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YOURFUTURE In support of National Apprenticeship Week this month, this special addition to the Borough Diary takes a look at apprenticeships around the borough.


Apprenticeships combine on the job training with study, meaning that you can earn while you learn. Apprenticeships usually take between one and four years. The minimum wage for apprentices aged 16-18 and all apprentices in their first year (regardless of age) is £3.40 per hour. After that you are entitled to minimum wage (some employees may pay more than that).

There are several ways you can get into an apprenticeship entering at different levels, whether you begin on a Traineeship as a great stepping stone on to an apprenticeship or start an apprenticeship at NVQ Level 2 or 3. The fantastic progression routes mean you can even progress on to Higher Apprenticeships (Level 4-5), or go on to do a degree or masters level apprenticeship (Level 6-7) – all whilst getting paid! Whether you’re academic or not, technically or practically minded, apprenticeships are an effective way of kick-start

ing a long and successful career. Read on for real life experiences of Basildon based apprentices.


After finishing, the majority of apprentices (90%) stay in employment (including 2% self-employed), with seven in ten (71%) staying with the same employer; A quarter of apprentices have been promoted within 12 months of finishing. Apprenticeships are available in 1,500 job roles covering more than 170 industries.


Meet Chris Morris. He’s gained various qualifications including an Engineering Degree while working with the company. After completing his apprenticeship he took on his current role as a Hardware Technician at Leonardo, which has a site based at Christopher Martin Road in Basildon. “I was studying for my A Levels with the hopes of progressing through to university. However, family issues resulted in me leaving home at the age of 17, requiring me to drop my A levels and seek a job to support my financial needs. It was only by chance, after attending a robot competition with my sixth form college, that I discovered the technical apprenticeship offered by Leonardo, who sponsored the event.

I learned whilst I was doing things and that’s the easiest way for me to learn, I like to be pushed in at the deep end. “ Alongside learning on the job I was also completing an NVQ level two in business administration. The tutors I had were really supportive and if I ever needed any help, I just emailed them and they got back to me straight away. “After my apprenticeship finished I wanted to stay here –to stay in the NHS – everyone here is just so supportive, especially the office that I’m in. I work with characters with such talent, that they literally make me want to do more. I see how they do things and it’s inspirational”.

“An apprenticeship worked for me as I am getting experience whilst learning. I found that when I was applying for jobs before, that weren’t an apprenticeship – they wouldn’t even look at me because I didn’t have any experience. Now when I need to “For me this was an ideal opportuni- apply for a job I would be much more ty as it essentially permitted me to confident because I have had the continue my studies at university, experience here.” whilst benefitting from a salary doing something I enjoy – electronics.” “Since joining the company, I’ve successfully achieved a distinction in an HNC and HND, along with gaining multiple key skills which have permitted me to complete a BEng course in electronics. “Every day is different! I have been introduced to new components, circuits and computer languages that were previously unknown to me prior to working here. Yet, my skills gained over the years since joining Leonardo have allowed me to significantly contribute to the various projects within the company. “My progression through Leonardo has seen me work both independently and in teams on various projects, ranging from air radio fault diagnosis to FPGA firmware designs. These projects have provided me with an opportunity to further my talents and electronic knowledge, thereby helping me to progress both within the company as an engineer and at university studying for my BEng. I enjoy every day at the office and always look forward to the future opportunities that I will come to experience.”


Lucy Nugent recently finished her apprenticeship at Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and recently successfully applied for a role as a Learning & Development Administrator. “When I left school I went to college for two years to study hairdressing but I realised halfway through that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. So after I finished college, I took a few months to think about what I wanted and was looking into jobs when I saw the NHS apprenticeship advertised. “I had some previous work experience as a lifeguard and a swimming teacher but never anything like I was applying for”. “I have now finished my apprenticeship and gone on to take a permanent position at the hospital as an administrator, but the apprenticeship made it so much easier for me to do that. I’d never worked in an office before – this was the first office job I’d ever had and coming from working in a leisure environment to an office is such a big jump. It made it much easier for me because


Meet Will Copp, a Registration Associate apprentice who joined the IFDS scheme when he left university aged 22. Now 24 - he explained why an apprenticeship at IFDS was right for him: “I originally went to university straight from school but then I looked at jobs I actually wanted to go in to and I was very interested in working in the financial services industry. I looked locally and in London and I weighed up the different factors, like travel, and I thought the benefits of working locally were far greater for me than going to London. “My degree was in music but when I chose it I wasn’t necessarily thinking about the actual career I wanted. The apprenticeship, for me, was a really good choice. It’s a very different way of learning than university. I prefer the personal approach of my apprenticeship. You have updates on how well you are doing so the team leaders actually show an interest in how you are doing and I like that - it’s more personal and that in turn motivates me to succeed. “Since being here I’ve completed the NVQ in customer services and I’m currently studying towards my OIC which I’m hoping to take in the next few months. “I like the fact I get home 20 minutes after I finish work. I have friends who work in London and they finish the same time but they don’t get home until 6.30-7pm and some days, something goes wrong with the trains and it takes over their life. Whereas if I need to stay at work for some overtime, it’s not a problem as I’m just around the corner. It’s a lot more convenient to work locally and of course it costs a lot more to work in London.

“I don’t think apprenticeships should be regarded as a completely different thing to university but just a different way of achieving the same goal. In terms of being an academic person, I think if anyone has the motivation to do it - whether they are academic or not - they can

go forward and do an apprenticeship or a degree, it is entirely up to the person what route they want to take to achieve their goals.” “The support at IFDS has been fantastic. The support that is given with the actual work, like allowing a certain amount of time to complete it and then obviously the opportunity to progress inside the company is very appealing. “IFDS is a forward thinking company, it really offers everything that London can”.

CHLOE Meet Chloe Frost. A multi-trade apprentice at Morgan Sindall Property Services in the third, and final year of her apprenticeship. “When I left school I wanted to be an archaeologist, then a hairdresser! But after realising they probably weren’t for me I applied for an apprenticeship online with help from my family. I researched through local papers and websites and found some opportunities which appealed to me.” “I have really enjoyed the apprenticeship. Across the three years I’ve been working, my managers and supervisors have pushed me to always to do more than I think I can - and they’ve usually been right! I am now quite confident to do small jobs on my own - although I always have supervision. I’m currently doing plastering in tenants’ homes for whole days which is a fantastic experience. The great thing about the apprenticeship is that every day is so different, I could be taking a whole ceiling down, putting plasterboard up or laying a floor. Morgan Sindall have supported me to link my work experience with what I am studying – to make sure that the ‘on the job’ experience I am getting matches my learning and vice versa.” “I started to apply for these types of roles because I had always had an interest in, and been quite good at DIY. I enjoyed it so thought I should put those skills to good use. “One of the key things I’ve learned through the apprenticeship is communication skills. I am working in homes and I have to be able to communicate well and help people trust me and understand what I’m doing. People are surprised every day when a female operative arrives. My mentor had never met a female plasterer until he met me. Most people are really positive about it and I think some customers actually prefer the fact I’m a woman.”

“If anyone is reading this and considering an apprenticeship I’d say give it a shot. It can be difficult coming from school straight into work. With apprenticeships you get a lot of help and support. You learn and you earn money at the same time”. “My apprenticeship has been such a positive experience for me. When I first left school I was doing hairdressing at college and I also had to find a part-time job in order to earn some money. I found it really difficult to balance the two. But now I get the best of both worlds with college and earning together. “Once my apprenticeship has finished I want to go on to specialise as a plumber so I’d go onto the next level apprenticeship in plumbing. I’d like then to keep going, and hopefully become a supervisor one day.”

steps and make him proud. “ “Every day is different which is really good. You could be carrying out plumbing, flooring, or carpentry works from one day to the next; I’m learning so many different skills.” Liam: “I really enjoy plumbing and carpentry which I’ve got to do the most of.” Mitchell: “I searched the internet to research what I might want to do after year 11. I found a college offering to prepare you in the skills to work in the



Meet Kelsea Hornsby. Kelsea is 17 and currently in a Customer Service apprenticeship at Basildon Council. Kelsea was interviewed by Luke Rapley (16) – also an apprentice, in the Communications team, at Basildon Council. “I have been at my role at Basildon council since September, I am currently in the customer service department but get the chance to work in other departments too. “Before I started my apprenticeship I was at college and studying A-level law, economics, business and geography, which I went to straight from school but then after the first year of college I decided it wasn’t for me and applied for this apprenticeship.” “The Basildon Council scheme looked like a great opportunity and I knew some people who had worked here previously and said it is a great place to work where they really care for you, so I went online to the Basildon council website, it was easy to find, and I applied for it through there.

“I’ve got a foot in the door to start my career” “At the moment I’m in the call-centre taking calls for housing and plenty of other departments so I’m learning a lot about how different departments work. That’s the benefit of an apprenticeship at Basildon Council, you get to work in different departments and learn about the council, it all improves your knowledge, education and experience.”



