upgrade. A frequent complaint is that recruitment approval is too slow. Typically, a lot of emails need to be exchanged in order to obtain the relevant information for making decisions. In the area of deployment, the main issues are that the system is manual and the different parts of the process are operating in silos. Dealing with crew changes is therefore a cumbersome exercise.

As a result, planning is not efficiently undertaken. Another major area where improvement is sorely needed is training and development. Many companies find it difficult to monitor crew training. It is also difficult to monitor appraisals and crew progress. Further, retention of crew is a constant challenge, for example, when mistakes and delays in crew payroll create unhappiness among the crew. In the face of these challenges, it is obvious that a well-designed IT system is essential for operating shipping services efficiently in today’s environment. Therefore, our evaluation criteria for a robust Fleet Management Systems include: • A company that can grow with us in the long term • A fully integrated system • Easily upgradable with a strong track record for implementing upgrades • A strong implementation team • Strong technical support in a similar time zone, preferably locally sited At MSI, our Fleet Management Systems roadmap covers the following modules to handle key operations: crewing and payroll,

maintenance, procurement, operations, safety and vetting, risk management and document management. With a robust system in place, our main office in Singapore can get a full overview of our branch office in Qingdao, BPO Office in the Philippines and manning offices in five locations. To keep on top of our entire fleet’s operations, we rely on Fleet Broadband for Data Replication. Ship managements and owners are kept up-to-date with reports, and transactions with suppliers are managed with our financials software, e-invoicing and e-marketplace systems. To illustrate the benefits, our crew management software allows us to have complete crew records, speeds up the recruitment process, enables proactive crew planning, provides a centralised database on crew training and development and enables streamlined payroll and portage bill processing. Finally, while it is not THE solution to all the challenges the industry is facing, there is no reason why we are not investing more in IT to help us work smarter in this digital world. The success factor is less about choosing any specific system but rather in the implementation, and it is a chicken and egg issue – if you do not start, then you will never perfect it, and it will take years to get it right. Hence my advice: don’t wait any more if you can afford it – get on the digital highway to future-proof your operations.

About MSI Ship Management Pte. Ltd. MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd provides integrated services in ship and crew management, ship agency, newbuilding consultancy, ship survey and inspection. Backed by decades of experience working with international clients, MSI is committed to delivering client-focused, tailor-made services with an uncompromising standard of 4 3.2013

quality. With an extensive network of strategically located offices, staffed by dedicated and highly skilled professionals, MSI is the ship-owner’s longterm partner of choice. Jackson Pho is the Director, Business Systems and Process at Singapore-based MSI Ship Management Private Limited,

a leading provider of integrated marine solutions. This article is based on his presentation at the Digital Ship Singapore from Oct 1-2, 2013. Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the company.

Shining light in a stormy sea


hile western markets are facing choppy waters, the Asian maritime industry is showing plenty of upside for productivity improvement through investment in time-saving technology. The Indonesian shipping sector is one such field that is ripe for growth along with the country’s dynamic economic expansion. BASS looks poised to gain traction in this market after signing its second deal in the republic in the last quarter of 2013. The fledgling Indonesian shipping company PT. Odyssey Shipping Lines, which is installing the BASSnet™ Maintenance module on both its tankers, is geared for a bright future as its vessels are currently on long-term charter to state oil major Pertamina. As the management of Odyssey reaps the benefits of its first BASSnet™ module in terms of improved efficiency and resource savings translating into higher profitability, it can plan to introduce more modules from the full range of BASS’ award-winning Fleet Management Systems, including BASSnet™ Procurement, Operations, Financials and more. The contract with Odyssey reinforces BASS’ foray into Indonesian waters, coming close to a year after its maiden signing in the country with PT. Pelita Samudera in October last year. This is a unit of Singapore-based MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd, a renowned

Mark Ravi, BASS Vice President Sales, Asia is seen shaking hands with Shinsei Nakanishi, Senior Managing Director of TNKC and witnessed by Yoshihiro Murakami, Director of TNKC after the contract signing.

name in shipping circles. With a stronger footprint in Indonesia, BASS can look forward to bringing the benefits of its one, integrated solution to more shipping enterprises in the republic’s thriving maritime sector.          Besides Indonesia, BASS has secured a major deal with a long-time customer, Taiyo Nippon Kaisen Co., Ltd or TNKC. The Japanese shipper, which has been operating on the BASSnet™ 2.0 system since 2001, has opted for a fleet-wide upgrade of its 107 vessels to the BASSnet™ 2.8 Fleet Management System. The decision by TNKC to stick with BASSnet™’s software solutions is a strong endorsement of the benefits of optimising operations with BASSnet™’s Fleet Management Systems, which it has enjoyed for a full 12 years. These include the pioneering version of BASSnet™ SAFIR, a module that streamlines and

