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Destination Rejuvenation A personalized wellness retreat awaits you at Park Hyatt Aviara in San Diego If you’re looking for a getaway that will revive and refresh, look no further than sunny San Diego. The Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad now offers Wellness Retreats personally designed to jumpstart a new you.

by house-made dipping purées in mason jars. Personalized notes from the Aviara Wellness Team accompany the amenities, offering support and encouragement to maximize your wellness experience.


Available for individuals or couples, their custom-tailored wellness journeys build upon the Aviara Spa’s signature made-to-order spa therapies, and cater to guests’ unique wellness, fitness, and dietary goals. Each retreat is individually developed to promote optimum well-being and to revive a healthy lifestyle.

Nestled among private homes overlooking Batiquitos Lagoon, the Park Hyatt Aviara is just a few minutes from the freeway, yet secluded enough to make you forget where you are. The staff at the Park Hyatt Aviara are welcoming and eager to liberate you from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Typically, the retreat package consists of a two-night stay, so once you’ve settled into your room, you’ll have personalized consultations with the Chef and a Spa Therapist.

During the dietary consultation, you’ll answer questions about your likes and dislikes, as well as your goals beyond the retreat weekend. The chef will then customize a nutritious menu for each meal during your stay, and no request is too big—whether it’s vegan, gluten-free, non-dairy, low-carb, or low-sugar. Each meal is also carefully crafted from natural, local, and sustainable sources. In preparation for the two spa treatments, you’ll meet with a Spa Therapist to assess your physical stress points and to tailor a personalized spa treatment plan that provides healing for both the body and mind. Once you’ve had your consultations, your itinerary and menus will be delivered to your room, accompanied by an added amenity.

The wellness amenity is an unexpected, yet welcomed surprise. It can be anything from a platter of strawberries with fresh cream, madeleines, and cinnamon berry jam to a colorful array of seasonal crudité accompanied 134

Your wellness journey will officially begin the next morning with breakfast and a suggested fitness activity that can range from a revitalizing stroll around Batiquitos Lagoon to circuit training. Depending on your physical ability, personalized recommendations will be made from the variety of options available at the resort, such as one-on-one yoga, hiking, swimming, or tennis. When it’s time for the first spa treatment, you will be able to retire to the aromatic steam room, whirlpool, or indoor solarium lounge area to focus on your well-being. Your Spa Therapist will explain the treatment selected for you based on your spa consultation, encouraging you to trust that the customized therapy will complement your needs. A poolside lunch may be in order if the weather is nice. The adults-only Tranquility Pool offers a panoramic view of the lagoon and Pacific Ocean— and is the perfect place to reflect on personal goals while indulging in a healthy, yet delicious lunch such as a seared ahi wrap in a spinach tortilla with mango, pickled ginger, and wasabi lime aioli. Afternoon leisure time recommendations may consist of an hour of restoration at the pool or an afternoon nap. The purpose of this leisure time is for you to focus on your own well-being while taking a much-deserved break from the stress of everyday life. Complete your day with dinner in one of the resort’s four diamond restaurants, where the chef continues to keep your goals in line even with extravagances like roasted lamb chop and ricotta cheesecake. At the end of the night, rest easy knowing that you will get to do it all over again in the morning.

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