Meet Liam Roberts (16) and Mitchell Singleton (17). They are both undertaking traineeships leading to apprenticeships. Liam: “Academic education didn’t really work for me. I really enjoyed practical learning and working ‘hands-on’.“ Mitchell: “Me too. I went to a trades college and learnt carpentry and electrics. I always loved building things and putting them together. I was a big fan of Bob the Builder! My dad did similar work, he worked on the ceilings in the Gherkin! I wanted to follow in his foot-

construction industry.” Liam: “I had a careers advisor who I saw each week and she helped me to work out what I might want to do and find opportunities. We used to look through jobs on the internet and she called me to let me know I had an interview.” Mitchell: “When we started on the traineeship there is an eight week trial. That’s unpaid while you show you can commit to the role and turn up on time and have good attendance and attitude etc. If you do well on the eight week trial you progress on to a paid contract and continue to work on maths and English or 1 day per week to prepare us for a full apprenticeship.

“I am so pleased with the choice I made. You think you can’t do things. I thought I couldn’t do a lot of the things I’m doing now but I push and push myself (with the support of the college and Morgan Sindall) and I realise I can do a lot more than I thought I could.” Liam: “Me too. I have learned so much since I’ve been here and know I’ve got lots more to learn.” Mitchell: “I’m excited to carry on doing what I’m doing. To keep pushing myself and hopefully one day be a multi-trader. It will take time but I am very determined.” An employer’s view: Amy Ross - Community Gateway Manager, Morgan Sindall Property Services. “Morgan Sindall Property Services have a 10-15 year contract with Basildon Council carrying out all aspects of repairs and maintenance work to the council’s housing stock. Social value is a big part of the contract with a great deal of importance placed on providing employment opportunities for local people to learn new skills. It’s all about what we can give back to the borough. BasWorx Social Enterprise is our Work to Learn programme which includes a traineeship route. I believe it’s really filling a gap in the market as young people don’t necessarily know what they want to do until they’ve tried it and you can’t really learn employability skills just in the classroom. Being in the workplace motivates our trainees and they understand things like why they have to be in on time. We’ve seen massive changes in the first group of young people to come through. Particularly in terms of their confidence, but we have also been impressed by their perfect attendance, good punctuality, and positive attitudes. The biggest change we have seen is raised aspirations as they start proving to themselves that they can do this. The opportunity helps our trainees to see first-hand why things like maths and English are so

important; they can see the practical application on the job which motivates them more in the classroom. “The scheme is currently open for 16 – 24 year olds but we will be extending it to over 24’s looking to retrain and gain new skills in future cohorts. “People can apply by sending us an email to express their interest and we will send them an application form to complete –” An employers view; Jayne Toplis, Associate Director, Organisational Development at Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, gave us an overview of their apprenticeship scheme: “There has always been the opportunity to have apprenticeships within the NHS but more recently we’ve had the opportunity to extend our apprenticeship scheme to both new staff and to permanent staff. “We offer apprenticeships in a number of settings varying from the corporate setting which covers business administration apprenticeships to the estates department where we offer maintenance electrical and plumbing apprenticeships and also apprenticeships in the clinical setting, for example healthcare assistants. “The apprenticeships run from 12 months or 18 months or longer depending on the level studied. “It takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight - but the whole idea is that we ‘grow our own’ and build that opportunity for our local community”. An employer’s view Benjamin Pigg, Registration Manager at International Financial Data Services gives an overview of their apprenticeship programme. Traditionally, financial services required experience that a lot of these young people didn’t have and IFDS saw an opportunity to change that - to get them in and give them a flavour for what financial services were all about in a structured way. After five years, we consider our apprenticeship scheme a success. We are still recruiting and we’ve seen our apprentices move through the ranks and some of them are managers now. Rapid progression and the opportunities are there if they are up for grabbing them”.

WHAT NEXT? 16 -19? Attend the Get Sorted apprenticeship recruitment event - Monday 10 April. 10am-3pm. St George’s Suite, Basildon Council Offices, St Martin’s Square, SS14 1DL Book by calling 03330 139858 or email Keep an eye out for the Your Future event in October, we’ll be publishing dates and details soon in Borough Diary and on www. Contact the apprenticeship promotion and brokerage hub on 03330 139858 or email Search for apprenticeships at Follow the apprenticeships vacancy twitter feed @AppVacancies Call the National Career Service on 0800 100 900


Sempra Update


Budget & Council Tax








FOR COMMUNITY HUB HRH The Princess Royal visited Citizens Advice Basildon Borough last month (22 February) to help celebrate the opening of the Bureau’s new office in the Community Hub at The Basildon Centre.

As patron of national Citizens Advice, HRH The Princess Royal was shown around the new co-located office space by Lynn Talbot from the trustee board. During the visit she met Citizens Advice caseworkers and volunteers as well as key partners including representatives from Basildon Council, local councillors, Essex County Council library service, JobCentre Plus and Swan Housing Association. Clare Kentish Photography

HRH The Princess Royal was given a tour of the Community Hub at the Basildon Centre and the Citizens Advice area by Lynn Talbot, Trustee at Citizens Advice Basildon Borough

The recent transformation of the Basildon Centre’s ground floor has given residents access to a

more comprehensive range of services under one roof.

The vibrant new space has brought together several partner organisations to create a Community Hub offering a number of public services. As well as council services such as housing, council tax advice, benefits support, planning, environmental services and many more, the Community Hub also hosts Citizens Advice and the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) JobCentre Plus and employment advice. This is in addition to Basildon Library with many community events and services offered within it, which continues to operate from the building and is run by Essex County Council.

Council investing nearly £1m in the borough whilst balancing the books Almost £1m is to be spent improving parks and open spaces, regenerating the borough and helping residents feel safer after Basildon Council confirmed a range of investments as part of its annual budget. The budget agreed for 2017/18 balances savings to cope with continued reductions in government grant with measured investment to meet its promises to residents. See pages 8 and 9.

Clare Kentish Photography

HRH The Princess Royal speaking ahead of presenting long service awards to Citizens Advice volunteers, alongside Kathy Peach, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Basildon Borough & Citizens Advice Thurrock



Mayor’s Column

Thank you for your support – it’s been quite a year! Since being elected as Mayor of Basildon last May it has been a very busy time. It has been a privilege to have been invited to so many functions and events that showcase the best of our borough. I have been lucky to meet, speak to and hear about the community work of hundreds of volunteers, organisations and schoolchildren that provide invaluable support and opportunities for our residents. Often with the support of my wife, Linda, we have both been proud to have represented the borough at these engagements and I would need at least three times the space of this column to list all of those we have attended. Opening the Holocaust Memorial event in January I, along with everyone in the auditorium was emotionally moved hearing Leslie Kleinman (a survivor of Auschwitz) share his horrific experience during the Holocaust. He said it took him 50 years to be able to share his story and I commend his strength for being able to do so to ensure that the atrocities are not forgotten. The council holds this event every year and I would encourage people to go along to hear these heart-breaking stories for themselves. During my Mayoral year, fundraising for my two chosen charities has been a high priority, and just before Christmas I was able to give a welcome festive present to both charities. The donations have funded an important high-spec piece of respiratory equipment for use on Wagtail Children’s Ward at Basildon Hospital, and a similar amount has gone to the young people’s Counselling Service at St Luke’s Hospice. I now aim to do even more for both charities before my term of office comes to an end so that each can benefit. I have had some fantastic support from various schools, organisations, businesses and individuals in raising these much needed funds, for which I am extremely grateful. It is an honour for any councillor to be elected as Mayor of Basildon – and in my last column before the Annual Meeting of the council in May – I can only say - I have done my best to represent the whole borough. Of course I have also continued to represent and deal with casework from the people in Wickford for whom I serve as a councillor – an important part of a councillor’s role. It would be remiss of me to conclude without saying a big “thank you” to the many organisations and people, for the way my wife and I have been received at all the functions and engagements we have visited, and for introducing me to the wealth of projects, groups and events that put ‘community’ at the heart of the Basildon borough.

Cllr David Harrison, Mayor of Basildon



Award-winning partnership sees litter reduced by 36% in borough An anti-litter campaign which spans Essex, Kent and Suffolk has resulted in a reduction of litter for the third year in a row. In Basildon there was an average reduction in litter of 36% with branded fast food litter reduced by 27%. The Love Essex campaign, run by the Cleaner Essex Group, is made up of Essex local authorities, including Basildon Council, and local business partners. It aims to remind people that littering is a criminal offence which comes with a fixed penalty notice from £75 and a maximum fine upon conviction in court of £2,500. This year’s campaign ‘Don’t Be a Tosser - #BinIt’ appeared on bus shelters, petrol pumps and refuse vehicles across Essex. The message

has been reiterated in and around 86 McDonald’s and 15 KFC restaurants in Essex, Kent and Suffolk helping to reduce branded fast food litter by 63%. More so than ever before, social media played a major part in helping the Cleaner Essex Group spread the campaign’s messages to 2.4 million social media accounts. Cllr Terri Sargent, Basildon Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Community, said: “There is no excuse for people who throw litter. Their unsociable actions spoil our borough and the county as a whole costing around £17m across Essex which could be better spent on other frontline services. We know that we have to keep using different methods of communication as well as enforcement to

hammer home the message.” Cherry Lewis-Taylor, McDonald’s franchisee, added: “I believe that working together and campaigning against littering at our restaurant locations helps remind people to dispose of their litter responsibly. Between McDonald’s and KFC’s participating restaurants and drive-thrus, we have reached millions of customers. Adding this to the number of people who saw the other campaign material, including social media, it is likely that the Don’t toss it… #Binit message will have been seen at least 6 million times.” Littering can be reported, in confidence, to a Council Street Scene Enforcement Officer via Streetcare on 01268 533333.