Mark Ravi is sealing the deal with TNKC’s Shinsei Nakanishi and Inoue Yasuhiko.

automates safety information reporting, and BASSnet™ 2.0, which features multi-level information management solutions such as Easy Info. TNKC, a unit of the shipping giant “K” Line, is having some 79 vessels from its base in Kobe, Japan and another 28 ships from the company’s Manila office upgraded to the new system. “The endorsement by TNKC is very meaningful because it is clear proof that BASSnet™’s integrated solutions provide outstanding value for a low total cost,” said BASS’s Chief Executive Officer Per Steiner Upsaker. BASS takes this opportunity to thank all existing clients and customers for their support and look forward to bringing the benefits of BASS’s future-proof solutions to many more shipping, offshore and port terminal managements in the year ahead.

3.2013 5

Date: Feb 5-6 Venue: CMagnushall, Hamburg Stand No: 12 BASS Offices

Digital Ship

Date: March 5-6 Venue: Venue: Grieghallen, Bergen Stand No: 24

Asia Pacific Maritime

Date: March 19-21 Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Stand No: BA11

SEA Japan

Connecting with customers


All pictures are courtesy of Digital Ship.

he last quarter of the year has offered several rewarding opportunities for BASS to spread the word about its award-winning Fleet Management Systems. At the inaugural Digital Ship Japan in Tokyo from September 3-4, which drew over 240 participants from the marine sector, BASS showcased its innovative solutions for streamlining maritime operations to visitors, generating much interest and numerous opportunities. Digital Ship Singapore, which held its 7th edition from October 1-2, similarly put shipping and offshore operators in the region in touch with the latest advancements in maritime technology and communications. The occasion presented many prospects and much networking contacts for BASS. Prior to that, from September 5-7, BASS took part in the Indonesia Maritime Expo in Jakarta for the first time. As the only IT provider at the event, BASS was well placed to make inroads into Indonesia’s rising shipping sector. In Russia, BASS participated in NEVA 2013 at St Petersburg from September 24-27, where it joined the German pavilion. The

Over 180 delegates attended the Digital Ship Singapore 2013 which was an interactive two-day forum of presentations and panel discussions.

6 3.2013

Date: April 9- 11 Venue: Tokyo Bigsight Exhibition Center EAST HALL 1&2 Stand No: ID12

Digital Ship

Date: April 9-10 Venue: Grand Resort Limassol, Cyprus Stand No: 3


Date: Sept 9- 12 Venue: Hamburg Messe Stand No: TBC

Digital Ship BASS Sales Asia team was seen rubbing shoulders with some delegates during the Digital Ship Singapore 2013

BASS Vice President of Sales, Asia, Mark Ravi is mingling with Satoru Kuboshima, President, “K” Line Ship management and a delegate at Digital Ship Japan.

exhibition, which showcases the massive redevelopment of Russia’s commercial maritime industries over two decades, provided BASS a valuable opportunity to be seen close up by Russia’s strong shipping sector. Active participation in the maritime events gives BASS a definite edge as a leading developer of maritime software, fuelling our growth as a provider of one, integrated solution for all main areas of maritime operations. Next in our outreach activities is the annual BASS Asia Customer Forum 2013, to be held in Kuala Lumpur from November 26-27. In this edition, we present a two-day crash course on the BASSnet™ 2.9 suite, the latest edition of our

Date: Oct Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore Stand No: A1 „ Europe/Americas: BASS AS Lysaker Torg 8, P.O. Box 68, 1324 Lysaker, Norway • Tel: +47 67 10 55 20 „ Asia Pacific: BASS Sdn Bhd 19th Floor Menara Atlan • 161B Jalan Ampang • 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • Tel: +603 2173 6488 • Support tel: +603 2173 6422 „ HQ: Bass Software Ltd. Aralanti House, 6th Floor • 203 Christodoulou Chatzipavlou • 3035 Limassol, Cyprus • „ Germany: BASS Software GmbH • Grosse Elbstrasse 141b • 22767 Hamburg, Germany • Tel: +49 40 94 79 0058 „ •

award-winning solutions. Get first hand access to our product experts and consultants, who will take you through the new modules and exciting improvements that have been built into the new release. Among the highlights are sessions on streamlining operations to stay competitive, implementation and upgrades and product workshops on users’ favourite modules. These include Maintenance & Projects, Procurement, Safety Management, Operations and many more. Besides the product workshops, a drinks and dinner session is set for November 26, offering networking opportunities with shipping industry experts who will be present. We look forward to meeting you at the coming Customer Forum and future maritime exhibitions, where we can not only answer your queries in person, but listen to your experiences and feedback as well. See you soon!

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Digital Ship

news@BASSnet # 3 2013  

In this edition, BASS welcomes an old friend, Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd, that is implementing a fleet-wide systems upgrade for 107of its v...

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