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Mission statement     The  GIVE  US  BACK  OUR  HARBOUR  group  was  set  up  in  April  2011  after  work  at   the  Greystones  Harbour  construction  site  came  to  a  full  stop,  with  no  indication   that  public  access  to  the  harbour  amenity  would  be  restored  3.5  years  after  it   was  taken  away.     The  sole  objective  of  the  group  is  to  have  the  new  harbour  immediately   restored  to  public  use  as  an  amenity  for  the  community  of  Greystones,  and   as  part  of  that  to  have  the  hoardings  surrounding  much  of  the  site  removed.     In  the  plans  for  the  harbour,  both  as  originally  approved  by  An  Bórd  Pleanála  and   in  the  latest  version,  a  significant  area  of  the  harbour  near  the  existing  retail   premises  is  intended  to  become  a  public  plaza  with  a  small  in-­‐harbour  beach,   entirely  open  to  the  public.  The  harbour  walls  or  piers  are  also  intended  to  be   accessible  by  the  public  at  large.     Construction  work  on  the  harbour  itself  is  now  complete.  Given  the  economic   downturn  and  the  collapse  of  the  property  market,  no  further  construction  work   on  any  further  phase  of  the  plan  is  likely  to  start  for  some  time.         As  the  community  has  been  deprived  of  the  harbour  amenity  for  three  and  a  half   years,  and  the  removal  of  the  hoardings  is  now  about  18  months  behind   schedule,  the  GIVE  US  BACK  OUR  HARBOUR  group  has  one  simple  demand:   remove  the  hoardings  and  give  us  back  access  to  our  harbour,  which  has  always   been  the  core  marine  amenity  in  the  town  and  an  important  part  of  community   life.     The  group  will  organise  petitions,  lobbies,  demonstrations  and  protests  in  order   to  achieve  our  aim  of  having  the  hoardings  around  the  site  taken  down  and  the   harbour  amenity  returned  to  the  people  so  that  they  can  enjoy  it  during  the     summer  of  2011.       We  do  not  intend  that  the  people  of  Greystones  and  visitors  to  our  town  to   be  deprived  of  this  amenity  for  a  fourth  successive  summer.     We  believe  this  is  a  simple  issue  with  a  simple  solution.     We  expect  our  public  representatives,  council  officials,  and  the  developers   to  show  a  positive,  can-­do  attitude  and  act  immediately  to  restore  to  the   public  the  harbour  amenity  which  we  and  our  visitors  previously  enjoyed   for  decades.  

Mission Statement  

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