Somme memorial plaque officially unveiled in Basildon town centre A plaque commemorating troops who were tragically killed at the Battle of the Somme a century ago is now on public display in Basildon. The glass memorial, which includes the names of all troops from Basildon borough who fell at the battle in 1916, has been installed in the reception area of the Basildon Centre, in St Martin’s Square. The striking memorial lists the names of the Basildon men alphabetically alongside troops from two of the borough’s twin towns – Meaux in France and Heiligenhaus in Germany – who also lost their lives at the Somme. Forget Never – The Battle of the Somme

£500k funding secured to help tackle domestic violence in South Essex A domestic violence ‘One Stop Shop’ for South Essex is set to go ahead after a successful £500,000 funding bid. The funding comes from the DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) after a successful joint bid led by Basildon Council.

Cllr Anthony Hedley, Basildon Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, said: “This is a terrific joint effort from all involved and shows what can be achieved with effective partnership working. “This money will go a long way in keeping victims of domestic violence safe from harm across South Essex.”

The money will fund two domestic violence coordinators who will be employed on a secondment basis to help set up the One Stop Shop and formulate bids for future funding to ensure the project remains viable in the future.

The One Stop Shop will involve staff from housing, CAB, domestic violence co-ordinators and Essex Police attending one day per week and taking a collaborative approach to tackling the issue.

The funding will also go towards 28 refuge spaces which would have otherwise been lost.

Those fleeing or requiring advice about domestic violence issues will be seen and their issues often dealt with in a single day without the need for repeat signposting to other services.

Basildon Council’s partners in the bid included: Thurrock Council, SERICC (South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre), Changing Pathways, Castle Point Borough Council, Rochford District Council, Brentwood Borough Council, Basildon and Thurrock Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and Essex Police which supported the project.

Basildon Council will now work with partners to set up the One Stop Shop in an agreed South Essex location in the next few months. For support and advice on domestic abuse visit: www.






Have your say on Basildon’s Leader’s View draft housing strategy Residents are being encouraged to take part in a consultation which will help shape Basildon Council’s vision for housing in the borough. A month-long consultation on the council’s draft housing strategy has launched with members of the public being asked to complete an online survey. Those who work or study in the borough and residents who complete the survey will be eligible to win a £150 shopping voucher. The draft strategy has been drawn up to ensure Basildon Council will be able to continue to provide good quality housing options in years to come. Four priorities have been identified in order to achieve this vision: • Meeting future growth needs • Making the best use of existing homes • Supporting residents to create communities they wish to live in and be part of • Improving access to housing opportunities and choice The online survey asks participants for their views on which issues the council should be prioritising.

Cllr Anthony Hedley, Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, said: “We are keen to ensure Basildon is a place where people choose to live because there is a wide choice of homes and surroundings which support their wellbeing and aspirations. “Basildon, like all boroughs, needs to be responsive to ongoing challenges so it can achieve this vision. “We want to receive as many opinions as possible about our draft strategy, so that we can be sure we are prioritising the issues that really matter.” The draft housing strategy has been prepared over the past year by working with and talking to a range of people and groups, including residents, housing professionals and other organisations. After the consultation period ends, all responses will be examined and taken into account ahead of the council producing the final version of its housing strategy. The public consultation will run until Sunday 26 March. To take part in the survey and be in with a chance of winning a £150 shopping voucher, visit www.basildon. or call the Customer Service Centre on 01268 533333 and option 5 where a staff member will assist in completing the survey.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has “That ethos has to be the basis for any successful been signed by Basildon Council and Brentwood shared service and we are committed to being at the Borough Council to work together to explore forefront of sharing that good practice with others to further opportunities for partnership and the benefit of all our residents. collaborative working. “We commit to explore with Brentwood creating This agreement follows on from the successful shared the right structures to be future proof and flexible to Revenues and Benefits service which won a national meet the shared services opportunities and changing financial picture”. ‘Excellence In Partnership Working’ award last year. The initial work will aim to produce a detailed business case for the project that will identify possible opportunitiesforcollaborativeandpartnershipworkingto deliver modern, high quality and affordable services whilst retaining the identity of each council. Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon Council, said: “Our Fill in our survey online, entershared prize draw combined Revenues and Benefits serviceand withyou could win £150 vouchers* Consultation midnight 2017 Brentwood recently closes won a national award 26 by March being able to demonstrate it was a partnership that had *subject to terms and conditions (proof of residency, employment or study in the Borough is needed) enhanced the level of service provided and achieved Cllr Louise McKinlay, Leader of Brentwood Borough Council measurable savings, it was not just simply a contractual and Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon Council, Bala Mahendran, Chief Executive of Basildon Council and Philip arrangement.



Ruck, Chief Executive of Brentwood Borough Council

You will by now be aware that the council took the difficult decision to raise council tax this year. The rise of 1.99% is equivalent to 10p a week extra on a Band D property. No one wants to see taxes go up, but while our funding continues to go down, and the cost of services, and demand for them, goes up, we are faced with very little choice.

We are working hard to close a potential budget gap of £9m that would open up by 2019/20 if we did not take action. This year we have made £3m savings leaving a further £6m to find over the next two years – that will not be easy and we are sure to face some difficult decisions to make sure we get there.

Basildon and Brentwood councils to explore further joint working opportunities

Investing in the borough but there are still challenges ahead

The good news is that through careful and sensible management of our finances we have achieved our savings target of £3m for the coming year, without implementing the widespread cuts that other councils have had to make.


But I am also committed to keeping the promises we have made to you. We have therefore set aside money from our reserves for some key investments for this year to make sure we continue to do that. For example, we will be investing a total of £360,000 in parks and public open spaces in Wickford Memorial Park, Langdon Hills and in Laindon and Pitsea to complement the regeneration being undertaken there. We will also invest £250,000 in Superfast Essex to spread access to superfast broadband across the borough boosting small businesses in particular – and this investment will triple to £750,000 with match funding from partners. We will spend £19,500 on extra street lighting in Nethermayne to help keep residents there safer. And we have set aside £300,000 to allow new homes to be built in Wickford town centre while ensuring the rebuild of a new, improved community centre. We will need to keep a particularly close eye on budgets this year as we face a great deal of uncertainty as the country prepares to leave the European Union and international change impacts on the global economic climate. But I want to reassure you that we will continue to work as hard as we can to make sure you get the best possible value for money from your council tax.

Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon Council






Get ready for Essex County Council elections this May On Thursday 4 May elections will be taking place to elect a total of nine Essex County Council Councillors to represent the five Electoral Divisions in the borough. These Electoral Divisions are Billericay and Burstead; Laindon Park and Fryerns; Pitsea; Westley Heights; and Wickford Crouch.

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote (whereby somebody can vote on your behalf) is 5pm on Tuesday 25 April 2017

There is no election for councillors to Basildon Council this May.

If you would prefer to apply to register to vote using a paper form, you can still download the form from the registration site or you can request one from the Council’s electoral services team on 01268 533333. This must be sent back to us and received by Thursday 13 April 2017.

Look out for polling cards which will be sent out directly to all registered electors from the end of March/early April; providing full details, including the location of your local polling station. On Thursday 4 May, the polls will open from 7am and close at 10pm.

Please register to vote To have your say, you need to be registered to vote on the electoral register. If you are not already registered to vote, you can now register to vote online, please visit:


Council re-planting project gets underway in Wickford A three-year tree planting project is underway in Wickford to help regenerate two cherry tree avenues. Basildon Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Kevin Blake, was in Elder Avenue to help with the planting of the first 40 cherry trees. A further 40 trees will be planted next winter and the following year resulting in 120 new trees by 2019. This regeneration project is being carried out across Elder and Grange Avenues.

Further information regarding the elections including information for prospective candidates and agents can be found on the Basildon Council website, please visit:

The work involves replacing over-mature and deteriorating cherry trees in the avenues and planting new ones in parts where trees have previously been removed.

If you haven’t registered, “About my Vote” has further information about why you should vote, and how and where to vote. If you will be away on polling day, you can also register to vote by post or appoint someone to vote on your behalf (a proxy) more details can be found on the council’s website. The closing dates for these applications are:

The deadline for applications to register to vote for the May 2017 election on 4 May is midnight Thursday 13 April 2017 The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Tuesday 18 April 2017



Cllr Kevin Blake

Cllr Blake, said: “We take great pride in ensuring residential areas are clean, tidy and attractive and part of that work involves planting new trees and replacing the old and dying ones. This project will vastly improve the look of Elder and Grange Avenues and increase pride in the area for residents.”

Council’s housing choice team wins Gold Standard award Basildon Council’s Housing Choice Team has become the first in Essex and only the sixth in England to win a prestigious national Gold Standard award. The award from the National Practitioner Support Service (NPSS) follows the Silver Standard award received by the team last summer. The team were awarded after completing all 10 challenges as part of a peer review scheme to help deliver more efficient and effective homeless prevention services. The council is one of only six local authorities to be awarded Gold status, out of 326 local authorities nationally. The Gold Standard is a sector-led peer review scheme for local authorities. It calls for local authorities to meet the requirements of 10 challenges to ensure best practice and supports an early intervention and prevention approach to homelessness, leading to Bronze, Silver and Gold status.

