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news @ BASSnet 3.2012

BASSnetTM: Shaping Maritime Operations in Your Environment for A Better Tomorrow

ceo’s statement

As a result, many of the biggest and most established shipping companies worldwide have signed up with BASS, and our order book continues to show very healthy growth.”

Striving to Excellence


s the year draws to a close, it brings to mind the eventful climate that has prevailed in 2012 in the industry, marked by a spate of mergers and acquisitions and closures that underscore the rigorous efficiency that is demanded by our operating environment. Amid this sobering reality, we are greatly encouraged that BASS has thrived, as it is a resounding endorsement of our value to our customers. Despite the turbulent economic climate in the West and the maritime industry globally, BASS has signed on a slew of customers from both Europe and Asia, making 2012 one of our best performing years, and a most significant one for opening new markets. This reinforces the relevance of BASS’s twin advantages of reducing our customers’ operating costs and improving efficiency with seamless solutions, which are among our core strengths. It is no wonder that when our prospective clients complete their evaluation of our products and services, so many of them are convinced that switching to BASS is the right investment. “As a result, many of the biggest and most established shipping

2 3.2012

companies worldwide have signed up with BASS, and our order book continues to show very healthy growth.” In addition to the crucial element of enhancing business efficiency, BASS software solutions are designed for ease of use, which becomes obvious to the operator right from the start. Furthermore, as the solutions are modular in nature, the management can choose to adopt any number of applications according to their needs. Add to this the wide compatibility of the Microsoft .net platform on which BASS software solutions are built, and its compliance with a

wide range of maritime standards, and customers have a future-proof technology partner to rely on. Just as importantly, BASS’ experience with structured implementation of software and expertise in the rapid conversion of software ensures that optimisation of operations is quickly realised. From the enthusiastic reviews received for the April release of BASSnet™ 2.8, the latest version of our award-winning software, there is clearly no room for doubting that BASS is on the right track. Building on the close attention we pay to implementing customer feedback, we are confident that BASS will continue to enhance its position as the leading player in the field. To those who have chosen to rely on BASS, our heartfelt thank you for your confidence in us. May you enjoy the full benefits of our efforts to develop the most comprehensive, reliable and efficient maritime software solution that is available in the market today. If you are still contemplating whether BASS is the right choice, it is time to think about the future. At BASS, we are shaping maritime operations in your environment for a better tomorrow. We wish you all the best in 2013. Per Steinar Upsaker CEO

Blooming Thru the Abundance Times


merican tycoon J. Paul Getty’s witty formula for success, “Rise early, work hard, strike oil,” rings true for BASS as it reaps the fruits of a productive year. The rewards are doubly valuable as they come in the midst of a highly challenging economic climate, when businesses are in distress almost universally. “This has been an outstanding year. We signed on a number of clients globally, and have penetrated new regions that hold much promise for growth in the coming years,” says BASS’ Chief Executive Officer Per Steinar Upsaker. Among the giants that have switched to BASS software solutions this year is Oldendorff Carriers, which is headquartered in Germany and operates more than 400 vessels plying international waters. In a sign of confidence in BASS, Oldendorff Carriers has adopted the complete BASSnet™ software suite of ten modules covering Maintenance, Procurement, Dry-docking, Safety, Risk Management, Operations, Crewing, Payroll and services like Database building and conversion. Another major deal was done with Singapore’s renowed ship management, MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd. This deal

Once the big players give the thumbs up, the rest of the field tends to take notice and follow in their wake. The thinking is that if BASS measures up for prominent players like MSI and Oldendorff (Carriers), BASS becomes the gold standard for the rest.”

– Upsaker

with BASS which was just shy of the US$1 million mark, made heads turn in the industry as MSI is highly reputed among ship managers in the region. “Once the big players give the thumbs up, the rest of the field tends to take notice and follow in their wake. The thinking is that if BASS measures up for prominent players like MSI and Oldendorff (Carriers), BASS becomes the gold standard for the rest,” said Upsaker. A first for BASS was its penetration of the Australian market, with the signing up of , which is part of Toll Group, the largest logistics company in Australia. The entry of this established integrated shipper paves the way for exciting growth in the southern region. Additionally, BASS has clinched deals with maritime stalwarts such as Singapore’s Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), South African company Grindrod Shipping, Malaysian Jasa Merin, Indonesia PT Pelita Samudera Shipping and Singaporean outfit Varada Marine, among others. Nonetheless with the launching of BASSnet™ 2.8, the fully revamped software suite that has set a new standard in the quest for one complete solution for maritime and offshore operations will gear up the BASS sales team in 2013. 3.2012 3

Ein schöner Abend!: BASS GmbH office welcomed customers, prospects and friends from the local maritime industry to a night of cocktail reception and get-together.

