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This website was created to be used as a comprehensive resource for single mom’s everywhere. Packed with current information and upbeat articles on careers,education, grants, scholarships, help with housing, parenting tips, relationships, health, fitness, and finances, you’ll find nothing but quality and current information here.

Have You Ever Tried Finding Certain Information Online?  Have you ever tried to search for information on grants or scholarships, only to find websites that take you around in circles without ever providing the facts you’re looking for?  It seems like these topics are buried from sight. I remember when I decided to return to college and was looking for government grant information. A friend of mine told me that single mother’s actually have quite an advantage where college is concerned. Even though I was in my late 20′s, I could return to school full-time and the government would pay my tuition.  You can imagine my disappointment when I searched endlessly online for this information. It literally took me a week and a few phone calls to my local college to hunt down the information I was after.  I did indeed return to school with a full grant. I even had money left over to help with my household bills! If I had been less diligent with my search efforts though, I may have missed a golden opportunity.

Have You Ever Tried Finding Certain Information Online?

 Next up, I remember trying to locate medical coverage for my children. My earnings were just past the allowable limit to receive Medicaid and I had heard about another state funded program, but I couldn’t locate the right information anywhere.  Every website led to a dead end. I finally found what I was looking for, but once again it took me several days to find the first stitch of information.  It was then that I decided to start my own website where all the right information for single mothers would be presented in clear and concise manner. Of course it’s not just me anymore.  Now we have a team of single moms who conduct research, factcheck, and continue to provide fresh, relevant information and content.

We’re Here for You!  Is there something you’d like to see on our site?  - Would you like to read more about careers or budgeting?  - Are you having trouble finding insurance or do you need resume writing tips?  Send us an email and let us know what you’d like us to include on our site. We’re here for you and our mission is to help you live your best life now!  We don’t want you to simply survive. That’s not really living. We want to show you how to thrive!  As a single mom, I went from living below the poverty level to an educated professional, and finally a business owner.  If I can do it, you can too. It’s your turn to shine and we’ll help you every step of the way!

Single Parent Families: Overcoming Against All Odds • Many single parents face a wide range of challenges: • Low income • Lack of available resources • Affordable childcare • Higher education costs • Balance between work and family • While single parent families have a lot to deal with, there are always people who seek single parent adoption. Adopting a child is a big step in any family, but it’s an even bigger step when someone does it alone. Entering the world of single parenthood isn’t easy, but it can be the most rewarding thing in someone’s life.

The Challenge of Adopting as a Single Person • The problem that many wishful single parents face with adoption is the discrimination of not being in a marital relationship. Most adoption agencies will turn to a couple wanting to adopt a child first, as opposed to a single person. The perception and the statistics show that single parents are less able to make ends meet and provide their children with the benefits couples can provide. • Unfortunately, the discrimination is what keeps many people from entering single parenthood. They become discouraged and give up because of the long waiting period, even though they yearn to become a single parent.

How to Overcome Against the Odds • If you are currently hoping to become a single parent to an adopted child, do not give up the fight. You can overcome the odds that are against you. • What adoption agencies want to see is a single parent that has reduced or eliminated the factors that put them at risk of not being able to provide for a child. So, if you don’t already have one, seek a degree. According to a recent College Board survey, individuals with a college degree are more likely to have a higher salary. A higher salary can reassure the adoption agency that you are able to provide the necessities a child needs since the raising of an average child in the United States can cost as much as $235,000 • If you already have a degree, and your salary isn’t as high as you or the adoption agency would like it to be, seek a promotion within your current workplace or search for employment with a higher salary.

How to Overcome Against the Odds • A consideration to have when looking for replacement employment or advancement is how conducive it will be to caring for a child. If you’re able to work while the child is in school, that would work out best. Adoption agencies do pay attention to this, so it’s important to be able to have a schedule in mind of how you will care for the child. • If you’re hoping to adopt a baby, searching for affordable and reliable child care options can be a great highlight to your adoption application. Again, having a plan in place shows the agency you are already committed to giving the child the best care possible. • It’s important to show the adoption agency that you can be a great parent because you’ve already researched the odds against single parenthood and have already fought against them. All you need is what they can give you – a child you can hold in your arms to love and care for, so he or she can grow up to be a responsible, important member of society.

Single parents  
Single parents