Cllr Anthony Hedley, Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, said: “This is a wonderful achievement. This team does extraordinary work under high pressure to meet the demand for housing services, upholding the council’s commitment to providing quality housing options for Basildon residents. “Homelessness is an issue which affects boroughs up and down the country and the council works hard to provide housing solutions to meet the demands of this service. “Our housing team goes the extra mile to demonstrate best practice, often developing new initiatives in a difficult housing market.” Mo Slade, Basildon Council’s Housing Choice Manager, added: “After a lot of hard work this is an excellent result and the whole team deserve this national recognition.”



Council set to change from cabinet to committee system

Councillors in Basildon have voted to change the way the council is run and switch to a committee system. The decision would mean replacing the model in which a Leader and Cabinet make executive decisions that are scrutinised by the rest of the councillors. Decisions would instead be made by committees that will involve councillors from all parties. Councillors will need to agree final proposals for a new system before the change is made. We’ll have more details in a future edition of Borough Diary.

Basildon marks Holocaust Memorial Day Basildon Council, in partnership with members of the Jewish community, marked Holocaust Memorial Day on Sunday 29 January 2017 with a special event at the Towngate Theatre which was attended by more than 100 people. The event included an emotional recollection of the experience of Leslie Kleinman, a survivor of Auschwitz and two death marches to Oranienburg and Dachau who was liberated by American soldiers in 1944. As well as the insight from Leslie, the event featured music from St Anne Line Catholic Junior School choir and local singer Miriam Chalkley as well as time for prayer and a poignant poem reading. A one minute silence was also held by council staff and visitors on Friday 27 January 2017 to mark Holocaust Memorial Day itself with the Mayor of Basildon, Councillor David Harrison signing the Book of Remembrance which was also available for the public to sign on the day. Cllr Terri Sargent, Cabinet Member for Environment and Community, spoke at the event around this year’s theme and said: “For me, ‘How can life go on’, the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 was especially interesting and relevant to the many issues of hate and cohesion that we face today. “I have often wondered at the mental and emotional strength of the survivors of the Nazi holocaust and their commit-

ment to ensuring that the story of the horrors they witnessed stay in the mainstream of public memory. They have put their experiences on record and in doing so have struck a powerful blow for truth and justice. We must take this precious legacy and use it to ensure that today, and in the future, the threat of hate and genocide is defeated and that we defend the rights of all minorities; as we strive to value diversity and build strong and cohesive communities”. After hearing Leslie Kleinman share his experience, the Mayor of Basildon, Cllr David Harrison, added: “I, along with everyone in the auditorium was emotionally moved by Leslie’s horrific experience during the Holocaust. He said it took him 50 years to be able to share his story and I commend his strength for being able to do so to ensure that the atrocities are not forgotten”.

St Anne Line Catholic Junior School Choir with the Mayor of Basildon, Cllr David Harrison; Leslie Kleinman, Holocaust Survivor and Mrs Slee, teacher from St Anne Line Junior School who leads the choir.

Waste consultation update Basildon Council has decided to put proposals for changes to waste and recycling collections on hold following a comprehensive consultation exercise. The consultation saw more than 8,500 residents complete surveys, participate in focus groups and attend consultation events across the borough.

Members of Basildon Council’s housing choice team celebrate the award

The council will examine issues raised in the consultation closely as it considers options for the future of the service.






Sempra Homes delivering quality homes across the borough Sempra Homes, a commercial arm of Basildon Council set up to develop quality housing across the borough, is planning a range of developments with a view to building more than 580 new homes in the next five years. It recently took ownership of four four-bed properties in St Nicholas Mews, Ballards Walk where families have already moved in.

First family moves into new Sempra home at Ballards Walk A mum of four is one of the first tenants to move into brand new homes at St Nicholas Mews, Ballards Walk. The properties have been offered to applicants from the council’s homeseeker register. Marian Abraham, 41, a community carer who is moving in with her four children, aged between three and 18, has lived in Vange since 2002 as a council tenant. She said: “Me and my kids are really looking forward to moving in. Being able to move to a brand new house is so nice and I feel quite lucky to be able to do so.” Cllr Anthony Hedley, Basildon Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, said: “I was delighted to hand over the keys to Miss Abraham. It’s heartening to see that Sempra Homes is already making a difference to families in Basildon.” Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon Council, added: “These new homes represent the beginning of a new era in terms of house building in the borough. We will build hundreds

more which will provide a springboard for first time buyers with a mix of shared ownership and market sale homes and affordable rent homes to help applicants waiting on the homeseeker register.” Sempra is also set to take ownership of three, one-bedroom houses from the Bull Mews, Pitsea development. These homes will also be let to applicants from the council’s homeseeker register and provide much needed affordable housing. Plans have been approved for a further 20 new homes on the site of a former community centre in Long Lynderswood, Lee Chapel North, and 15 homes on vacant land, in Roman Way, Billericay. Sempra will provide a range of tenures including affordable rent, shared ownership, market rent and market Representatives from Basildon Council and Sempra Homes at the unveiling event sale. These homes will provide something for everyone, from singles and couples looking to buy their first home, to families needing extra space, as well as older people wanting to downsize and enjoy their retirement. Sempra, which commenced trading in December 2015 when it let five private rent flats in Lincewood Court, Laindon, also invests in an apprenticeship scheme and currently has two full time apprentices. To find out more about Sempra Homes visit the recently launched Sempra Homes website at

Marian Abraham and Cllr Anthony Hedley

Green light for new affordable Laindon Shopping Centre housing development in Basildon

A development of 20 new homes will be built on the site of a former community centre in Basildon. Councillors approved an application to build the homes on the site of a disused youth centre in Long Lynderswood. The application was brought forward by Sempra Homes and will see 20 two-bedroom flats built, along with car and cycle parking and associated landscaping. There will be 33 parking spaces provided alongside the development, including 20 for residents and 13 for visitors. The site has been vacant since the youth centre closed in 2013.

Artist impression of Long Lynderswood

Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon Council, said: “This application will help meet the housing needs of the borough while bringing an underused piece of land just minutes from the town centre back into use. “Basildon Council is committed to helping to expand the availability of homes for the borough’s residents and will do this through its house building company Sempra Homes.” All 20 homes will be made available for purchase as shared ownership. The development will contribute towards Basildon Council’s New Build Housing Programme.

Exciting plans to revamp the Laindon Shopping Centre have been given the green light by Basildon Council’s Planning Committee. Proposals by Swan Housing Association, which include 224 new homes, shops and a modern health centre, were approved at a meeting in February. Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon Council, said: “Helping to ensure the regeneration of the Laindon Shopping Centre has been a longstanding priority for Basildon Council, so I am delighted to see this application approved. “Swan’s proposals for the site – a combination of modern homes, shops and health facilities – will be a true asset to the community for generations to come.

“We have worked closely with Swan to bring the project to this stage and will strive to continue this strong relationship to ensure these plans become a reality.” Swan will now continue design and preparatory work for the project with the aim of beginning construction on site early next year. It is hoped that the replacement of the existing Sixties-built shopping centre with a modern facility will attract high-quality retailers and create a thriving base for the local community. The scheme also includes provision for 2,000 sq metres of public landscaped space, including a garden setting for the Laindon War Memorial.






Factory will help build homes on revamped estate A state-of-the-art factory will help speed up the process of building hundreds of new homes in Basildon.

Council, said: “The development of this state-of-the-art factory is great news for the borough for so many reasons.

Basildon Council representatives visited Prologis Park, a new industrial development based off Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, for the official key exchange at Swan Housing Association’s factory, which will produce high-quality modular housing.

“Swan’s investment is creating dozens of jobs for our residents and will help ensure hundreds of high quality homes are built across Basildon borough. By working in partnership with Swan, we are already achieving great things, such as the regeneration of the Craylands Estate.

The factory will be used by Swan as part of the regeneration of the Craylands Estate, which will see 521 properties demolished and replaced with 994 new homes. The new development will be known as Beechwood Village. Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon

“This factory demonstrates Swan’s long-term commitment to the borough and we look forward to continued partnership work in the future.” Swan’s factory will create 40 new jobs in the borough and will be able

to deliver 300 homes per year at full capacity. Bala Mahendran, Chief Executive of Basildon Council, said: “Swan’s decision to choose Basildon as the location for this facility is testament to the borough’s growing status as a prime location for growing businesses. “Basildon Council is committed to facilitating economic growth in the area and this show of commitment from Swan is a sure sign that we are heading in the right direction. “The council has built a successful and longstanding relationship of working with Swan as development partners, which I am sure will continue to thrive in the long term.”

Scheme to build new homes in Billericay is given approval

New Wickford community centre a step closer A new, improved and expanded community centre for Wickford has moved a huge step closer with the agreement by Basildon Council to contribute up to £300,000 to ensure the project is affordable. The funding was announced by Council Leader Cllr Phil Turner at the budget setting meeting of Full Council on Thursday 23 February. The site of the current centre, run by Wickford Community Association, is wanted by Willows shopping centre owners, London & Cambridge Properties for new commercial units and housing. While the development being considered by London & Cambridge proposes to replace the library on the site and would result in payment to Basildon Council for the land, this would not be enough to fund the full costs of a new community facility. Basildon Council has been in discussion with Wickford Community Association about replacing their facility with an improved and expanded building in nearby Nevendon Road recreation ground, next to a current, smaller council-run centre. Council officers have also been looking at

Representatives from Basildon Council and Swan Housing at Prologis Park

how funding from the development or disposal of two disused community facilities in Wickford – Park Lodge hall and the Priority Club – could be added to the receipt from the Wickford centre site to pay for a better replacement facility. But until now, the project was not adding up. “This is a bit of a financial jigsaw puzzle – a bit from here, some more from there and so on – and we could potentially have been chipping away at it for a long time,” said Council Leader Cllr Phil Turner. “But it is really important that we secure private investment in Wickford with more commercial facilities and housing for people in the town centre and we get improved facilities for the community. So we have bitten the bullet and made funds available to get the project over the line. “Officers can now work up proposals that are acceptable to the community association and bring them forward for planning approval. With this decision we can expect to see a new community centre in Nevendon Road recreation ground up and running by summer 2018.” The investment was agreed at a meeting of full council on Thursday 23 February as part of the budget report.

