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Graphic Logos A logo is a symbol that will provide consumers with instant brand recognition.

Starting at $499 get a design with two edits or several designs, choose one and get two edits for $999


Multimedia Productions Video & Photography for TV, YouTube, Websites & More

Starting at $999 Get a basic Internet Video Commercial with Photography    

60 minutes onsite video production (filming & photos) editors cut video, then 2 edits (photos, voiceover) 60 second finished product (up to a 60 second video) a finished disc with copy of the video and photos Upgrade for Full Production Support with: Director Services, Two Cameras, Professional Voiceover, Script Support, YouTube and Advertising Support, Custom Graphics & more… Video/Photography by Michael Stern, Real Estate by John Lasurdo

Advertising Design Digital Ad Banners, Print Ad Design, Signage, Posters, etc.

Starting at $499

Websites Not just a website, a Flash design that is Search Engine Optimized!

Starting at $999 Get a design with *two pages, domain, email, $50 in Google AdWords, Onsite SEO: keywords, including url, title tags, and a structural html backend. Offsite SEO: Get a website with about 35 backlinks created for the first month which could include article links, in-content links, blog comments, Q&A and more. *add pages to the site for as little as $100 per page

Search Engine Optimization onsite optimization & structural code

Starting at $999 Get an onsite SEO evaluation, then have our programmer execute the changes or provide the instruction to you website designer! See results in as little as 4 - 6 months!

           

Keyword Research Domains URLs Title Tags Meta Descriptions Meta keywords H1 - H5 keyword density alt text for Images page structural layout blog or content sources sitemap, etc


Search Engine Optimization Not just Search Engine Optimization, Digital Brand Visibility!

Starting at $295

per month

Get an Offsite SEO campaigns that include quality custom backlinks, social media bookmarks, press releases, custom blog articles and more! See results in as little as 4 - 6 months!

The back links you need to create visibility and increase Search Engine Rankings We use a variety of services and types of links for genuine white hat services. Monthly Search Engine Submission: We submit your site every month. Blog Comment Links: We will find forums and blogs that are relevant to the content of your website. We leave a comment on these pages and include a link to your website. These links are permanent and we will never remove them. These links are very effective and look very natural to the search engines. Profile Links: With this back link package we will create a profile for you on thousands of different forums, and add a link to your website on each of the profiles. These links are permanent and we will never remove them. Article Links: We write a unique 500 word article based on your keywords. Then we manually submit your article to PR3 - PR6 article directories and include a link to your website. We guarantee the article will be approved on all directories. In-Content Links: We write unique 300 word articles based on your keywords. Then we manually submit your articles to different web 2.0 sites, and include a link to your website inside the content of the articles using your anchor text. These links appear very natural to the search engines and are extremely powerful. Social Media Posts & Bookmarks: We create accounts for your company, organization or individual on sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Twitter and more. These basic profiles are used to take content and post it to those accounts. 30 Posts would be a Micro Publication or a Bookmark to 30 Social Sites. Forums Links: We create profiles and find forums that talk about your subject or industry, we leave valuable content for comments and create links back in the signature. Q&A: We find sites that use the Question and Answer format, these not only create back links but are placed in high traffic points increasing random link visibility to those interested in that subject, product or industry. List Your Business: We find directories to list your business, this includes updating accuracy and linking back to your website. i.e. Patch, Merchant Circle, Yelp, etc. Custom Blog Articles: We provide content creation for the topics you provide or generics about your industry. The Articles are created as originals specifically for your business. Press Release Distribution: We will create a Press Release about you, your business, or your product or services then distribute it digitally, i.e. Flash Splash Page: We create a custom ad page (1 page website) for you, this page features your business, product or service and is SEO refined for targeted search visibility.


Social Media Real Estate

Facebook Listings Starting at $1499 Get two Facebook Tabs: - A Spotlight Tab featuring video, pictures and copy about your listing. - A Listing Tab to Feature at least 5 listings with info and Google Maps. One Click "Share" buttons built in!!!


Social Media Marketing

Facebook Starting at $899 Includes Custom Designed Tab for your business, product or service. This 520 x 2000 pp design can be fully interactive, place videos, active links, PayPal shopping buttons, coupons and more. These custom landing Tabs for facebook provide a more effective and professional brand image for you facebook visitors. Setup RSS support for regular posts to the FB Page!

Facebook Advertising Support We develop, target, design and manage facebook ads for as little as $150 +15% of the spend!

Social Media Marketing

Starting at $499 Micro Publications with Collaboration and Influence Not just a twitter account setup, but a foundation for the future! We create an account, provide it with all the standard stuff; a picture, a bio, a url, etc. Then we supercharge its growth, developing topic based tweets and feeds that are related to everything that represents you and your brand! We use our software to find like minded people and or clients that tweet about all the same things that you care or sell about. The account goes into overdrive developing people to follow, getting others to follow you back. Uses introductions (DM) to promote your brand and grow. This service makes sure that even if you're having a low key day, your account is not, networking and publishing with the best Twitter & others offer!

We create an easy to manage and read newspaper out of the chosen keywords or hash tags you have designated. 

reduce cost spent on data mining for your topic and brand

build social media relationships with those you pull content from.

gain valuable information about topics relevant to your business.

implement into your content marketing campaigns.

   

Klout measures the impact a brand or a person has on the social media network. It is a social media analytics company. Helps Track Influence shows you who influences you helps you see who you influence rewards you with perks as your influence grows


Mobile Marketing Generate Brand Awareness, Leads, & Sales!       

