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June 2011





The Redwoods


What a fantastic spring we have had! The season for new landscape plans, upgrades and maintenance is in full swing. We are so thankful for all of the requests we are receiving for designs and proposals.

Kent Basnight President

Authorized Dealer & Landscape Equipment Repair

If you watch the news, they say the economy is way off. Unemployment is high and generally people are not spending. Fortunately, we have found things to be different. Basnight Land and Lawn is busy designing, installing, and maintaining some of the most beautiful properties in our region. All four locations, (Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, Richmond and Nags Head), have enjoyed mutual increases. With projects on the books, we continue to hire staff. Basnight Land and Lawn has promoted and added staff in management, sales, marketing, estimating, maintenance, landscaping and in the repair shop. It is wonderful to see the economy, the region, and our industry coming back to life!

Knowledgeable Staff Over 20 years in business Convenient for VA & NC Customers 800 Acre Tree & Shrub Farm on Site Landscape Equipment Sales & Service Contractor Friendly Delivery Available Container Rentals

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featuring Virginia Beach, Indian River Rd (Near Pungo)

Trek Complete

Start Here Indian River Rd.

Where to Start: Community Entrance off Indian River Rd.

Distance: 1.01 miles round trip What to See: Entry Monuments/Signs, Large

Walk Paths, Park Areas with Park Bench Seating, Stunning Lake Fountains, Lake Walking Path, Large Dome/Pavilion next to a Pedestrian Bridge with a Beautiful View of the Large Lake.


Chris Gildersleeve Irrigation Manager Solar Sync Facts · Sleek: Compact sensor design. · Simple: Easy to program. · Selfless: Automatically adjusts controller watering. · Synchronous: Works with all Hunter Pro-C and ICC controllers. Free Consultation 757.436.9617.

In today's new economy it is a smart practice to spend less wherever and whenever you can. It’s entirely possible to have a lush green lawn, save money and conserve water. Hunters Solar Sync sensor is the way to go and works with all Hunter Pro-C and ICC controllers. The unit is mounted outside a building and has three built in sensors. One measures passing showers, a sensor that can react quickly with a built in “Quick Response” feature. The next sensor measures soaking showers and is adjustable to ensure your lawn isn't watered unnecessarily. The third is a solar sensor measuring the sun's rays to keep your lawn at peak performance with optimal watering. Additionally, air temperature is monitored and used to calculate watering requirements. Too hot? Solar Sync knows to be efficient and waters your lawn as needed. Freezing morning? Keep those mittens off, because below 37 degrees F, Solar Sync smartly waits for warmer temperatures.


Conserve water, our most precious resource, with smart weather-based irrigation control. Basnight's friendly and certified irrigation staff is ready to serve you.


CUSTOM STRUCTURES With summer time just beginning, it is time to consider a deck for relaxation and entertaining family and friends while enjoying the beauty of being outdoors.

Christian Basnight Landscape Design & Sales Virginia Tech Horticulture 4 yrs. Composite Material Facts · Is a ‘Green” recycled product. · Longer lasting than pressure treated wood. · Will not warp, rot or splinter. · Extremely low maintenance. · Slip resistant.

Free Consultation 757.436.9617.


When building a new deck for your home, few decisions will be as important as the choice of decking material that will be used. The type of decking you select will have an impact on the appearance, cost, and maintenance of your new deck. Pressure treated lumber has been the main construction material of choice for many years, but now there are composite deck products. Many composite deck materials are comprised of recycled plastic bags and wood fiber and are considered a long-life green product. The material is very low maintenance and will not rot, warp or splinter. Composite decks look great year to year with only a periodic cleaning. There is usually a ten or more year warranty on the material. There are a wide range of colors, styles and finishes available. There is a freedom to being outside. You can laugh louder. Go barefoot. Doze off in the sunlight. In one word, relax. Spend your valuable time enjoying your deck, not working on it.



Nathan Lahy Graduate of Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture Rainwater Harvesting Facts · 1 inch of rainfall on a 2,000 sq. ft. roof generates 1,250 gallons of water that can be reused. · Reduce water bills including city storm sewer charges. · Alleviate demand on municipal water systems. · Avoid strict watering schedules. · Rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients.

With the summer months upon us and the rising cost of water and drought restrictions on municipal water supplies many are turning to rainwater harvesting. Rain barrels are a simple and inexpensive way to capture and reuse storm water runoff. It can in turn be used to provide a water source for the garden during dry months. Rain barrels have been in use for thousands of years in drought stricken areas all over the world. Even without drought conditions rain barrels are a better source of water for your garden than city water. Rain water is naturally soft and free of chemicals that are usually found in city water. Rainwater harvesting systems vary greatly. There are the basic barrel attached to a gutter down spout; or you may choose the more sophisticated underground cisterns with pump systems. This summer please consider a rain barrel or other rainwater harvesting system. Together we can all work to preserve the greatest natural resource we have.

Free Consultation 757.436.9617.