A proposal to build 15 houses on vacant land in Billericay has been approved by councillors. The site, in Roman Way, Billericay, was previously occupied by a sheltered housing scheme which was deemed beyond economical repair and has been vacant since spring 2016. A development of 15 semi-detached and terraced two-storey houses will be built by Sempra Homes in its place. The properties will be a combination of two, three and four-bedroom houses. In total, nine of the homes will be available for affordable rent or shared ownership. The proposals also include the creation of a new road providing access to the properties from neighbouring School Road. The development will include 31 car parking spaces, 30 cycle spaces and two coach spaces for use by neighbouring Billericay School. Sempra Homes has brought forward the proposals in close liaison

with the school, which supports the development. Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon Council, said: “Sempra was set up with the aim of building high-quality and affordable homes for our residents. “We are now well and truly seeing this ambition being realised as numerous schemes across the borough progress.”

CGI images of the completed development in Roman Way

Redevelopment of Craylands estate moving forward

Artist impression of Laindon Shopping Centre

The next phase of the Fryerns and Craylands regeneration scheme is set to take another step forward. On Thursday 9 February, Basildon Council’s Cabinet approved plans for the compulsory purchase of 33 privately owned properties and 71 council-owned homes so that progress can be made on the north phase of the development known as Beechwood Village.

The overall regeneration scheme will see the demolition of 521 properties, which will be replaced with 994 new homes. Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) need to be put in place as a precaution to ensure the land is ready for redevelopment. Failure to put these measures in place could result in costly delays. Between now and December 2018 when the land will be transferred to developer, Swan Housing, Basildon Council will

be supporting homeowners through the process. Those living in council or housing association-owned properties will be rehoused. Homeowners who currently live in the properties, which are a mix of maisonettes and terraced homes, will be offered full market value plus 10% compensation and legal costs. Cllr Phil Turner, Leader of Basildon Borough Council, said: “This is another

step forward in the regeneration of this estate. We will be dealing sensitively with those affected by this move. “We have a good track record of not having to use CPOs but it is still a necessary part of the development process. Homeowners have been contacted at the earliest opportunity and we will work closely with them to ensure they get the fairest deal possible.”




Value for money


Basildon Council’s Budget Plan 2017-18 Council investing nearly £1m in the borough whilst balancing the books Almost £1m is to be spent improving parks and open spaces, regenerating the borough and helping residents feel safer after Basildon Council confirmed a range of investments as part of its annual budget. The budget agreed for 2017/18 balances savings to cope with continued reductions in government grant with measured investment to meet its promises to residents. One-off investments of almost £1m funded from the council’s reserves were agreed together with a rise in council tax of 1.99% - equivalent to 10p a week on a band D charge. Investments include:

• £360,000 in parks and public open spaces in Wickford Memorial Park, Langdon Hills and in Laindon and Pitsea

Key facts: • Government funding reducing by 44% over the four years from 2016/2017 to 2019/2020 • Cuts to local government funding have been the largest of all those to public sector bodies, local councils like Basildon have been the worst hit of all local government organisations • The average council tax charge for 2017/2018 for services provided by this council will be £262.98. This is equivalent to approximately 16% of a resident’s council tax bill, which also includes the precepts from Essex County Council, Police and Fire • If the council tax had not been reduced or frozen over the years 2011/12 to 2015/16 but increased by inflation, the average charge would now be £295.07 • The total council tax payable by the average council tax payer in Basildon will be £1652.76 a year, which includes the charges from the police, the fire service and the county council

• £19,500 on extra street lighting in Nethermayne to help keep residents there safer. But the budget also wrestles with continued cuts in total government support that has now been slashed by 64% since 2010/11 when austerity measures were introduced. The council has found another £3m in savings to balance the budget this year but will need to find more than £6m over the coming two years.

Sources of funding 2017/18

“I’m also pleased that, because we have sensibly built up our reserves, we are also able to afford one-off spending to ensure we keep the promises we have made to you.” The budget was agreed by full council at its meeting on 23 February 2017. For full details, you can see the council papers on our website

Who receives your council tax 2017/18 Basildon Borough Council

Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex Essex Fire and Rescue




70% Essex County Council

Band D 2017/18 £1,652.76

£21million to be invested in social housing build programme




18% 4%

Government grant New homes bonus

Retained business rates Reserves Council tax

Funding source £million Government grant 1.38 Retained business rates 6.28 New homes bonus 3.44 Reserves 5.88 Council tax 15.64 Net cost of services 32.62


Basildon Council is set to invest £21million into a social housing build programme over the next five years. In addition the council will invest £16 million each year in its existing housing stock and estates over the next 10 years. The figures were announced as part of the council’s Housing Revenue Account (HRA) budget for 2017/18. Cllr Anthony Hedley, Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, said “Against a backdrop of further funding reductions from central Government we will continue with our ambitious plans to

increase the affordable housing offer in the borough and invest in improvements to council housing and estates. “We take social housing seriously and feel that it is time to make a significant investment to ensure Basildon people get to live in quality, affordable homes for years to come. “This unprecedented investment at a time of financial uncertainty is testament to how well we have managed to balance the books so that we don’t have to scale back our plans to become a standard bearer for council housing.”

Nevendon Road Park to benefit from £110k improvements A park in Wickford is getting a £110k revamp with additional children’s play equipment and a modern skate park. The works which started on Monday 6 March, at Nevendon Road Park, follow a period of consultation with young people in the area, as well as a local community group. The consultees were North Crescent Primary School, Drop Zone Youth Club and the Nevendon Neighbourhood Agreement committee. The works have been funded by Basildon Council (£95,000), with an additional

financial contribution from the resident-led Nevendon Neighbourhood Agreement (NNA) (£15,000). Cllr Kevin Blake, Basildon Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure and Arts, said: “This is a great example of the council working collaboratively with the local community to make positive and long lasting improvements. “We are committed to improving play in our parks so young people can enjoy taking part in an active lifestyle.” The works are expected to be completed by the end of March.


Value for money



Sign up to be part of our Customer Panel which aims to involve Basildon borough residents in regular discussions on council services.

Basildon element excludes parishes

Council Leader Cllr Phil Turner said:

“No one wants to see taxes go up, but while our funding continues to go down, and the cost of services, and demand for them, goes up, we are faced with very little choice.


The chart and table below identify the main sources of funding for council services.

• £300,000 to support Wickford’s continuing regeneration • investment of £250,000 in Superfast Essex to spread access to superfast broadband across the borough boosting small businesses in particular (match funding from partners would triple this to £750,000)


By signing up you have the opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of your council by sharing your thoughts, opinions and suggestions around key areas affecting you including customer services, processes and service delivery. We want to work together to upgrade and improve our services and give residents the best possible customer experience. If you are interested in being part of our Customer Panel, please register your interest at



The Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) Regulations 2003 require the council to have an Independent Remuneration Panel to assist the council in regularly reviewing its Allowances Scheme and making recommendations on the nature and level of allowances to be paid to councillors. The council now wishes to appoint two or three new members to serve on the Panel. We are looking for applicants who can communicate effectively with a wide range of people; are able to look at issues objectively and make informed judgements; and are able to analyse complex information, ask pertinent questions, maintain confidentiality and reach conclusions with a view to making recommendations to the council as a whole. If you wish to apply, you must be aged 18 or over, ideally live or work in Basildon Borough and understand the area and some of the issues facing it. You need to be able to demonstrate independence from the council and cannot be a member of the Panel if you are disqualified from being a member of a local authority. Panel members are usually appointed for a minimum four year term and the initial commitment is likely to involve up to six meetings in 2017/18. They are entitled to a payment of £50 per meeting. If you are interested in these vacancies, please phone (01268 207953) or email ( for an application pack, which will contain more information and details of how to apply. You should complete and return the application form by 13 April 2017.




Cllr Surgeries Councillor surgeries are open to members of the public who want to obtain information and advice, make a complaint or enquire about services that the council provides. Billericay East


Cllr Hedley - Last Saturday of the month between 10.30am and 12 noon in the Library, High Street, Billericay - no appointment necessary.

Saturday of the month between 9.00am and 10.00am at Steepleview Hall, Willowfield (off Osier Drive) Laindon SS15 4EQ.

month from midday until 1pm at the Kingswood Playgroup Centre, Clay Hill Road, Kingswood, Basildon SS16 5AD. Call for details: 01268 661812



Cllr Brown - Call for details: 07791 109436

Cllr Fellowes - Call for details: 07788 298007

Cllr Blake - Street Surgery will be held on the last Saturday of the month 10am -12 noon

Cllr Burton-Sampson - George Hurd Centre: 12noon - 1.00pm

Cllr Sheppard - Every fourth Saturday of the month from 1.30pm - 3.30pm at the Fryerns Library, Whitmore Way, Basildon.

