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What is beauty? The reflection of the harmony inside us. Finding our harmony is a difficult task, keeping it is art. My professional experience has taught me not to think of skin types, but rather soul types, seasons, parts of the day, occasions, moods, life periods. When we are born, we bring along a habit, and that comes with an outer mantle. This is our skin. It reflects not only our individuality but the ongoing processes of our soul. How we care for our skin is just as important as the nutrition and the thoughts we nourish ourselves with. If we aspire for balance in every aspect of our life, that will turn our visage, face and skin harmonious and radiant. Only after coming about in the inside can anything show itself for the outside. The scent and energy of the plants drives the human thinking and perception into positive directions with an overwhelming power so that it inevitably turns its user towards harmony, thus towards beauty. The Aromazen Facial Oils are the true masters of harmony. The composition and power of each Aromazen oil is given by the vegetable extracts, essences, natural vitamins and minerals. Their scent and very unique energy not only embellish the skin, but they very carefully blow away all the unnecessary emotional ballasts from the soul. The Aromazen oils act from the skin to the soul and from the soul to the skin. There are five of them: Wood, Fire, Earth (soil), Metal, Water- each one carrying in itself the idiosyncrasy of that particular element. You could pick only one Aromazen oil, but beauty care would become more nuanced if you used various Aromazen oils thus giving you the possibility to always support your skin and soul with the appropriate cosmetics. Application of the Aromezen Facial Oils Apply twice a day 1-2 pumps on the freshly cleansed and toned face and dĂŠcolletĂŠ and massage gently in. Any other facial cream should be used after oil. The Ignisa Aromazen Oil is the only one that is recommended to be used only in the evening. Toning Use Aromaqua Herba and Flora Mists to perfectly moisture, regenerate the skin and optimize the absorption of the Facial Oils.

May you take as much delight in using these oils as much we did while creating them!

With love and respect:

Facial oils – individual beauty care

Florina Facial oil - dry, sensitive skin

Ignisia Facial oil - dull, pallid skin longing for effervescence and fire

Ardonia Facial oil - mature and dehydrated skin

Salvia Facial oil - oily skin thirsty for purification

Aminea Facial oil - sensitive skin prone to erythema and with broken capillaries


Florina Facial Oil The oil which gives vigour and flexibility Skin condition: dry and sensitive Soul condition: reserved, frail, lacks creativity, hypersensitive, anger Belonging element: Wood Dynamizing mineral: Fluorite Main essential oils: Neroli, Vervain, Rosewood, Geranium Effect on the skin • harmonizing • hydrating • cell regenerating Effect on the soul • releases anger and bitterness • helps in decision making • helps us become the creator of our lives instead of being endurers When to choose Florina Facial Oil? • if skin is dry and sensitive • if you are experiencing a sensitive period in your life • in case of fear, anxiety • when dynamism and flexibility are needed

Ignisia Facial Oil The Effervescent, The stimulator Skin condition: fatigue, dull, pale Soul condition: unhappiness, severity, sadness, hard feelings Belonging element: Fire Dynamizing mineral: Carneole Main essential oils: Cinnamon, Clove, Rose, Coriander, Orange Effect on the soul • sparkles up your soul • releases hard feelings up • aphrodisiac • stimulates creativity • releases psychic stiffness Effect on the skin • tightens the skin • cell regenerator • stimulates circulation • anti-wrinkle When to choose Ignisia Facial Oil? • to add a glow to your skin and regenerate skin cells • on winter days, when your body and soul longs for warmth • if your skin is pale • if you are short of self-confidence • in case of severity, coldness, unhappiness

Do not expose your skin to sun or solarium after using Ignisia at least not for 6 hours.

Ardonia Facial Oil The One that gives Shelter Skin condition: dehydrated in need for nurturing Soul condition: indecisiveness, apprehensiveness, anxiety, feeling unprotected Element: Earth Dynamizing mineral: Sardonyx Main essential oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Peppermint, Coriander Effect on the skin • nurturing, vitalizing • cell regenerating, tightening • wound healing accelerating Effect on the soul • let go of your worries • warms feelings up • releases anxiety and depression • strengthens energetically When to choose Ardonia Facial Oil? • if your skin thirsts for nourishing • dry skin • if your skin or soul needs protection • lack of stability

Salvia Facial Oil The Liberating Skin condition: needs purification Soul condition: withdrawn, yearning for freedom, time to say good-bye Element: Metal Dynamizing mineral: Silver Main essential oils: Sage, Hyssop, Pine, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Effect on the skin • deep-cleanser • anti-inflammatory • wound-healing, hydrating • stimulates the cells’ oxygen taking Effect on the soul • liberates and releases claustrophobic feelings • calms the increased emotions • gives you peace and clear-sight When to choose Salvia Facial Oil? • in spring • during fasting • if your skin needs purification, regeneration • if you feel your soul is closed, needs more air • if you have sadness or sorrow in your heart • if it is time to let go

Aminea Facial Oil The Cooling, Comforting Skin condition: sensitive, broken capillaries Soul condition: anxiety, fear, indecisiveness Element: Water Dynamizing mineral: Ametyst Main essential oils: Immortelle, Yarrow, Chamomile, Cypress Effect on the skin • calming • anti-inflammatory • astringent • accelerates wound healing • cell regenerating Effect on the soul • drives fear away • removes the energetic blockages from around the hip • unblocks the locked-up emotions. • improves intuition When to choose Aminea Facial Oil? • for regeneration after sunbathing • broken capillaries on the face • skin prone to inflammation • in case of any injury on the face • dark circles around the eyes • fear, anxiety


The secret elixir of the special wild flower extracts and essences collected by hand in the forests of Pannonia, (Hungary) with antioxidant, cell regenerating, skin beautifying and soul up-lifting effect.