Sustainable PERMEABLE PAVERS Is your old driveway cracking, chipping or settling? Is it in need of replacement? Consider a permeable paver driveway. A permeable paver is a concrete product, that allows water to drain into the soil below. They can help the environment by reducing the amount of contaminants and pollutants from stormwater runoff entering our natural waterways.

Ryan Baker ICPI Certified Installer

Permeable Paver Facts · Assists in reducing the amount of stormwater runoff on your property. · Water can be collected and reused. · A great selection of shapes, colors & textures.

Free Consultation 757.436.9617.

EAGLE BAY Hardscape Products


There are many different products on the market that offer a great selection of shapes, colors and textures that can provide curb appeal to your home. You have options to reclaim and reuse the water drained from your permeable paver driveway using an underground cistern and pump system. Reuse the water in your irrigation system or perhaps to wash your cars. Our talented designers and installers are ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) Certified and ready to provide you with an environmentally responsible and beautiful driveway that will last for years to come.


Paying It Forward...

While watching a high school track meet, the football coach witnessed a runner that demonstrated such incredible intensity and speed, he knew that he had to have him play football for the upcoming season. He was surprised to learn that the fear of 250 pound defensive players had prevented the runner to never try out for football. With some heavy persuasion, the boy showed up for summer practice. The boy was on the field for the first time. He lined up to take the handoff, ready then to run it down the middle. At the quarterback's call, the boy took off. With ball in hand, he passed his offensive linemen. A defensive player then came in low and by instinct, the boy dropped the ball to use both hands to defend himself. The next few plays were the same. The coach approached the field. The coach told the boy, “You have what they want!” “Just past them is where you want to go.” The coach pointed. “ Keep your head down and your feet moving. Never let go of the ball. You have what it takes, you just have to believe it here.” The coach pointed to his head. “Change your mind, son.” Just as those words were able to make a great running back. The story has so much to offer us in today's business world. At the onset, the coach recognized raw talent. He was willing to put forth the extra effort to see big results. He knowingly added more stress and took the inexperienced player under his wing. His dedication not only to his job, but the school and the game, would have results far bigger than he could have ever predicted. If our current economy is the 250 pound defensive player and the frightened running back represents area businesses, then it truly is, fantastic advice. “Just past them is where you want to go”….We have to look past the media's sensational view and keep our eyes on the goal line. “Keep your head down and feet moving. Never let go of the ball.” It could not be any simpler and is just as effective. Stay low and lean, and don't become complacent, because they want what you have. Start the summer off by “paying it forward.” Help someone in need. Impart in the younger ones with the knowledge you have learned. Do not let the fear of the economy and unemployment cripple you. Change your mind.

Bloom Festival Greenbrier Farms On April 23, Greenbrier Farms hosted the Bloom Festival. Basnight Land and Lawn was a Platinum sponsor for the event, donating rental equipment, materials and labor worth more than $20,000. Many of our staff and their families also attended. We all had an amazing time! The festival actually started this year with a Pre-Festival 5k run on Thursday evening. Both days were beautiful, clear and everyone had an outstanding time. The festival was a perfectly warm 76 degree afternoon with live music, farm tours, kids fishing, bobbing for apples, petting zoo, and lots of Easter eggs, candy and bunnies. One of the main attractions was our hot air balloon rides. Many people came early and all of the reservations were taken in the first hour and half. The balloon pilots made the decision to not fly passengers because of high winds, even still we had a great time and raised money for our charity Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation. Many thanks to all who attended. Visit for upcoming events and the rescheduled hot air balloon flights!

“The Trees That Shouldn't Be.� In the 70's a propagator for Greenbrier Farms in Chesapeake, Virginia, named Roger Borrini, planted trimmings and seeds for a few Sequoia sempervirens. He planted them in a secluded field at the back of the farm's property. Over 30 years later, the California Redwoods, have been thriving and are magnificent to see. The main tree standing more than 50 feet tall, has the signature drooping branches and the distinctive red toned bark. The towering trees are healthy and happy among the native species also planted there. For many, it is puzzling how acclimated the trees have become to our local seasons, temperature, moisture, and nutrients. In a recent clearing project, several more were discovered around the main tree. At that point, the farm’s owner decided to have the whole area around the redwood trees cleared, and to open a family picnic area. Due to be completed this summer, it will offer the public a very rare opportunity to sit under the mighty redwood trees and enjoy nature usually only experienced in Northern California.

For more information and see a video about these very special Redwood Trees, visit



Oyster & South festival 2011 November 19th

Greenbrier Farms For more information visit

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Summer Tips • When summer’s heat arrives, raise mowing height for Fescue Grass to 3”-3.5” and Bermuda Grass to 2.5”-3”. • Spot treat weed in beds with contact herbicide. • Don’t mow lawns that are stressed (Easy method to define stress, if you walk across the lawn and after 3 hours the path is visible, the lawn needs to be watered.) • Monitor for insect and diseases. • Prune needle evergreens and shrubs that have flowered. • Monitor lawns, shrubs , annuals and trees for stress. • Tend perennials and annuals (dead head and remove dead materials). • Late summer apply lawn grub control.


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Gardens Down South-June 2011  
Gardens Down South-June 2011  

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