Saturday 15 April 2017

Cllr Dadds - Last Saturday of the month between 10.30am and 12 noon in the Library, High Street, Billericay - no appointment necessary.

The Cabinet Member for Leisure and Arts is also supported by the Member Support Office:

Cllr Schrader - Last Saturday of the month between 10.30am and 12 noon in the Library, High Street, Billericay - no appointment necessary.

Kristina Hart, Member Support Assistant (01268) 207934

Cllr Ellis - Call for details: 07712 706892

Cllr Sullivan - Last Saturday of the month between 10.30am and 12 noon in the Library, High Street, Billericay - no appointment necessary.

Cllr Baggott- Last Saturday of the month 10am-12 noon in different streets in Billericay. Cllr Moore - Street Surgery will be held on the last Saturday of the month 10am -12 noon.

Cllr Green - The first Saturday of every month from 9am until 11am at Laindon Library, 5-7 New Century Road, Laindon SS15 6AG.

Billericay West Cllr Turner - Last Saturday of the month between 10.30am and 12 noon in the Library, High Street, Billericay - no appointment necessary. The Leader of the Council is also supported by the Member Support Office: Louise Bresch, Member Support Officer (01268) 206736 Kristina Hart, Member Support Assistant (01268) 207934 Cllr Lawrence - Last Saturday of the month between 10.30am and 12 noon in the Library, High Street, Billericay - no appointment necessary.

Louise Bresch, Member Support Officer (01268) 206736

The Cabinet Member for Planning is supported by the Member Support Office: Louise Bresch, Member Support Officer (01268) 206736 Kristina Hart, Member Support Assistant (01268) 207934 Crouch Cllr Sargent - First Saturday of the month between 9.30am and 10.30am at Noak Bridge Village Hall, Coppice Lane, and the third Saturday of the month between 9.00am and 10.00am at Steepleview Hall, Willowfield (off Osier Drive) Laindon SS15 4EQ. Cllr Allen - First Saturday of the month between 9.30am and 10.30am at Noak Bridge Village Hall, Coppice Lane, and the third

Crunch Times

The crunch service is a mobile waste disposal facility that tours the borough. Residents can use it to dispose of bulkier items of rubbish. Locations marked with a G can also be used for the disposal of green waste. The crunch service is not suitable for paints, oils or other waste liquids. The crunch is from 9am to 12 noon at each site, unless otherwise stated. Further details are available at

1 April

Billericay - Carvers Wood CM11 2TJ Wickford - Bruce Grove outside Shotgate Community Hall SS11 8QZ Chalvedon - Mill Green Layby near car park SS13 3PB 9 -10.30 Chalvedon - Travers Way SS13 3LX 10.30 -12noon Laindon West - Hoover Drive SS15 6LF 9 -10.30 Nightingales SS16 6SA 10.30 -12noon

8 April

Billericay - David’s Walk CM11 2EZ Wickford - Keats Way *G* opp. No. 3 Garage area SS12 0BP Crays Hill Recreation Ground

Laindon Park

Barstable Community Centre: 11am-12noon Saturday 18 March 2017 Saturday 20 May 2017 Cllr Buxton - George Hurd Centre: 12noon - 1.00PM Saturday 15 April 2017

Saturday 18 March 2017

Langdon Hills

Pitsea South East

Cllr Allport-Hodge - Every first Saturday of the month from 12 noon until 1pm at the Langdon Hills Women’s Institute Hall, Samuel Road, Langdon Hills, Basildon, Essex SS16 6EZ.

Cllr Arnold - Call for details: 07510 385744

Cllr Hiller - Call for details: 01268 490201 Lee Chapel North Cllr Ferguson - Call for details: 07817 311373, or write c/o Basildon Borough Council. Cllr Bennett – Call for details: 01277 626236 Cllr Gordon – Call for details: 07817 865202 Nethermayne Cllr Smith - The third Saturday of the

29 April

Billericay - Hannikins Farm *G* CM12 0EZ Wickford - Kershaws Close SS12 0LJ Fryerns - Downey Close SS14 2NF 9 -10.30 Fryerns - Frypa Hall SS14 3PL 10.30 -12noon Noak Bridge - Coppice Lane SS15 4JS

13 May

Billericay - Little Burstead Car Park *G* CM12 9SY Wickford - Alderney Gardens rear of shops SS11 7JP Fryerns - Ghyllgrove opposite the Upway SS14 2JU Pitsea - Wilsner next to Trenham Centre SS13 1HP 9 -10.30 Pitsea - Great Ranton SS13 1JP 10.30 -12noon Billericay - Radford Crescent Car Park *G* CM12 0BW

Cllr Clancy - The first Saturday of every month from 12.30pm -1.30pm, The Place, Pitsea Leisure Centre. Call for details: 07563 748334. Vange Cllr Block - Every second Saturday of the month at 11am, at Vange Library, Southview Road, Basildon, SS16 4ET. Cllr McGeorge - Every second Saturday of the month at 11am, at Vange Library, Southview Road, Basildon SS16 4ET. Wickford Castledon

Cllr D Morris - Call for details: 01268 457488.

Saturday 20 May 2017

Wickford North Cllr Holliman - The last Saturday of the month - 10.00am - 12.00noon at Wickford Community Centre, Market Road, Wickford.

Cllr Carrion - Call for details: 07908 439441 Cllr Ward - Call for details: 07908 439441

Cllr C Morris - Call for details: 01268 457488

Pitsea North West Cllr Callaghan - Cllr Callaghan invites residents to contact him directly on 07908 698743 to make an appointment that is suitable for them. He will undertake home visits and meet with residents at any place in Pitsea. He is also available before and after Pitsea Community Panel meetings.

Cllr Mowe - Call for details: 01268 463564 Wickford Park Cllr Harrison - The first Saturday in every month at the Wickford Community Centre, Market Road, Wickford from 10am to 12 noon. Cllr Jackman- Call for details: 07762 888775

Cllr Canham - To be held on the last Saturday of every month at Chalvedon Community Social Club,

Laindon - Basildon Drive junction w/ Dickens Drive SS15 5QW 9 -10.30 Laindon - King Edward Community Centre Car Park SS15 6HL 10.30-12noon Kingswood - Playgroup Centre opposite shops SS16 5AD 9 -10.30 Vange Hill Drive (corner of Oldwyk) 10.30 -12noon Pitsea Mount - Brackendale Avenue SS13 3BD 9 -10.30 Pitsea - Parkhurst Road SS13 3DL 10.30 -12noon

27 May

Ramsden Bellhouse - Village Hall *G* CM11 1RH Wickford - Rettendon View SS11 8HU 9 -11 Wickford - Pippin Court SS11 8JW 11-12noon Laindon - Little Oxcroft Service Road SS15 6NP 9 -10.30 Laindon – Somercotes Next to Shops SS15 5UD 10.30 -12noon Barstable West - Church Road Junction with Clickett Hill SS14 1NH

10 June

1 Chalvedon Square, Pitsea, SS13 3QX

Cllr Ball - The first Saturday in every month at the Wickford Community Centre, Market Road, Wickford from 10am to 12 noon.

Barstable Community Centre: 11am – 12noon

Cllr Barnes - Call for details: 07427 356812

CM 11 2YA Barstable Club - Long Riding SS14 1PD 9 -10.30 Craylands - Jordan Way SS14 3QL 10.30 -12noon

20 May

St Martin’s

Cllr Davies - Call for details: 01268 459285


Bowers Gifford - Westlake Park off Pound Lane, adj to pet store

SS13 2HN Langdon Hills - Delmores, near to The Hyde *G* SS16 6LL Pitsea - Northlands Park SS13 3LW 9 -10.30 Pitsea - Felmores End SS13 1PN 10.30 -12noon

17 June

Billericay - Little Burstead Car Park CM12 9SY Wickford - The Wick Country Park SS12 9GP Laindon Link - Bluehouse Community Centre *G* SS15 5UH 9 -10.30 Lee Chapel North - Plough and Tractor Pub *G* SS15 5HG 10.30 -12noon Langdon Hills - Triangle Shops SS16 6HF

24 June

Wickford - Bruce Grove *G* outside Shotgate Community Hall SS11 8QZ Noak Bridge - Coppice Lane SS15 4JS Pitsea - Kenneth Road - Layby SS13 2AT 9 -10.30 Pitsea - Chevers Pawen (service Area) SS13 3EJ 10.30 -12noon Laindon Link - Monastery Road SS15 5FD






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Wednesday 26 April Growing your business through leadership and management (Basildon Centre, 9.30am – 12noon) Leadership and management are two of the most important aspects of running a business successfully. This business seminar will explore what each of them really mean together with top tips and strategies to make them both work for you. • Leadership is about doing the right things, • Management is about doing them correctly and efficiently. We will explore how to approach these two very different disciplines to help you get the most out of yourself and your people. Ultimately, your business should not be dependent on you to survive - we’ll show you how to set clear direction and implement controls to free up your life and get better results from your business.

