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BASS gains market share in Japan with Nakata Mac With the recent agreement with Nakata Mac,BASS has established a strong market position in Japan. According to regional sales manager Frank Liang, the contract signals increased activity for BASS among Japanese shipowners.“For the past five years,BASS has worked hard to earn the trust of the somewhat cautious Japanese shipping industry,” says Liang.“All our hard work is beginning to pay off." BASS will supply Nakata Mac with four integrated software modules, including the administrative management solution EasyInfo, BASSnet™ Planned Maintenance, BASSnet™ Procurement and SAFIR, the companies advanced safety management tool. The subscription model contract includes the installation of these systems on Nakata Mac's fleet of product tankers. Liang says that Nakata Mac sought advanced software solutions to support their ship management department to clear OCIMF's ”TMSA” requirement. ”Since the company was already familiar with BASS through third-party ship managers, they were satisfied that BASS software was the right choice", he says.

“As more companies become familiar with our solutions, our growth in the region will continue to accelerate.” Frank Liang · BASS Regional Sales Manager

About Nakata Mac Established in 1932, Nakata Mac is a leading provider of special coatings for the shipbuilding industry. In 1982, the company began operating vessels, expanding its fleet to six petroleum-product transportation vessels operating throughout Asia and the Middle East. At present, the company operates 1 MR type ship, 2 LR-1 type ships, 3 LR-2 type ships, the largest of their kind in Asia. All vessels are professionally managed to ensure safe and environmentallyfriendly petroleum product transportation. For more information, please visit:

The contract is further proof that BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems are gaining market share in Japan, one of the toughest markets in Asia. Liang notes that BASS became active in Japan in 2003, when they were chosen by Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of K-Line Group), the Tokyo-based shipping giant. Continued on page 2


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BASS and MTS integrate services


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Jaume Mortensen

BASS moves to new offices in Oslo


Successful implementation of CrewNet for SOS



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Nakata Mac (continued from front cover)

It's been just a few months since BASS began a new chapter in its history as a stand-alone company and already, we have a lot of good news to share. In our continuing efforts to keep the industry up to date about exciting new developments in fleet management software and emerging trends in the industry, we are proud to present the first edition of

BASS general manager (product management & consulting) Haakon Dalan says that the company's experience in Japan is consistent with increased demand for maritime software solutions throughout the Asian maritime industry. ”We are seeing that shipowners and shipmanagers throughout Asia are increasingly willing to embrace fleet management systems to help streamline operations,” he says. ”While we continue to remain very active in markets closer to home, we see significant growth potential in Asia.”

In this issue, we are pleased to welcome a new customer Nakata Mac, a Japanese shipping company which operates product tankers.This contract is further evidence of increased demand for BASSnetTM Fleet Management Systems in Asia. Like other maritime centres in Europe and the Americas, the Asian shipping community has become increasingly global, competitive and transparent – trends which are driving the demand for more efficient operations.

Liang notes that in the past year, the company has reached an agreement with TEMM Maritime, a Japanese shipmanagement company, WELL Shipmanagment based in Taiwan, SOS, an offshore supplier based in the Philippines, and TCCS, a shiping company based in Singapore. In all, BASS has about 25 customers in Asia, including companies based in Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Japan and Singapore. “As more companies become familiar with our solutions, our growth in the region will continue to accelerate,” says Liang.

To help customers manage these new challenges, BASS continues to develop and offer new technologies and services. We have continued our work to migrate all our products to microsoft.NET, a stable, flexible, future proof platform. We are also offering some of our customers the opportunity to work in their own language by enabling our software to recognize different language characters for data input. Our Database Factory, which builds databases specifically for customers, provides ship owners and ship manager with vital data to assist in planned maintenance. BASS has also partnered with Marine Transaction Services (MTS) and ShipServ to enable customers to improve procurement processes. These partnerships will allow ship operators using BASSnetTM Procurement to have a complete integrated purchasing solution by enabling onboard staff to order requisitions to the purchasing office and out to suppliers via the MTS and ShipServ infrastructure. This gives our customers an opportunity to use either the BASS supplier integration module or link up through ShipServ and-or MTS. We will continue to build our expertise in the market, develop new fleet management products and work with customers and partners to develop new services. We hope you enjoy this issue of!

Per Steinar Upsaker Managing Director BASS

BASS and MTS integrate services

Liang says the Japanese market remains challenging, but believes attitudes are changing. ”We are very excited about this contract," says Liang, "and believe it is further proof that the maritime industry in Japan is beginning to embrace software solutions.”


