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LETS LEARN ABOUT BASPER01 IM CURRENTLY INTO older asian women long gloves triangles icons symbols sweat shirts the gym the bar the buffet grids stickers black and white porno

maybe ill change

this year

I have no idea if she was who she said she was. I know for a fact she doesnt know me.

Last night I drank too much and fell asleep at 7:30. I awoke in the middle of the night and proceded to lay awake condemning my self untill morning. I decided to call out sick from work. My girlfriend was worried I would fall asleep at the wheel again if I tried to drive. She asked me why I get sad when I drink on Sundays. I didnt answer. I didnt really know. She said I dont seem like a sad person. I rebuffed her, pulling the covers up over my face leaving only my eyes to stare blankley out into the room. I assured her I wasnt bottling my emotions, my lips and mouth a shilloutte against the bedspread. Im a generally happy person. She got up for work and left me in bed. She left me behind. I layed there for a long time. My bedsheet wrappings felt like a death mask, or the kindling for some kind of floating viking funeral. She had left me behind, to my own devices endlessly cycling and swirling. In my mind I could see myself like I was hovering over the bed. I looked bloated, like a corpse. Im young and my body is shit and I have regrets. Already they are weighing me down in ways I didnt expect. We all have regerets dont we?

I met a girl in a dream once. Im sure this isnt a rare or unique occurance but It seemed that way to me. We met running to our cars in the poring rain. I lent her a book to shield her self from the water but we were already drenched to the bone. The book was “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.” She had big watery eyes that shimmered and danced when she spoke and short auburn hair. As we talked she kept moving from one foot to the other. Shifing her weight as if she was anxious to get the words out. She met my friends and they all thought she wasnt good for me. Almost nothing is. They said she was too spritley, too unfocused. “She has her head in the clouds and so do you. Dont you know that opposites attract?” We were about to make love behind a Bank of America, getting undressed in that blissful hurried way people who cant belive thier luck often do. I woke up soon enough. Im usually angry when I wake up from a dream just before it was about to get sexy but this time I wasnt. I was just sad. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling while a deep vacuum opened in the pit of my stomach. I had created something sweet and special without reason, without trying, without asking. What I thought was true for those short seconds turned out to be an illusion. I got out of bed and wandered into the kitchen. I realized the house was completley empty. I was alone.



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