Should you require any assistance finding a property that suits your need – please contact the Economic Development team, on 01268 207979 or email businessassist@

Wednesday 14 June Time management secrets of effective and successful businesses (Basildon Centre, 9.30am – 12noon) Time: the one thing that you or your business can’t buy more of. Time Management is the cornerstone of running a successful business and keeping your life in balance. If you are finding yourself struggling to fit everything into a day or a week, working too long and not achieving the results you wanted at home or at work, this business seminar could transform your life. We will explore: • What time management is and how it can make a big difference to your results • How to balance work and life • The difference between being efficient and being effective • How to become truly proactive • Some of the best ways to manage your time • Key habits and tools that can make a big difference to getting your life and your business under control.

Thursday 7 September Controlling your cash and increasing your profitability (Basildon Centre, 9.30am – 12 noon) Too many businesses fail due to poor cash management - even when they are ‘technically profitable’. Cash flow is the life-blood of any business so make sure you’re getting it right. Cash management can have a massive impact on any business; small, medium or large. This business seminar will explore the vital elements of effective cash management that all businesses should have in place in order to survive and thrive, including top tips and strategies from our experts: • What they look like • How they can be built • How much control they’ll give you over your business.

Most importantly we will explore how effective cash management can be used to make informed strategic decisions on your business, allowing you to make better profits and put more cash in the bank.

All business workshops are free to attend and take place here at the Basildon Centre. To book your place, please visit Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE): LoCASE is a grants and support programme designed to help businesses save money on energy and support growth and innovation in the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector. The project will improve business resilience, profitability and competitiveness, whilst contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment. The LoCASE project can provide match-funded grants of up to £10,000 to help cover the cost of energy efficiency measures for any small or medium-sized business, enable businesses in the low carbon sector to expand and develop. Grants between £1,000-£10,000 are available to spend on parts and installation costs for items. If you are interested in participating in the programme, please contact the Economic Development team, on 01268 207979 or email

South East Business Boost (SEBB): New from April • Grants available for capital projects for creating growth in companies • Grants available are delivered at a 30% intervention rate (i.e. 70% funding for the project is provided by the business) • The programme is aimed at SMEs and open to businesses in the Borough. For further information on the programme, please contact the Economic Development team, on 01268 207979 or email

Local Service Directory


01268 208198 basildonboroughcouncil @basildoncouncil







Is your favourite takeaway The Great Outdoors Project signed up to Tuck IN? Basildon Council’s efforts to improve menus so residents have more healthy eating choices when eating out or ordering a take-away has received national recognition. The Council has been working with 44 independent takeaway food businesses in the borough in a bid to change the way food is cooked and served to customers as part of the Tuck IN project. Basildon is one of four local authorities, along with Brentwood, Chelmsford and Tendring, leading on the Tuck IN project to deliver significant public health benefits. It was recently shortlisted for a Local Government Chronicle Award in the Public Health category.

to reduce them and offer appropriate portion sizes. The aim is to directly impact on menus without alienating customers. A new Tuck IN website has been launched to make it easy for residents to see all the businesses across Essex who have signed up to the scheme. To find out if your favourite takeaway or restaurant is signed up, just visit Any food businesses interested in finding out more or signing up can contact Basildon Council’s food team in Environmental Health on 01268 533333.

To be part of Tuck IN, food businesses pledge to make small changes in ingredients and cooking techniques to consider the fats, salts, and sugars in the foods they serve and to commit

New Generations survey Thank you to all the parents in Vange who took part in the recent ‘New Generations’ survey. Your ideas and experiences are invaluable in helping us achieve the goal of helping youngsters in the area get the best start in life.

available for them. The project is managed by Basildon Borough Council, in collaboration with Essex County Council, overseen by the Essex Partnership Board and grant funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The New Generations project aims to understand the main challenges being faced by young families and what services and resources are

Your responses are currently being collated and further information will be available in a future edition of the Borough Diary.

A project to promote the use of open spaces to improve health and wellbeing in Pitsea South East is underway. Basildon Council is working in partnership with Essex County Council to deliver the project.

The Great Outdoors project aims to work with local residents in Pitsea to develop ideas to improve health and wellbeing.

• Buggy Workout – Structured mother and baby pram based exercise – led by qualified post-natal instructor

• School Holiday Club Multi-activity taster sessions; games that can be continued at home without costs to parents and are inspired by the outdoors

• Cycle Maintenance Learn how to repair your own bike – cutting expense, and the chance to better understand how your bike works. Encourage cycling – using allocated trails.

• Walking Football Aimed at the over 50’s

• Walking Groups Trained walk leaders supporting people to improve fitness and socialising. Special interest walking with RSPB, Wildlife Trust, Heritage Centre etc., • Jogging for Beginners – Couch to 5K style - building fitness levels gently, information on footwear/clothing safe routes etc.

A group of sheltered housing residents in Wickford have scored a hat trick of successful funding bids.

The successful applications by the Nevendon Senior Social Club Steering Committee will enable more projects and activities to run in the seven sheltered housing complexes in Wickford. The first successful application was made to Basildon, Billericay and Wickford Council for Voluntary Service (BBWCVS), which awarded £500 to help residents keep warm this winter. This was followed by £600 from Wickford Community Projects to support with transport for residents of the seven schemes for events and activities throughout the year. They were also successful in securing £929 from the Alston Family Charitable Fund administered through the Essex Community Foundation Project to enable more information sharing days, community events and the start-up of new clubs and activities.

The funding boost will benefit residents across the seven complexes of Keats Way, Elliot Close, Spencers Court, Meadow Court, Bradwell Court, Pine Close and Halstead Court.

Last year, Clare and Sarah formed the Crimewatch Wickford Facebook page which now has nearly 5,000 members and is used by residents and businesses to share crime prevention advice and news. After receiving their awards, Sarah said: “When we arrived it was evident that we were in a room full of amazing people, all volunteers giving up their time to support Essex Police in a multitude of ways. “The officers spent time commending us for our efforts, commending the community for theirs and were incredibly interested in hearing about our plans for the future about what we hope to achieve.

Sarah Keevil and Clare Gregory from Wickford with Assistant Chief Constable Maurice Mason from Essex Police

Congratulations to Essex Police Active Citizens Sarah Keevil and Clare Gregory from Wickford who were recognised for their efforts at an Essex Police awards ceremony held on 31 January 2017. Active Citizens work with Essex Police on local community matters. Essex Police recognised the great support they had have from Clare and Sarah in the Wickford area regarding burglaries and anti-social behaviour incidents.

If you are interested in joining your local Active Citizen team or would like more details, please email Essex Police at

“We have also been invited to Essex Police HQ to speak to other Active Citizens in other towns to share our experience working with the Basildon Team and to encourage people to get involved the way we have. “Overall we found that all the officers we spoke with supported our efforts. What I took from the evening is that the Police are extremely appreciative and respect those who volunteer for the Police. I’m going to be honest and say that when I signed up for Active Citizens I thought maybe serving officers and staff would think we were more of a hindrance than a help and that maybe we would not feel included. How wrong was I, since we

Welcoming you into our new Community Hub

“This is a wonderful effort from these residents to make a real difference and I would like to congratulate them on this hat trick of successful funding bids.

Sylvia Hoye and Peter Wagner

Nevendon Senior Social Club Steering Committee

“Their passion and belief in volunteers was evident! They took their time to arrange the awards and made us feel very much part of the Essex Police Family”.

The LGBT month celebrations continued when staff at Basildon Council held a rainbow-themed bake sale, raising more than £180 for Transpire, a charity supporting local transgender people.

Cllr Terri Sargent, Basildon Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Services, said:

If you are a community group and would like help with

started Crimewatch Wickford and our Active Citizen roles we have been treated with nothing but respect and have built great relationships with staff.

On the night, personal experiences shared included Gina Denham, a sergeant with the Basildon Community Policing Team on trans equality and Cllr Burton-Sampson, Basildon’s first gay ‘out’ councillor.

supporting your community or if you would like to become a volunteer in your community please contact the Community Involvement Team at Basildon Council for more information and support on 01268 208224.

“The first event has taken place and feedback from those who attended was that they had a great time and had received a lot of information to support their health and wellbeing during the winter months.”


Forging real equality was the theme of this year’s national LGBT History Month which Basildon Council supported with a thought-provoking and vibrant event at Colors Nightclub on Friday 17 February 2017.

For more information or if you would like to get involved please contact Mark Bramley Basildon Council’s Senior Policy & Partnerships Officer on 01268 207935.

“I understand the funding from BBWCVS has already enabled five community events to be organised over the next couple of months for residents to come together for food and entertainment. These will include invited guest speakers who will give advice and information.


Celebrating LGBT History Month

The roll out of local activities will commence across the summer (June – September). Further updates will be provided in future editions of the Borough Diary.

Sheltered housing residents score hat trick of successful funding bids


Wickford residents commended by BOROUGH Essex Police for being Active Citizens

• Outdoor Boot Camp Suitable for improvers • Allotment Workshops Introducing basic ‘grow your own Fruit n Veg’; benefits of being in the fresh air, home grown produce, healthy lifestyle and socialising with local people. Link to Grow, Cook and Eat Sessions

• Parent and Toddler Group Introducing outdoor games and play – woodland dance, nursery rhymes, duck- duck goose, honey bee game etc., Helping children establish a link with nature


• Outdoor Aerobics/Yoga/Tai Chi – Suitable for all levels including beginners

Over the next few months (February – May) work will begin to understand the outdoor assets which exist and with the help of local residents develop fun activities that can be completed on these sites. Examples of activities include:

• Family Play Nourish/Nature/Nurture – introducing outdoor spaces through special interest walks and play – such as family nature trails, treasure hunts etc., Activities that can be continued by family after course finishes


The recent transformation of the Basildon Centre’s ground floor has given residents access to a more comprehensive range of services under one roof. This vibrant new space brings together council services with partner organisations including the Department for Work and Pensions, Jobcentre Plus, Citizens Advice and Basildon library.