Web Based Apps & Mobile Sites Native Apps (Apple, Android etc) Location Based Marketing QR Codes & Mobile Analytics SMS Text Marketing Wifi Marketing Mobile Commerce


Personal Brand & Professional Brand

A Social Network for Business, this site is used for displaying professional digital resumes, businesses and facilitate professional topics. There are many ways to leverage LinkedIn to grow business. LinkedIn is a source for networking, recruiting talent, learning something new, sharing your business or product and generating the highest quality leads on the web for professional or high end services.

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Create a Personal Profile that connects to your personal digital brand. Create an organization page that features employees, products, etc. Use your existing contacts and lists to connect to your personal account. Create Advertising for Products and Services Create lead capture Advertising by using Whitepapers. List Jobs and easily screen candidates based on what LinkedIn knows.

These are just a few introductory steps and services that we can support for LinkedIn, the key to LinkedIn is professional targeting using quality content, supported by professional advancement and conversation.

Business Pages, Recruiting & Advertising


The Business Card In a world that has become more and more digital, don't just get a card, get a tool that excites the senses. The business card may be the last traditional marketing and networking tool to survive the digital age. Make sure the last tangible item you use is one that looks, feels and possibly even smells of success! Experience the elegance of a Taste of Ink!

A Taste of Ink for a digital world! We buy these products direct from the printer so we can produce the highest quality brand experience for you and/or your organization. Designs provided or purchase.


Public Relations Organize Press Releases, Content & Copy for Blogs, Websites and Social Media

Starting at $1499 PR & Marketing is the balance of art and science in analyzing trends, predicting policy outcomes, planning campaigns of action and communicating to reach the general public or the media. Our professionals use several sources to develop a successful PR Campaign. Directed PR, is when our staff pitches a story idea to a particular media outlet for their content or audience. Opportunistic PR involves our staff researching the publications’ editorial calendars and editorial databases to see current story topics and articles. This allows us to pitch a client for an existing “Hot” opportunity.

It’s all in the pitch…….You have one chance to pitch your story…so don’t blow it! Once you have a newsworthy story…the second step is pitching it correctly.


Blogs & Content Starting at $499 Hire a writer, researcher or both to help keep your brand content fresh and exciting! A the heart of Social Media success is the creator, not the poster! Social Media Success comes from the conversation and sources for great content, blogs have many advantages.

#1 - The blog makes you the source! It is s show not tell! This proves that you know understand and stay up to date on your subject! #2 - The blog provides SEO rich content! The Search Engines are looking for genuine content so help their clients find what they are looking for. A blog provides updated and fresh content with a better picture of what your website or content is about. This increases the likely hood that you will be seen on search results. #3 - It is the beginning stages of viral activity in Social Media! The blog is an opportunity to provide information that will allow the general public, to learn, laugh, cry, etc. The content is original so the likely hood of it being shared increases.

Direct Mailing Brochures, Post Cards & Flyers

Starting at $699 Start with 1000 pieces postage & list included Full Color Front Post Card, Black and White Back Marketing Target: Household Income, Home Owners, Renters, Age, Zip code etc.

eMail Marketing Custom Design Templates, eMail Marketing Management, eMail Marketing Training for Constant Contact & Mail Chimp

Starting at $1499 Campaign success can be measured using software designed to record responses or sales that are attributable to email marketing efforts. Reports can be generated on the number of emails opened by your recipients (open-ups) and the number of times your embedded links were clicked (click-through). By being able to quantify the success of campaigns while in progress, marketers can quickly adjust strategies to strengthen response rates.

Digital Brand Marketing Solutions A dedication to finding the right solution that empowers and strengthens a brand, engages the crowd and excites your customers, clients and/or followers. We handle talent & execution so that your agency and our partners can continue to provide the most innovative and effective solutions.

"It's all about providing solutions, not selling products!"           

Brand Marketing Consulting Marketing and Policy Analysis Publication Support for Pitch and Self Publishing Blog Publication & Content Support Newsletters (Digital & Traditional Print) Pay Per Click Management - Google, Facebook, Bing, Social Media Blasts, Publications & Monitoring Digital Brand Reputation Management Conference Planning & Execution Training Seminars, Programs & Materials Corporate & Agency Training

Make an investment! Presentations, Workshops, Seminars These services offer your business or organization the opportunity to learn long term best practices and develop the skills to evolve your Digital Brand Marketing & Sales!      

Brand Development, Brand Monitoring, Websites, Social Media, SEM (including SEO), Content Development, etc.

Subject Matter Presentation starting at $1,500 Get a subject matter professional to present on the topic of your choice. The session can last as long as one hour, it includes both a presentation, basic research handout on the topic as well as Q & A.

Subject Matter Workshops starting at $3,500 Hands on Training and Industry Review These half day workshops last up to four hours and include a subject matter presentation, team support to setup accounts to use software, sites etc. The professionals (at least 2) spend time teaching the small group (up to 8) how to utilize best practices for software, websites, social media, press, content development and more. This is a hands on practical workshop.

Seminars starting at $6,000 Skills Training and Industry Plan of Action These are hands on practical seminars designed to review your industry marketing, your current brand marketing practices, introduce and develop your employees skills and provide a road map "Industry Plan of Action" for Digital Brand Marketing.

A Network Cloud of Talent: Digital Brand Marketing Solutions

For more info contact a Retail Agency or Project Manager Eastern Long Island: 631.932.0019 New York City: 917.829.3484

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