BASSnet™ 2.8 – A Shining Star


mong the shining stars at the maritime trade fair, SMM Hamburg 2012, in September was BASSnet™ 2.8, the latest version of our award-winning software. From the opening of the trade fair, the BASS booth was a focal point for visitors, thanks to the state-ofthe-art BASSnet™ 2.8 with its fully integrated and functional features. Frequently, attendees had to wait in a queue for their turn to get an insight into the BASSnet™ 2.8, which takes maritime software to a new level of efficiency. BASS executives were greatly encouraged by the keen interest shown towards BASSnet™ 2.8. “I must say the response was overwhelming, although we are aware that BASSnet™ 2.8 sets a new standard in the quest for one complete solution for maritime and offshore operations,” said BASS’ Chief Executive Officer Per Steinar Upsaker. With record attendances seen at SMM Hamburg 2012, BASSnet™ 2.8 has been showcased to a wide audience. The interest generated in BASSnet™ 2.8 is expected to translate into a new round of sales for BASS, which is already forecast to post record revenues at the end of 2012. Many current users of BASS 4 3.2012

software have already indicated their interest in upgrading to the BASSnet™ 2.8, with new contracts in the pipeline. Among the highlights of the BASSnet™ 2.8 are: • An improved user experience, giving users complete control to configure the software’s user interface and menus. • One Integrated Suite for a better overview and control of the fleet. • A streamlined workflow for improved performance and compliance, through smooth document management. • One Complete Solution for all ship management needs, with third party integration, and • Better decision support for Key Performance Indicators by facilitating inputs from stakeholders and analysis of feedback.

In Good Company – BASS’ regional sales agents, customers and prospects are all-smiles for a close-up during a cocktail reception at Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.

Notable changes include new features in the safety, quality and risk modules, and in the human resources, crewing and payroll system. The excitement from SMM Hamburg 2012 has flowed over into the recent networking sessions organised by BASS in Hamburg, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. These get togethers were held for the specific purpose of encouraging marine company executives to mingle and share opinions and viewpoints in a conducive environment. The record turnouts at the events surpassed earlier projections. The strong support shown by current customers is an important indicator of their continued engagement with BASS. Additionally, the presence of prospective customers and the interest raised in BASS software solutions is a further positive sign of the industry’s support. We look forward to meeting the demand from our existing and future customers by providing a full range of software services needs. For more information on BASSnet™ 2.8 or to contact a BASS representative, please visit P/S: We’re hiring experienced maritime personnel to be part of our team. Kindly send your details to

A Cultural Affair – Malaysian customers and friends from the maritime industry were treated to a night of delightful local cuisines and colourful traditional performance.

All-new BASSnet™ Financial to be released by year-end


y the end of this year, BASS is finally ready to release its spanking new BASSnet™ Financial module, which is a revamp version replace the existing BASSnet™ Accounting module. Despite its’ key role in enhancing the core efficiency of maritime and offshore operations, there is room for a solution to set a new benchmark in line with the trend towards online accessibility and new accounting standards, which BASSnet™ Financial will address. “We are targeting to release BASSnet™ Financial by the end of the year. Judging by the response from user reviews, it will be a star performer,” BASS’ Chief Executive Officer Per Steinar Upsaker said. BASSnet™ Financial takes maritime accounting into the webbased environment that has become the new normal in the business world. Furthermore, it is compliant with international accounting standards, in line with the concept of One Complete Solution that is pursued by BASS. Users will enjoy its web-reporting feature and thanks

“We are targeting to release BASSnet™ Financial by the end of the year. Judging by the response from user reviews, it will be a star performer.”