Peter Wagner from Pitsea and Sylvia Hoye from Laindon have been volunteering to help guide visitors around the new Community Hub on Monday mornings since November.

Finally, on the Community Hub, Peter says “It’s a good idea because everything is under one roof – everything is together – you only have to go one place not all around the town.”

Speaking about the support they give, Peter said: “We mainly help people get online for applications like housing or benefits. They sometimes get stuck and call us over to help. We help get them online, we don’t do the application for them, but we help them as they go along”.

The Leader of Basildon Council, Cllr Phil Turner added: “We are immensely grateful for the support of Peter, Sylvia and colleagues in helping customers acclimatise to our new and vibrant partnership hub as volunteers.

Sylvia added: “We can show them what to do and hopefully, the next time they come in they can do it without assistance. Like using the payment machines. Also, we know the right person to direct them to if we aren’t able to answer their question ourselves, we know who can”. Both Peter and Sylvia have been volunteering in the borough for more than ten years following retirement. On why she enjoys volunteering, Sylvia said “It’s about meeting people and helping them – that is why I volunteer. To suddenly have nothing to do is soul destroying, volunteering helps the grey matter”.

“They work closely with our Customer Advisors to offer rounded advice and support which includes signposting services in the new space as well as using their expertise to help customers to access a range of services online. “We have had excellent feedback on the support they are offering and look forward to building on this to continue to improve the outcomes and experiences for members of our community.” To find out more about volunteering opportunities in the borough, please visit or email:






Easter Holiday Events

Monday 3 April - Friday 7 April Monday 10 April - Thursday 13 April Wat Tyler Country Park

Norsey Wood

Every weekday at 12.30pm and 1.10pm - Pond Dipping Look for pond creatures with our nets and trays - £2.50 per child

Norsey Explorers



Every weekday at 1.50pm - Tudor Brick Making Make a brick in our cottage - £2.50 per child Every Monday at 10.30am - Kite Making Make a simple kite, material provided - £3.50 per child

Join us for a pond dip and minibeast hunt in ome session £3.50 per child

Every Wednesday at 10.30am - Mini bio-blitz How many species can you find in 90 minutes? - £3.50 per child Every Thursday at 10.30am - Froghoppers Activities for the 2 - 5s - £3.50 per child

Sixty attend Domestic Abuse Awareness Event

Anyone can become homeless and sleeping rough can be dangerous, putting health at risk. Understanding how you can aid rough sleepers is vital to helping them off the street, connecting them to the local services available.

A Domestic Abuse event to raise awareness of the impact on victims and their families was held at Wat Tyler Country Park. The event held to coincide with a week of awareness that took place across the County was held on Friday 25 November, 2016. The Hidden Harm Local Delivery Group organised it following the success of the previous year’s event. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the impact of domestic violence on the victims and their families, and to educate those attending on how to recognise signs, who to report abuse to and to encourage them to be more confident when reporting. Presentations were delivered by Changing Pathways, Basildon Council, National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) and Essex Police and were informative and hard-hitting in order for the audience to get a real insight into the complexities surrounding domestic abuse. Of the 60 delegates in attendance 59% stated that the event was very useful and 57% stated that they really enjoyed the event. There was also a 40% increase in the delegate’s awareness of local agencies following the workshop and 32% increase in their confidence in reporting domestic abuse. Overall the event was very well received and considered to be a resounding success.

What is a rough sleeper? The term ‘rough sleeper’ refers to people who are street homeless, with no access to accommodation. Rough sleepers may sleep in tents, doorways, alleyways or subways, amongst other places.

If you find someone sleeping rough, you can report it via: • StreetLink website • Call StreetLink on their 24/7 number 0300 500 0914. • Or even through the StreetLink app, available on both Android and Apple products.


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Community Safety

Homelessness Prevention in A year with the CSP Every year Basildon Community Basildon:

Safety Partnership delivers local activity, events and projects in an effort to respond to local crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) trends and to deliver against the local priorities. Key partners continually work together to deliver collectively in an effort to achieve the best outcomes for the local community and create a safer borough for everyone to enjoy. A brief overview of what the CSP have delivered over the past 12 months is outlined below:

What should I do when I find Community Safety Engagement Days someone sleeping rough?

Tuesday 4 April and Tuesday 11 April at 10.30am Friday 7 April at 10.30am


If you ever see a rough sleeper and want to make a report please make note of any details you can, such as their location, buildings nearby, clothes they are wearing etc.

What is being done locally? Locally, the homeless charity St Mungos provide that all-important outreach work for rough sleepers. When a report is made on StreetLink, the local Task and Reconnection Officer will be notified and investigate, working closely with Basildon Council’s Housing Options team as well as a wide array of volunteers.

Community Safety Engagement Days have taken place every six weeks in areas of need determined by local priorities and levels of crime and ASB. Partners identify a site in the locality where there is a high footfall close by to engage with residents. This can be by promoting a certain campaign/service running in the area, distributing crime prevention materials, signing people up to Neighbourhood Watch Schemes (NWS) and Essex Community Messaging (ECM). The overall aim is for partners to have a collective visible presence across the borough throughout the year giving members of the public an opportunity to engage and raise any concerns they may have to the agencies present. The engagement days have resulted in hundreds of purse bells, personal alarms, and property marking kits, window alarms, door alarms, segment timers and stickers being handed out to members of the public as well as important and relevant crime prevention advice. There has also been increased sign up to Neighbourhood Watch, with street and ward coordinators being recruited at these events.

What about those that are on the street but may not be rough sleeping? Some people who appear to be sleeping rough may be engaged in street activities, such as drinking or begging, but in fact have somewhere to stay. They may need a different type of response from local services, and this may mean that you do not see a change straight away. This doesn’t mean your alert to StreetLink is wasted, it is always better to get in touch about someone you think may be rough sleeping, so that local services can provide support if needed.



More Crucial Crew success Crucial Crew for Year Six pupils was delivered across Basildon for the fifth consecutive year. Each year the event is adapted to reflect the learning points from the previous year to continually drive improvements to ensure the content remains relevant and fit for purpose. 1,103 pupils attended three interactive workshops around Gangs, Healthy Relationships and Grooming. Each workshop was impactive and provided the pupils with relevant information to help their transition into senior school. Crucial Crew continues to be one of the partnerships best tools in engaging young people across the borough and has helped to provide early intervention messages to over 5,000 young people over the years.

Walk Online Roadshows offer safety advice to young people Young people learned about the dangers of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) when using the internet.

Basildon CSP commissioned the delivery of Walk Online Roadshows to contribute to the actions outlined in the CSP Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) action plan. The roadshows aimed to increase the awareness of CSE amongst young people across the borough and reduce the likelihood of young people becoming victims of CSE. They were delivered by EST E-Safety Training to raise awareness in young people of the potential dangers when using the internet such as the hidden dangers when using popular gaming apps. Six sessions were held across three days in November 2016 and were delivered to 828 Year Five pupils from various schools across the borough. The feedback received from the young people was very positive, with 481 pupils stating that the roadshow was “very good” and being able to demonstrate their learning from the roadshows.

Gang Awareness Training Basildon CSP successfully secured funding from the Home Office Ending Gang Violence and Exploitation Strategy to deliver four whole day awareness training sessions. The sessions will be delivered to front line officers and practitioners from various organisations working in the borough during March 2017. The aim of the training sessions is to raise awareness of ‘violence and vulnerability’ in the borough and train practitioners working with young people in recognising the signs to look out for that could indicate a young person as being affiliated with gangs and where to signpost any concerns to. It is recognised by partners that early intervention is a key tool in helping to combat gang crime in Basildon and the partnership is keen to ensure a robust early intervention programme is in place for young people across the borough. Helping those practitioners working with young people to recognise the signs of gang involvement is vital in ensuring young people are safeguarded at the earliest opportunity. Work will be on-going to achieve this aim and deliver against the CSP Action Plan.












CHILDREN’S FUN ZONE FACE BODY MOT PAINTING @PitseaLeisureCe Facebook/PitseaLeisureCentre

T: 01268 465420 The Place, Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, SS13 3DU


Free Fitness Class

Choose from Pilates/ Yoga Combo, Pedal Mania, Body Blitz, Zumba, Step Aerobics, Place Punch

Quote BD FTS Terms & Conditions: Vouchers valid from 1 April – 30 April 2017. Non-transferrable. Terms and conditions apply. To book contact 01268 465420.




Free Entrance to the Fun Zone Quote BD CFZ

Terms & Conditions: Vouchers valid from 1 April – 30 April 2017. Non-transferrable. Terms and conditions apply. To book contact 01268 465420.

VOUCHER 3 Snooker

Buy 1 Hour Get 1 Hour Free Quote BD SNK Terms & Conditions: Vouchers valid from 1 April – 30 April 2017. Non-transferrable. Terms and conditions apply. To book contact 01268 465420.

Borough Diary - Spring 2017  
Borough Diary - Spring 2017  

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