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Read The Ultimate Review Of Auto Seeds and Available Strains Today and Lowest Prices

The Start Of Auto Seeds and Strains During the last ten years we have seen a rise in the number of Auto Seeds on offer With the early strains suffering from low returns and THC levels, Auto seeds were often considered just a novelty, and of no real value. Initially, the original Auto Seeds were a combination of fast-flowering strains and Ruderalis genetics. As these genetics were manipulated over time, the subsequent yields per plant became greatly improved. From those pioneering days of Williams Wonder and the Original Lowryder, Auto strains have produced a wide number of different strains. As the quality and yields have improved over the last few years, so in turn have the number of Auto seeds now available, with many of the most popular Marijuana and Cannabis Seed producers creating new and exciting Auto Seeds. Unlike the few Auto strains that were originally available, there is now a wide and diverse choice of Auto Seeds offering an Auto strain for almost every type and variety of feminized Marijuana Seeds. The latest selection of Auto Seeds are highly prized and sought after by the commercial Marijuana growers due to their spectacular yields in super fast times.

Selecting Auto Seeds Feminized A much better yield can be obtained by purchasing the Auto seeds feminized. This guarantees a far higher percentage of females, and in most cases returns only true female only Marijuana plants. When buying any Auto Seeds feminized or regular, always ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable supplier. Auto Seeds Bank offers a high quality service ensuring that you receive the genuine Marijuana Seeds of your choice. As a world-wide and trusted distributor of genuine Auto seeds feminized seeds and regular Marijuana seeds, we can guarantee that no matter where you live we can assure you delivery. Unlike some forms of Marijuana and Cannabis seeds, learning how to grow Auto seeds couldn't be more simple. Auto seeds do not require the customary twelve hours of darkness to induce flowering as required by regular and feminized Marijuana seeds. Auto seeds allow growers of outdoor Marijuana seeds the comfort and reassurance that their crop will not be ruined by light pollution or contamination. During the long Summer days, Auto seeds provide the perfect addition to your outdoor garden by flowering automatically, while your feminized or regular Marijuana seeds are still in their vegative state. With almost all the strains fully mature and ready for harvest between fifty and seventy days, often growers discover how to grow Auto seeds as a means of producing fast and quickly replenished plants.

The Most Popular Questions On Auto Seeds and Strains

Can I Grow Auto Seeds Indoors? Absolutely, Auto Seeds can be grown indoors. It is always best for you to buy Auto Seeds feminized, as these will ensure female only Cannabis plants. It that ctitical that adequate hours of high quality light is available. Sunlight is free, however, the latest LED lamps have proven cost effective and are far cheaper on power usage. What Is The Best Way To Germinate Auto Seeds? Research shows, the best way to germinate auto seeds is to pre-soak for about 24 hours, then, gently put them in-between a few sheets of moist kitchen roll or tissue paper and place the moist wrap in a warm dark position. After approximately 24 - 48 hours the auto seeds will have cracked and germinate, they are now strong enough for potting What Are Lowryder Seeds? Created by the Joint Doctor, the Lowryder strain started the popularity of Auto Seeds. What Are Feminized Seeds? Feminized seeds have been available for over 25 years now. Almost all Marijuana strains are now available as feminized seeds, guaranteeing that every single seed you plant matures into a female plant, able to produce high quality Marijuana buds The development in Auto Seeds has been rapid over the last few years. Discover the wide choice now at Auto Seeds Bank your supplier of genuine Auto Seeds to the USA, Canada and all of Europe.

Read The Ultimate Review Of Auto Seeds and Available Strains Today and Lowest Prices