– Upsaker

to the KPI-Dashboard, which will enable performance monitoring of specific units or vessels or get a macro view of the organisation, depending on the user’s access level. It is no wonder that managements in the shipping and offshore support segments have been waiting impatiently for this new release from BASS.

Meanwhile, BASS has been working to perfect its latest offering, based on feedbacks from a full range of clients. “We took some time to revise and improve on the module based on customers’ feedbacks as well as adaptation to the latest technologies. As a result, BASSnet™ Financial has shaped up to be an accounting software that is revolutionary and will change the accounting landscape for the near future,” Upsaker added. On top of the prospective customers who have been asking the new software, our current customers would also be able to take advantage of some of the new features on Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, automated general posting and users’ ability to define financial reporting layout. The wait is worthwhile to ensure that our product has achieved a quality standard in the maritime industry. “The upside that BASSnet™ Financial can bring to the management of shipping companies is breathtaking. Prior to this, the most sought after accounting software among shipping companies was BASSnet™ Accounting. Now we have a worthy successor,” said Upsaker. For the team at BASS, the new solution helps bring to reality the goal of being the best shipping and marine software solutions provider in the business.

3.2012 5

BASS Offices

Upcoming Events Breaking the Status Quo –

SEA Asia 2013

Date: 9-11 April 2013 Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Stand No: L-25

Bringing the Workplace Closer Together It’s Not All Work and No Play at BASS! On September 15, 2012, BASS’ KL staff had an adrenalin pumping day of Paintball games at the Bukit Kiara Resort. This rough and tumble teambuilding activity attracted the attention of CEO Per Steinar Upsaker who amicably joined in the fun with an invitation of “shoot me if you can” to his amused staff. The teamwork experience and fun and laughter shared completely overrode the pain from the bruises sustained by the “victims” and everyone agreed that they would do it all over again if given a chance! This memorable corporate teambuilding activity will surely be the talk among the staff for some time to come.

BASS on the Move! The Amazing Walk-a-Hunt—the ala ‘Amazing Race’ teambuilding activity that took place on October 12, 2012—was another teambuilding highlight for BASS KL staff this year. Divided into small teams, participants were required race across the city of Kuala Lumpur to pick up clues along “pit stops” 6 3.2012

before making their way to the final Check In station: the BASS KL office! BASS believes that employeeoriented activities are crucial in fostering a closer relationship and inculcating team spirit among employees and their superiors. When all barriers are broken down, staff and superiors alike, understand that in order to perform better, everyone needs to have a common goal in mind to achieve the best result.

Nor-shipping 2013

Date: 4- 7June 2013 Venue: Norges Varemesse, Norway Stand No: B04-06 Please visit for the latest details.

Europe/Americas: BASS AS Lysaker Torg 8, P.O. Box 68, 1324 Lysaker, Norway • Tel: +47 67 10 55 20 Asia/Pacific: BASS Sdn Bhd 19th Floor Menara Atlan • 161B Jalan Ampang • 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • Tel: +603 2173 6488 • Support tel: +603 2173 6422

HQ: Bass Software Ltd. Aralanti House, 6th Floor • 203 Christodoulou Chatzipavlou • 3035 Limassol, Cyprus •

Germany: BASS Software GmbH • Grosse Elbstrasse 141b • 22767 Hamburg, Germany • Tel: +49 40 94 79 0058 •

Proud to Play Our Part – Giving back to the Community On September 29, 2012, the BASS KL staff paid a visit to a local Old Folk’s Home, Persatuan Warga Emas, located in Klang – about 50 kilometres from the city of Kuala Lumpur. This Community project was organized and executed by some of BASS’ staff with an aim to lending a helping hand to the elderly. Some of the senior citizens living in this Home were abandoned at hospitals by their families after they fell sick, while others have memory loss and have nowhere else to turn.

BASS staff was honoured to do their part in assisting the Home by carrying out a home cleaning activity, renovation work and supplying food and cash contributions. In an effort to mingle and bring cheer to the residents, singing and dancing was included in the program for the day. Efforts paid off when the seniors got up to dance with us and those who couldn’t, laugh and clapped along. The smiles on the residents’ faces were the only ‘thank you’ everyone needed on that day.

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