Better user-database contact Correct and updated information are the alpha and omega of planned vessel maintenance. BASS recently completed a pilot project together with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Transpetrol to develop classapproved databases that are easier to use and more efficient. The databases that drive today's planned vessel maintenance systems possess a wealth of information concerning the ship, sister ships, its parts, past repairs, suppliers and performance. Some of this information comes from the shipyard. Some comes from the vessel's operators, while some comes from vendors or service providers.

“Ship managers want IT systems to streamline operations, not complicate them.” Jan Furuseth · BASS consultant

BASS and Marine Transaction Services (MTS), a provider of second generation e-commerce solutions for the marine market, have reached an agreement covering close cooperation between the two companies by offering an interface between their respective services. Under the terms of the agreement, the cooperation between BASS and MTS includes an integration between BASS' newly released purchasing application BASSnetTM Procurement running on Microsoft .NET platform and MTS' basic transaction services. This means that ship operators using BASSnetTM Procurement will be able to have a complete integrated purchasing solution by making requisitions onboard vessels, to the purchasing office and out to suppliers via the MTS infrastructure. BASS has a similar agreement with ShipServ.


Jaume Mortensen In your view, what are the top concerns of BASS customers today? Today's industry is characterized by fierce competition and an increasingly strict regulatory environment. To gain market share, shipowners and shipmanagers must find new ways to streamline work processes and operate cleaner, safer and more efficient vessels. While the industry is now increasingly turning to fleet management software to help manage these challenges, many have been frustrated working with software suppliers who have no maritime background. BASS has both the shipping expertise and the solutions to get the job done. How has the maritime IT industry changed in the last five years? The market has improved significantly. At first, the shipping industry was slow to embrace IT solutions. But as similar software systems designed for land-based industries generated increased interest, shipping executives began to recognise the maritime version of these software tools. The other big change is that shipowners and managers are beginning to take a more holistic approach to fleet management systems. As a pioneer in maritime IT, BASS has always offered an integrated product suite. We are pleased that the industry is beginning to see the value of this approach.

BASS installed the system on two vessels in early March, and initial feedback from the crew was very positive.The customer looks forward to more effective maintenance, and BASS continues to make progress on its efforts to satisfy shipowners' and ship managers' desire for a standardized set of guidelines regarding planned maintenance systems.

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Marine Transaction Services has been built up by the marine industry, for the marine industry.The basis for MTS is the business transaction service with a well established infrastructure where marine transactions are exchanged electronically. The infrastructure supports delivery of true e-commerce, which allows both marine suppliers and ship operators to benefit.

Rune Mejer Rasmussen, the CEO of MTS believes the agreement could be expanded in

DNV, BASS and a BASS customer set out in late 2005 to develop databases that were more efficient and more user-oriented.The result would be a class-approved planned maintenance system that employs databases which are more suited to users' needs and owners' demands. Instead of 3,000 jobs, the database holds 1,000, with just five to six new jobs cropping up every day.

Since 2000, BASS has provided a data conversion service of existing planned maintenance system databases from AMOSD, AMOS Win, AMOS Express, TM Master, RAST, Star IPS and Pumas to BASSnetTM Planned Maintenance. BASS has also been building databases from scratch for new and existing vessels through manuals of the vessels received from shipyards.

Per Steinar Upsaker · Managing Director of BASS

About MTS

According to Per Steinar Upsaker, Managing Director of BASS, the cooperation will benefit both companies. “There is a great demand among ship managers and ship owners to have access to end to end solutions especially in the area of supply chain management,” he says. “This agreement is in line with our objective to remain ahead of the curve on the industry requirements and providing it's customers with choices. We believe this collaboration will boost the distribution of our product and our combined value added services globally.”

“With so much information going into the databases, crew users on the other end often found them to be too large, too demanding and too complicated. A planned maintenance system that holds a total of 3,000 maintenance jobs, with 40-50 jobs coming due every day, were a burden for crews to use. Ship managers want IT systems to streamline operations, not complicate them,” says BASS consultant Jan Furuseth.

Another vital service BASS has played in improving database performance has been dubbed the BASS Database Factory. BASS realised that the information in databases can be poorly organized from the start, or it can grow out-of-date or disorganized over time, so it began helping customers to ensure that this vital information was entered and organized correctly, and up-to-date.

future.“I am very pleased with the cooperation with BASS ensuring that users of BASSnetTM Procurement easily can trade electronically with their suppliers using our established ebusiness services,” he says.

“This agreement is in line with our objective to remain ahead of the curve on the industry requirements and customer demand.”

Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jaume Mortensen Title: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . General Manager, Sales & Channel Management With BASS since: . . . . . 1998

What makes BASS solutions different from the competition? First, we know shipping, not just IT. Second, our solutions are fully integrated and very simple to use, allowing customers to take total control over their fleet. Third, all our products are built and being built on Microsoft.NET, a stable, highly flexible future proof platform. I would also add that like the industry we work in, BASS has a global perspective, and our background in shipping and consulting gives us a real understanding of the unique needs of our customers. What are the greatest challenges in your work? Educating the market. While we know our solutions can generate significant cost-savings for shipowners, many are reluctant to embrace new ways of thinking. For this reason, we include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to show the value of our products. On the other hand, the industry is maturing and as a more IT-savvy generation takes over, more companies are willing to embrace change. We see it as a very exciting time in our business sector.

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BASS management buys company Demonstrating their confidence in BASS' concept, including its intensive R&D programme and its close contact with the maritime market, BASS management has completed its buy out initiative. According to BASS's managing director Per Steinar Upsaker, BASS' new ownership structure will allow the company to respond more rapidly to changes in the industry, gain access to new markets and create a more flexible, dynamic organization. Although BASS will continue to supply Barber Ship Management, a unit of BASS' previous owners Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, its independence will lead to a broader customer base.

Upsaker emphasises that the change in ownership will not have any effect on BASS' company structure, operational capacity or customer service. “Because the buy-out was undertaken by BASS' existing management, the new ownership structure secures operational and service continuity,” says Upsaker. “This continuity represents an advantage for our customer base.” Work to update BASS solutions to the Microsoft.Net platform will continue, and BASS will ensure that its software is up-to-date, simple to use and future proof. “We have great confidence in BASS' future, and are very pleased WMS accepted to sell the company to management,”says Upsaker.

BASS moves to new offices in Oslo With the BASS Management Team's buy out of the company completed in 2005 and plans for rapid growth in 2006, BASS has moved to new offices.The company completed the move on 1 February 2006. The new address: BASS AS Lysaker Torg 8 P.O Box 68 1324 Lysaker Norway

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BASS completes successful implementation of CrewNet for SOS BASS may be known as a leading developer with one of the industry's most advanced fleet management software solutions, but for BASS senior consultant Michael Loh, the real work begins with implementation. Work to install BASS CrewNet and its associated modules for Philippines-based Supply Oilfield Services, Inc. (SOS) began in May 2005. “The SOS project team has been very professional in their efforts and dedication thus ensuring that they were able to go 'live' as of 1st October 2005,” says Loh. At present, the module is currently providing a universal, uniform and structured approach to shore-based crewing operational requirements, but it was a challenging project. “In this implementation project we found there were many issues to address in order to achieve optimal processes within the crewing department,” he says.“The best way to do that was to make and agree on business maps that identified system/organization boundaries which helped the end users to know what to do, and when.”

Per Steinar Upsaker, Managing Director . . . . . . . . . . . +47 67 10 55 12 Geir Michaelsen, Regional Sales Manager . . . . . . . . . +47 67 10 55 15 Jaume Mortensen, GM Sales and Channel Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . +47 67 10 55 18 Haakon Dalan, GM, Product Management and Consulting . . . . . . . . +47 67 10 55 19 Jan Furuseth, Consultant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +47 67 10 55 20 Lars Wilhelmsson, Consultant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +47 67 10 55 21 Fax: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +47 67 10 55 16

Loh explained that during the requirement analysis phase, project risks were identified and analysed, and potential issues were tabled to determine if these were challenges that could be solved by the software.“During this process, we worked closely with the SOS crewing department, and since we recognised that transparency was a critical factor in helping identify potential concerns, various options were tested before a final agreement was reached.” Loh's enthusiasm was shared by Captain Rodolfo Aspillaga, SOS's project manager.“I'm happy that after all the work and time put in by both parties, we were able to get BASS CrewNet up and running in a short timeframe, he says. – the corporate newsletter from BASS Publisher Europe/America: BASS AS Lysaker Torg 8 P.O. Box 68 1324 Lysaker NORWAY Asia-Pacific: BASS Sdn. Bhd. Empire Tower, 45th Floor 182, Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

Editorial office Tel: +603 7490 6880 Fax: +603 7490 6881

Editorial production & graphic design BLUE International Communication

Editor-in-Chief Amardeep Kaur is published quarterly. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors or persons interviewed and do not necessarily reflect the view of the editors or BASS.

Managing Editors BLUE International Communication All rights reserved. 2006

Future Proof Business Solutions The paper clip was invented by Norwegian Johan Vaaler in 1899. Like BASSnet Fleet Management Solutions, the paper clip is simple, effective and future proof – an easy to use tool meeting the demands of ship owners, today and tomorrow.

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