Aromaqua Facial Mist

The combination of skin toning, refreshing, harmonizing and hydrating vegetable extracts. They refresh and hydrate the skin, and optimize the absorption of the Facial Oils into the skin. Before applying facial oils, always use Aromaqua Mists.

Aromaqua Flora 50 ml - Facial Mist A special blend of flower extracts, which refreshes, hydrates and regenerates skin. Main ingredients and effect PANNONESSENCE – antioxidant, cell regenerating, uplifting Rosa Damascena extract – harmonizing, tightening, hydrating, regenerating Linden extract – cell regenerating, rejuvenating Blackthorn extract – cell regenerating, tightening Wild rose extract – regenerating, tightening

Aromaqua Herba 50 ml - Facial Mist The combination of specific herbs which cleans, regenerates, heals wounds and refreshes the skin. Main ingredients and effects PANNONESSENCE – antioxidant, cell regenerating, uplifting Lavender extract – cleansing, regenerating Thyme extract – wound healing, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant Rosemary extract – powerful antioxidant, cleansing Pink yarrow extract – protective Snowdrops extract – gives you courage and self-confidence

“...Madeleine is one of the beautiful young ladies with sparkling eyes and soul living in this marvelous country. What makes her unique for me is that she is the blossom of my heart, and when she addresses me calls me: mother. If I were a poet I’d write her a poem, and to all daughters, to let them know what a great joy their existence is, but since I am no poet I prepared for her and to every daughter with sparkling eyes and soul a beautifying portion from magical herbs and flowers, so that they flourish and glisten like the stars in the sky.”

Madeleine Hydrating Face Balm 50 ml For dehydrated skin A light, hydrating, skin regenerating and antioxidant face balm. Its beautifying and regenerating effect is due to the vegetable extracts and magical Pannonessence. Direction to use: apply the necessary quantity on face and dĂŠcolletĂŠ and gently massage into skin. Main ingredients PANNONESSENCE Grapes seed oil Plum seed oil Mayflower extract Violet extract Neroli essential oil

Madeleine Body Care Balm 125 ml For dry, dehydrated skin A light, oriental-like body care balm. The synergic emulsion of shea-, coconut-, plum seed oil and Pannonessence makes it nourishing and regenerating. Direction to use: apply the necessary quantity on face and dĂŠcolletĂŠ and gently massage into skin. Main ingredients PANNONESSENCE Shea oil Coconut oil Linden extract Blackthorn extract

MATURE, DEHYDRATED SKIN CARE The Rose de Luxe products contain the combination of special vegetable oils and extracts. What makes this product range special is the prevailing Damask Rose essence and the dynamizing rose quartz.

Rose de Luxe Facial Cleansing 125 ml for all skin conditions Natural facial cleanser milk suitable for all skin types. The Gypsophila paniculata, commonly known as Baby’s-breath, the castor-,sesame-, and calendula oil, and the Damask Rose essential oils gently cleanse and at the same time nourish the skin. Apply the cleansing milk by massaging into the skin in circular motions, then rinsing with lukewarm water. Main ingredients Baby’s breath extract Damask Rose essential oil Calendula oil Castor oil Sesame oil

Rose de Luxe Hydrating Cream 50 ml for mature, dehydrated skin A particularly silky hydrating cream abundant in vegetal substances which due to the wheat-germ-, calaba-, and shea oil contributes to the retaining of the skin’s hydratation, thus to its youth. Use: apply the required amount on the face and décolleté and massage gently into the skin. Main ingredients PANNONESSENCE Damask Rose essential oil Wild rose extract Argan oil Wheat germ oil Linden extract

Rose de Luxe Nourishing Cream 50 ml for mature, alipic and dehydrated skin An exceptionally nourishing night cream. Its protective and regenerating effect can be attributed to the presence of Argan and Shea oils. Its particularity is given by the Damask Rose and Wild Rose extracts that harmonize and tighten the skin. Use: apply the required amount on the face and d茅collet茅 and massage gently into the skin. F么bb hat贸anyagai PANNONESSENCE Damask Rose essential oil Wild Rose extract Linden extract Shea oil Argan oil

Rose de Luxe Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream 15 ml An anti-wrinkle eye cream rich in vegetal substances, vitamins which regenerates, hydrates and tightens the sensitive skin surface around the eyes. Use: 1-2 times a day with gentle and circular moves around the eyes.

Main ingredients PANNONESSENCE Damask Rose essential oil Wild Rose extract Shea oil Argan oil Linden extract

Rose de Luxe Facial Oil 15 ml for mature, dehydrated skin This facial oil is a real life elixir for the skin. Flowing gold that is regenerating, cell renewing because of the Damask Rose and White Lotus essential oils and the Karotta CO2 extract.

Main ingredients PANNONESSENCE Damask Rose essential oil White Lotus essential oil Karotta CO2 extract Argan oil Plum oil Wheat-germ oil A and E vitamins

Rose de Luxe Body Care Cream 125 ml for dry and sensitive skin A deep hydrating body lotion containing shea-, grapes seed-, apricot kernel oils, makes the skin tighter and gives it elasticity. Its cell renewing attribute is due to the Damask Rose essential oil. Use: 1-2 times daily massaging the required quantity into the skin.

Main ingredients Damask Rose essential oil Shea oil Apricot Kernel oil Grapes Seed oil Shea oil Cocoa butter Wheat-germ oil

C ata l o g u e B A R B A R A b a s k a • P h o t o Z OLT Á N s ár o s i • Tr a n s l at i o N K ata l i n K o v ác s

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